Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 9 Shrink-wrap Teri)


A few steps over, and the next Teri abruptly came into view. One moment, the space in front of us was antiseptic-white. The next, I caught sight of another one of my tour guide’s luckless twin sisters just off to our left. She was as naked as the last one, although there was no collar around her neck.

I found this setup interesting in its simplicity. Teri was literally floating 2 feet off the ground. She was in a vertical position, as though gravity had failed her. Her arms hung at her sides as her feet pointed downward.

A circular pad was up in the ceiling above her. There was another one beneath her feet. I was reminded of the circular transporter pads, and I assumed she was floating in some sort of makeshift anti-gravity position.

I had no idea what to make of the small, square metal table behind her. For the moment there was nothing on it. Then the young woman took note of our presence.

“Where am I?” she gasped anxiously as she looked all around.

“You’re in my private snuff chamber,” my escort replied.

The comment was obviously designed to terrify the poor thing. It had the desired effect. Her helpless twin’s brown eyes flew open in alarm as she started breathing heavily.

“What have you DONE to me? Why can’t I move my arms? Why do my legs feel so heavy? I can feel them, but I can’t move them!”

She glanced down. Her eyes opened wide in astonishment. Then she blurted out, “I’M FLOATING OFF THE FLOOR?!”

“Isn’t anti-gravity wonderful?” my Teri giggled at her helpless counterpart.

Panic immediately set in. She tried to wriggle and squirm. I saw her attempt to move around. But her legs hardly moved.

Her arms remained at her sides. I saw a faint stirring of her hands, but nothing more. She whimpered anxiously, no doubt wondering what the hell was going on. I was wondering the same thing.

Her nipples protruded sharply out of her breasts. Her situation obviously scared the shit out of her. But it also seemed to be triggering a fearful arousal within her.

I thought I saw her slit glistening with moisture. She whimpered pitifully. Once more she tried to wriggle around. But it was all in vain.

Her situation had me curious as hell. So I turned toward ‘Microkini Teri’. “Ok; I’ll bite. Just what the hell do you intend to do with this one?”

“Do to me??” the floating twin gasped in alarm. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“I have no intention of hurting you,” my escort replied with a dangerous smile. “Well… not really, I suppose.”

Her eyes flashed maliciously as she turned to address me. “I gave her a muscle relaxant so she won’t be putting up much of a struggle. I was simply planning on giving this one to you as a present, Master.”

Present? She was keeping me in the dark about something. But I could tell she was enjoying the current situation.

“Present??” her dangling replica gasped in alarm. “Present for WHAT?”

“To allow him to do anything he wants with you.” My Teri said casually… as though that was explanation enough.

“You can’t do that!” the poor thing blurted out in horror. “Get me down from here!”

“Not until I’ve wrapped you first.”

I looked at my Teri in surprise. What the hell did she mean by ‘not until she’d wrapped her first??’ That sounded deliciously ominous.

“Wrap me???” the floating twin squawked in alarm. “What’s that mean? You can’t just… just WRAP me, can you??”

“Oh, you’re right,” ‘Microkini Teri’ observed, smacking her head as though she’d made a mental error. “I completely forgot to bring the wrapping material out onto the table.” Then she looked at me apologetically as she added, “Would you excuse me for a moment, Master? This’ll only take a second.”

She scurried off to a door in the wall next to the table. It was a door that magically materialized the moment she stepped in front of it. With a whoosh it opened for her. Then she was through it and gone, leaving me alone with her floating sister.

“You can’t let her WRAP me!” the poor thing pleaded, her eyes wide in horror. “Get me down, ok? You can do that, can’t you?”

“I don’t even know how she got you up there,” I replied with a bit of a smile.

I could feel my cock stirring. Interestingly enough, she never once brought up the fact that I was naked. Nor did she mention how my escort was virtually naked as well, adorned in nothing more than that skimpy, teardrop Microkini suit she was wearing.

The door suddenly whooshed open. My escort reappeared as though she was in a hurry. She was carrying a square, cardboard box in her hands that she set upon the table.

“Got the wrapping material,” she said to no one in particular.

She pulled out several rolls of what looked like plastic wrap. She stood each one up on the table until she had emptied the contents of the container. The wrap was transparent, and in rolls of varying widths.

The noise soon got the attention of her alarmed replica. “What’s going on back there??” The floating twin tried in vain to crane her head to see what was happening behind her. “What are you doing? What’s happening?”

She must have sensed whatever was going on meant something bad for her. She started breathing heavily as though struggling to catch her breath. Her breasts rose and fell with each gasp.

Her evil sister came over and grabbed her, ‘Microkini Teri’ effortlessly spun her 180 degrees. Now she could see the contents on the table.

Her eyes widened in alarm when she saw what was on the table. “You’re not wrapping me in THAT crap, are you??”

“Of course I am,” my Teri giggled. “You’re going to make for one sexy looking package, let me tell you! Care to go for a spin?”

With a quick pull, she set her gravity-less replica spinning in place like a figure skater. The young woman let out a cry of alarm. Her arms rose away from her sides from the centrifugal force as her legs splayed outward a little.

My escort giggled mischievously as she watched her spinning sister slow down. Then she reached over and picked up a smaller roll of plastic. She waited until the helpless twirler slowed enough for her to grab her, holding her in place.

The poor thing whimpered as ‘Microkini Teri’ lifted her up within the confines of the anti-gravity between the pads. It gave her better access to the young woman’s lower legs. That’s when she took the plastic in her hands and started wrapping it around her twin’s bare feet.

Plastic covered the contrasting red toenails. “No!” her frightened replica gasped. “Don’t!”

Instinctively she sensed this was not going to go well for her. She whimpered as my sadistic tour guide encased her feet. Then she stared wrapping upwards around her ankles.

Instead of walking around the young woman, my escort simply made her turn in place. Plastic wrap unrolled, wrapping tightly around her suspended twin. The type of material she was using was of a shrink-wrap nature. It clung greedily to the frightened, pole-dancing replica, conforming to every curve of her lower legs.

‘Microkini Teri’s’ roll of plastic ran out halfway up her slut-sister’s knees. She promptly went over to the table to get another roll. This time she picked out one that appeared to be a little wider.

The dangling woman must’ve envisioned the finished project in her mind. She suddenly became even more anxious. “Please!” she gasped in growing terror. “Don’t DO this, ok? I’ll do anything he wants! You want me to dance for you, sir? Let me go and I’ll DANCE for you; I PROMISE!”

“He wants more than a dance, honey,” my escort observed dryly. “I know I sure as hell do! The last thing we need around here is another damn cock-teasing slut! I think you’ve done enough dancing! Besides, that bitch out there on that stripper pole is doing just fine all by herself!”

‘Shrink-wrap Teri’ whimpered as she looked out at her pole-dancing doppelganger. I turned to see her twin eagerly fucking the metal pole. She was pleading with her eyes as though hoping she was doing a good enough job.

I figured we’d get to her soon enough. So I turned my back on her. Besides, I was curious how this current situation with the plastic wrap was going to progress.

‘Microkini Teri’ started the next roll down around the already wrapped ankles of her whimpering twin. The new roll clung easily to the plastic already in place. My escort gave her sister a gentle spin to help unravel more of her wrapping material.

She grinned sadistically, thoroughly enjoying her task. The clingy plastic slowly wrapped up above her dangling twin’s knees toward her waist. The higher up she got, the more she pulled the body down, keeping the work within easy reach.

The frightened young woman gasped anxiously. Then she tried again with a renewed enthusiasm bordering on fear. She panted for breath as she gently spun in place, the wrap unrolling ever higher.

“I’ll suck his cock, ok? I can see it’s hard! I’ll give him the best blowjob he’s ever had, ok?”

She started to hyperventilate. Her evil sister kept spinning her in place, continuing to unravel the plastic material. The shrink-wrap clung ever tighter to her sexy body.

My sadistic tour guide snorted, “He can get a blowjob any damn time he needs one! What I’m giving him now is so much better. Right now I’m snuffing sluts for his amusement. You just happen to be next in line, bitch!”

“Let me fuck him!” the frightened woman tried again. “I’m a great lay!”

“I’m sure you are, you pole-dancing whore!”

Figuring her cruel sister was a lost cause, she tried to appeal to me. “How about it, sir? I swear I’ll be the best you’ve ever had! Please… just don’t let her wrap me like this, ok?”

“Funny you should mention that, honey,” ‘Microkini Teri’ chuckled dryly. “You see… he’s already HAD you… several times in fact. I suspect he’s going to have you a few more times before it’s all over.”

She reached the alarmed woman’s hands. My Teri made sure to wrap them tightly to her sides. The wrap continued to climb ominously up the frightened woman’s thighs.

“Not like ME!” the frightened twin cried out. “He hasn’t had ME! PLEASE, SIR; I BEG YOU!”

“Beg all you want, slut. I’m giving you to him as a present. And as you know, presents should be wrapped.” By then I could see she had just about used up her second roll.

“I’ll give him my ASS!” the dangling whore cried out in desperation. Then she looked me right in the eye. “You can have my cunt AND ass! Wouldn’t you like that, sir?? Let me down and I’ll fuck you with all my holes like you’ve never been fucked before!”

“You sluts are all alike,” my escort snorted in disgust. “…claiming you’ll be the best he’s ever had.”

She rolled her eyes, changing her tone to sound like her anxious replica. “’FUCK MY ASS – FUCK MY ASS; I’LL BE THE BEST YOU’VE EVER HAD!’ That’s what all you fucking whores say! But since you seem to have your heart set on having your holes filled…”

She grabbed the partially wrapped woman, pulling her down so they were facing each other eye to eye. Then she grinned menacingly at her. “I think I’ve got something for you, honey… something you should enjoy.”

“No!” ‘shrink-wrap Teri’ gasped. “Please… just turn me loose, ok? I won’t breathe a word of this to anyone; I PROMISE! It’ll just be our little secret!”

“Oh, you won’t be breathing a word of this to anyone,” ‘Microkini Teri’ ominously assured her. “In fact, it’s quite likely you won’t be breathing at all.”

A wicked grin broke out all over her face. Her helpless twin started shivering with renewed horror. Her eyes opened wide as the full implication of what was going to happen to her set in.


“Oh, but I WOULD! First, we have to stuff something into these two holes of yours.”

My escort chuckled as she held out her right hand, palm up. “Computer: vibrating egg!”

A metallic, egg-shaped device materialized in her hand. Her twin started to shake her head, whimpering in fear. “Don’t worry, bitch,” my cruel tour guide chuckled. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

She pushed it against her frightened replica’s dripping slit. ‘Shrink-wrap Teri’s’ eyes widened in horror. She started shaking her head a little as she gasped, “NO… DON’T!”

I watched as it was pushed all the way inside. The poor thing winced and groaned. I could tell her upper body was trembling, her nipples protruding even more.

“Let’s get it seated all the way up in there, shall we?” my sadistic escort chuckled. She pushed it up into the young woman’s slit with a couple of fingers. Her partially wrapped captive whimpered and then started to moan.

“Now for that other hole,” my Teri observed with a lascivious grin.

Once more she stuck out her right hand. “Computer: torpedo vibe!”

A long, slender metallic object materialized in her hand. Then she proceeded to spin her whimpering replica 180 degrees. That gave her easier access to her behind.


I watched ‘Microkini Teri’ shove it up the poor girl’s rectum until it disappeared from view. My cock twitched from the display of such sadistic cruelty. I was becoming shamefully aroused again.

Could the device be taken back out without some sort of medical help? Could she relax her anal ring enough to push it back out? I decided the question was irrelevant. She was going to be completely wrapped soon, meaning it was in for the duration.

“How’s that?” my sadistic escort asked, grinning at her horrified twin. “You wanted your holes filled. Now I want to see you wriggle around. I want you to cum for me while I finish wrapping your worthless ass. So to get the ball rolling…”

‘Microkini Teri’ looked upward. “Computer: activate vibes on lowest setting!”

‘Shrink-wrap Teri’ stiffened, her eyes widening in horror. I heard the faint sound of plastic wrap crinkling as though she was squirming helplessly. Then she really started moaning.

My escort giggled before grabbing a narrow roll of shrink-wrap. First she used it to thread between her whimpering twin’s clenched thighs to keep both items in place. Then she wrapped the rest of it around the young woman’s upper thighs and ass, sealing the items inside. All her squirming replica could do was moan helplessly.

“Time for the good stuff,” ‘Microkini Teri’ announced as she reached over and grabbed a wider roll.

She really went to work, spinning her replica in place as she wrapped her thighs, ass and waist. ‘Shrink-wrap Teri’s’ arms were wrapped even tighter to the sides of her body. Throughout the process, my escort raised and lowered her helpless victim inside the anti-gravity system when needed.

Her twin effortlessly went up and down. Her protests were reduced to whimpers as the vibes buzzed her holes. Eventually the plastic rose higher, wrapping around her stomach and rising up toward her breasts.

“You look mighty fine, all wrapped up,” my sadistic bitch observed with a chuckle, thoroughly enjoying her work. “This wrap is really working nicely. It’s showing off every one of your sexy curves. I’ll bet Master’s really going to like his present once I get through with you!”

She paused, holding her replica so that they were facing each other. “Got anything to say to me now?” she asked with a cruel smile.

“P – p – please…”

“Please what? What do you want? You want those vibes turned up higher?”

“N – NO!”

“Computer: increase vibes one setting!”

The helpless slut stiffened again. She couldn’t wriggle as much, now that she was wrapped so tightly. “Now let’s do those tits,” ‘Microkini Teri’ suggested with a grin, her eyes twinkling lustfully.

She grabbed another roll. Then she started wrapping it around her moaning twin. She gently spun the whimpering replica in place as the plastic unrolled tightly across those 40 D’s.

It wasn’t long until her tits were flattened, leaving everything below her neck encased in shimmering plastic. I could see the flesh tones through the shrink-wrap. It was amazing how aroused I’d become watching the whole damned show.

“Here’s where things get interesting,” my escort observed, looking over her handiwork with satisfaction.

She grabbed a small roll. Then she started working around the helpless slut’s head. She tucked strands of silky red hair into place until it was all covered.

‘Shrink-wrap Teri’ cried out in growing alarm as she kept writhing and moaning. Her eyes were open wide as she tried to fight off the work of the vibes in her holes. Now she must have grown concerned she was going to be totally encased.

When my wicked little vixen finished with the roll. Now, only the eyes and mouth were exposed. Painted red lips stood out against the plastic.

I could hear her captive try to gasp heavily. But I could no longer see her chest rise and fall with each breath. It must have been terrifying for the dangling victim, not being able to fully swell those lungs of hers.

‘Microkini Teri’ paused to lovingly run her hands up and down over her shrink-wrapped twin. “Damn; you look sexy!” she breathed. “I think this is the best present I’ve ever given anyone! And you know the best part?” she giggled. “I can do THIS!” Then she looked up and demanded, “Computer: increase vibes by two settings!”

The wrapped woman’s eyes widened even more as she really started to writhe and moan. “You gonna cum for me?” my wicked escort giggled. “Let’s make it interesting, shall we?”

She leaned in, wrapped her arms around her and kissed her hard. I watched with interest, my cock having softened somewhat. But it got hard right away when I saw ‘shrink-wrap Teri’s’ eyes get big as her cheeks started to bulge.

As her terrified grunts increased in pitch, the bitch who’d wrapped her moaned lustfully, kissing her enthusiastically. I heard a muffled cry as the wrapped captive screamed into the mouth of her captor. Then I saw her eyes roll.

My tour guide pulled away. I heard a whoosh of breath blow out of the mouth of her captive. ‘Microkini Teri’ giggled mischievously.

“Did I leave you breathless? You came that time, didn’t you? Damn, girl; you’ve got me all worked up!”

She moved in and kissed her wrapped twin for a second time. ‘Shrink-wrap Teri’s’ eyes widened in horror. Once more, I saw her cheeks start to puff out.

I heard muffled grunts and cries. I got the impression she was trying to struggle. Then her eyes rolled as she let out a muffled cry, her body writhing.

My escort moaned as she held her twin tightly to her body. She even humped the wrapped whore. Then she pulled away from their kiss.

Once more I heard the whoosh of breath. The bound replica’s eyes were glassy. She looked as though she was high on narcotics or something.

“Damn, baby; I came hard that time!” my sadistic tour guide gasped. “I just LOVE kissing you! You want to know why? Because I can make a complete seal with our lips! Do you know I can asphyxiate you with just a single kiss? I call it ‘The Kiss of Death’. Here, baby… let me show you once again how it’s done.”

Her wrapped duplicate started to cry out in horror, only to have it muffled as she was kissed hard. It wasn’t long until I saw her cheeks start to puff in and out as though she was trying to breathe once more. Her eyes were open in the horrified realization she could literally be kissed to death.

I heard several terrified grunts as her cheeks caved in and then tried to blow back out. Her eyes rolled as her tormentor groaned with pleasure. Then I heard her breath blow out of her body as my deliciously wicked escort pulled away, allowing her to breathe again.

“Damn; I just came again!” ‘Microkini Teri’ cooed at her. “You don’t know how hot that makes me, knowing I can kill you with a simple kiss. Would it make you feel any better if I did it like this instead?”

My escort lifted up a hand and covered the poor girl’s mouth, her eyes twinkling mischievously. ‘Shrink-wrap Teri’s’ eyes flew open in horror. I saw her cheeks start to puff again as she desperately struggled to pull a breath of air into her body.

Her sadistic tormentor giggled at her reaction. But her body was writhing and gyrating as though she was getting off on it. My Teri was certainly enjoying herself at the expense of her terrified replica.

My escort finally turned to see my reaction. She was filled with joy when she saw me stroking my erection. “Do you like your present, Master? I’ve had so much fun wrapping her for you. I hope you don’t mind if I play with her a little. She keeps cumming; I can tell.”

She deliberately pulled her hand away. Once more, I heard a loud, exhaled breath from her terrified twin. The poor thing tried to gasp despite her chest being do tightly wrapped.

My sadistic bitch turned toward me. But it was as though she was looking past me. Then she frowned.

I turned to see what she was looking at. ‘Stripper Teri’ had stopped dancing. She was simply standing there, watching in horror while clinging to the pole.

“Sorry, honey,” I heard ‘Microkini Teri’ say to her wrapped duplicate. But there was a hint of anger in her voice.

“There’s no more time to play. Besides, I have another slut that needs to be snuffed right away. So if you don’t mind, I’ll just finish wrapping you up. Is that ok?”

‘Shrink-wrap Teri’ tried to shake her head. But she could barely move. Her big brown eyes looked hazy from her orgasms. Now they opened wide as saucers.

My escort reached for one last, small roll. “Don’t worry, honey,” ‘Microkini Teri’ reassured her with a smile. “I’ll make sure you go out with the big ‘O’. Computer: increase vibes to maximum!”

Her captive’s eyes flashed as though she’d just been hit internally with something rather jolting. She appeared to stiffen as she cried out. Then my wicked tour guide took the roll and started wrapping the young woman’s head.

She totally covered her eyes and mouth in a matter of seconds. “No more air for you,” she giggled as she wrapped once… twice… a third time. She ended up covering the slut’s painted lips and big brown eyes that had been heavily made up.

I heard a muffled grunt from the wrapped woman. ‘Microkini Teri’ wrapped up and down from the shoulders all the way back up to the top of the poor girl’s head. Finished, she tossed the partial roll aside.

She smiled as she proceeded to run her hands all over my shrink-wrapped present. I heard muffled, high-pitched grunts. There was a hint of movement in the wrapped form.

I thought I heard the wrap crinkle in spots. For a moment it looked like whoever was inside was trying to thrash about. The wrap was trying to puff around where the mouth was, although maybe it was my imagination. I could vaguely distinguish those painted red lips trying to open wide as she struggled to breathe.

My tour guide was eagerly getting off, gasping excitedly as she continued groping the wrapped form. “Yes, honey; cum for me! Go with it, baby! Damn; I’ll bet that’s the biggest fucking ‘O’ you’ve ever had in your entire life; am I right? Now let it go, baby… that’s it… just let it go… give in to that delicious swirling blackness, honey… die like the filthy, fucking snuff-slut you are… go with it, honey…damn, baby; you’ve got me all worked up!”

There was a hard, muffled grunt, along with the impression of frantic movement. But my package seemed thoroughly wrapped. There was not a whole lot of movement.

I finally heard nothing but the sound of ‘Microkini Teri’s’ excited moans and gasps. My escort continued pawing and caressing the plastic covering. Now there was no appearance of any kind of life whatsoever from the woman cocooned inside.

My sadistic companion sighed heavily, shuddering as though she’d just experienced an orgasm of her own. Then she gave the wrapped present one last loving caress before walking over to me. ‘Shrink-wrap’ Teri stared open-mouthed in lifeless horror.

“I hope you liked it,” my escort remarked thoughtfully. “To be honest, I didn’t take much time picking it out for you. However I did take the time to consider how I wanted to wrap it for you. I hope it gave you some pleasure, Master. It sure got ME off!”

She kissed me long and hard, reaching down to lovingly stroke my cock for a few moments. Then she pulled away. Once more, I saw her looking in the direction of the pole-dancer.

That Teri was leaning against the shining metal pole. She appeared to be panting quietly. Her heavily decorated eyes were wide in alarm.

“I think it’s time to take care of that one next,” ‘Microkini Teri’ said quietly into my ear…

2010; 2021 (written May 29 ’10; ed. Apr 4 ‘21 by riwa)

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