Cum and bullets


Note: this is a fanfiction written for a friend, inspired by a character from Black Lagoon.

Revy got back to her apartment after a long day of killing. She was tired from a job well done. But now she was horny as fuck.

It was too bad Rock had gotten himself all shot up. Now he was at that safe house being taken care of. But she’d had other fish to fry and had been forced to leave him there.

Revy stood there looking at herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She was still toned and athletic, a perfectly sculpted body. It was too bad Rock wasn’t around to share it with her right now.

She slowly peeled her shorts open. Her pussy was perfectly bare from shaving the night before. Oh how she longed to have something inside her tonight. Oh well; she certainly had other ways of dealing with her needs.

She peeled her shorts down her toned legs. Her pussy was wet and winking at her. She could tell it needed some personal attention.

Revy pulled her tank top up over her tits. Her mounds were nice and full, something she was quite proud of. She looked better than most bitches she came across.

She noticed how her nipples had hardened considerably. Damn; she was hornier than she thought! Maybe it was time to do a little something about that.

She stretched out on her bed and began touching herself admiringly. She knew from years of experience just where to allow her hands to roam. It wasn’t long until she could feel her body start to respond.

She caressed herself all over, cupping her full, firm breasts. Her hands slid down until she was gently rubbing her toned thighs. That’s when one hand moved closer to a more intimate location.

She teased herself, feeling how swollen her clit had become. She was really starting to drip now. It was as though her fingers were communicating to her sexual parts how relief would soon be on its way.

She began working her nub, feeling how much it had swollen within the last few moments. Her breath came out in little gasps as she slipped a finger into her wetness. Revy let out a sigh of pleasure.

She stuck another finger into her wet, quivering opening. She thrust in and out in that way she’d learned how to pleasure herself over the years. After a day like today, she definitely needed something like this.

She rolled over onto chest, her ass lifted upward. That way she was able to reach underneath to hit that sweet spot. Revy rubbed harder, gasping and wincing over the pleasure she was giving herself.

She eased off, wanting to edge for a few delicious moments. The excitement within her began to subside. Then she started all over again.

She slowly worked her nub once more, giving it a nice little swirl with her fingers. She looked back to see the full length mirror on the wall. It reflected the image of a naked assassin in heat.

She watched the reflection touch itself. It made her horny looking at herself. Once more she let her fingers slip longingly into her dripping snatch.

She worked herself up into a strong, sexual excitement. Then she backed off again, still edging. This time she rolled over so she could see herself in the mirror while lying flat on her back.

She studied her reflection closely, admiring her athletic form. She used her fingers to spread her labia wide so she could examine herself in the mirror. She saw how wet she’d become, evidenced by her glistening slit.

Revy cupped a breast, groping and fondling it as she touched herself. It felt so fucking good. It was too bad that shithead Rock had gotten himself all shot up. She could use a good fuck right about now. Oh well; she knew full well how to pleasure herself.

She fingered herself harder, deciding she didn’t want to wait any longer. Her body tensed as she fucked herself with her thrusting digits. It felt good, especially after a long day of killing.

She rolled herself over onto her stomach again before running her hand into her crotch from underneath. With her ass sticking up, she really began going at it. She could hear her pussy squishing as she thrust her fingers in and out.

She thrust harder and faster as she now wanted to cum. Revy fucked herself with her fingers, her pussy clenching around her thrusting digits. She was wet and dripping as she stiffened, wincing with pleasure. Then she let out an orgasmic cry.

She was so distracted that she didn’t hear the motorcycle outside. It sounded like it was further down the block anyway, indicating it was nothing to be alarmed about. Besides, she was too busy playing with herself. Thus, she could not know that a ruthless female had just climbed off and removed her helmet, intent on something far more lethal than simply engaging in a little late-night masturbation.

Diane thought this was the location. Her senses were on high alert as she pulled out her hand-held automatic, ready to spit lead and death. Then she advanced cautiously down the alley, knowing the danger that lay before her.

She heard gasps and moans coming from an open window. She carefully walked up and had a peek inside. To her astonishment Diane saw that it was her objective.

What the hell?? The bitch was lying naked on the bed! And it looked like she was masturbating… getting herself off!

Diane watched with a perverse sense of curiosity as the athletic form writhed in pleasure. This wasn’t at all what she’d anticipated. She figured she would be sneaking up on a deadly assassin, not some slut rolling around naked while furiously masturbating.

The familiar shoulder holsters were there, the twin Berettas visible. She was sure she had the right target. She just hadn’t counted on the bitch writhing around naked in self-pleasure.

It was Revy all right. But this wasn’t a deadly assassin snarling obscenities at her adversary. Instead, it was some bitch in heat, rubbing and moaning in an effort to get herself off.

Diane went to the door and carefully turned the knob. The last thing she needed was the bitch inside snapping out of her self-pleasuring long enough to put a couple holes in her using those deadly Berettas. With Revy, one could not be too careful.

She slowly opened the door and took a careful peek inside. Her target was lying on her side, a hand in her crotch. And that hand certainly seemed busy.

Something inside her told her, “Quick; do it now while she’s distracted!” But Diane hesitated. There was something about the way the deadly assassin was pleasuring herself that was… well, it was starting to affect her.

Revy started to move, making Diane stiffen with anticipation as she firmly grasped the handle of her deadly weapon. But the assassin was not going for her Berettas. Instead she was rolling over onto her back.

Diane saw Revy gasp and moan as she touched herself, her eyes closed to intensify the pleasure. The deadly assassin fiddled with her swollen labia. Then she parted her pussy lips wide.

What the hell was this?? Was Revy showing off her snatch to her?? Diane couldn’t believe it!

Hungering fingers spread pussy lips wider, an action supported by years of practice. Then Diane saw the deadly assassin finger her swollen nub. A gleam of arousal glistened as it rolled down and dripped onto the bed.

For a moment Diane was mesmerized. She could feel herself becoming aroused watching the erotic display. Then she told herself to snap out of it.

It didn’t matter if this was another female with sexual needs, anxious to get herself off. This was Revy, the infamous assassin Diane had been assigned to track down and eliminate. Having to kill a female in heat didn’t make a damned bit of difference. She still had a job to do.

Diane burst in with her weapon drawn. She wasn’t about to take any chances. This bitch had proved difficult to kill in the past. This time she wasn’t going to escape.

Revy was caught completely by surprise. It was bad enough to see a weapon aimed at her. What made it worse was the fact it was a woman who’d barged in on her, catching her right in the middle of pleasuring herself.

Revy instinctively lifted a hand in a defensive posture. “Whahh?? Who the fuck are you??”

“It’s closing time, bitch,” Diane told her coldly. “Time to pay the check.”

Revy couldn’t believe it! The bitch had her dead to rights. What’s more, she’d been caught in an embarrassing situation.

She let out a cry as she tried to reach for her Berettas. Even then she knew it was far too late. That’s when the bitch holding the gun on her pulled the trigger.

Diane didn’t hesitate, her silenced automatic quietly spitting lead and death. It was a triumphant moment. She couldn’t believe she’d caught the deadly assassin in such a compromising situation.

She didn’t bother letting off on the trigger. Diane was going to make certain this would be a confirmed kill. She made sure she didn’t miss with a single shot.

She felt a burst of adrenalin as she fired. The bitch never even made it to her Berettas. Diane had made certain they would never come into play.

Revy’s naked body jerked around on the bed as hot lead tore into her bare flesh. Her proud tits were punctured as her pussy was perforated. One of the shots tore a hole in her heart, instantly ending her agony.

Diane eased off on the trigger to inspect the damage. Blood oozed out of several wounds. The assassin was not showing any signs of life.

Revy stared upward with a vacant expression. She continued to twitch and shudder, even after death. It was as though her nerve endings were still sending messages to her brain, which was feeding them back in response.

Diane watched a clear liquid ooze out of the bullet-ridden corpse. It looked like cum from the dead assassin’s arousal. Cumming to her own death? Now that was a good one!

A few moments later Diane saw urine ooze out of Revy’s crotch. The deceased assassin was pissing herself. Maybe this was her last defiant act, even though it was after she was dead.

An athletically toned body that had once been full of life lay pierced from several bullet holes. No more would men gaze with admiration upon those proud tits. And from the way she’d shot up that pussy, she was sure there were several cocks out that were going to be sorely disappointed.

Diane took a good look at her kill. She felt a brief sense of loss at having been forced to annihilate another sexual being like herself. But it had to be done. Besides, the bitch fucking deserved it.

She made her way outside and walked down the alley to her motorcycle. She put the helmet back on before starting it up. Only then did she realize she was trembling. She was also incredibly aroused, no doubt from her recent adrenaline rush.

Diane decided she needed to get home and take a bath. Then she would have a little self-pleasuring session of her own. It would be her way of celebrating the erotic death of the sexy bitch she’d just slaughtered after catching her masturbating.

2019 (written for a friend Oct 7 ’19 by riwa. I apologize for not knowing or remembering the creator of the drawings from which I drew inspiration. But I thought I would include them for you to enjoy.)

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