Sorority hanging party


Della couldn’t believe it. Joining this sorority had been the biggest mistake of her life. Because failing the initiation process had condemned her and three other pledges to the basement hanging party.

The four of them had been required to undress for the occasion before heading down the stairs. Then their arms had been cuffed behind their backs. Once they rounded a corner and saw the stage with the three nooses, dark-skinned Roberta had promptly wet herself.

There were four pledges to hang. But there were only three nooses dangling above the stage. That meant one of them would have to wait her turn until the other three were hanged. But which of them would have to watch the others hang first?

Sorority leader Lady Shade made the decision for them. Since Della had come closest to making the sorority, she would not have to suffer through a long, slow hanging. Instead she would be garroted at the post which stood off to one side of the stage.

Alicia, Roberta and Naomi were instructed to climb up onto the stage where they were ordered to take up positions under each noose. They were too numb with shock to do anything but comply. Perhaps they thought it was nothing more than the conclusion of initiation week, believing this was their final act of submission before becoming a full-fledged sorority sister.

An eager Goldie, Lady Shade’s naked Number One with short blonde locks and long black, silk gloves, promptly noosed them up one right after the other. Meanwhile Lady Shade backed Della up against the garrote post where she got her all prepped and ready by securing a rope around her neck. Della was frightened out of her wits. But she kept telling herself it was only a game, nothing more than a crazy hanging party the pledges had to attend in order to complete their initiation.

She was shocked as hell – all the pledges were – when Goldie gave Alicia a push in the back. The poor girl lost her balance, pitched forward… and promptly hit the end of her noose. Instantly her eyes flew open in astonishment. Immediately she started gasping and gurgling, letting the other three know this was all too real.

The sounds of her frantic attempts to breathe filled the basement, sounds that greatly alarmed poor Della. “Next!” Lady Shade demanded without so much as a pause in the proceedings.

Roberta let out a cry as she was pushed forward. She hit the end of her rope. That’s when she began kicking and twisting, fighting her noose just as hard as she could.

Her gasps and gurgles joined that of the doomed Alicia on her left. The two kicked and danced breathlessly. Their naked bodies bumped into each other as their unified rasps filled the basement.

Della was utterly shocked. She couldn’t believe these sorority bitches were actually going to strangle them all to death by noose and by garrote. A moment later she felt the rope ominously tighten around her own neck.

She rose onto her toes in an attempt to ease the tension! “Last one!” Lady Jade proclaimed with a wave at Naomi. “Let the bitches feel their failure by the cold grip of those nooses around their necks!”

Goldie gleefully gave Naomi a shove from behind. She gleefully declared, “Join your sisters in death, you stupid bitch!” Naomi pitched forward, too shocked for words.

Della was alarmed to see how red Roberta and Alicia’s faces became from the agony of strangulation. She saw Naomi fall forward off the stage without a sound as though resigned to her horrible fate. She could only watch helplessly as her sister pledges hanged from their nooses, each one rasping for breath as the garrote tightened even more around her own neck. That’s when a splattering sound was heard above their gasping sounds. Alicia had just lost control of her bladder.

Della watched in horror as Naomi really started kicking and fighting her noose. Next to her, Roberta was showing everyone just how good of a noose-dancer she was. And that bitch Goldie was actually rubbing her pussy and breathing hard, getting off at the sight of three girls gasping and hanging.

“At least these bitches are good for something around here!” Lady Shade declared with some pride. And with another crank on the handle she helped Della experience what it must be like for her gasping friends. Della shuddered hard as her breath was restricted even more until she started to gasp and gurgle.

As Naomi settled down into the dance of the profoundly strangled, Roberta kicked anew as though discovering some hidden energy. It was horrifying for Della to watch. And yet it was strangely erotic. But perhaps that was because her own air was being restricted, causing her body to react in ways totally foreign to her.

Alicia appeared to be even more profoundly strangled. Perhaps it was because she had gone first and had already suffered greatly. Her face had turned a dark crimson, although Roberta’s was rapidly approaching that same asphyxiated state.

Della saw that Goldie had collapsed onto the stage behind the dangling girls. The blond bitch was on her back and panting like crazy, her torso propped up by her legs as she furiously fingered her cunt. She appeared to be violently humping herself, loudly proclaiming her enthusiasm for the proceedings…

“Fuck – fuck – FUCK! Hang, you gorgeous bitches; HANG! Kick those legs and shake those asses! Bounce those titties for me, you sexy bitches!”

“Now it’s your turn, honey,” Della heard Lady Shade giggle behind her. Then she shuddered hard as her breath was all but cut off. Her eyes went wide in horror as her mind screamed this was all too real. Were the four of them actually going to die a breathless, agonizing death??

The kicking subsided amongst the air-dancing trio. Frantic gasps for breath quieted down into little rasps and gurgles. Della was profoundly strangled as well, and her pussy dripped shamefully. She could see how wet the pussies of her fellow pledges had become. No doubt they had been sexually affected by the agony of strangling to death.

Goldie stood upright, although she was none too steady on her bare feet after having cum so long and loud. It looked like she had managed to settle down after her shameful orgasm. Then Naomi started twitching as Roberta jerked and convulsed. It set the blond-haired bitch off once more. She screamed her orgasm…”Oh FUCK; THAT’S HOT!” as she grabbed her crotch again.

The hanged trio finally settled down as Goldie came stumbling down off the stage. A moment later there were twin splatters as two more bladders gave way. Lady Shade stepped away from the garrote to appreciatively check Goldie’s handiwork. She caressed a gently spasming Naomi while appreciating her dying efforts… “That’s it, honey. Just let it go. Let that bladder release and let it go.”

Della could barely get any air down her throat. She rasped and gurgled, frantic Lady Shade had left her to suffer and had not loosened the rope from around her neck. Then Goldie knelt in front of her. “You were the best of the worst. Lady Shade says I get to do this for you!” Then her tongue went to work.

Della winced in breathless agony. At the same time she couldn’t help lifting her legs up as though wanting to help Goldie reach her twitching twat. Her body shuddered as her dripping fluids were lapped up. Then her eyes rolled as she climaxed, the sexual release granting momentary relief from her agonizing asphyxiation.

She tried to pull a breath of air into her body. But the restricting coil around her neck denied her. Then Della became acutely aware of a terrible sensation inside her, the sensation of vital organs dying one by one. It absolutely terrified her.

The tongue lapped harder; it was a pleasant sensation. As her vision started to fade, she focused on it… tried to immerse herself in it. The last thing she was aware of was cumming one last time. It was not altogether unpleasant. Then she started to fade away as her consciousness plunged into the abyss of oblivion.

Goldie moaned, “This one’s going… mmmmmm!” She lapped more enthusiastically to get every last drop of cum. Then she tasted the tang of urine as the dead sorority pledge pissed into her mouth. “I should’ve expected that,” she muttered with a giggle, although she wasn’t all that angry at having been peed on.

“These three are gone as well,” Lady Shade observed. “Hell of a pledge week, wouldn’t you say?”

“These hanging parties are always the best,” Goldie purred with sexual satisfaction.

“That’s because you love hanging them and then cumming as they kick and die.”

“Everybody’s got to have a hobby.”

“Well, just make sure you call that necro fraternity. Tell ‘em we’ve got four hot ones for them to pick up so they can play with ‘em.”

Lady Shade stood up and walked by each dangling girl. Her hand idly caressed each set of breasts. “You hung well, my pretties,” she told them. “Too bad you were such shitty pledges.”

“Yeah they did hang great, didn’t they?” Goldie agreed. “I had a couple of big cums as they kicked their lives away. I can’t wait for the new pledges to arrive!!”

Lady Shade smiled before leaving the basement. She trusted her Number One to make sure the four bodies would be properly disposed of.

2014; 2020 (written for Odin Jan 28 ’14; ed. Jan 7 ’20 by riwa)

(Posers are courtesy of Odin and are for illustration purposes only.)

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