The tidal stakes on Santamos Island (m/m, f/f, m/f)


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An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy. In order to raise cash income from “tourists”, the nation’s leaders in desperation pass a law — consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other foreigners will be legal in public execution areas on the island. Arachnid’s Santamos Island universe

My girlfriend Flayda and I arrived on Santamos Island and checked in. Then we asked if there were any executions taking place. We were both a little curious as to whether or not people really came to the island to “check out”, so to speak.

The hotel concierge told us we were in luck. A large group of people were going to drown down by the tidal stakes. They were mostly young people between the ages of 19 and 25.

Apparently their school had lost a swimming and diving competition back in the states. They had committed to drowning themselves if they lost the meet. And since the school did not want them drowning on school property, they had all agreed to fly out here.

Flayda immediately wanted to go check it out. She was excited about watching a bunch of people drown. So we got directions to the tidal stakes before heading out.

It was quite a site that greeted us when we got there. Apparently the island had arranged for quite the spectacle. We had to pause just to take it all in.

There were four nude teammates staked out spread-eagled in the sand. A male and female were secured close together, their heads away from the incoming sea. But another naked male and female were staked out in the opposite direction toward the incoming tide, their feet almost touching the other pair.

There were six more naked teammates of three men and three women. They were observing the proceedings and were cheering on their teammates. An island staffer sat at a nearby patio table well up the beach as though she was supposed to watch to make sure everything went according to plan.

I could see the tide getting closer to the heads of the two closest to the water. At a word from one of the males, a male and female teammate moved in. They immediately started tending to their comrades.

The male knelt down and started jerking his teammate’s cock. The female got on her knees and started rubbing her secured comrade’s crotch. It looked like their assignment was to help get them off before the tide came in and covered their heads.

“That is so hot!” Flayda remarked as we watched them. “I didn’t realize the guys would be doing the guys, and vice versa. That makes it doubly hot!”

The male on his knees sucked his buddy into full hardness. About that time, water started washing up against his head. He gasped and moaned, but he didn’t protest or ask to be set free.

The female used her hand to get her secured teammate all hot and bothered. Then she knelt down and began eating her out. The other teammates cheered them on as water began washing around her bound teammate’s head.

My girlfriend and I watched as the water rose higher. I was strangely aroused, my cock stiff in my shorts. Flayda moaned as she absentmindedly rubbed her breasts through her blouse.

The water came in higher and faster. Soon, it was flowing around the bodies of the two staked out with their heads toward the tide. I could tell by their expressions how anxious they had become.

Water started flowing over their faces. Instinctively, they both tried to lift themselves up. That’s when their teammates became more aggressive at trying to get them off.

The tide came in until they were both trying to get a breath between waves. One of their teammates excitedly called out, “Won’t be much longer now, you two! Give us a good drowning performance!”

There were cheers and applause. Both struggled to get that last breath. I could see their backs arching as they tried to lift their heads as high as possible.

A wave came in, submerging them both. It even reached the teammates tending to them sexually. But it did not recede enough to let them get another breath.

“This is it!” an excited female cried out. “Now they’re going to drown!”

“Don’t be so excited, Rita,” a male voice chided. “You’ll soon be joining them.”

Both submerged teammates began to struggle. You could tell they were instinctively fighting despite whatever agreement they had made earlier. Then the woman spewed her breath upward.

An incoming wave washed the bubbles away. Then she started humping and drowning. There were cries of encouragement from the others.

A half minute later, the male started thrusting upward. He lost his breath in a huge eruption of bubbles. His male teammate deep-throated him as he started to drown, resulting in another enthusiastic cheer.

The female licking out her teammate had to hold her breath for a bit. Then she came up smiling as her secured companion stared upward with unseeing eyes. “I made sure she came as she went!” she declared. Everybody cheered her efforts.

The male went into painful drowning convulsions until he also settled down. He stared upward with unseeing eyes. A couple of bubbles slipped past his parted lips and were washed away by the surf.

His teammate came up out of the water, smiling proudly. He showed the others a mouthful of cum. Everyone cheered as he swallowed it down.

“Fucking hot!” Flayda panted. I nodded without saying a word.

Two different teammates went over to tend to the other two staked out in the opposite direction. Once more, there was sexual action. This time they were paired off male to female.

The male teammate lifted up the ass of the secured female. Then he thrust his cock into her pussy and started fucking her. A female teammate chose that moment to straddle the staked out male, impaling herself upon his erection.

The water rose higher. The couple staked out were fucked by their teammates as the surf came rushing in. Soon the water was rushing around their heads as well, having already covered their lower extremities and further submerging their drowned teammates.

The female being fucked cried out in orgasm. “Figures Suzanne would cum like that,” we overheard one of the remaining females declare. There was laughter at that.

The tide came in until water was flowing over their heads. They both tried to rise up to get a breath at about the same time. “That’s it now!” one of the males stated. “Don’t let ‘em back up!”

Their teammates pushed down on them, keeping their heads submerged. The secured couple began to struggle for another breath. The spread-eagled female lost hers first in a huge burst of bubbles that was washed away by the surf. She was drowning when her staked-out companion lost his breath and also started to convulse.

Everyone cheered as Flayda and I watched. It was incredibly arousing. Nobody seemed to care that we were observing all the drownings.

“Suzanne really milked it out of me!” the male fucking her stated as he thrust nice and slow. She stared up in horror from beneath the surf, her mouth gaping open.

Next to her, the female cried out in orgasm as she rode the cock of her drowning teammate. He tried to buck her off, but he was unsuccessful. His convulsions lessened until he also stared upward with unseeing eyes.

After the two teammates disengaged themselves from their drowned companions, they all moved over to a strange set of stocks embedded in the ground. The pair that had sexually serviced the first drowning couple knelt in the sand. Then they were locked into the stocks by their wrists and necks, with their asses sticking up

By now, the water had already risen partway up the embedded stocks, totally submerging the four drowned teammates. The two in the stocks were facing the incoming sea. That meant they would drown while facing the incoming waves.

“So hot,” Flayda moaned softly. She was becoming more and more turned on by the moment. We’d already watched four teammates drown. Two more were about to breathe their last.

One of the females ran up the shore and stopped where all the clothes had been discarded. She picked up a strap-on and wrapped it around her waist. Then she returned to the pair locked into the stocks. I think it was the one they called Rita.

One of the guys joined her. Together they fucked their respective teammates. Flayda was all turned on seeing a guy getting fucked by another guy as the remaining teammates cheered them on.

I glanced up and checked the island staffer. She caught my eye and smiled. But she didn’t act as though we were out of line for staying and watching the spectacle.

We watched as the teammates doing the fucking pulled out and switched partners. Now the female was pegging the doomed male, while the male was fucking his female teammate. The water kept rising higher the entire time as the tide rushed in.

I couldn’t help noticing a set of heavy wooden chairs nearby in the sand. There were also two upright poles with places to secure a set of wrists on each one. Apparently all these executions had been planned well in advance.

Water started flowing up into the faces of the condemned. Their sexual assailants switched partners once again. Once more, it was the male fucking the male, while the girl fucked her female teammate.

Water began washing into both faces, setting the condemned teammates to gasping and sputtering. Each wave that came in seemed to remain a little higher as it went back out. “Get ready to drown!” the last observing female called out.

The teammates in the stocks tried to lift up their heads. They managed to get the occasional breath between waves. But the tide was coming in strong, and the water kept rising higher.

The two teammates fucked their doomed companions even harder. The two locked in the stocks took a big breath as a huge wave came in. But it did not recede low enough to allow them to lift their heads up to grant them another breath.

Their teammates fucked them harder. I caught the observing female looking over at us for a moment. She just smiled as though it was ok with her if we watched them all drown.

Another wave came in. The pair locked into the stocks tried again to lift up their heads. But the water still refused to recede below their foreheads.

They lost their breath at about the same time. An incoming wave washed the bubbles away as they struggled together. Then they both started to drown at just about the same time.

“So hot!” Flayda observed as she ran a hand down inside her shorts.

The male and female fucked the last of the air out of their drowning companions. Then the two went limp in the stocks. Water flowed all around them, but they did not move or show any indication they were still alive.

“Ok, you two,” the observing female told those who’d done all that fucking. “It’s the chairs for you both.”

They willing went over and were secured to the two heavy, wooden chairs. I noticed the female still wearing her strap-on. By now the water was already up in their laps.

The remaining teammates climbed on and impaled themselves on their companions. The male rode his female teammate’s strap-on while the female impaled herself on the secured male’s dick. There was a lot of kissing and groaning.

Flayda kept moaning as she touched herself all over. She finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She dropped to her knees, pulled down my shorts, took out my erection and started sucking it while keeping one eye on all the action. It didn’t seem to matter we were now in the surf.

Once again, we saw the teammates switch partners. Now the guy rode his male teammate’s cock while the female rode her teammate’s strap-on. The water slowly came up to the shoulders of the condemned, and then it reached their necks.

The two teammates sitting in the laps of their comrades had a small height advantage as the tide came in. But they would eventually be submerged as well if they stayed where they were. Flayda kept staring at them while trying to maintain suction on my quivering dick.

The tide came in unabated. The island staffer looked on while idly touching herself. She looked like she was a little turned on, but for the most part, she seemed to keep her cool.

A huge wave came in. The teammates locked in the chairs tried to get a big breath. Then the water washed over their foreheads.

The two in their laps gleefully bounced up and down. Occasionally their mouths slipped below the surface as they rode their condemned friends. They simply rose up as high as was necessary to get another breath before sitting back down, submerging while fully impaling themselves.

I could tell they were still fucking. But I couldn’t see the specifics. Flayda moaned as she took my cock deeper down her throat.

There was a sudden burst of bubbles. The female in the chair looked as though she was drowning. A moment later, another burst of bubbles came up from the secured male.

Their teammates continued to ride them, both of their heads now also submerged. They stayed down for the longest time. But the tide never receded enough for their bound teammates to be able to breathe again.

The woman came up first, panting like crazy. She climbed off her drowned female teammate, keeping her head above the incoming tide. Then the male came up a few moments later, gasping heavily as he also climbed off and stood upright.

“Rita gave me a nice orgasm as she drowned,” the remaining female told him as she looked at her drowned teammate.

“I felt Donny’s cum up my ass as he went,” the male replied, giving his friend a goodbye salute.

“Guess it’s our turn now. Are you ready to drown, William?”

“Ready when you are, Tracey.”

They waded over to the posts. The tide had already crawled halfway up each one. The way the water was coming in, it was clear it wasn’t going to take all that long.

The island staffer rose up and came down into the water to join them. She helped lock them into a set of shackles embedded in each wooden post. She did the female first before she made sure the male was also secured.

By now, the water was up to their stomachs. Their teammates in the chairs were already fully submerged. It looked like the tide was really coming in.

Flayda wanted me to fuck her while we watched the last pair drown. I saw the female say something to the island staffer. The staffer leaned close, listened for a few moments, and then nodded.

“I wonder what that’s all about,” Flayda said as she stood up in the rising tide. By now we were standing in water well past our knees. We needed to move farther up the beach away from each succeeding wave if we wanted to keep from drowning ourselves.

To our surprise, the staffer came wading over to where we were standing. I immediately apologized. “We’re sorry. We didn’t know this was off-limits to tourists.”

“Not a problem,” she replied with a dismissive wave. “You’re both welcome to stay and observe for as long as you want. In fact, Tracey over there said to tell you both that you’re welcome to come over and take part, if you wish.”

“Take part?” Flayda repeated with growing excitement. “How?”

“They said they’d be happy to let you fuck them as they drowned. I told them you appeared to be a little excited by the whole thing. They said they wouldn’t mind.”

I started to say, “I think we’ll pass.” But Flayda immediately began removing her clothes. Then she tossed them higher up on the beach, although I suspected they were still going to end up getting totally soaked.

“C’mon, Daryl!” she gasped excitedly, pulling on my arm as she told me to strip.

“I’m not sure I want you fucking either one of them, Flayda.”

“Ah, c’mon! They’re going to be dead soon! Besides, I want to watch them drown up close and personal! Don’t you want to watch that too?”

“I’m not sure…”

“You can fuck the woman as she drowns! Honest; I won’t mind!” Then she broke away and rushed over, struggling in the waist deep surf.

I gave the island staffer a dubious look. “You sure it’ll be all right?” I wasn’t at all convinced.

“They both said it was ok with them. Besides, your friend is correct. They won’t live long enough to complain or be upset. In fact, they seem quite enthusiastic about the possibility of you two enjoying their drowning bodies.”

I looked to see Flayda had already climbed onto William, impaling herself on his erection and wrapping her arms around him. Tracey looked at them as though it was certainly ok with her. Then it appeared as though she was trying to look over in our direction, perhaps to see if I was coming over.

I looked at the island staffer who smiled and nodded before heading back to her chair. I shrugged as I got out of my clothes and tossed them close to Flayda’s discards. Then I waded over in the rising surf.

Tracey smiled as I approached. “Sineda told you what we were interested in?”


The island staffer.”

“Oh, her. She said it was fine, so long as it was ok with you.”

“It’s certainly ok with me,” she replied. “But you’d better hurry, as the tide’s coming in faster now. Don’t you want to feel what it’s like to fuck a girl as she drowns?”

I was a little unnerved. “Aren’t you scared?”

“Oh, I’m anxious, all right. But we agreed to this. It wouldn’t be fair to the others if our lives were spared.” Then she motioned with her head at the other teammates who had already drowned and were now fully submerged.

I smiled with embarrassment at the erection I was sporting. The water was up well past her waist. So I worked my dick into her pussy and then started thrusting.

Next to me, Flayda saw I had arrived and was now participating. She eagerly cried out, “That’s the way, Daryl! Let’s fuck ‘em and drown ‘em together! I knew you’d join me!” Then she gave William a lot of tongue as she kissed and fucked him.

I thrust a little harder into Tracey. She gasped and moaned. “At least I’ll cum as I go,” she panted. Then I kissed her. I was impressed with the way she returned it so passionately.

I was of mixed emotions. A part of me was excited to fuck her while watching her drown. It was kinky, something I never expected to be doing in my wildest dreams.

On the other hand, I felt concerned. Did I really want to take part in her drowning? She’d said she was anxious. Was it really all right with her? What could I do to help set her mind at ease?

I heard Flayda cry out next to me as she road William’s erection. He certainly acted as though he was into it. Their lips parted as though they were both getting another breath. Then she went back to kissing him passionately.

I pulled away from Tracey’s lips before asking, “Are you sure about this?”

She smiled as she replied, “We’re locked in now, so to speak. Sineda made sure of that. The paperwork has already been taken care of.”


“Forms we had to fill out to keep things legal.”

“So what can I do to help you out?”

“You’re already doing it,” she replied with a smile.

I kissed her as I tried to fuck her a little more enthusiastically. By now, the water was up to our chests. I was taller than she was, which meant her mouth would be submerged before mine was… that is, unless I was kissing her.

I looked over at Flayda. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing her fuck another guy. I suppose it was like giving a condemned man a last request. So I felt I couldn’t be too upset about it; could I?

I tried to pace myself so I wouldn’t cum too soon for Tracey. But Flayda didn’t seem to care in the slightest about cumming too soon with William. She eagerly rode him as though wanting to get herself off before he drowned.

Wave after wave washed into the shore. The receding level stayed higher and higher each time the tide went back out. Tracey became more anxious as it reached her shoulders and then started climbing her neck.

I paused in the middle of thrusting, feeling a little anxious for her. “Keep going,” she panted in a hushed tone that indicated she was clearly anxious. “I want you to enjoy this. After all, I certainly enjoyed watching all my teammates drown.”

I nodded as I thrust a little harder. Then I kissed her again. She grunted into my mouth in concern as a wave washed up around our faces.

I glanced over at Flayda and her companion. That’s when I noticed the water was just as high over there. William was taller than Tracey, but he appeared to be standing in a recessed part of the sand so they could drown at roughly the same time.

A wave washed around their heads as well. Flayda cried out while still trying to kiss him. The water receded, but it didn’t drop much below his chin.

I thrust up into Tracey as I reached between us with my hand. I tried to finger her button, wondering if she needed a little external stimulation to help her along. She humped against my hand, and we kissed again.

Another wave came in and splashed up against us. I got water up my nose. Tracey cried out into my mouth before trying to kiss me as hard as she could. For a moment it even made me question whether or not she was trying to steal the breath out of my lungs.

The waves began hitting our heads more and more. Our lips pulled apart so we could both get a breath. The next wave came in and flowed up past her nose.

I felt her hump against me more aggressively. Maybe it was the way she needed to take her mind off her impending drowning. So I tried to fuck her harder.

I groped her boobs with my hands. Then I kissed her again. The next wave submerged both our faces.

I didn’t bother to check up on Flayda. I was too busy trying to enjoy Tracey while keeping myself from drowning. She struggled against me as though she was both frightened and excited.

I felt the water recede. I pulled my lips away, long enough to give her a chance to get any air she could. Tracey had to tip her head back to gasp for breath.

I heard gasping right next to us. Then I felt the next wave come charging in. I kissed Tracey hard as the water surged over our heads.

I thrust into her just as hard as I could. A part of me was concerned I was about to watch the sea claim yet another life. But another part of me was more turned on that I felt I should have been.

Our lips pulled apart. Bubbles came up past her lips and were washed away. I rose up to get a breath. But the water was too high for her to tip her head back enough to breathe.

I gasped aloud. Then I submerged. This time I pressed my lips to hers and blew my air into her mouth.

Her eyes widened as her chest swelled a little. She grunted as she kissed me harder. I got the impression she appreciated the gesture.

I could feel the wave action against us. I was a little concerned. But I figured I could easily swim the short distance in to shallow water if I had to.

I pulled my lips away and rose up for another breath. For a moment I thought I was going to have to disengage from her. The next couple of waves were liable to require me to pull out of her in order to get a decent breath.

I glanced over at Flayda and William. She was up at the surface trying to get another breath while he was submerged up to his forehead. About that time another wave came in.

Flayda deliberately submerged. Only the tops of their heads were visible. Then I filled my lungs and returned to Tracey.

I thrust into her as I kissed her. I tried to give her my breath again. But it bubbled out of her mouth. It was as though she had rejected it.

I felt her start to panic. At the same time, she really began clenching around my cock inside her. She grunted as we kissed each other hard.

She coughed, nearly forcing water down my windpipe during our kiss. Then she started thrashing about. She shuddered in orgasm as she blew away the last of her breath, milking the cum right out of my dick in the process.

I could no longer hold my lips against hers; she was in too much of a panic. I pulled back and watched her as I kept thrusting in and out of her. She started hitching against me, the convulsions forcing out the last of the air in her lungs.

I felt my own lungs straining for breath. But I stayed down with her for as long as possible. She finally settled down, causing me to pull out of her and burst up to the surface.

I gasped loudly for breath, checking to see how high the water was. Only the top of her head was exposed. But the next wave abruptly covered her completely.

I filled my lungs and went back under. She stared back at me with unseeing eyes, her mouth open. I gave her lips a kiss, but there was no response, other than a couple of stray bubbles.

I burst back up to breathe, only to hear Flayda panting like crazy. She looked over and gasped, “Daryl?? I thought you’d drowned!”

“I thought you were under too long too, Flayda! For a minute there, I thought you were going to get all carried away and drown with him!”

“I almost did!”

She filled her lungs and went under to have one last look. Then she came back up. “Nothing more to see here,” she declared as she let go and swam into shore.

I submerged to give Tracey one last peck on the lips. Then I let her go and swam in as well. We both waded out of the surf, naked as the day we were born.

Sineda was still there. She smiled at us as she asked, “Well, folks? How was it? For a minute there, I thought you two were going to drown without filling out the proper paperwork first.”

“Incredible!” Flayda panted. “Unbelievable! I’m so glad we got here in time to see it all!”

The island staffer turned in my direction, curious about my reaction. “Incredible is a good word for it,” I told her with a nod. “But I’m not entirely sure whether I should feel excited or guilty.”

“It was their request,” she reassured us. “You folks have nothing to worry about. The island is happy you participated in order to make their last moments more enjoyable.”

She looked the scene over. By now the water was about to overtake the top of the posts they were secured to. Then she spoke to no one in particular… “Well, my work here is done. They’ll come for the bodies later once the tide’s gone back out.”

She smiled at us one last time. “I hope you folks have a good time during the rest of your stay on our fair island.” Then she turned and headed back to the resort.

I looked at Flayda for a long moment. “I was a little concerned you were going to drown yourself down there.”

She shook her head and chuckled at me. “Not me. Wasn’t going to happen.”

I peered intently into her eyes. Then she broke out into a broad grin. “Ok – ok; so I thought about it a little. But only a little.”

“That’s what I thought.” She just laughed as she came over to hug me.

For the moment, we didn’t seem to care that our clothes had been confiscated by the sea. They were no longer where we’d disposed of them. At least there were other clothes and swimsuits lying about. Maybe there would be something that would fit us. Besides, I didn’t think any of the members of the swim team would mind now.

2022 (written Apr 15 ’22 by riwa. Santamos Island idea created by Arachnid/Spartan.)

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