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This page is for general comments. Maybe you have feedback you want to share about the library. Maybe you have questions. Those will go here.

This is also a good place to post story ideas and requests. Remember, I get requests on a frequent basis and I cannot promise to put any ideas I receive into story form. However, you never know what idea will inspire me to write a story. So this would be a good place to discuss ideas as well. And if you see an idea and get inspiration to comment on that idea or to provide one of your own then please feel free. It never hurts to make a suggestion… and like I say, you never know what will motivate me to work on a story.

This is also a good place to make requests for stories I have written in the past but have not put up yet. For example I have posted approximately 240 stories and chapters of stories just to one underwater forum alone, not to mention others I have written and posted to various websites, some still open and some now closed. I wish to group all of them here in one location and it will take some time. But feel free to make the request and I’ll see what I can do to get it posted if I have not already.

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