The Seductress 3



I drove Mrs. Walker around the lake and across the dam to the inlet where her daughter Carly and I had enjoyed our naughty swims. I liked having her with me. She was much nicer than her daughter.

I drove up the dirt road to the inlet, wondering what was going to happen next. I was willing to show her where Carly and I had enjoyed our swims. But then I began to question just how much her daughter might have told her.

Did she want more information about the time I’d spent out here with her daughter? I started to become self-conscious all over again. Why did she want to see the inlet? What good would it do?

I reached the inlet and pulled off into a parking spot. Then I shut off the engine. Mrs. Walker looked all around before asking, “This is the place where you two swam?”

Did she want to know more about our sexual antics in the water? I gulped as I nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Oh, Robert! Please don’t be so formal with me out here at the lake. You make me feel like an old woman.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Walker. It’s just that I was taught…”

“And don’t call me Mrs. Walker either! I’d prefer it if you called me Karen.”

“Yes, Mrs. W… er, uh… Karen. Sorry… force of habit.”

“You’re always so polite, Robert.”

“I guess that’s the way I was raised.”

“Then I think your parents raised you right.”

She looked at the water as we sat in the car. Then she asked, “Would you mind if we got out and looked around?”

“Don’t you need to be getting home?”

“We’ve got time, Robert… that is, unless you’ve got to be somewhere.”

“Uh… no; I don’t have to be anywhere. Uh… let me get out and get your door, Mrs. er, uh… Karen.”

I opened the door and climbed out. “You’re so thoughtful, Robert.”

“Thank you.”

For a moment I couldn’t help pausing to look in at her. Seeing her sitting there in the passenger seat in her yellow one-piece with that cleavage showing, as well as those exposed thighs, didn’t help matters any. What made it even worse was the way her nipples seemed to be protruding through the top of her swimsuit.

She smiled as she asked, “Is something wrong?”

“Uh, no… not at all.”

I went around and opened her door. She thanked me as she climbed out. Then she walked ahead of me down to the shoreline.

She pointed across the inlet as she called out, “I see the raft over there, Robert. Is that the one you used with Carly? I think she told me it’s the same one you use when you like to swim by yourself here in the inlet.”

“That’s the one,” I replied as I walked down to the shoreline to stand next to her. “It looks like it got hung up on the other shore. Maybe somebody left it there on purpose?”

I felt awkward and a little uncomfortable. She was so damned attractive! I self-consciously left a little bit of room between us as we stood there looking across the inlet.

She turned to me and smiled. “We have time to swim across and retrieve it; don’t we? You said you don’t have to be home right away.”

“We’ve got plenty of time,” I replied, trying to please her.

A part of me wondered if maybe I should take her home. But I wanted to see her in the water again. Besides, she was being way nicer than Carly had been today.

She slipped out of her sandals before I could say a word. Then she began wading out into the water. I slipped out of my shoes and followed her, even though I could feel a bulge starting to develop. I just hoped I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

She began doing a breast stroke across the inlet. So I followed her lead. She turned and smiled at me as she told me, “I hope you don’t mind, Robert. But I’m really enjoying our little swim together. It’s so nice being able to get into the water without having to keep a watchful eye over all the teens in the youth group.”

I thought about the way she’d stood up for me back when her daughter had made fun of me. “I appreciate your kindness, Mrs. Walker.”

She turned to give me a dirty look. I quickly blurted out, “Karen – Karen; I meant to say Karen!” She just laughed, which helped put me a bit more at ease despite my stiffening cock in my suit.

We finally reached the raft. It was indeed hung up on the shore. She looked at me before asking, “Help me push it back out into deeper water?”

We pulled it away from shore. Then we began kicking it out into the middle of the inlet. The way she seemed to be enjoying herself helped me not to think of her as a woman almost twice as old as I was.

We reached the middle of the inlet. She smiled at me before climbing up onto the raft. I climbed on with her.

She surprised me by hollering out, “Geronimowww!” Then she jumped off into the water, landing with a big splash. I jumped off a short distance away, making sure not to land on top of her.

We laughed as we climbed back onto the raft before jumping off again. We ended up doing that several times. We even tried diving off with our arms outstretched.

We did that for a few minutes until my cock softened. I was really enjoying myself. I especially liked being in the water and watching her dive in, disappearing at the surface before coming back up in a big burst of bubbles.

After the last dive, we swam to the edge of the raft. We clung to the side with our arms folded upon it. She looked at me and smiled, indicating she still seemed to be having fun.

She caught me by surprise when she asked, “Can you show me the way you went under and held your breath with Carly? Could I see that?”

“Sure, no problem!” After all, I wanted to do anything I could to please her. So I filled my lungs before submerging.

I braced myself underneath the edge of the raft as I held my breath. I thought I heard a gasp up at the surface. A moment later Mrs. Walker came down to join me.

She smiled at me, releasing bubbles out of her mouth and nose. She watched me as I stayed under for the longest time. But she finally ran out of breath and had to surface.

I pulled myself back up until I was clinging onto the side of the raft with her. She smiled as she told me. “That was pretty good, Robert. How long were you down there?”

I smiled regretfully as I told her I’d forgotten to time myself. She replied, “Can you do it again? Can you time us both? I want to see how long I can hold my breath with you.”

“Sure; why not?” Again, I wanted to please her.

My cock had stiffened in my trunks again. I definitely wanted to see Mrs. Walker underwater. But what if I got way too excited while watching her hold her breath?

I counted us down. Then we both filled our lungs and submerged. Together we braced ourselves under the raft as I made sure to note the time on my watch.

She proved to be much better at holding her breath than I’d anticipated. I figured that was because she came out to the lake a lot. After all, she came out with her daughter and the youth group.

I found myself wanting to show off to impress her. So I stayed down for as long as I could. Amazingly, Mrs. Walker stayed right with me.

We were close enough for me to notice how hard her nipples had become under the material of her suit. My cock stiffened even more. I could only hope she wouldn’t notice.

She finally released a burst of bubbles. Then she slipped out from underneath the raft. I noted the time before I came up as well.

She panted quietly for breath as she murmured, “It’s been a while since I deliberately tried to hold my breath.” Then she looked at me before asking, “How long was I down there?”

I checked my watch. “A minute eighteen. That’s not bad.”

“Not bad at all,” she agreed. “I found myself becoming excited the longer I stayed down. Is that the way it is with you? At least that’s what I overheard my daughter telling someone.”

I blushed as I nodded my head. I suspected she might have seen my bulge. I tried to mumble an apology, but she just waved it off dismissively.

“No need to apologize, Robert. It’s perfectly natural if you get excited.” Then she conspiratorially moved closer to me.
“Can I tell you something in confidence?” I nodded, still wanting to please her. “I was kind of hoping part of your arousal was because of my presence out here with you. Is that true?”

“Well, to tell you the truth…” and I blushed even more.

“You’re sweet,” she said with a chuckle as she caressed my face. “Would you mind if we tried it again? I’d like to see if I can improve my time underwater.”

She seemed sincere despite the little warning voice in my head. I didn’t want to cut our swim short, especially since we were both enjoying ourselves. So I told her, “Sure; why not?”

“Great! Count us down, Robert. This time I want to stay down for as long as I can.”

I checked my watch as I counted us down. We both inhaled deeply at “one.” Then we submerged together, bubbles coming up from our mouths and noses.

We both went under the raft again. This time she got closer to me. She reached out and touched my shoulder, smiling as she released a couple of nose bubbles.

I smiled back at her. Then she lightly touched my chest. It felt electric, and my cock twitched in my suit.

She wriggled her chest at me as though asking, “Like what you see?” I smiled as my cock stiffened even more. I certainly enjoyed looking at the cleavage on display.

She suddenly ran a hand all over me. I felt electric jolts of sexual excitement. Her touch made my cock stiffen so much that she reached out and grabbed my bulge.

She groped me through my suit, smiling as though she was enjoying herself. A part of me thought we were treading into dangerous territory. But I liked what she was doing so much that I couldn’t make myself stop.

She started losing more bubbles as her chest heaved. I was getting close to running out of air myself. But I felt like I could outlast her if I pushed myself. Besides, I needed to stay down long enough for my bulge to soften at least a little.

She finally slipped out from underneath the raft and surfaced. I noted the time as I pushed myself a few seconds longer. Then I surfaced.

She was panting loudly as she smiled at me. “That was a long one… although you still beat me. How long was I down that time?”

“You went past a minute and a half.” I figured she would like that number.

She smiled happily as she panted, “That’s improvement over my last time, right?” I nodded that it was.

“I’d like to be able to stay down as long as you can, Robert. Would you mind if we tried it again? I need the practice.”

A very faint voice in the back of my head suggested that might not be such a good idea. But I loved the attention I was receiving. And I especially liked the way she was coming on to me.

I hesitated, trying to give her every opportunity to recognize the danger of the situation and to call it a day. She just caressed my chest as she told me, “It’s been a while since I concentrated on trying to hold my breath. It helps if I have someone to do it with. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Uh… no. I don’t mind at all.” But I think that was my dick doing all the talking.

She started taking deep breaths. So I followed her lead. She counted us down before we went under together.

Once more, we worked our way underneath the raft. She went right back to touching my chest while rubbing my bulge. It didn’t feel appropriate, but I found myself liking it too much to stop.

There was no way I was going to soften now. I just hoped I wouldn’t cum and embarrass myself.

She moved closer until she grabbed onto my sides. She slid deeper down along my body until my bulge was positioned in her chest between her mounds. Then she went up and down, smiling up at me as she released the occasional bubble out of her nose.

That little voice was so far away that I was barely able to hear it. I knew what I was doing… what we were doing. But I just couldn’t make myself stop.

Mrs. Walker suddenly pulled a strap down off her shoulder, revealing her right breast. Then she did the same to her left. She went back to rubbing her breasts against me, holding onto my body to keep from drifting up as I braced us down under the raft.

It certainly seemed like we were submerged a lot longer. Then she pulled the top of my suit down. The tip of my cock peeked out and said hello.

She kissed the tip as her stomach rippled. Her chest heaved as she kissed it again. For a moment she squeezed her mounds around what was showing above the top of my suit. Then she lost a huge burst of air.

At first I thought she was going to hit her head under the raft. Somehow she avoided it as she shot up. My lungs were heaving as I slipped out and surfaced with her.

We both gasped for breath as we clung to the floating wooden structure. “How’d I do that time, Robert?”

I looked at the watch, my eyes widening in surprise. “Wow! It says 2:18.”

“I knew it!” she crowed triumphantly. “I knew if I got a little naughty and distracted myself I’d be able to stay down longer! Let’s go again!”

My mind immediately considered what might happen next if we went back down. But I hardly acknowledged that faint warning voice in the back of my head. I was too shamefully turned on. Besides, my cock was doing most of the thinking for me.

Staring at her exposed tits didn’t do me any favors. And she was being so nice to me. If she wasn’t going to stop, I decided I was going to play along until she felt like we needed to go.

We both took deep breaths. Then I counted us down. We inhaled deeply and then submerged, bubbles trickling up out of our noses.

She held onto me as I worked us underneath the raft. I guess a part of me thought it was a safe enough place hidden below the surface for whatever was going to happen between us. I wasn’t paying attention, so I hadn’t noticed whether or not there was anyone else on the lake in our immediate vicinity.

She pulled my suit down until my cock was fully exposed. She sandwiched it between her breasts, squeezing them together. Then she just sort of held that position as she smiled up at me.

What else could I do? I smiled down at her, enjoying the view. I figured she was doing it as a way to distract herself so she could stay down for as long as possible.

She began slipping, losing her grip on me. She grabbed my sides and slowly moved up and down against my erection. My cock kept twitching at what she was doing while enjoying the warmth of her exposed chest.

She slid down a little lower. Her mouth got dangerously close to the tip of my shaft. It twitched when she planted a big kiss upon it. Then she licked it.

My dick began to bounce and shiver as she ministered to it. She looked up at me and grinned, bubbles trickling out of her nose. I think she was fully enjoying the kind of effect she was having on me.

She took it between her lips as she sucked just the tip of it. She came off a couple times, the suction resulting in a few bubbles slipping past her lips. Then she took me deeper into her mouth.

I moaned as I thrust instinctively between her lips. She eyed me coyly as she took me even deeper. I realized I was in the process of getting an underwater blowjob from a married woman. But I just couldn’t stop myself. So I mentally put all the responsibility squarely upon her shoulders.

The more I thrust, the deeper she took me. She hummed and vibrated my shaft with her mouth. It sent electric shocks of sexual energy coursing through me.

She took me deeper until her lips brushed my balls. I felt her tongue lap at the bottom of my ball sac. It felt incredible.

For a moment I stopped thinking about holding my breath. Instead, I just concentrated on the underwater blowjob I was receiving. It was fantastic!

I soon noticed her stomach starting to ripple. She was running out of breath. Little bursts of bubbles came out of her nostrils.

Her chest began to spasm. But the more her breasts bounced, the harder she sucked my cock. I tried to hold back the best I could. But it was just no use.

I exploded in her mouth, jetting a huge load that had accumulated from our time together. There was so much that a little leaked out past her lips. Then she pushed me away and shot up to the surface, barely avoiding hitting the edge of the raft.

Somehow I was able to consciously note the time on my watch. Then I shot up as well. She was panting heavily for breath when I joined her.

“Damn, Robert! That was a huge load! I tried to swallow it all, but I guess a little leaked out.”

An expression of guilt must have crossed my face. She looked at me and smiled. “So how long was I down there?”

“Over two and a half minutes, Mrs. er, uh… Karen. In fact, it was pretty close to 2:40.”

“I never would have made it without your help, Robert. You gave me such a wonderful distraction. By focusing on something else, it made me forget I was down there holding my breath.”

“I’m, uh… I’m glad I was helpful.”

“Oh, you certainly were! I’m just glad I could make up for my daughter’s mean-spiritedness. Carly’s such a fool.”

Guilt and self-consciousness made me look in the direction of the shore. She looked at me and sighed. “Yes, I suppose we’d better be getting back. Thanks for swimming with me, Robert. Help me push the raft into shore for the next person to use?”

Together we kicked it to the shoreline. I made sure my suit was pulled back up as she adjusted the top of her suit back into place. Then we waded to shore and got into our shoes.

We went up to the car and used the damp towels as best we could. Then I drove her home. She kept telling me how thankful she was that I let her swim with me. She also expressed how sorry she was over the way her daughter had treated me.

I dropped her off, my face reddening at the thought her husband might be home. She thanked me again before telling me she hoped our swim had taken the sting out of her daughter’s actions. I thanked her for her kindness. Then I drove away, wondering how the hell I was going to process what had just happened between us out at the lake.

2021 (written Oct 23 ’21 by riwa. Renders courtesy of JustPaul.)

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