Ziva and the shark


Bonus story for the 31st. Enjoy.

It was a popular place for scuba divers. But Ziva liked to go down with just a dive mask and fins. And she usually went topless.

There were other boats at the surface when she went over the side. That probably meant there were divers in the water. Ziva didn’t mind. Besides, there was always the possibility of hooking up with someone before she headed back to the marina.

She made a couple practice dives to get acclimated with the water and the depth. On her third try, she made it all the way down to the superstructure of the sunken vessel. That’s when a scuba diver went by and stared at her, no doubt to confirm his eyes were not playing tricks on him and that the female freediver was indeed topless.

Ziva slowly finned her way back to the surface. Now her body was adjusting to her longer times underwater while holding her breath. Soon, she would be ready for some fun.

She surfaced and looked all around. She was still alone topside. But the other boats were still there. That meant she was liable to run into more scuba divers down below.

She took some deep breaths, preparing for a long, deep dive. Then she submerged. Ziva slowly finned her way downward, enjoying the sensation of seawater caressing her bare skin.

She headed down toward the entrance she always used whenever she wanted to make a trip inside. She caught sight of another diver as she approached the wreck. But it looked like that same diver, slowing down to gawk at her again. She mentally encouraged him to stick around long enough and he might see something really exciting.

Where was that entrance? Oh yeah; there it was. Ziva grabbed the railing to a stairwell before making her way inside.

She entered a large chamber, an area that had probably been used as a cargo hold. Yeah, this was about right. She was horny, and she wanted to get off. If that diver was smart, he would follow her in. That way, he would get lucky enough to see her enjoying herself.

She was doing well on the breath in her lungs. So Ziva rolled over onto her back and started caressing her mounds. One hand snaked down to touch herself underneath her thong.

The cargo hold was certainly big enough for her to enjoy herself. It was also big enough for that diver to come on in and take a closer look at her goodies. What she hadn’t counted on was that it was also big enough to house one of the many hungry menaces of the deep.

Ziva was particularly aroused imagining what that diver might do to her. Thus, she did not notice the presence of the shark. She was too busy holding her breath while furiously working her nub.

She began losing her breath as she writhed with pleasure. The depth was putting delicious pressure on all her lady parts. That’s when her visitor decided to come a little closer to check her out.

Ziva began to feel as though she was being watched. So she rolled around to have a look. But it wasn’t the scuba diver she’d been hoping for. Instead, it was a hungry male of another species.

Uh-oh. Ziva wasn’t prepared for such an encounter. In a rush to get into the water, she’d left her dive knife topside.

The shark moved in her direction. Ziva’s heart skipped a beat as she tried to fin backwards away from the creature. A kick with her fin caught him in the snout, sending him off in another direction.

Her lungs were burning. She had to get to the surface quickly. But what about that shark? She had to make sure she knew where he was at all times.

She began heading for her exit. But in her haste, she got turned around and couldn’t find it. That’s when she saw the shark coming back around to check her out again.

Once more, she began to fin backwards, keeping an anxious eye on the approaching creature. She hoped her flapping fins would wave him off toward another direction. But this time, he just kept coming toward her.

She didn’t have time for this. Her lungs were about empty. And she still had a long swim back to the surface!

Her heart skipped another beat as the creature came closer. She tried to wave him off as she kicked with her fins… “Shoo – shoo; I’m not good eatin’!” But the shark didn’t change course.

A fin got too close to his snout, and the shark instinctively bit down. Ziva’s flipper was instantly snagged by his teeth. That’s when he changed course and began dragging her farther down the hold.

Ziva nearly lost the last of her breath, and she almost panicked. At least the shark had not bitten into her flesh. But that could change at any moment.

She struggled with her fin in his mouth, trying to keep the rest of her body well away from those teeth. Her lungs were burning, her breath nearly gone. If she couldn’t disengage in the next few seconds, this wasn’t going to end very well!

She struggled to kick herself away from the shark. But his teeth remained clamped firmly onto her fin as he pulled her along. Her lungs heaved ominously in her chest.

Ziva grunted as she tried again to kick him away. But when he turned to avoid her other flapping fin, he simply ended up taking her along for the ride. Worse, he was taking her further into the depths of the hold, away from the only exit she was certain of.

She lost a few bubbles as her lungs heaved in her chest. Ziva caught sight of another doorway as the shark pulled her along. If she missed this one, she knew she would never get out of the hold alive.

With her lungs heaving in her chest, Ziva risked reaching down toward her dive fin, her hand dangerously close to those teeth. She frantically worked on getting her heel free of the footwear. She cried out as she pulled and pulled until her foot finally slipped free of her dive fin.

The shark went one way, while she turned and went in the opposite direction. Ziva frantically finned toward the open doorway she’d just passed. Her lungs were on fire, causing her to cover her mouth to keep the bubbles from escaping.

She strongly suspected the shark was still going to get his meal in the end. She was at the door, but her lungs were empty. She was trying hard not to panic, but she was almost certain she was not going to get to the surface in time.

She was becoming dizzy and disoriented. Her hand was still over her mouth. But she was spewing away the last of her breath as she emerged from the sunken vessel.

She swam right into a scuba diver. It startled them both, causing her to cry out. Her breath was gone.

She was so disoriented that it didn’t register it was the same diver she’d seen earlier. Her eyes were wide as her chest heaved. She was going to start drowning any second now.

He took in the situation and made a decision. She was just starting to claw instinctively for the surface when he grabbed her ankle and pulled her to him. She cried out in panic, her lungs heaving and screaming at her as she flailed with her arms.

He fished for his buddy regulator and forced it between her lips. Despite her disorientation, her mind registered what had just been put into her mouth. Somehow, Ziva managed to clear it before taking a deep breath.

She remained dizzy a few seconds longer until she got down a couple more breaths. Her dizziness passed as her head cleared from an infusion of compressed air. She settled down, breathing appreciatively from her benefactor’s scuba gear.

She finally signaled that she wanted to go topside. He pointed down at her foot and signaled back… “What happened to your fin?” She just pointed… “Topside, and I’ll tell you then.”

He nodded as she took another deep breath. She wanted to do this on her own. Then she gave him back the regulator.

They were on their way up, finning side by side, when a shark swam toward them. The diver stiffened protectively. Ziva noticed right away that it was the same damn shark. She could tell because he still had her fin in his mouth.

They both watched carefully as the shark approached. But seeing them together must have made him think twice. He turned and headed off in another direction before he’d gotten much closer.

Ziva and her lifesaving diver headed for the surface, Ziva slowly releasing the air in her lungs the entire time. The shark did not return. They finally popped up close to her boat where she gasped for breath.

They both pulled their dive masks up on top of their faces. He pulled his reg before asking, “Are you all right?” She just gasped and nodded.

He pointed downward before querying, “What was that all about?”

“I guess he wanted a taste of me,” she responded. “Thankfully, all he got was a little rubber for his efforts.” There was relief and gratitude in her voice.

He smiled as he helped her back onto her boat. She invited him to come aboard and join her. The thrill of such a close call had aroused her to the point that she was contemplating all the ways she could properly repay him for saving her life.

Oct 27, ’22 Inspired by JustPaul’s renders

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