Girl’s night out 3


I follow her into the room and am astonished at what I see. It’s not very big. But there are four posts sticking up in the four corners.

Nine or ten women are inside. A naked woman sits elevated in front of each of the four posts. Her arms appear to be attached to cuffs along the sides of the length of the post she’s attached to. What she sits on barely qualifies as a seat.

Three of them are in the process of being strangled with a cord that appears to attach to the post. The fourth has a bag over her head. Two of the strangled girls are having their crotches licked as they struggle to breathe, their legs forcibly spread open.

“What the hell is this??” I whisper to the brunette.

“One of the garrote rooms,” she replies quietly. “There are several in the building. This is one of the smaller ones. Not as many women inside. This way you can see what is happening to the other girls from any post in the room.”

Chapter 3

I stand there stunned as I look all around. I can hardly believe four naked women are in the process of being strangled, garroted or bagged. Their “handlers”, if you can call them that, are in the process of depriving them of their very breath.

I have a hard time staring at one of them longer than a few seconds. A gasp or a sudden rustling sound pulls my attention to another. There are grunts and moans; a small, breathless orgy far different than what occurred back in what I call the mattress room.

I look over at the brunette who looks from one post to another. There’s a smile on her face as though she’s all turned on over what she’s witnessing. She doesn’t seem the least bit interested in going up to any one of those poor girls to intervene.

I quietly stammer, “I… shouldn’t… I mean, shouldn’t we stop them?”

“Why would we want to do a thing like that?”

“Look at the way they’re squirming and strangling!”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure they all want to be around to witness the main event. They’ll be fine.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I’ve seen it before. For instance, look at that one over there. See how she rides the metal probe up her butt while she’s being strangled? Watch; I think she’s going to cum!”

I stare at a lovely brunette with wavy hair and small breasts. As I look closer I can see her cleanly shaved snatch is wet and dripping. It looks like she’s impaled on a metal post that goes up into her…

“Is she riding it? Is it up her ass?” I can’t quite believe it!

“Just look at the way her pussy is winking at us.”

The blonde standing behind her catches us watching. She eases up on the rope wrapped around her victim’s throat. The brunette relaxes as she pants for breath.

The blonde waves us closer. “Wanna see? She has really intense anal orgasms, especially when I’m strangling her. Watch this!”

She leans close and whispers into her ear, “Come for our newcomers, Jenna. Show them how hard a whore like you cums with a rod up her ass while she can’t breathe.”

I notice the rope tighten around the poor girl’s neck. Her eyes open wider. A moment later it looks like she starts to animatedly ride the post impaled inside her.

The blonde behind her tightens the rope. Jenna’s naked body becomes more frantic. Her arms begin to shake as though she’s trying to free them from the cuffs attached to either side of the post.

She rasps for breath until no more sound comes out of her. She immediately starts to buck and shudder. Her legs are parted just enough for me to see her pussy wink like crazy before the blonde eases off the rope around her throat.

“That is so fucking hot!” my brunette companion pants. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” the blonde chuckles as she motions with a gesture. “Help yourself.”

To my shock, the brunette climbs into Jenna’s lap. Then she starts kissing her while fondling her boobs. That’s when the blonde starts tightening the rope around her throat again.

Jenna tries to return the kiss. But she has trouble breathing. My companion continues kissing her deeply as though she doesn’t care.

Jenna begins to buck and shudder. The brunette moans in her lap as she gropes her while kissing her. Then the blonde eases off on the rope, allowing the poor thing to catch her breath.

“Sexy as hell,” my companion pants breathlessly as she climbs off. “Thanks for the ride.”

“I’m betting Jenna loved it too; right, baby?” Jenna just pants for breath, her eyes a little glazed over.

“How about you?” my companion asks as she motions me to climb aboard. “Want to go for a ride as well?”

I’m shamefully turned on. But I can’t make myself violate Jenna’s personal space. “Thanks, but I’ll pass.”

“Suit yourself,” the blonde replies with a grin. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to take her around the block for another spin.” Then she starts tightening the rope around her neck yet again.

Jenna’s eyes widen as she starts to rasp for breath. Is she terrified? Or is she too drugged out on orgasms to care all that much? It’s kind of hard to tell.

I stare in amazement as the blonde takes Jenna through another orgasmic cycle. The poor thing furiously rides that post up her butt as her face turns red again. Jenna’s nipples are incredibly erect.

“How often…?” I start to ask, motioning at the poor thing being strangled.

Her handler replies, “As many times as I want. I try not to push her too hard. But it’s just so damned erotic watching her cum again and again as I strangle her.” Then she slowly tightens the rope even more.

I stand there mesmerized as Jenna fights where she sits. She rocks back and forth, but she can’t go anywhere. Her eyes roll as her tongue protrudes. Her face looks disturbingly red.

She bucks and shudders through what clearly is another orgasm. I turn to make an observation to my companion. But she’s over in the lap of the girl in the adjacent corner riding yet another post.

“Thanks,” I blurt out.

“Don’t mention it,” the blonde chuckles. “I know Jenna sure won’t. She can hardly breathe enough to say a single word.”

I step over to stay close to my companion. She’s in the lap of a girl with short, dark hair and boobs much larger than Jenna’s. This one has a bag over her face.

I watch the bag inflate and deflate as my companion kisses her through the plastic. The handler standing nearby is a woman with longer, brown hair and boobs almost as big. As if to explain, she motions at me and says, “Dylan loves it when girls kiss her while I’m bagging her.”

The brunette really gets into kissing the poor thing. The bag inflates and deflates rapidly as though Dylan is trying to pull air down her windpipe. She, too, begins to struggle with my companion in her lap.

The bag pulls tight against her face; she’s almost sucking it into her mouth. She becomes animated as she struggles against the inevitable. My companion is the one who finally loosens the bag around her head, allowing it to inflate so she can breathe again.

“So hot,” her handler observes. “She loves it. Being tied to the post with that metal pipe up her cunt? She fucking loves it!”

My companion waves me closer. “Feel these,” she says as she hefts the boobs in her hands. “I’ll bet these would bounce divinely in the hanging pit.” Then she asks the handler, “Is she going to hang tonight?”

“I don’t think so. But you know how this place can get to you. This is our fourth time here. I don’t see how we can keep coming back without her finally going crazy and dancing for everyone out in the hanging pit. Maybe tonight?”

“Not tonight,” Dylan pants with a shake of her head, her eyes open with alarm. Her handler just giggles as she pulls the bag back down around her head. She almost seals it tight around her throat before all but choking her with her hands.

My companion eagerly rides her as she goes in for another long kiss through the plastic. “Go ahead,” her handler motions at me. “Grope her tits if you want to.” I’m not really sure I want to take part. But two handlers have now suggested I give it a try.

Somewhat reluctantly, I reach in and fondle her breasts. Dylan moans as the bag starts to inflate/deflate faster. She begins to put up a struggle despite her helplessness.

“She won’t break,” her handler assures me. I grope her tits harder. I’m embarrassed, yet for some reason I’m also turned on.

Poor Dylan is under a triple assault. It isn’t long before the bag is suctioned tightly against her face again. Her mouth opens in a grimace as she tries to breathe. All she succeeds in doing is pulling more of the plastic inside.

She shakes her head as she struggles against the cuffs to the post she’s up against. She bucks as her eyes roll. Then the bag is loosened, and she inhales tiredly.

The brunette climbs out of her lap. She kisses the handler, offering her a word of appreciation for the ride. I mumble an incoherent “thanks” for being allowed to grope the young woman.

We step away as the handler comes around and climbs into the lap of her victim. The bag is adjusted back into place. Then they go at it, kissing each other as the woman in the short, dark hair tries to breathe.

It finally occurs to me just how wet and aroused I’ve become. I’m embarrassed as hell. But for some reason I can’t look away.

The bag deflates; the bound woman becomes more animated. Her friend/handler kisses her lips harder through the plastic. I just stand there and watch, unsure what to do with myself.

Once again it dawns on me my companion has moved on to another girl in the room. I look around and see Jenna is getting strangled again. But the brunette is not over there watching.

To my left is another post. My companion is right there on her knees. She’s licking out some tatted up bitch with short, purple hair.

This one has some dark-haired woman garroting her as she stands behind the post. A long-haired blonde is busy sucking on her erect nipples. My escort is feasting on a cleanly shaved cunt.

I stare incredulously. By now I should probably not be surprised by what I’m witnessing in here. But it’s still amazing how one girl can have the breath choked out of her while others abuse her sexually.

She rasps for breath, but she can’t form any words. She wriggles and squirms on the post she’s impaled upon. It looks to me like she’s also impaled up the ass as my companion’s tongue is plowing a furrow between her labia.

The tatted chick keeps trying to breathe. Apparently her throat is not entirely closed off. But I’d say she’s not nearly getting the air she needs.

The blonde feasts on a nipple while she fondles both breasts. My companion licks and slurps with abandon. That’s when the poor thing’s eyes start to roll.

I don’t know what I was expecting from a woman with such colorful tattoos. But her orgasm is obvious. The dark-haired woman behind her gasps, “Yeah!” as she begins to buck and shudder.

I’m concerned they’ve gone too far when the poor thing abruptly goes still. The rope around her throat is lessened. Her chest rises and falls as she works to get her breath back.

The blonde and brunette don’t bother stopping their assault on her. Her handler looks at me and smiles. She motions at her as she says, “Amber here is a wild one. I won’t be a bit surprised if she ends up kicking it up out in the hanging pit later tonight.”

My eyes open wide in astonishment. “Really?”

“She fucking loves it. I thought she was going to hang last time. She chickened out at the last minute. I’m not sure about tonight though. Oh… I think they want to make her cum again. Ok; hold on, Amber!”

She slowly tightens the coil around the purple-haired woman’s throat. Once more she begins to rasp for breath. The blonde and my companion keep attending to her as though they can’t get enough.

It looks like it becomes harder for her to breathe. Her chest rises and falls as she struggles against the post. Her eyes roll as she tries to say something. But no words will come.

I recognize the word fuck as her lips move. Then her body shudders hard. She looks like she’s fighting to break free of the post she’s attached to.

The blonde moans with a nipple in her mouth. She appears to bite down, causing Amber to flinch. Then my companion pulls away, her mouth dripping with fluid.

She uses her arm to wipe most of it off. The blonde pulls her upright and kisses her. She appears to lick much of the fluid off the brunette’s face.

“Damn; she’s a squirter! I almost got some in my eyes! She cums really hard when you strangle her, doesn’t she!”

“She sure does,” the handler nods with a wicked grin.

“Cums like a fucking train!” the blonde agrees.

I look at her in confusion. “What makes her cum so hard?”

“It’s the asphyxiation,” her handler explains. “Having your breath cut off like that does incredible things to your body.”

“In what way?” I’m still not sure I understand.

The brunette smiles at me as she tells me, “Well for starters, it makes her cunt clench like crazy.”

“It does?”

“Why don’t you show her?” my companion tells the dark-haired one manning the rope behind the post.

“Stick your fingers inside her cunt,” the handler tells me.

I blush… “Oh, I couldn’t.”

“Sure you can!” the brunette says as she grabs my arm and pulls me close. “Don’t go all shy on me now, not after what you did in that big room with the mattress!”

“Just stick ‘em inside,” the blonde chuckles as she caresses Amber’s mounds. “Leeza here will tighten the rope for you.”

“Go on; she won’t bite. She’ll probably love it!”

I kneel in front of her before nervously sticking a finger inside. “Put three of them in there!” the blonde says with a hint of irritation. “You want to find out what goes on in there; am I right?”

My face goes red as I push three fingers deep inside. The handler smiles as she says, “Here goes. I’ll even go nice and slow. You won’t have to wriggle them or anything.”

I look at the brunette but she just smiles and nods as though it’s all right. Amber certainly seems to have no objections. The blonde goes right back to sucking on a nipple. My brunette companion quickly joins her by sucking on the other one.

I feel muscle tissue begin to tighten. The rope has become snug around her throat. Amber begins to pant and moan a little.

I feel her clench a little harder. The rope appears to have tightened even more. I stare right at it, watching as Amber’s handler slowly increases the tension.

Her cunt clenches even more. Then she starts to rasp for breath. The blonde and my brunette companion noisily slurp on her erect nipples as though enjoying what the poor thing is going through.

Amber struggles to get a decent breath of air down her throat. Her cunt really clenches around my fingers. My eyes widen in wonder.

The handler chuckles at me. “This should really get her.” Then she tightens it even more.

Amber appears to stiffen against her post. Her arms jerk in vain against the cuffs on either side of it. Her back arches a little as her eyes roll.

Her pussy clenches really hard. Then the crazy bitch squirts again. My hand is soaked as fluid reaches my chest and tummy.

“Fuck yeah!” her handler gasps as the rope loosens around Amber’s throat. “Now fuck her with your fingers. One more ought to send her right into orbit.”

The coil abruptly tightens around Amber’s throat. The blonde and brunette just keep sucking on her incredibly erect nipples. The bound woman starts to hump and moan.

I hesitantly thrust my fingers in and out. Amber wriggles even more. The rope around her throat tightens as she rasps for breath.

I can’t believe I’m actually taking part in this! It’s more erotic than I could have possibly imagined. Some of my shyness ebbs away as I thrust even harder.

Amber bucks and shudders in the chair. Her eyes roll as her mouth opens in a silent scream. She’s all tensed up, her cunt clenched tightly around my fingers.

There’s another flush of fluids that sprays out, soaking me again. Amber abruptly sags as though she’s lost all consciousness. Her handler lets out a muffled curse as she loosens the coil from around her neck.

I watch as Amber barely moves. Then her chest rises and falls as she starts to breathe quietly. “Fuck, that was hot!” the blonde pants.

“Fucking incredible!” my companion agrees.

“She’s really soaked down here,” I remark, feeling a little embarrassed.

The blonde and her handler help Amber out of the cuffs. They slowly lift her up until the metal post impaled up her ass comes into view. Amber lets out a sigh and a moan as they help her take up a spot on the floor to collect herself.

I stare clinically at the post. There isn’t much to sit on, other than the metal probe-looking object that sticks up. “Other rooms have better seats,” my brunette companion explains. “This room is basic and a bit uncomfortable. But you’d be surprised who likes to come in here.”

I nod with understanding. Then I stare at the rope up near the top of the post. “Quite the strangulation device.”

“It works for strangling, bagging, or choking,” my companion tells me. “You can bag ‘em, strangle ‘em, or just use the popular ‘hands on’ approach.”

“Maybe she’d like to try it out?”

I look up in shock at the handler who’s grinning lewdly at me. The blonde murmurs something about how hard I might cum. Amber looks up at me from her position on the floor and smiles tiredly as she tells me, “I’d love to see you try it. I bet you’d cum so fucking hard!”

My brunette companion looks at me with a sly smile. “Oh, I don’t know,” I tell her uncertainly.

“You did show a curiosity as to how it worked,” the handler observes thoughtfully.

“But I’m soaked! I need to clean up.”

“We’ll clean you up later.”

“I don’t want my ass impaled!”

“We’ll stick it in your pussy then. It won’t hurt a bit.” That’s when the handler rises up and comes over to me.

I shake my head in protest. “I, uh… I should go find my family. They’re uh… they’re probably wondering where I am.”

“I’m sure you’ll catch up to them once the hangings start.”

The handler suddenly grabs one arm. My brunette companion grabs the other. She smiles as she tells me, “You did show some curiosity as to how it works; am I right?”

2020 (written for Carrie Nov 3 ’20 by riwa)

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