The Santamos Island drowning excursion


An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy.  In order to raise cash income from “tourists”, the nation’s leaders in desperation pass a law — consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other foreigners will be legal in public execution areas on the island. Arachnid’s Santamos Island universe

The captain and I took our boat to Santamos Island. We’d heard about the things that happened there and wanted to go see for ourselves. It was said women would go there and would never return, unless they had arranged to go back in a pine box.

It was a place where people could voluntarily go to end their lives. Both males and females went there to die. We were told there were husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and sometimes mere individuals who made arrangements to excuse themselves from this mortal coil.

Some of the methods of death did not appeal to us. We were a little curious about the tidal stakes though. Men and women would tie themselves up and then wait for the tide to come in.

We were about to head back to the mainland when these two young women came up to us. They noticed we seemed to be alone. We explained we were merely visiting to satisfy our curiosity.

They said they were sisters. Reyanne and Teaghan were in skimpy bikinis, and had come over from the mainland to check it out as well. Reyanne was an attractive brunette, while Teaghan had tinges of auburn in her hair.

They asked if they could hang out with us for a while. The captain and I told them we were thinking about going out on our boat for a couple of hours. So they asked if they could tag along.

Right away I noticed they both had tattoos. That told me there was a good chance we might be able to have some fun with them, as any tatted females we’d previously run into were often quite frisky with their sexuality. The captain saw the expression in my face and smiled, obviously because he’d been reading my mind.

We took them down to the dock and headed out into the bay. After all, we love taking women out on our boat, fucking them silly, and then bringing them back. Reyanne and Teaghan were exhibiting all the symptoms of a couple of promiscuous chicks.

We were a couple miles out when they started kissing each other. They did it right in front of us. Then they fully exposed themselves. You could tell they were really asking for it.

The captain stopped the boat and we dropped anchor. They wasted no time removing our shorts. Then they dropped to their knees and started some serious sucking.

The captain and I were visibly impressed. These two were really hot for it. I couldn’t believe how enthusiastic they were.

They took turns sucking our cocks for a good half hour. Teaghan sucked mine and then swapped with her sister to suck the captain. We ended up giving the both of them a generous helping of baby batter.

Teaghan finally looked at her sister and asked, “What do you think?”

“I think these two might be just the ones we’re looking for.”

“Looking for what?” the captain asked with a look of amusement in his eyes.

Reyanne didn’t answer. Instead, she told her sister, “We need to go back and fill out some forms.”

“We probably should have filled them out before we came out here.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t really know, right? Besides, they might need to get some supplies.”

“Supplies for what?” I asked.

“We’ll explain it on the way back to the hotel. We have to fill out the forms so it’s all legal.”

“What’s all legal?” the captain wanted to know.

“We’ll explain it on the way back.”

I frowned at the captain. Had we run into a couple of dangerous chicks? I think he was thinking the same thing.

We headed back to the island. I kept my eye on the sisters the entire time. The way they were being so secretive and mysterious made me not trust them for a second.

As we pulled up to the dock, Reyanne explained the two of them were flat broke. I looked at the captain and frowned as I secured the boat. Neither one of us wanted to get attached to a couple of chicks who might prove to be a drain on our resources.

Teaghan saw the look in our eyes. Then she lifted up her hands defensively. “You guys don’t understand. We spent every penny we had just to get here. We don’t ever plan on leaving.”

“That’s right,” Reyanne added. “We just haven’t decided how we want to go out yet. But now I think we’ve decided.”

“We want to use your boat. We want to go right back out once all the forms have been signed and you guys have everything you need.”

I looked at Teaghan and frowned. “Go back out? Sign the forms? What do you mean ‘everything we need’?”

“We want to die here on the island. We’ve decided we’d prefer drowning over anything else. But we don’t like the idea of the tidal stakes.”

“That’s a long time to wait to drown,” Reyanne added. “I think I’d freak out waiting that long. We were kind of hoping you guys would do it.”

“Do what?” the captain asked warily.

“Drown us. Toss us off your boat.”

“Into the sea?” I was astonished.

“They might need our bodies back at the island,” Reyanne told her sister. Then she told us, “Well… after you drown us, I suppose you’ll probably have to bring our bodies back in.”

“We were thinking maybe using some rope,” Teaghan added. “That way you can drag us back in to shore. You won’t even have to deal with us after we’re gone. I’m sure the hotel will make all the arrangements. A simple burial on the island will be just fine.”

The captain and I looked at each other in complete shock. Were these crazy bitches actually suggesting we toss them overboard and drown them??

It was true, we’d tossed a few females over the side after having our way with them. But that was usually in jest. We’d always made sure to bring them back to shore with us.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“We’ll make it worth your while,” Teaghan said with a shit-eating grin. “We both used to do film work back on the mainland. How about a hot fuck and a drowning? You know how exciting sex and death are when they’re mixed together, right?”

“We’ve always thought about drowning,” her sister added. “We just weren’t sure how to go about it. We figure the hotel will make an allowance so long as you return with our bodies.”

“How would we go about…?” I started to ask.

“We were just thinking about that,” Teaghan said with a smile. “Tie rope to our wrists and weights to our ankles. Throw us over the side with the rope tied off. We drown and you tow our bodies back to shore. Easy.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” the captain asked hesitantly.

Reyanne told him, “Weren’t you listening? We told you we were broke. We spent all our money just to get here! I don’t even think we’ve got enough for supper tonight!”

“The island might give us a free meal,” her sister suggested.

Reyanne just shook her head. “No better time than the present; right? These guys might want to leave soon. This way they can take care of this little request for us.”

“And what’s in it for us?” the captain wanted to know.

“I already told you. A hot afternoon of sucking and fucking. Then you dispose of the evidence. Sounds kind of hot when you think about it. So what do you say?”

I looked at Reyanne. Now she was looking back at the captain and I for reassurance.

Her sister Teaghan wrapped an arm around her and said, “We’re a package deal. Wherever she goes, I go. Wherever she drowns, I drown. You can fuck us silly, toss us over the side, work up a healthy appetite, and be back in time for supper with a couple of sexy bodies in tow. So what do you say?”

It didn’t take nearly as long as I figured. I went with the girls to the hotel to make arrangements. The captain went to see someone about getting the rope and weights we’d need.

The ladies signed some paperwork saying they were about to be willingly snuffed and that we would not be held accountable. Their bodies would need to be returned to guarantee death and ultimate disposition. Drowning in the bay would be acceptable so long as the bodies were returned so the deaths could be confirmed.

I signed some paperwork saying the bodies would be brought back. The concierge nodded politely as he told them, “Thank you, ladies, for choosing Santamos Island. I hope your drowning is everything you hope it to be.”

“Oh, it will be,” Teaghan said as she took my arm. “Now that we’ve got a couple of guys to play with, we’re going to go out with a bang.”

“We sure are!” Reyanne said as she took my other arm.

I escorted them back down to the dock. The captain showed up a few minutes later. He had a lot of rope along with some weights to secure to their ankles.

He loaded the gear on board. I cast off as he started the motor. “Last chance to back out,” I told them.

“We’d rather you leave us on the ocean floor. But this way will be just as good. Now let’s get out to sea so we can fuck and drown for you lucky guys.”

We motored out into the bay until the captain killed the motor. We didn’t even drop anchor. We were just going to allow the craft to drift.

Teaghan and Reyanne wasted no time getting started. The captain and I ended up on this wicker sofa near the back of the boat. The girls removed our shorts and briefs and then started in.

It was crazy. Knowing we were going to drown them before we headed back to shore was strangely erotic. I noticed the captain had no trouble whatsoever maintaining an erection.

We went at it on the back of our boat. Reyanne had the captain’s meaty pole in her mouth and was slobbering all over it. Teaghan couldn’t wait to get my thick rod deep inside her fuck-hole, eagerly riding me like a cowboy on a wild stallion.

It was a hell of an afternoon. Those girls did things even the captain and I had never experienced. They absolutely loved anal, and we did not hold back fucking each ass several times.

I don’t know how many times they climaxed. Both girls were quite orgasmic. It was one hell of a turn-on making them cum again and again.

Talk finally turned to their impending demise. Teaghan asked me, “Are you looking forward to tossing me overboard and watching me drown?” I told her I was starting to warm up to the idea.

“We’re both going to suck water and thrash about,” Reyanne told us with a grin. “I hope you both get hard-ons when you pitch us over the side.”

“Actually that won’t be a problem,” the captain told them. “Whenever we take chicks out on the boat back on the mainland, we fuck them and then toss them overboard, making them think we’re going to leave them behind. We always take them back.”

“But we’ve sure been tempted,” I added with a smile.

“Then I think it’s time to get us ready,” Teaghan told us.

The captain went and fetched the rope. We tied their wrists together in front of them. Then we tied a length of rope to each of them.

“What do you think?” the captain asked as he measured it out. “Keep ‘em close to the surface?”

“About twelve feet ought to do it,” I told him as I tied Reyanne’s ankles together. “We’ll drag ‘em back to shore. I hope the sharks don’t get ‘em.”

“We’ll make sure the island gets what’s left,” the captain chuckled.

We attached about twenty pounds of weight to each set of secured ankles. By now both sisters had become somewhat sober about the whole thing. I couldn’t help asking, “Feel like changing your minds now, ladies?”

“Of course we feel like changing our minds!” Teaghan gasped as she panted for breath. “But we’ve already signed the consent forms; right, sis? We’re committed.”

“So this is for you guys as much, if not more, than it is for us,” Teaghan added. “We want you to get all excited once you toss us over and watch us drown.”

“This will be our best performance ever,” Reyanne observed. “It’s just too bad we’re not capturing it on film.”

“This is a private performance,” her sister told her. “These guys gave us a hot afternoon of sex. They deserve a private drowning party.”

The captain tied Reyanne’s rope to her wrists to the starboard cleat. I tied off Teaghan’s to the port side. They both sat there gasping for breath as they watched us, their arms in front with secured wrists.

The captain helped Reyanne up onto the end of the boat on her side. I helped Teaghan on her side. They sat with their backs to the water.

We lifted both sets of weights and set them right next to each sister. We were all still naked. By now I was sporting another erection. So was the captain.

I grabbed Teaghan by the back of her head. Then I began giving her a brutal mouth-fucking. She moaned as I hit the back of her throat.

The captain did the same to Reyanne. She grunted as she was forced to swallow his long, meaty shaft. Both girls tried to get into the spirit of things, although by now I think they were understandably nervous.

I looked at the captain and he looked at me. Together we pushed on both sets of shoulders. They lost our cocks out of their mouths as they went over backward with cries of alarm.

They hit the water together with a combined splash. The weights went off the boat with them. They went down a good twelve feet until the ropes went taut, pulling their arms upward as their legs were stretched downward.

By now the wind had mostly died down. The water was pretty calm. It allowed us to watch what happened down below.

Both sisters hung naked and quiet. A few bubbles came up as they released them out of their mouths and noses. They looked sexy as hell all stretched out like that.

At first I had a few misgivings. But I decided all the paperwork had been signed. They’d committed to this and had asked for our help. So I decided the noble thing to do was to enjoy the spectacle.

It was about a minute before Reyanne started wriggling like a fish on a line. Teaghan was next. They began to fight a little harder, dolphin kicking with their legs since we’d secured their ankles together.

It didn’t matter what they attempted. The weights were too much. They couldn’t kick up, and they couldn’t really pull themselves up with their arms either.

Reyanne went first. She suddenly lost a huge burst of air. Then she began thrashing about.

Bubbles came up as she kept gulping and hitching. Teaghan looked over at her with a look of horror in her eyes. Then she lost a huge burst of bubbles as well.

Both sisters wriggled and struggled like fish on the end of lines. They kept coughing up bubbles as they hitched and spasmed. That’s when the captain went forward.

I kept watching as he started the motor. Then he slowly motored us back in the direction of the island. Our speed was so slow we were hardly trolling forward.

He came back to watch since there was no other traffic in our vicinity. Both sisters were slowly dragged along as they hitched and drowned. It was as though we were dragging bait to lure some great white.

Both bodies settled down after another thirty seconds. They were dragged along as they gently spun in the water. Stray bubbles slipped out of their mouths.

The captain looked at me and smiled. “So what do you think?”

“We might have to stick around a few more days and see if anyone else wants to go out this way.”

“Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking.” Then he went up front and powered up the engine, taking us back to shore as the two sisters spun just below the surface.

2020 (written Dec 6 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by the picture found on the Internet.)

(Santamos Island concept created by Arachnid aka Spartan)

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