An aquaphile’s confession


I love the water; pure and simple. When I was a kid and my parents bought me a wading pool, they could never get me out of it. When I got older, I graduated to an above-ground pool, where things only got worse.

I had my first orgasm underwater when I was fifteen. I was holding my breath, and I started getting dizzy. It felt so good that I started touching myself. That’s when I came… and I came so hard that I barely got my head above water in time; it felt so good. From then on, I was hooked.

I pestered mom and dad until they bought me an in-ground pool with a depth of eight feet. During the summer months, you could always find me in the deep end with a weight belt around my waist, one I’d bought from a sporting goods store. It actually got to where I could not get off at all unless I was underwater.

The years went by, and I eventually got me a good job, one that took me back and forth from Denver to San Francisco. I waited until I was out of the house to get me a set of nipple rings. But as it turned out, I didn’t have a pool at home. So I always make it a point to stay at places with a hotel pool I could use after hours. After midnight, you can always find me in the deep end getting myself off.

Oh, I don’t always get off by myself. I prefer a nice, juicy cock to suck on whenever I get the chance. Although to be perfectly candid, I will play with a female underwater from time to time, especially if the opportunity presents itself.

In the end, I’d rather have cock than pussy. Once it’s nice and hard, I want it deep inside me… but only if I’m underwater. And the guy has to be a decent breath-holder, or I’m not the least bit interested.

When I travel during business, I always find myself hoping I’ll run into someone like myself… some guy who loves to hold his breath and who likes sex underwater. There aren’t very many out there, let me tell you… at least very few I’ve come across in my travels. And the braggarts I do come across? They can’t hold their breath worth shit!

I only fuck in the water; I don’t fuck ‘em in their hotel room. And if they can’t stay with me at the bottom of the pool? I just kick ‘em to the curb. It’s the rare gem I look for who will give me the underwater pleasures I desire.

I’d gone without a good cum underwater for weeks, and I was horny as hell. It was starting to affect my work. So I decided a trip to my favorite motel in San Francisco was in order.

I hoped I might run into an agreeable cock when I got there. If not, I figured I would have to settle for my trusty rabbit. He has no problem holding his breath underwater whatsoever.

I got in around 7 pm, and I took a taxi to my hotel. I checked in, and then went straight down to the pool to make my presence known. But there was no one but mothers and their children in the water.

I looked all around. But there was not a promising cock in sight. Sadly, I figured Bugs was going to get quite the workout during my stay.

I ate in the lounge by myself, although it was not without a couple of attempts by two gentlemen to get me into their motel rooms. But I wasn’t interested in a bed. Nor was I interested in their feeble attempts to seduce me. I saw right through ‘em, and I gave ‘em both a polite brush-off. After all, I had something else in mind.

That first night, I went down to the pool after midnight, with Bugs in my swim bag. I had the place all to myself, so I used both the pool and Jacuzzi. It wasn’t long until Bugs was tripping my trigger in the deep end. I ended up experiencing a much-needed orgasm of gloriously bubbly proportions.

The next day, I checked in with a couple of clients, just to be able to pad my expense account. From there, my afternoon was free. Then it was back into the pool for another bubbly orgasm. Luckily, no one was around.

At midnight I went back down with Bugs, hoping I might not need him. But once again, I found myself all alone. So I stripped out of my suit and brought myself to orgasm underwater.

I was enjoying myself and the city so much that I decided to spend one more day in San Francisco. I did some sightseeing before I made it back to the pool that afternoon. But once again, there was no one but kids and mothers in the pool. So I behaved myself, although there were a couple of MILFs who looked rather promising.

After supper, I went to a show by myself. Then it was back to the hotel for one last pool orgasm. I waited until after midnight for the families to clear out before I headed on down.

For some reason, I went and left Bugs behind. By the time I remembered him, I thought, ‘The hell with it!’ I decided I would probably be just fine without him.

I stepped out of my suit and immediately headed for the deep end, where I proceeded to hold my breath while pleasuring myself. This time, I stayed on the bottom for as long as I possibly could. You see, the longer I hold my breath, the better the orgasms.

I was down a healthy two minutes or so, feeling it swell within me. I was starting to get dizzy – my lungs were on fire, you know? That’s when it hit. I came so hard, I could barely think straight, and I moaned as my body shuddered from a wonderful orgasm.

When I came up, I saw him sitting in the Jacuzzi. His eyes were big as saucers as he looked at me. I don’t think he knew I was naked in the deep end until that very moment.

He quickly looked away. The shy ones are almost always good for a little fun. I think many of them are repressed or something.

Anyway, he kept glancing in my direction whenever I was underwater. It was as though he was trying not to be obvious about it. It really gave me a tingle at all the delicious possibilities.

I knew I had him interested. But I was afraid I might lose him if I didn’t act right away. So I surfaced and got his attention by calling out, “Hey there!”

He called back, “Hello. Sorry for staring.”

I smiled as I told him, “Oh, it’s all right; I don’t mind. I kind of love the attention.” …which was true, as I’m a bit of an exhibitionist.

I gave him my most charming smile as I asked, “So tell me. How long can you hold your breath?”

He shyly smiled back at me. “I’m a bit out of practice. But I can usually get up to forty seconds easily enough. With a little bit of practice, I can probably reach a minute twenty.”

At that moment, I knew I had a live one on the line. My breath caught in my throat. So I swam closer before telling him, “That’ll do for starters. Care to join me? You can watch if you like. I don’t mind.”

I figured the first thing to do was to get him into the water. I had to get him to be as comfortable with me as possible. But for a minute there, I wasn’t sure it was going to work out.

“Umm…” he stammered hesitantly. I saw his face turn red with embarrassment. But my loins were getting hot. I didn’t want this one to get away!

“Come and join me!” I urged, reaching out toward him. “I see you have a watch on your wrist. You can help time me holding my breath while I’m getting myself off.”

He smiled timidly. For a moment, I was afraid he was going to say no. “Ok,” he nodded as he hesitantly climbed over the side of the Jacuzzi into the pool.

“Oh come on; I won’t bite!” I urged him. Then I took a deep breath and submerged.

After I’d slipped under, I saw him come under to watch me. He held his arm with the wristwatch up to his face so he could time me. So I stayed down for as long as I could while I touched myself all over.

I kept smiling seductively at him. My efforts were rewarded with a nice bulge in his trunks. It looked like a standard cock; nothing impressive, but certainly adequate enough for my purposes.

He actually stayed down with me for about a minute before he had to surface. But he went up, and then came right back down. The more effort he gave, the more impressed I became. I figured this one was liable to be a keeper, and I wanted him to see me orgasm.

I really pushed myself, fingering myself hard as I rubbed my tits. He really seemed to appreciate my efforts. If anything, his cock got even bigger in his trunks. It was a hell of a turn-on, and I finally bubbled a wonderful orgasm.

When I surfaced, he came right up with me, a big smile on his face. “Can you really hold your breath?” I challenged, not wanting to be disappointed. “I don’t want anyone who can’t hold his breath worth a damn!”

“Oh yes, ma’am,” he told me.

“Then prove it!” I demanded.

I submerged with a burble. He came right down with me. It gave me an erotic jolt, anticipating what we were going to do to each other next.

“These have got to come off,” I told him in a bubbly voice as I yanked down his trunks. His beautiful cock sprang free. I just about orgasmed right then and there.

He shocked me by moving right in, spreading my legs and tonguing my nub. It damn near sent me into orbit! I couldn’t help groping myself.

I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing. He actually shoved a finger into my slit as he licked me. I winced and shuddered; gawd, it felt good!!

He stayed down just as long as I did. My lungs began to burn, but he just kept licking and fingering me. I thought I was going to explode!

We both surfaced, panting heavily for breath. I gave him a smile, and he grinned back at me. “No one’s coming,” I gasped at him as I checked the doors. “Do me again. Just make sure you stay underwater.”

I took a deep breath before floating face down. He held me in place as he went back to work with that wonderful tongue of his. I simply had to caress my boobs with my hands. His bubbles tickled my nub, and it felt incredible! I was certain I’d hit the jackpot!

He grasped my thigh, cupping my tit as he licked me out. It felt so damn good, especially since I was holding my breath. That tongue of his nearly set me off, and I struggled to keep my orgasm at bay just a few seconds longer.

I couldn’t hold it back forever though, and I sure didn’t want to. It finally flushed hotly through my body. I winced and moaned as I shuddered in climax. He’d actually given me a really juicy orgasm… and I hadn’t even gotten to enjoy his cock yet! But that was about to change.

“Watch the door,” I told him with growing excitement. Then I took a really deep breath before submerging.

I took the head of his cock in past my lips and savored the flavor. I loved the way it twitched in my mouth. It had been far too long.

I licked the tip of his shaft as I grabbed his meaty pole. I enjoyed the way it twitched and jumped at the touch of my tongue. I played with it with my teeth, feeling it jerk and stiffen. Gawd; I love cock!

I must have frustrated him by not taking him all the way down my throat right away. I wanted to take my time enjoying it. To me, it was like savoring a fine wine.

I was so hot that I squeezed my boobs as I lapped at the tip. I kept trying to snatch a brief taste of any pre-cum I might entice to come out and say hello. I was finally getting to enjoy some cock underwater.

I was so hot that I took him back into my mouth, sucking on the tip as I worked him deeper. My lungs started burning again. But I didn’t care.

I finally had an underwater cock in my mouth. And I wanted the feeling to last for as long as possible. But my breathlessness got the better of me, and I was forced to surface until I popped up gasping for breath.

I like my conquests to occur underwater, preferably at the bottom of the pool. So I looked him right in the eye as I got my breath back. “This time you’re going all the way to the bottom!” I warned him in challenge. “You ready for it?”

He replied, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Good!” I gasped excitedly. “Now down you go!”

I gave him a couple of seconds before pushing him under. Then I inhaled sharply before shoving him all the way to the pool floor. I crawled between his legs as he waved upward with his hands to keep himself down.

I saw him wince a little. No doubt, he was getting water up his sinuses. But I didn’t care. I wanted him to feel my mouth on his cock as he held his fuckin’ breath!

My hair drifted upward as I licked up the shaft of his quivering rod. He twitched in my hand, a sure sign I was giving him pleasure. His eyes were on me the whole time. It was such an incredible turn-on having him down there holding his breath with me as I licked pleasure into his trembling dick!

It was so heavenly, I just could not get enough. I even wanted him to cum in my mouth. But I wanted to make the experience last for as long as possible.

Amazingly, he stayed down with me the whole time. I mouthed his shaft once more. But aching lungs ended up sending us both back to the surface.

We both popped up gasping for breath. He smiled at me, but I just gave him this hungering look. Then I pushed him back down to the pool floor.

I gave him the most wonderful of titty-fucks. It felt absolutely incredible with his cock between my sensitive boobs. We stayed on the bottom until aching lungs forced us back up again.

I was beyond horny; I needed it now. But I wasn’t the aggressor anymore. I just wanted him to take what he wanted from me.

“Fuck me!!” I begged, embarrassed at the pleading in my voice. “I don’t care how you do it, so long as we’re both underwater. I just want you to take me down and fuck the shit out of me!”

This time, it was my turn to be pushed down to the bottom. That wonderful bastard spread my legs. Then he entered me at an angle, holding onto me so he wouldn’t lose me.

A moment later, he started pounding me relentlessly. I moaned and bubbled my pleasure. I even winced as my hair fanned out all around my head.

Gawd; he gave it to me good! He even held my left leg up in his armpit. It had been so long since I’d felt a real cock inside me. I thought I was going to explode, especially the way my lungs started burning in my chest.

I have no idea how he was able to stay down with me for so long. All I know is that the orgasm that swelled inside me was impossible to hold back. He had a good grip on my knee and ass, hammering me good and hard.

A moment later I was screaming, “Fuck me – fuck me – FUCK ME!” Then it slammed into me. I winced as I shuddered from one hell of an ‘O’!

It passed within moments, and I got this dazed, drugged look. He just kept fucking me as though this was sex at its finest… fucking underwater! Then my lungs really heaved.

For a moment, I didn’t think he was going to let me back up. But his lungs must have been on fire as well. He let me go, and we both shot up for a much-needed breath.

“Fuck; that was good!” I gasped, panting madly for breath. My heart was hammering in my chest. I really needed to compose myself.

But I wasn’t done with him, not in the slightest. Thankfully his cock was still hard and ready for more. “Again!” I blurted out like a bitch in heat. “More; I want more! Take me under and fuck me again! Make me hold my breath!”

He took a deep breath and then spun me around as we submerged. He pulled me down onto his dick, impaling my aching cunt with his wonderful man-meat. Then he started fucking me from behind. I couldn’t help riding him, moaning and bubbling as he took what he wanted from me… took what I was all too willing to give him.

He rammed me again and again, holding onto me as he thrust his hot, fuck-tool deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around him to make sure he didn’t slip out of me. I couldn’t help myself.

I wanted him to nail me again and again. Gawd; I was such a slut! It had been far too long, and I was glad I didn’t need my trusty rabbit.

My hair fanned out at the surface as I moaned and whimpered. I just kept begging him with bubbly breath to give it to me good. And that’s exactly what he did. If he’d been shy and reserved earlier, he certainly wasn’t showing any signs of it now.

I reached down to rub myself as I continued to brace my legs against his. It felt so damned good; I just couldn’t believe it! “FUCK ME!” I bubbled.

I winced as it started to swell within me once again. Gawd; this one felt like it was going to be enormous! I told myself I was staying down long enough to experience it, even if he drowned me in the process!

I’m multi-orgasmic underwater. But I seldom have the right partner to make it work; not unless I’m using Bugs, that is. But this bastard was hammering me as though he hadn’t had sex in ages.

My lungs were on fire. But I was going to have another one any second now. It was simply a matter of cumming before my lungs gave out.

I bubbled, “Fuck – fuck – FUCK!!” Then it slammed into me with an intensity I hadn’t anticipated. I grabbed my tits and rode the wave as he grasped me by my hips and jack-hammered me.

I grabbed my head and moaned. It just felt too damned good! It was absolutely incredible!

I was on the verge of drowning. But he still had a tight grip on me as his cock pounded my aching fuck-hole. Then he must have sensed my impending drowning or something, because he abruptly let go of his grasp on me.

We both popped up gasping madly for breath. I was in a daze, feeling weak and wonderful. But amazingly, his cock was still hard. And slut that I am, I wanted even more.

I blurted out, “POOL FLOOR; COWGIRL POSITION!” He certainly seemed agreeable enough. Then he took a deep breath, and down he went.

It suddenly dawned on me that I really needed more time to catch my breath. But the next thing I felt was an iron grip on my ankle, jerking me down. He pulled me right down, impaling me reverse-cowgirl onto his glorious cock. Fuck; what a rush!

I rode him like a woman possessed, unsure how much stamina he had left. If he was about to run dry, I was determined to milk him for all he was worth. I grabbed for my sensitive tits as he held onto my waist and fucked me hard, right there on the pool floor.

I never would have thought it possible. But I think I was out of breath, because my lungs started hurting almost immediately. That must have been why I could feel another orgasm coming on strong.

There was no way in hell I was going to be able to stay down on the pool floor for any length of time. But the way he was fucking me made me think he was either going to cum in my aching cunt, or drown me in the attempt. And the way I was feeling? I wasn’t sure I was going to care either way!

It swelled within me until it suddenly hit… and hit hard. I winced with pleasure, my hand in my hair as a warm wave coursed through my highly charged body. It was the best orgasm of the bunch… and it utterly devastated me.

Somehow, we made it back to the surface. I was left feeling weak and wonderful. It was the type of orgasm I experienced every once in a blue moon.

He’d been absolutely incredible. I wanted him to experience even a fraction of the pleasure he’d given me. So I took a deep breath and went back under as he stood with his head at the surface.

I gobbled his cock like a wanton whore. I literally swallowed it down like I hadn’t eaten cock in years. Then I pulled him out of my mouth and frantically jerked him.

My lungs were on fire; I was clearly out of breath. But this time it was his turn. I decided I wasn’t coming back up until I’d given him the release he’d earned.

When he took it out of my hand and started jerking on it, I knew his moment had come. But I wasn’t about to give him the honor. I wanted to be the one responsible for his cum-shot.

I jerked and squeezed, frantic to see that first discharge. My lungs were on fire, but I had committed myself. I wanted to see it… and glory be; there it was!

He’d barely gotten out that first puff of cream when I swallowed him down, wanting the rest of it for myself. I took him deep, my throat muscles hungrily milking every last drop out of his juicy cock. Only then did I allow myself to head back up for the air I needed.

I burst up gasping like crazy, feeling a little dizzy from lack of oxygen to the brain. “Thanks, baby; I needed that!” I gasped. Then I wrapped my arms around him.

I kissed him hard and deep before climbing out of the pool. I toweled myself off, fighting off a wave of sheer exhaustion. Then I headed back to my room, feeling well and truly fucked… and extremely satisfied!

2013; 2022 (written Jun 15 ’13; ed. Jun 2 ‘22 by riwa)

(Pictures are from and are used for illustration purposes.)

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