Shelly in Cancun 9


Chapter 9 – Running low on air

I fin toward her like mad, my heart in my throat. I watch in horror as her body comes to rest on the seabed. I’m at her side with two powerful kicks.

My arms outstretch as I prepare to scoop her up and make a mad dash for the surface. Then she scares the hell out of me by reaching up and snatching the hose to the octopus. She corrals the reg before stuffing it into her mouth.

I have to struggle like mad to calm the wild beating of my heart. She just looks at me with this big, stupid grin on her face. I’m relieved to see her hungrily suck air into her lungs.

I want to scream, “DAMN YOU; YOU’RE WORSE THAN THE OTHER TWO!” I start mentally spewing obscenities at her. Then I wave my finger at her, trying to indicate just how wicked she’s just been.

She pays no attention as she attacks me like some sex-starved nympho. The next thing I know, she’s groping me like crazy. In seconds she has my bikini top off.

She removes her reg and starts in on me with those lips and that tongue of hers. My mood changes in an instant. This was not something I was expecting when I saw her drifting just off the ocean floor…

NO, DAMN YOU! YOU SCARED… oh, shit… NO – I’M SERIOUS NOW! YOU REALLY… ohgawd, don’t suck on my tits like that! NO, I MEAN IT NOW! YOU CAN’T JUST… oh fuck – don’t do that, I’m trying to be mad here… NO – I’M REALLY PISSED NOW… ohgawd, stop rubbing me there… YOU CAN’T SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME AND EXPECT TO… ohgawd – don’t take my bottoms off??!!…. FUCK-FUCK-FUCK…

I try to be angry with her. She just sucks on my hardened nipples as she fingers my snatch. My anger melts away like the residue from a sudden snowstorm in Phoenix in mid-July.

My breath escapes in heavy exhalation bubbles as I tremble like mad. A moment later I simply give up. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t stay mad at her.

Damnit! She’s every bit as bad as our two mischief-makers. To make matters worse, she’s got my pussy tingling like mad.

I close my eyes and moan as her mouth sucks on one of my tits. My body spasms as she finger-fucks my pussy. I thrust against her, enjoying every minute of it.

My anger has totally evaporated. Then I open my eyes and see…

Oh, shit…

They charge toward us, their legs propelling them with hard, smooth strokes. My bubbly cry of alarm is much too late. My dive partner has her back to them and never sees them.

They’re on us in an instant, tearing us away from each other. My scuba buddy cries out in alarm as she’s jerked away from me. The reg pops out of her grasp…

Shit; we’ve been ambushed…

Andria’s partner in crime wraps herself around me. She struggles with me as she rips the reg out of my mouth. Off to my left, Andria takes on my dive buddy.

The scuba tank for the two troublemakers is now on her back. It gives her the upper hand as the two of them start an underwater wrestling match, grappling for position. Bubbles spew everywhere.

My face is suddenly crammed into the fabric covering my assailant’s crotch. A set of thighs lock my head in place. I squirm and struggle but it’s no use. Her muscles are well developed. She’s got me in a stranglehold.

I burble as I try to twist myself out of her grasp. She just hangs on tighter, forcing me to taste her pussy juice as it coats and seeps through the fabric of her bottoms. Shit – shit – SHIT!

My lungs begin to burn. Soon they are heaving as they clamor for air. But my attacker has no sympathy for me.

She holds on tighter as the fire gets worse in my chest. It isn’t long until the air spews out of my mouth up against her pussy. She aggressively humps my face.

I find myself tonguing her while at the same trying to pry her off my head. With a whoosh, most of my air is gone. I find myself spasming painfully.

My attacker opens her legs, momentarily freeing me. A reg appears in her outstretched hand. I eagerly snatch it up before cramming it into my mouth.

I’m too busy gasping for breath to stop her as she spins me around. She wraps her legs around me, riding me from behind. A moment later she rips the reg out of my mouth.

I feel it press against my naked pussy. Then she purges it. I feel a shock of bubbles spew against my sensitive nub.

I cry out with a burble, not having gotten nearly enough air into my lungs. My pussy throbs, building up to detonation. I feel her fumbling briefly for something attached to her own body. Then we’re struggling again before she twists me around and forces me back down between her legs.

Once more my face is crammed against her pussy. This time the fabric is gone. She must have pealed her bottoms off.

I don’t have time to think about it. Instinctively I plunge my tongue into her snatch as she locks my head in place. She tastes pretty damned good! If only it wasn’t for the fact my lungs are starting to heave again.

I’m wearing the damn tank on my back. But I can’t seem to reach either of the two regs attached to it. Is it time to cry ‘uncle’?


She humps my face with glee as my lungs spasm in my chest. Air spews out of my mouth. My rush of bubbles burst into her pussy.

She releases me from between her legs again. The reg suddenly appears in her outstretched hand. I frantically snatch it out of her grasp.

I slam it home between my lips. Then I suck on it like crazy. I’m weak and dizzy, desperate to refill my aching lungs and catch my breath.

The bitch rips it out of my mouth again. SHIT! I grapple weakly with her, but it’s no use.

Not being allowed to replenish my starving lungs has left me depleted of energy. She easily forces me back down between her thighs again. This time she pushes me into more of a 69 position, forcing my body around until I’m between her legs from the opposite direction.

I feel her hands on my ass as her thighs lock my head into position. Then I feel her jam the reg against my pussy. The ensuing purge of air causes me to scream into her snatch.

It’s exquisitely painful. I shudder hard as an orgasm tears through my body. Then I suddenly find myself floating free as my assailant flees.

Both regulators swing freely. I manage to corral mine and cram it between my lips. My pussy throbs like mad.

I turn to look, only to see Andria and my Asian tormentor finning away from us at a rapid rate. My companion/dive buddy looks dazed and shattered.

She comes toward me, reaching out to weakly grab the reg to the octopus. She shoves it into her mouth and breathes heavily. For a few moments all that can be heard is the sound of the two of us trying to get our breath back.

Damned hit-and-run divers! They’re REALLY gonna get it this time!

We watch them fin back to the wreck. Then they disappear out of sight. I shake my head, wondering how we can possibly get back at them.

It occurs to me how badly they’ve just devastated us. Perhaps we should quit while we’re ahead? When I think about it, I’m not sure if we can actually call ourselves “ahead”.

I’m brought back to the here and now as my sexy Asian dive buddy begins caressing my boobs again. Her fingers are all over my hardening nipples. I inhale sharply, moaning as I turn toward her…

Now just a DAMN MINUTE! I’m still kinda mad at you! Haven’t you had enough – ohgawd, don’t do that… mmmmmm… oh, fuck – that’s not fair! Remember, you scared me half to-OOHHHHH! DAMN YOU – oh, fuck-it – I give up!

Her hand snakes down and starts probing my aching pussy. I pull the reg out of my mouth and start sucking on those gorgeous nipples of hers. We spend the next several minutes fondling, licking and sucking each other.

At one point I shed the scuba gear completely. I leave it sitting on the sea floor as we play with each other right while drifting close by to our air supply. Part of our time together is spent off the scuba tank.

We take turns eating each other out. The other part is spent using the regs to purge each other. We cannot resist blowing erotic bursts of air all over each other’s naked body.

At one point we fill our lungs for a long breath-hold. Then we 69 in an unofficial contest. I think we want to see who can make the other cum first and who can hold her breath the longest.

The eroticism of being at the bottom of the ocean with the looming reef overwhelms us. The wreck nearby and the company of a sexy companion is more than either one of us can stand. It isn’t long until we’re both crying out, spasming and shuddering like crazy as we blow away our breath into each other’s pussies.

We’re finally forced to separate so we can hastily snatch up a nearby reg to refill our aching lungs. We bask in the afterglow from a couple of wonderful orgasms. Our hands idly caress each other.

At that moment I hear something unusual. It’s a faint, somewhat muffled sound. It strikes me as metal grinding against metal.

I look over toward the wreck. Nothing seems out of place. That’s when I notice a minor disturbance of soil around the base of the vessel. It’s as though a part of the sea floor has somehow been disturbed.

Is the wreck settling? Seems pretty stable to me. What do I know about sunken wrecks? I find myself wondering if they get earthquakes in this part of the country.

I turn to point it out to my companion. But she has the gauge to the scuba tank in her hand. She sees me looking at her and shows it to me.

I can tell at a glance there isn’t much air left. It’s time to gather up our friends and head on up to the surface. We don’t have much time left.

The disturbance in the soil and the strange sound are forgotten as she points to the wreck. I can tell she’s indicating we should go find those other two and make sure they’re ok. I nod my head in agreement. If our tank is low, theirs is probably low too.

She slips the gear back over her shoulders. I gather up our bikini pieces. Together we take turns putting each other’s garments back on instead of our own.

We spend a little extra time caressing and touching each other. Once more, she starts to get me all hot and bothered. But there really isn’t time for this now. We need to go collect those two mischief-makers and head back up.

Glancing upward I see both boats now appear to be tethered to each other. Were our two Asian friends brought out here by someone else? Maybe several someone elses?

Are they together with Jake right now? Are they passing along their introductions to each other? I smile inwardly at the way the four of us “passed along our introductions to each other” down here…

Damn – my pussy is tingling again…

We start finning our way back up to the deck of the wreck, once more moving together hand in hand. The sediment doesn’t seem to be stirred up as much now. For a moment I find myself wondering if I imagined it in my orgasm-wracked semi-consciousness.

A glance at the reef reveals nothing out of the ordinary. The wreck itself seems intact. My thoughts turn toward Andria and her companion, and I cast it out of my mind.

A quick inspection shows they’re not in the pilothouse. We decide to take the stairwell, suspecting they might be camped out in one of the rooms below. No doubt they’re fucking each other’s brains out.

We fin ourselves down the stairwell and check the forward rooms. But the rooms are empty. Perhaps they’re in one of the holds, or maybe a room toward the stern.

Hand in hand we fin ourselves over to the corridor. Then we start down the passageway. I love being in the presence of my new Asian friend, but a sadness envelops me at the thought it may be coming to an end.

I don’t know why, but something feels different. I suddenly find myself feeling a little on edge despite the company I’m keeping. Something doesn’t feel right, although I’ll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

Is it our dwindling air supply? Is it the knowledge our time together will soon be over? Or is it something else?

I peer intently down the corridor. Is it me, or has the wreck taken a bit more of a list to starboard? I decide I must be imagining things.

I turn toward my companion to get some sort of reassurance. But I notice she seems a little tense as well. She furtively looks around more than usual, as though she’s unsettled about something.

She turns and looks at me. We pause as we stare at each other for a long moment. That’s when we realize the other one feels it too.

All of the sudden it feels ominous in here. In fact, it feels downright spooky. It wasn’t like this before. I find myself hoping we find those two quick so we can get the hell out of here.

Halfway down the corridor we come across Andria’s bikini top. It’s lying all by itself in the middle of the floor. It’s near the doorway to the first cargo hold.

The metal door’s ajar. Are they inside? Then I become suspicious.

I remember what they did to us a few minutes ago. I pick up the discarded garment and roll my eyes. Knowing Andria’s being mischievous again makes me feel a little better. Maybe that explains it.

Did those two leave a trail of bikini pieces as they made out with each other? Somehow it makes my world feel right again. It certainly feels a little bit over-sexed down here.

I figure we’ll find the two of them if we just follow the trail of discarded garments. But we’d better not tarry too long. I tuck her top under my weight belt, figuring she’ll need it before we reach the surface.

Are those two imps inside the hold? We push against the partly opened door to check inside. But this time the door won’t even budge.

That damned spooky feeling returns in a rush. That’s odd, I wonder uneasily. We easily got it open once before. At least I THOUGHT we did.

I pause to think about it. Did those two jam the door to throw us off or play another prank? But what if they didn’t?

I inhale deeply as I give my companion a shrug of the shoulders. Then I motion with my head down the corridor. If we can’t get it open I guess they can’t be inside. So we should keep on going.

She nods in agreement. But now she looks really concerned.

The desire to track them down and get us all back to the surface takes on a new urgency. We move on down the passageway. Then we reach the second hold.

The door is closed. We try it, but it won’t open either. It puts me even more on edge.

Instinctively I feel for Andria’s bikini top tucked under my weight belt. We need to move on and keep an eye out for more swimsuit pieces. That should indicate which direction they’ve gone.

It occurs to me they might be waiting in ambush somewhere. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling the way I am. I find myself hoping like hell they haven’t gotten so focused on surprising us again that they’ve forgotten to pay attention to their gauge.

They wouldn’t be that foolish, would they? That’s when my mind starts to run away with me. Scenario after scenario plays through my head…

What if they’re off by themselves, not paying any attention to the gauge? Are they hiding somewhere, waiting for us to find them so they can leap out at us? Perhaps they’re playing dead somewhere, unaware their tank is running dangerously low. Are they expecting us to come to the rescue in time?

I blink my eyes and shake my head. I tell myself there’s no use in worrying myself sick. Chances are, we’re going to come upon them any moment now.

Still, I find myself alert and on edge. I almost expect them to jump out at us from out of the shadows. But I’m still becoming more and more concerned.

We reach the end of the corridor and pause. My companion must be thinking the same thing. We both peer hesitantly around the corner, wondering if those two scamps are gonna ambush us again.

I instinctively brace for their assault. But nothing leaps out at us. What’s more, we don’t find any more articles of swimwear floating around. I find myself becoming more alarmed by the second.

A quick check in the stern reveals they’re not in any of those rooms either. One of the doors gives us problems as well as we try to force it open. There’s a faint sound of metal against metal as we strain against it.

I look at my companion who looks back at me with the same expression. I’m sure this door wasn’t like this before. Something is definitely down here!

I feel my heart quicken as I suck harder on the reg in my mouth. We both look at each other, concern etched in our faces. She’s just as anxious as I am.

I feel a sudden urge to check the gauge again. Grabbing it up, I hold it so I can see it by the light streaming down the open stairwell. Damn! It’s really getting low!

I force myself to try to remain calm. I breathe normally as my companion points up the stairwell. She’s indicating we should go up and check outside the wreck.

I nod in agreement. If they aren’t down here, they must be somewhere topside. Maybe they’re somewhere just off the sunken vessel.

Hell, maybe their tank got too low. It’s possible they headed up to the surface. Maybe they’re looking for us, and we’re unexpectedly playing a game of ‘hide-and-seek’ as we unknowingly search for each other around the wreck.

The situation feels downright eerie. I’m reminded our air is running low. I find myself instinctively trying to breathe shallow, hoping to conserve what little we have left.

I tell myself I’m not leaving without Andria. As far as I’m concerned, we’re not going anywhere until we’ve found those two. I can’t help feeling something has gone wrong down here.

There’s a sudden banging of metal against metal. It’s very distinct. It’s certainly not coming from the wreck simply settling into the soil.

My companion turns toward me, her eyes wide. I can tell she hears it too. It’s coming from somewhere inside the wreck.

What could it be? My mind tries to process what we’re hearing. It’s a disturbing sound.

My eyes open wide as the color drains from my face. What if the sound is a scuba tank being banged against a bulkhead! Gawd, my mind is starting to run away with me!

My blood runs cold as the two of us turn and look at each other, anxiety in our expressions. A moment later we start to fin in the general direction of the sound. It leads us back toward the corridor that runs the length of the wreck.

It gets louder when we enter the passageway. We anxiously fin ourselves back the way we’ve come. Then I look up ahead.

I swear I see something drifting in the water again. It’s slowly descending to the floor of the passageway. It looks like another bikini top, this one belonging to Andria’s Asian companion.

It floats just outside the partly open door. It’s the door to the hold we tried before. I swear that bikini piece wasn’t there when we came through earlier.

The banging suddenly stops. It sounds like it’s coming from somewhere inside one of the holds.

We frantically swim up to the drifting bikini top. My worried companion snatches it up as the two of us anxiously look all around. But there’s nothing else.

There’s no more banging. No more articles of clothing materialize. Once more we turn toward the hold with the door that’s barely open.

An arm comes out of nowhere. A hand slaps anxiously against the door. It scares the ever-lovin’ hell out of me! My companion sees it, nearly jumping out of her skin with a sharp cry.

We’re at the door in an instant, grabbing it and tugging on it as we cry out in an attempt to communicate. I’m certain the arm belongs to Andria. That’s when it occurs to me the two of them must be trapped inside.

That theory is confirmed a split-second later when another arm snakes its way out below the first one. It waves around as though trying to call attention to itself. It doesn’t belong to Andria.

My dive partner lashes out and grabs onto it. She frantically calls out through her reg to see if the two of them are ok. The hand gives a thumbs up as though her friend understands the question.

We both relax a little. At least they’re all right. The lower arm disappears inside the hold.

It returns a moment later with a regulator in her hand. She anxiously taps it against the door without purging it. The message could not be more clear…

2007; 2020 (written Sep 13 ’07; ed. Dec 13 ‘20 by riwa)

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