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A mother’s wrath

A daughter hides a wounded Union soldier who gets discovered. Her mother is not best pleased. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon

Coming April rewards When skinny-dipping goes wrong Ghost town hanging 5 More Shelly in Cancun An interesting casting couch audition Another Joia chapter An underwater breath-off during halftime of a football game. Another Teri 5.0 chapter You do mine and … Continue reading

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Brandi finds the pool

After arriving at the castle, Brandi finds a pool and decides to go for a swim. She is unaware the pool seems to be protected(?) by a ghostly black-robed woman. Continue reading

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My summer with Stan 4

Brother and sister Glenn and Frieda invite Jeff out for a repeat performance with some bondage involved. They start with Frieda getting dunked and forced to suck cock. Continue reading

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Kimona and Mahina on Santamos Island

Kimona enters the Santamos Island lottery. Her number is drawn, and she reports for her hanging. Next, Mahina encounters me and asks if I’d like to execute her. When I reveal my hesitation, we walk around the island until she finds a guillotine and offers to do it herself while I get off watching. Continue reading

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An obsessed fan

A fan attends one of Wendy’s pool parties. But when everyone else leaves, he wants her to do one more drowning in the bathtub just for him. Continue reading

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A night to remember 6

Chastity whores out Carmen and Sophia for a couple of hours, refusing to charge anyone for the use of their bodies. Then she takes them down to her private suite for some sexual torture before snuffing them. Continue reading

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