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Coming June rewards

The 8th chapter to Chloe.
The 8th chapter to Aravanna.
The 8th chapter to Katia.
The aqua-slut drowns again
His bathtub bondage slut
A teacher hangs at City U
Melvie rides Victor’s guillotine
His house, his rules
Dylann has company
Grandpa’s Key West story
The seductress 8 (If I can get her finished in time).

April stories/rewards will fall off at the end of May to make room for June rewards.

It’s been what feels like an ongoing stream of distractions lately. I barely have time to address one situation before another takes its place. They can appear in any form. Once the taxes were filed and paid, my back started to complain, making it a challenge just to sit at my computer desk and type. When my back got better, mom’s got worse, and she needed me to drive her in to town. Please, no jokes about me being a pain in her neck, because her pain was much lower.

Thus, it has been hard for me to work on stories lately. It has even been a challenge going back to edit older ones. I have projects I need to get back to, but they keep getting put off. Thankfully, I’ve got enough stories written and edited to cover me for a couple months.

One of the recent distractions has been a good one. Mom went in today to be fitted for a hearing aid. She is quite pleased with the device. But that means I’ll have to be more careful what I say around her, since she can now hear me much better.

I guess distractions are a part of life. We just have to adapt to them, dealing with them the best we can. Then we have to get back to the business at hand. My business is writing and editing stories for you that I hope are entertaining and provide a pleasant distraction to your day. So thank you very much for being my patrons.

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