The seductress 9


Part 9

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Mrs. Walker diving in with us. After all, it was bad enough Mrs. Van Ostrum and I weren’t wearing a stitch of clothing. And I wasn’t exactly sure what Karen meant about “having some fun”.

I was beginning to wonder if it was time for me to get out of the pool. But Mrs. Van Ostrum was still in my lap. And I could feel her pressing up against my hardened member.

“I’ve enjoyed my swim,” I nervously told the owner of the pool. “I like your rings down on the bottom. This place should work just fine for a pool party. But maybe I should be going now.”

“You don’t have to leave just yet, do you?”

I was about to answer when someone grabbed my ankle and yanked me under. I instinctively held my breath as I was pulled down. I was pretty sure the culprit was Mrs. Walker.

My first response was relief at being pulled out of such an intimate grasp by a woman old enough to be my mother. Besides, my erection was much too troubling for my piece of mind. Thankfully, all that had happened thus far was me receiving an underwater blowjob… and by another married woman, no less. But that was still pretty bad.

Karen had a good grip on my ankle. She jerked on me again until I was almost down to the ring with her. Then she wrapped her arms around me from behind, her foot hooked in the ring closest to the glass.

I felt her bare breasts press into me from behind. It didn’t help my growing erection any. What’s more, I was afraid she was going to reach around and grab my stiffening dick.

I stayed with her, trying to hold my breath as best I could. Then Mrs. Van Ostrum came down and joined us. I was afraid she was going to reach out and grab something extremely personal. But she just held her breath as she watched us, a huge grin on her face.

I stayed calm for as long as I could. Then my lungs started to strain in my chest. I was running out of breath.

I wanted to get back to the surface. But Mrs. Walker wasn’t letting go just yet. She seemed to be enjoying holding onto me.

I didn’t want to rudely push her away. But I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold my breath much longer. And I was afraid my cock was going to stiffen in front of Mrs. Van Ostrum.

I finally disengaged and kicked upward. I burst up panting loudly for breath. The ladies came up on either side of me, panting quietly as they smiled at me.

I tried again by saying, “Maybe I should be going–” But Mrs. Van Ostrum beamed as she cut me off.

“That’s a great idea, Robert! The three of us can have a breath-hold contest!”

“That’s not what I was–”

“An excellent suggestion, Bernice! After all, there’ll probably be more kids in the water during the pool party. They’ll take up all the rings on the bottom for sure; right, Robert?”

“I suppose that’s true, but–”

“This way, the three of us can test all the rings, Karen.”

“That’s a great idea, Bernice! Let’s test all three rings! Count us down whenever you’re ready, Robert!”

Mrs. Walker had a watch on her wrist. She could just as easily have done all the timing. And she and Mrs. Van Ostrum could practice holding their breath all they wanted. But was it such a good idea for me to stick around and practice with them?

“Actually, I was kind of wondering–”

“–if you needed to put your suit back on, Robert? I certainly don’t mind if we’re skinny-dipping while we do this. Do you, Karen?”

“Not at all, Bernice. In fact, I find it very liberating… and more than a little exciting. How about you, Robert?”

“Well, I am feeling a little self-con–”

“Count us down, Robert! I need to know if too many bodies in the deep end will be a problem.”

I looked at Mrs. Walker and almost shook my head. Right now, three naked bodies in the deep end were two too many for my peace of mind. I was concerned things might get out of hand if I stuck around too long.

A little voice in the back of my head told me I should be getting out of the pool. But my youth group leader was here and had made a request of me. I was afraid I was going to disappoint her if I left now.

I counted out loud from three. Then we all inhaled and submerged together. Mrs. Van Ostrum took the ring farthest from the glass, while Mrs. Walker took the one closet to it. That left me heading down for the middle one.

We all hooked our feet on our rings in order to stay down. I glanced over at Mrs. Walker’s nudity and then quickly looked away. But glancing over at Mrs. Van Ostrum’s naked form didn’t help matters any.

My cock was starting to get hard as I deliberately looked in the direction of the pool ladder. I didn’t want to get caught staring at either one of them. I wanted to be respectful, although I suspected the time for that had long since passed.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else. But it was hard thinking about anything other than knowing I was in a pool with a couple of naked women, each one old enough to be my mother.

I could not get my cock to soften. Part of it was because of the nudity on either side of me. And part of it was because I often held my breath naked out at the lake just to get myself off.

I glanced at my watch to keep track of the time. We were down long enough to reach two minutes fairly easily. I felt I owed it to them to let them know.

I turned toward Mrs. Walker and held up two fingers. She smiled at me as a few bubbles trickled out of her mouth and nose. I winced at her nudity as my dick twitched.

I turned toward Mrs. Van Ostrum and held up the same two fingers. She beamed and nodded, acting quite pleased with herself.

Her nipples were quite hard. Then she caressed her right breast as she released a couple more bubbles. My cock stiffened even more. So I turned and tried to focus on the architecture of the metal ladder hanging off the wall of the pool.

I heard a grunt and a release of bubbles as Mrs. Walker headed up. I watched her surface at around 2:18. Then Mrs. Van Ostrum headed up at about 2:23. I followed them up, surfacing at around 2:27.

“How’d I do, Robert?”

“Mrs., er uh… Karen, you did 2:18.”

“And how did I do? I know I just barely beat Karen.”

I turned toward Mrs. Van Ostrum and told her, “You were five seconds longer.”

“Let’s try another one,” Mrs. Walker suggested. “I don’t know how long any of the other kids will be able to hold their breath. But this will give us a good idea of what to expect; right, Robert?”

“Uh… right. Sure; ok.”

I didn’t think it mattered in the slightest. But she clearly wanted to go back down. Who was I to say no?

I counted us down, and we all submerged. I got the middle ring again, while they got the rings on either side of me. This time, Mrs. Walker started caressing herself. But then again, so did Mrs. Van Ostrum.

I was trying to decide whether I should look at them or if I should make sure the ladder wasn’t going to move anytime soon. But I couldn’t help myself. I glanced over at Mrs. Walker and saw her rubbing her breasts with one hand while groping her crotch. Mrs. Van Ostrum was pretty much doing the same thing.

I was tempted to stroke myself. But I forced myself not to, although I suspected they would not have minded. I was trying not to get myself into any more trouble than I felt I was already in.

We were down a little longer before Mrs. Van Ostrum headed up at around 2:35. Then Mrs. Walker followed her up. I surfaced about five seconds later.

They were pleased when I gave them their times. Then Mrs. Van Ostrum said, “I have a question. What if there are more than three people in the youth group wanting to have a breath-hold contest at the bottom of the pool?

Mrs. Walker replied, “They’ll probably need to double-up on the rings. Am I right, Robert?”

I nodded at her in agreement… “Yeah; I suppose so.”

Mrs. Van Ostrum was eager to test out Karen’s suggestion. “Maybe we should try it then, just to see how it goes.”

Karen smiled agreeably at her. “That’s a good idea, Bernice. You double-up with Robert. He won’t mind; will you, Robert?”

“Uh… no; of course not.”

“Good. Now count us down, Robert.”

I counted us down, and we all submerged together. Bernice came down and hooked her foot on my ring. I thought we were much too close for comfort. But what else could I do?

She deliberately rubbed herself as she looked right at me. I simply could not get my cock to soften. So I worked at staying down without bumping into her or touching her or anything like that. For the moment, Mrs. Walker was totally forgotten as she held her breath behind us.

We were down just past 2:40 when Mrs. Van Ostrum headed up. I looked over at Karen to see she was surfacing as well. I felt relieved nothing sexual had taken place as I surfaced behind them.

Up at the surface, I gave them their times. But they wanted to try again. This time it was Karen who wanted to join me on my ring.

I was still a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. But other than watching them touch themselves, nothing else had happened. So I figured it would be ok.

We went back down, where Mrs. Walker joined me on my ring. She stared at me the entire time. She also rubbed and touched herself all over.

I was sorely tempted to stroke myself. Besides, my cock was rock hard. It was bad enough having them both see my erection. So I tried to act serious about my breath-holding.

It was a long one before we all surfaced. For a moment, I hoped that was going to do it for the day. Besides, I figured I had just enough time to go to the lake and rub one out before I went home.

Mrs. Van Ostrum didn’t help matters any when she asked, “What if a lot of them want to go down and hold their breath at the same time? Would that mean three to a ring?”

Mrs. Walker looked at me and smiled. “It might. I suppose we should try it, just to find out. Don’t you think so, Robert?”

Both of them naked down there right next to me?? I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. “I, uh… I’m not sure. I was wondering if I should be going–”

Mrs. Van Ostrum cut me off with a dismissive wave. “Oh, you have time to stick around and find out whether it will work or not; don’t you, Robert? I say ‘Let’s do it’.”

“Well, I think it will work,” I told her. “But I don’t know that we need to try it to find out, do we? Besides, I don’t want to keep you two from anything.”

A part of me was enjoying being underwater with them. But there was another part of me that felt it was wrong. I figured I needed to call it a day and extricate myself out of the situation I was in before things really got out of hand.

“Oh, I have plenty of time,” Mrs. Walker said with a smile and a dismissive wave.

“I’m free for the rest of the afternoon,” Mrs. Van Ostrum added. “It won’t hurt anything to find out now how it might work out for your pool party later, will it? I’m ready to go again… that is, if you’d be so kind as to count us down, Robert.”

“Yes, Robert; count us down.”

I almost scowled at Karen. They clearly wanted me to stay. And it wouldn’t hurt anything, would it? So I tried to convince myself everything would be all right.

I counted us down. Then we all submerged together. But we ended up crowding around the center ring.

Mrs. Walker held onto my left shoulder, while Mrs. Van Ostrum grasped onto my right. It was bad enough having one naked woman breath-holding so close to me. Did they both have to come down and stand right up against me?

There was a little bit of wobbling as though no one was all that steady. I had hoped they would move away a little and give me some room. But they stayed right there beside me with their feet touching the ring.

I tried to focus on holding my breath. But having their nudity on either side of me was once again causing my dick to harden. I told myself only a few more breath-holds before Mrs. Walker would finally let me go home.

Mrs. Van Ostrum casually caressed herself. So did Mrs. Walker. I tried not to let it get to me. But it was a hopeless task.

I figured the easiest way to extricate myself was to go up first despite my competitiveness. So I pulled away and headed for the surface. They both looked surprised before following me up.

We all ended up at the surface panting for breath. Then Mrs. Walker started to chuckle. “You put your left foot in; you put your left foot out…”

“Were we doing the Hokey-Pokey?” Mrs. Van Ostrum laughed.

I murmured, “It was kind of tight, all of us trying to put a foot inside that ring.”

“That’s a good point, Robert,” Karen said with a smile. “I think we should go back down and try again.”

“I’m game if you two are.”

I looked at Mrs. Van Ostrum and smiled weakly. Then Mrs. Walker told me to count us down. I tried not to sigh heavily as I checked my watch before counting down from three.

We all headed down to the center ring. I got there first and used my foot to keep from drifting back up. This time, Mrs. Van Ostrum and Mrs. Walker gave me a little more space as they stood at angles so we could all see each other.

They both grabbed one of my arms to help stay down. Then they grabbed each other’s free arm. We ended up standing in sort of a circle. At least they couldn’t rub themselves in front of me, being as how we were all holding onto each other’s hand or arm.

I concentrated on holding my breath, trying not to stare at two sets of bare breasts that were on full display. Then Mrs. Van Ostrum stuck her foot out and hooked the ring. She let go of me and Karen to immediately start caressing herself.

Mrs. Walker soon was doing the same. She released a few bubbles as she rubbed her breasts and crotch. I felt like I would be the odd man out if I didn’t respond in a similar manner. So I ran a hand over my chest.

We all bubbled as we stood there holding our breath. We must have lost enough air to be able to stand upright without working to stay down. Mrs. Van Ostrum rubbed her crotch as Mrs. Walker ran a hand back and forth over her chest.

To my surprise, Mrs. Van Ostrum slowly reached out toward me. She used her left hand to caress my chest. Her right hand fondled her boobs as she smiled at me.

Almost immediately, Mrs. Walker started doing the same thing. She was reaching out to run a hand over my chest as she fondled herself. Their touch was electric, and it made my dick shamefully harden even more.

How was I supposed to respond? I had a good idea what was expected of me. I didn’t think it was respectful. But would I disappoint them or make them angry if I didn’t?

We were close enough for me to reach out and brush fingers over Mrs. Van Ostrum’s chest. She smiled and bubbled, acting quite pleased with my action. That’s when Karen grabbed my other hand and brought it over to her chest, making sure I was touching one of her breasts.

I heard moans and bubbles of pleasure. My cock stiffened uncontrollably. I tried to tell myself it was ok, even though we were all naked. Besides, they were both encouraging me.

Mrs. Van Ostrum went up first, with Karen a couple seconds behind her. I followed them up, feeling relieved nothing more had happened than a little touching. Would that be enough to satisfy them?

“Not bad,” Mrs. Walker panted. “I keep wanting to drift upward until I release enough air.”

“So do I,” Mrs. Van Ostrum agreed. “But I think I have an idea how to fix that.”

“Oh? Do tell.” Karen seemed quite eager.

I was going to suggest we call it a day. But Mrs. Van Ostrum told me to count us all down again. I looked questioningly at Mrs. Walker. But she just nodded it was ok with her. It was odd how nobody was asking about their time staying down anymore.

I counted us down before we all submerged. I dutifully headed for the middle ring again. Mrs. Van Ostrum came down on my right. But to my surprise, she dropped to her knees and grabbed onto my leg. Mrs. Walker came down onto her knees and did the same with my other leg.

I stood upon the bottom with two naked, married women on their knees, each one clinging to one of my legs. My cock was shamefully hard. So I closed my eyes and concentrated on holding my breath.

That little voice in my head warned me things were on the verge of getting out of hand. I should have surfaced and made some excuse to get out of the water. But I convinced myself that neither one would try anything while the other was around.

I suddenly felt a hand wrap around my erection. Another hand cupped my balls. I winced and trembled as I closed my eyes tighter. Maybe it would be ok, so long as I didn’t have a look.

One hand gently stroked my twitching dick. Then it left, only for another hand to take its place. My cock shamefully twitched in the grasp of whoever was stroking it.

I kept my eyes tightly closed. Maybe if I held my breath long enough, they would stop. But they just kept right on touching and stroking me.

I felt them shift positions. But someone still had my cock in her grasp. So I opened my eyes to have a look.

Mrs. Walker had pushed my cock over toward Mrs. Van Ostrum. She slowly took it into her mouth, sucking on it a couple of times. Then she grasped it and fed it back to Karen, who slowly took me into her mouth.

I closed my eyes again, hoping I could find some way to ignore it or pretend that it wasn’t happening. I was sure I heard bubbly giggles. Then I felt them change mouths again.

I looked down to see Mrs. Walker taking me deeper. A moment later, I couldn’t hold back. I tried to warn her off, but it was too late.

She ended up getting a small mouthful of my cream. Her eyes twinkled as she looked up at me. Then she made sure to squeeze all the remaining cum out of my cock. It felt shamefully good.

To my surprise, I saw Mrs. Van Ostrum grab her head. Then she kissed Mrs. Walker right there in front of me. I saw cum leak out around the seal their lips made.

Bernice went up first, acting as though she was out of breath. Karen followed her right up. I lagged behind a little, enjoying the moment before a feeling of post-nut clarity set in.

We all surfaced, panting like crazy. “Now that’s a great way… to hold your breath!” Mrs. Van Ostrum gasped with a smile. “We were down there a long time!”

“Yes we were,” Mrs. Walker agreed. “That was a good one! But I think Robert here really loved it. Am I right, Robert?”

I blushed as I lowered my head. “Oh, don’t be bashful in my pool, Robert,” Mrs. Van Ostrum observed. “Of course, now I want a release of my own. Besides, I think I’m entitled. Wouldn’t you agree, Karen?”

“Oh, absolutely! After all, it’s your pool. Count us down again, Robert. Let’s be nice to Bernice, shall we?”

“B-be nice?”

“Are you ready, Robert? Or do you need another minute to catch your breath?”

“N-no, I guess I’m ready.”

“Then count us down.”

I counted us down, and we all submerged. I found the center ring and hooked it with my foot. But Karen helped Mrs. Van Ostrum until she ended up sitting upon my shoulders, her crotch pressed up against my face.

I knew immediately what was expected of me. That little voice in the back of my head told me I should excuse myself and go home. But instead of listening, I stuck my tongue out and began to lick.

Mrs. Van Ostrum ground her slit against my lips. That’s when I felt Mrs. Walker’s mouth engulf my dick again. She slowly sucked me as I used my tongue on the quivering opening pressed up against my lips.

I have no idea how long we were on the bottom. I tried to hold my breath for as long as possible while licking Mrs. Van Ostrum. She stayed right there the whole time, wriggling and grinding against my lips as Karen kept sucking on my hardening cock.

Bernice finally broke away and headed for the surface. Karen looked me right in the eyes with a knowing expression as she took my cock deep. Then she surfaced as well.

I followed them up until we were all at the surface gasping for breath. “Such a talented tongue!” Mrs. Van Ostrum panted. “I was so close down there!”

“You’d better count us down again, Robert. After all, we need to thank Bernice for letting us use her pool; am I right?”

I could tell where things were going. But I rationalized it away by telling myself it was only oral and that it wasn’t really that bad. So I waited until we had all caught our breath before counting us down.

I barely had time to grab the ring before Mrs. Van Ostrum was sitting upon my shoulders, pressing her slit against my face again. Mrs. Walker was between my legs, sucking my dick as she worked me into another full erection. I told myself I had to be dreaming and that this wasn’t really happening.

Karen had my cock twitching between her lips. Mrs. Van Ostrum was really grinding herself against me. Then she suddenly began humping my face.

I heard a bubbly cry as she pressed her slit hard against my mouth. I dutifully tongued her for all I was worth. She moaned weakly before heading for the surface.

Karen and I followed her up. At the surface, Mrs. Van Ostrum excitedly panted, “Now that’s what I call… ‘holding your breath’!”

“I think we’re all getting better at it,” Mrs. Walker chimed in. That’s when she gave me a knowing smile before telling me, “Count us down when you’re ready to go again, Robert.”

Right away, I suspected what she wanted. But what could I do? They’d both given me oral and had made me cum. It was only fair I return the favor. Now it was Mrs. Walker’s turn.

After catching our breath, I counted us down. We all went down to that center ring again. Mrs. Van Ostrum went to her knees between my legs and started sucking on my cock. That’s when Karen sat on my shoulders, mashing her winking slit against my mouth.

I gave it my very best effort. What’s more, Mrs. Van Ostrum made my cock quiver between her lips. She certainly knew how to suck dick.

I thought I could get Karen off with my mouth. But she seemed resistant to my efforts. She acted as though she loved it. But she hadn’t gotten there yet when she pulled away and headed for the surface.

Mrs. Van Ostrum and I followed her up. At the surface, Karen excitedly panted, “Gawd; I love the way you use your tongue when you hold your breath! Give me another minute, Robert, and we’ll go down again. I’m almost there!”

She gave a knowing wink to Mrs. Van Ostrum. I assumed Karen wanted an underwater orgasm like the one I’d just given to the owner of the pool we were in. So I waited another minute before counting us down.

We all submerged again. But this time, Karen got a little more aggressive. She straddled my head until I was halfway over onto my back. I frantically grabbed the ring as she eagerly humped my face.

It was at that moment when I felt something engulf my erection. But it didn’t feel like Mrs. Van Ostrum’s mouth. Instead, it felt like an entirely different hole.

Karen held my head in place as she humped my face. But it felt like Mrs. Van Ostrum was riding my cock. By then, I was horizontal, virtually lying on the bottom of the pool.

I tried to ignore what was happening to my dick as I concentrated on getting Mrs. Walker off. I even grabbed her ass as I licked and nibbled on her slit. But it sure felt like Mrs. Van Ostrum was riding my erection.

Karen finally let out a bubbly “FUCK!” Then she really mashed herself hard against my mouth. I could tell she was cumming.

I was running out of breath when I abruptly pushed her off my face. She looked a little woozy. That’s when I discovered Mrs. Van Ostrum had been riding my dick in a reverse cowgirl position.

Mrs. Walker was a little slow in heading for the surface. Then Mrs. Van Ostrum came off my cock. She headed for the surface as I helped bring Karen up.

Mrs. Walker popped up at the surface with me, although she was coughing a little. I asked if she was all right. She just nodded as she panted, “Give me a minute.”

Ms. Van Ostrum was visibly impressed. “Damn, boy; that looked intense! I think I want another one of those!”

I gave a questioning look to my youth group leader. She just waved tiredly. “It’s her pool, Robert. I don’t think it’ll hurt anything. Go on down and practice holding your breath some more. I’m going to need another minute up here.”

I waited until Bernice and I were breathing ok. Then I counted us down. Mrs. Van Ostrum submerged with me.

She immediately pushed me over onto my back. Then she straddled my face. I was just getting started licking when I felt her lean forward along my body before taking my erection into her mouth.

She groaned with my cock between her lips. I used my tongue to try to get her off as we 69ed together on the pool floor. I figured the sooner she climaxed again, the sooner I would be allowed to get out of the water and go home.

I grabbed her butt as I really tongued her. She grabbed mine as she took me all the way into her mouth. It felt incredible.

I did the best I could. We were down for what felt like quite a long time. But this time, I couldn’t get her to cum.

We surfaced together, only to see Karen smiling at us. “That was a great breath-hold. Mind if I join you two this time?”

“Not at all,” Mrs. Van Ostrum replied cheerfully. “Robert is a really great breath-holder! Besides, I’m still trying to get my other orgasm. Count us down when you’re ready, Robert.”

I thought about saying something. But she gave me a look that made me hesitant to question her. Maybe she’d be satisfied if I got her off. Then I could be on my merry way.

I counted us down, and we all headed for the bottom. Now the rings were all but forgotten. Mrs. Van Ostrum wasted no time sitting on my face, pressing her crotch against my lips.

I was horizontal on my back, expecting to 69 with her again. But this time my cock was engulfed by something else. Karen had impaled herself upon it and was eagerly riding me.

They both straddled my horizontal form while facing each other. I had no idea what else they were doing, being as how my vision was obscured. Besides, I was too busy trying to lick another orgasm into Mrs. Van Ostrum’s quivering slit.

Mrs. Walker really rode me. I don’t know what she was thinking. But I’m sure it had nothing to do with her husband.

I did my best with Mrs. Van Ostrum. I heard bubbly grunts and moans, from her as well as Mrs. Walker. Maybe her lungs were starting to strain. I know mine sure were.

She finally let out a bubbly cry. Then she mashed her crotch hard against my lips. Karen rode me like a stallion until I found myself hoping I wouldn’t cum inside her.

Mrs. Van Ostrum finally rose up off my face. I saw Karen grinning at me as she continued to ride me. But it looked like Bernice was a little disoriented.

Karen came off my cock as I worked at getting our hostess back up. Mrs. Walker rose up with me until we were all at the surface. Bernice had glazed eyes as she coughed a little. Then the spark returned to her pupils.

“Fucking awesome!” she gasped. “That has to be my longest breath-hold ever!”

“It sure looked incredible to me,” Mrs. Walker admitted with a grin.

“It was definitely a long one all right,” I said, trying to sound agreeable. “But maybe it’s time for me to get going.”

“In a moment, Robert,” Karen countered. “We’d better try another one, just to make sure.”

“Are you sure?” I had no idea what she had in mind.

“Bernice?” she asked. “Are you ready for another one?”

The pool owner gave us a dismissive wave as she kept panting heavily. “Better give me a minute. I’m still catching my breath from that last one.”

“C’mon, Robert. Count us down.” Then Mrs. Walker firmly grabbed my hand.

“Karen, are you sure?”

“One more won’t hurt anything. I just want to be sure is all.”

That little voice in the back of my head gave me another warning. Then my youth group leader said, “Please, Robert?” I should have said no. But I just couldn’t make myself go against her wishes.

I counted us down. Then we submerged. But I had a funny feeling it was not going to be just an ordinary breath-hold.

No sooner had I grabbed the ring when she straddled my face, mashing her crotch against my lips. Then she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. We ended up 69ing at the bottom of the pool.

Maybe she wanted to do what Mrs. Van Ostrum and I had done previously. Maybe THIS would be my last time down. So I did the best I could to get her off.

I really probed with my tongue as she swallowed me whole. It felt so good that I could not resist thrusting up into her mouth. I felt guilty, but it felt much too good for me to make myself stop.

I don’t know how long we went at it. But Mrs. Walker stayed with me the entire time. She was getting pretty good at holding her breath.

I groped her butt as she took my dick in and out between her lips. She really suctioned me good. I could hear and feel the occasional release of bubbles around my cock in her mouth.

I soon felt her chest heave against my body. But my own lungs were aching as well. It no longer mattered to me if I beat her or not.

She finally disengaged and headed upwards. I shot up with her, all out of breath. We both reached the surface, gasping like crazy.

“That was incredible!” Mrs. Van Ostrum told us with a smile. “You two were down for a long time. I really enjoyed watching you!”

I was concerned I was going to cum again. So I decided to see if I could get out of the water and avoid any further damage than had already been done. Besides, my cock was hard, and I was close to the point of wanting another release.

“Time for me to go,” I panted. “I really like your pool and your rings, Mrs. Van Ostrum.”

“One last time down?” she asked hopefully.

“Well… I really need to be going.” I didn’t tell her I also wanted my cock to settle down.

“One more won’t hurt; will it, Robert? Please count us down? Do it for me, your youth group leader.”

I looked at Mrs. Walker and winced. How could I say no to her?

“Please count us down one last time, Robert,” Mrs. Van Ostrum begged. “I would really appreciate it.”

I could not contain my sigh of resignation. But they both ignored it. So I reluctantly counted us down.

We all went right to the bottom. But there was no time to grab for a ring. Karen promptly sat on my face with her crotch mashed against my lips. Meanwhile, Bernice immediately impaled herself upon my cock.

I should have known…

I dutifully tongued Mrs. Walker for all I was worth. Mrs. Van Ostrum rode me like a woman possessed. I heard grunts and bubbles as they leaned toward each other. It made me wonder if they were hugging or groping each other or something.

The longer we were down, the more I could feel it rising within me. It felt as though I was going to cum again. But the last thing I wanted to do was cum inside another married woman.

Karen really ground herself against my face. Bernice rode me hard as she squeezed my member inside her. It was as though she knew exactly what she was doing.

I could not keep from thrusting up into her. Then I heard more grunts and bubbles. It wasn’t long until my lungs began to strain. But neither one of them seemed ready to quit riding me just yet.

It swelled within me until I let out a muffled cry into Karen’s muff. The bubbles and my tongue must have set her off. A moment later, I was cumming inside Mrs. Van Ostrum as Mrs. Walker climaxed all over my face.

Bernice clenched tightly around my thrusting manhood. I don’t know how, but it felt as though she was milking me dry. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it made me wonder if she was cumming too.

I heard underwater moans as they both rode me. Mrs. Walker mashed down hard against my lips. Mrs. Van Ostrum kept going up and down on my cock, clenching like crazy.

I got real dizzy and out of breath. Karen and Bernice were slow to climb off. For a moment, I was afraid I might drown or something.

Things were a bit of a blur after that. Somehow we all got back to the surface. I remember there was a lot of panting and gasping for breath.

I finally got my breath back. That’s when post-nut clarity really set in. I felt guilty as hell, and I knew I had to get myself out of there, even though it was much too late.

I swam for the pool ladder as I blurted out, “Rings are great. I really like your pool. But I’ve really got to be going.”

“Thanks for coming, Robert! I really appreciate it!” At least this time Mrs. Walker didn’t try to stop me.

“Thanks for your help, Robert! You really helped me with my breath-holding today.” Bernice beamed at me as though she’d done absolutely nothing wrong.

I told them both they were welcome. But I still got out of the pool just as fast as possible. I was afraid they might pull me back in for more “fun” as Karen had put it.

I was in such a rush to leave that I got into my clothes before I even had a chance to dry myself. I heard a unified “Thank you!” from behind me. I just gave them a wave over my shoulder. Then I rushed out of the back yard as I headed for my car.

I got in, started it up, and quickly pulled out of the drive before either one could catch me. But I was still feeling guilty as hell. Now I’d cum inside two married women!

What would happen to me if their husbands found out? I really didn’t want to know. So what could I do?

There was no way I could go home in my current condition. So I decided to drive around for a while. I didn’t want to pull into our yard until the effects of my time in Mrs. Van Ostrum’s pool had worn off.

2023 (written Jul 11 ’23 by riwa. Illustrated renders courtesy of JustPaul.)

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