Ghost of the Mary Celeste


Samantha pulled up over the top of the wreck. She shut off the engine and dropped anchor. She could not help feeling a thrill at what was about to be another underwater adventure.

She’d flown all the way down from New England to get away for a few days. These waters were much warmer than up north. That’s why she always made it a point to come down to the Florida Keys whenever her schedule would permit.

Samantha – Sam to her friends – stripped out of her bikini top. She loved freediving topless. Already, she could feel her nipples start to harden with anticipation.

She got her gear and climbed onto the end of her rental. She attached a knife to her right calf before slipping into a pair of fins. A weight belt and dive mask completed the ensemble.

She sat on the ledge taking deep, even breaths. It looked like it was going to be a long way down. But these were the kind of dives she enjoyed most of all.

Samantha slipped off the ledge into the water. She filled her lungs before jackknifing downward. Then she was on her way.

Freediving here in the Keys was so much better than up north. She never needed a wetsuit down in these waters. It was all but mandatory up around Cape Cod, especially if one didn’t want to catch a cold or pneumonia.

On land she’d talked to some locals about places to check out. A couple had mentioned a special shipwreck called the Mary Celeste. They said many divers liked to go there to explore so long as one had plenty of air on hand. After all, it had a bit of a reputation.

Sam wanted to know more, but they became tight-lipped. She wasn’t worried though. All the air she needed would be safely stored within her lungs. So she thanked them for giving her the location.

Now it loomed below as she headed down, causing her to pinch her nosepiece to equalize. It looked massive as it lay well below her, indicating she’d be making quite the swim down. It looked like it had been there for quite some time.

The ship was an old freighter. Samantha felt small as she approached. A quick glance up at her craft bobbing at the surface made the wreck seem even larger.

She reached the deck as a school of fish swam nearby. But Samantha just kept going down. She wanted to get a really good look at it her first time down.

According to the locals, it had hit a reef and sunk in deep water many years ago. Taking an oxygen tank along was best for any kind of prolonged exploration. But Samantha had determined she would go without. Besides, this was perfect for her as she loved to hold her breath in deep water.

She swam along the hull, giving it a good look-see. She found the spot where it looked like something had torn a gash in the structure. Ships this size clearly needed to have good navigational charts if they were to avoid a fate like this one had encountered.

Samantha made her way toward the bow of the immense structure. A sense of sadness rippled through her. The Mary Celeste must have been quite the lady before meeting such an ignominious end at the bottom of the sea, especially so close to the Keys.

Her brief sadness did not affect her enjoyment of her dive. Apnea at depth always made her nipples hard. Her pussy tingled as she held her breath while admiring the size of the wreck.

She could feel the sensuousness of her dive flow throughout her entire being. The size of the sunken vessel, her depth in the water, the sensation of breathless lungs – all combined to fuel erotic stimulations. She paused just beyond the bow, feeling the urge to give in to her sexual desires.

Samantha began to touch herself all over. This is so much better than the chilly waters of Cape Cod. It was nice and warm, just about perfect for an erotic swim while seeing to certain needs she now wanted to attend to.

She could feel it in her lungs, could feel the pressure of the sea upon her body. Samantha rubbed her crotch until the tingles intensified. Then she reached underneath the material of her bottoms to finger her swollen nub.

This was much better than the waters up north. Samantha could not resist fingering herself. Then she felt it swell within her.

Her lungs heaved a little. Samantha fingered herself harder. The warm water combined with her depth and the massive wreck nearby contributed to an explosive orgasm. It was just the thing she’d come here to experience. Bubbles spewed out of her mouth as she trembled with pleasure.

Samantha hitched as she continued rubbing herself, experiencing a wonderful afterglow. Orgasms like these were the best. It was one secret among several she’d never shared with her friends back home. For now, she simply kept her love of underwater orgasms to herself.

Samantha felt a strange sensation she was being watched. She looked out into the open sea. But no one was there. Her boat bobbed quietly up at the surface, no others in the immediate vicinity.

She suddenly turned back toward the wreck. That’s when she saw him. He was wearing fins, a dive mask and weight belt.

He was holding onto the anchor opening up near the deck. His cock was outside his swimwear. Much to her surprise, she saw him clearly stroking his meat.

Her first reaction was to be offended. Obviously he’d been watching her while she was masturbating. Now he was doing the very same thing!

She was not at all frightened. Instead, she became fascinated at the presence of this handsome hunk who was eagerly yanking his crank. Where had he come from??

He grinned at her as he stroked harder. Then he started losing bubbles. It appeared he was quite close to a release of his own.

Samantha drifted in place, watching with great interest. Would he actually cum right in front of her? She was pretty certain he’d been watching her while she’d experienced her orgasm underwater.

He lost more bubbles. Then he began shooting out a thick rope of cum. Samantha felt a surge of erotic tingles at the spectacle.

Samantha sensed movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look, but saw nothing. Perhaps it was only a fish darting by. She was particularly sensitive to the presence of creatures in the deep.

She turned to look back at the handsome hunk. The smile faded from her face when she saw he wasn’t there anymore. She looked on both sides of the bow, but he was nowhere in sight! It was if he’d vanished into thin air… or in this instance, into deep water.

Samantha swam up to the deck of the wreck. But he wasn’t there either. How had he managed to fin away so fast??

She looked up at the surface. Her craft bobbed up and down. It was still the only one up there.

Had he gone up to catch his breath? Was he on her boat? Samantha decided that had to be the answer.

She began finning her way back to the surface. She figured it was probably high time she went back anyway. After all, her lungs weren’t very happy with her, being without air for so long.

What would she do if she found him? That was an easy question to answer. His cock looked quite enticing.

It was a long swim back. The wreck was in pretty deep water. But Samantha wasn’t all that worried. She loved long swims to the depths and back.

She headed upward with one thing on her mind. Once she tracked the stranger down, she was going to see if he wanted to have a long, breath-holding session together, perhaps with his meaty member deep inside her. She wanted to stay down and play with him. But strangely, he’d up and disappeared!

Samantha burst up and gasped for breath. She checked the exterior of her boat. Had he climbed in?

She climbed the side and looked into the interior. He wasn’t lying down anywhere playing hide and seek. So she checked the diving platform, pulling her mask to the top of her head.

There was no sign of him. Sam murmured, “He’s not up here. Where could he be??”

She paused to catch her breath. Then she looked down at the wreck below. It seemed pretty obvious to her now.

“He’s not up here,” she said to herself. “That means he must be somewhere down inside the wreck. So I guess that’s where I’m going. If he wants to play hide-and-seek, I’m certainly game. I just hope the winner – or loser – gets a special reward.”

She eagerly filled her lungs. Then she began the long swim back down. Samantha pinched her nose to equalize, knowing she was heading for deep water once again.

She had no trouble holding her breath whatsoever. It was something she prided herself on. Back home in Salem she always amazed her dive buddies with that ability. Now she wanted to show the handsome stranger just how long she could hold her breath. She just hoped he would show her how well he could hold his while playing “hide the salami”.

Samantha continued downward until she drew closer to the wreck. Its size continued to impress her. Finding him might not be so easy, especially if he wanted to make it a challenge for her.

She remembered the way the locals had talked about the sunken vessel. They’d spoke in ways that had made her think there was something mysterious about it. One had even hinted she might want to find another dive location.

Was there something special about the Mary Celeste? Samantha didn’t know. But since she was now on location, what would it hurt to do a little more exploring to see what she could find out?

Sam located a hatch that looked promising. She felt an erotic shiver over venturing into the unknown. But she confidently headed for the opening.

The interior was dark and creepy. But there was nothing innately special about that. Most wrecks were that way. It would be unreasonable of her to think otherwise, especially since she’d been inside her fair share of them.

Samantha finned her way forward. It all looked dark and foreboding. It also set her lady parts to tingling again.

Sam was not one to shy away from dark, foreboding places. They were great locations for hooking up in order to “satisfy that urge”. Right now, that was just what she was after. But her mysterious hunk had vanished and was still unaccounted for.

Where had he gone? Was he hiding somewhere? Was it possible he was observing her from some hidden vantage point?

Samantha carefully considered the matter. He’d made his previous appearance by catching her masturbating. It had turned him on so much that he’d actually stroked his meat right in front of her.

Would getting herself off again lure him out for a second time? Would he want to come out to observe as she masturbated again? Her lady parts were certainly tingling for another release. Why not satisfy herself once more while seeing if she could get him to show himself.

Once more, Samantha began touching herself all over. Her erotic stirrings intensified. At the same time, she could feel the strain in her lungs, contributing to the thrill of the moment.

She moved her suit aside and began fingering herself. It felt wonderful. Whether he showed himself or not, she was going to get some more underwater pleasure, this time right here inside the wreck.

Samantha suddenly sensed a presence with her. She turned and looked. Incredibly, he was right there watching her.

His meat was in his hand, just as before. Once more, he was jerking off as she thrummed her button. Amazingly, masturbating in deep water inside the wreck had lured him out again.

Sam could not help staring at his erection. More and more, she found herself wanting that beautiful cock inside her. She was so incredibly horny!

Was he going to shoot more ropey strands? It swelled within her until she couldn’t hold it back any longer. Samantha shuddered in blissful orgasm, right there on the bottom of the sea with her lungs straining.

She winced in ecstasy as she spewed her breath away. A moment later he disappeared. She was sure she was looking right at him! One second he was there; the next he was just… GONE!!

She looked all around. But the handsome hunk had vanished into the depths of the sea. Where had he gone this time??

She set out to locate him as her mind puzzled the encounter. He couldn’t have gone far, could he? Then it dawned on her.

What if the wreck was haunted?? It would certainly explain the way some of the locals had talked about it. It would also help to explain why her mysterious hunk kept disappearing right in front of her very eyes.

It was all rather fascinating to her. In fact, it would have been funny if she wasn’t so horny. It was so frustrating! Every time she cums… he goes?? That was no fun at all!

Was he shy? Sam didn’t think so. But one thing was certain. She was beginning to think she’d come across someone who could hold his breath for as long as she could, even if he was a ghost. So she set out trying to track him down.

He certainly seemed real enough. Ghost or not, what would it feel like to fuck him down on the bottom of the ocean? It was a question Samantha eagerly wanted to explore, so long as the handsome hunk made another return. She was determined to reward him if he did.

Sam was no stranger to paranormal fucking. In the past she’d certainly done a warlock or two. But she’d never done one underwater before, certainly not like this in the depths of a sunken vessel.

She felt her body tingle again. She sensed he was somewhere nearby. But Sam could feel it in her lungs now. Her body understandably wanted her to return to the surface.

Wouldn’t a trip back be a good idea right about now? Samantha had the distinct impression her handsome hunk wasn’t going anywhere. If he was going to stick around a while, she was more than willing to surface and then return with a fresh set of lungs.

She was headed upward through the open hatch when she was pulled up short. Samantha felt an icy hand on her ankle. It made her shiver with delight.

Her senses had not failed her. He was right there, pulling her back down. Nipples hardened as her pussy tingled like crazy

Samantha felt a strong urge to return to the surface. She covered her mouth with her hand. But he was not about to let go.

He certainly felt real enough. And it looked as though he was finally willing to stick around awhile. Did he want her to stay and play?

Samantha put up a struggle as he reeled her in. Her pussy throbbed with a terrible ache. If he was about to introduce her to his meaty member, she was more than willing to play along.

He pulled her inside the wreck with him before bending her over at the waist. Then he pulled her suit aside. That’s when he pushed his nine inch cock deep into her quivering slit.

He grabbed her ankles and began to thrust nice and hard. His meat was icicle cold inside her throbbing womanhood. But it made her feel so unbelievably hot, even at this depth.

He split her like a wishbone, clearly making his desires known. Her sexual urges were equal to the task. Samantha felt it swell inside her with all the rumblings of a massive eruption.

She winced as she shuddered in orgasm. Then her lady parts were no longer filled. She couldn’t believe he had VANISHED AGAIN!

Here on the ocean floor Sam just kept cumming… only he just kept going! Had she melted him away with her muscle contractions, contractions from her rapture of the deep? He’d certainly felt real enough, despite the coldness of his meaty member.

Samantha felt it in her lungs again. It was time to return to the surface. She headed out the opening before heading upward with long, smooth kicks.

Her lungs felt like they were empty. Had he fucked all the air right out of her? What an incredible rush!

She spewed the last of her breath as she headed up. Samantha finally popped up at the surface. Then she lifted the dive mask up to the top of her head.

She climbed onto the platform of her boat as erotic aftershocks rippled through her. Sam sat there panting loudly for breath. What an incredible experience!

How long had she been down there that last time? It had certainly felt like ages. But for her, it was nothing to worry about.

Was her handsome hunk still hanging out somewhere down below? Samantha was in the mood for round two of “hide the salami”. This time, she knew exactly how to lure him out.

She would go down and start masturbating again. That should make him materialize. She hoped he would play the game again, holding onto her while pumping her hard until it felt like her lungs would give out.

She smiled as she thought about it. There was certainly no danger of that! Samantha was in it for the chase and the reward, even if he was cold as ice. Besides, everyone knows you can’t drown a witch!

2020 (written Nov 22 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by JustPaul’s animation while using his vidcaps.)

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