Girl’s night out 9


Part 9

I’m having a hard time believing a mother and daughter are going to hang back to back. But Madelyn is being pulled inexorably toward the entrance to the pit. That’s when the brunette calls out, “Looks like your friend is about done!”

“Hunh; what?”

I turn to see Carrie holding onto her girlfriend’s leg. Hilary is hardly struggling at all. Then I see a stream of urine.

“Going… going… gone!” the brunette loudly declares. Others around us cheer at her pissing herself. Carrie grins and kisses her lover’s wet crotch before telling her what a hot, snuff-whore she was.

She turns her lover’s dangling body until I can see her face, boobs and dripping slit. “Doesn’t she look sexy, Aunt Amanda?” Carrie yells out with a grin. Then she heads for the entrance to the hanging pit.

Hilary twitches and shimmies a little. I wince as another flush of pleasure washes through me. Nearby, some women declare how hot Hilary looks as she hangs to death.

The chain continues to slowly inch the bodies forward, keeping them gently swinging. The dangling young redhead is soon approaching our position. She stares right at me before thrusting her hips forward in apparent orgasm.

I shamefully watch her kick her life away, unable to look away. It’s as though she’s spending her last few moments of life hanging for my enjoyment. But beyond is Madelyn at the entrance, and I don’t know how I should feel about that.

She’s facing her daughter, her back to the pit. The noose slowly pulls her back off her feet. A moment later she starts swinging back and forth as everyone in the facility erupts in cheers and enthusiastic thumbs-down.

If anything, her dance is even more animated than it was back in that hanging practice room. She’s looking right at her daughter who is being noosed up next. Carrie gives Madelyn an appreciative grope before climbing out.

Sandy watches her mother while her own arms are being cuffed behind her back. With the noose around her neck, her body is slowly pulled toward the hanging pit. What’s going through her mind? Does she realize she’s fully committed now??

Madelyn really swings. Her boobs may be small, but they still jiggle. She looks like she’s dancing solely for her daughter, even though the spectators are all cheering her on.

The young redhead is approaching our position. Hilary has gone past. But I don’t even think about Carrie’s lover. I’m obsessed with this mother/daughter combo that will soon be hanging together.

The noose around her throat drags Sandy forward. She watches in wide-eyed fascination as her mother dances. What is she thinking?

There’s another cheer. I turn to see the redhead has just pissed herself. “Going… going… gone!” my escort gasps in rapture before wincing from yet another orgasm. There are more cheers.

The room is now chanting for Sandy. She’s pulled right to the edge of the pit. Her mother is still putting on quite a show.

She balks at the very last second, but by now it’s much too late. The noose pulls her off the edge into the hanging pit. Then Sandy is hanging with her mother as the spectators cheer her dance while giving her an enthusiastic thumbs-down.

Mother and daughter dance as they face each other. Sandy’s boobs bounce as she fights her noose. There’s a sudden change in her demeanor as though she suddenly realizes the situation she’s in. That’s when she really starts to fight.

“Now that’s what I call a show!” my brunette escort gasps into my ear. “Fuck; look at them dance as they play off each other!”

Mother and daughter face each other as they swing back and forth. Their legs split and pedal. Madelyn has been hanging longer, but she appears to have quite a bit of energy left as she approaches our position.

The ladies all around us go nuts at this mother/daughter dancing duo. A part of me is in shock. But another part is so shamefully turned on. Why the hell am I finding this so damned arousing??

I glance past Sandy toward the entrance to the hanging pit. They’re preparing some black-haired Asian woman. The poor thing looks numb as she stands there ready to be committed to hang.

I recognize my niece helping to prepare her. Carrie helps cuff her arms behind her back. Someone else loops a noose around her throat.

The ever-moving track in the ceiling pulls her toward the entrance to the hanging pit to join Madelyn, Sandy and the others. Then the brunette gets my attention. “Looks like the mother is getting ready to go! You won’t want to miss this!”

Madelyn is just about across from us. Her hanging has become less animated. Her face is a deep shade of red as she still mostly faces her daughter.

She suddenly starts humping in the direction of Sandy. Is she cumming from being strangled by her own noose? Or is she cumming from watching her daughter hang to death? I wince as I try to hold back another shameful climax.

Sandy fights her noose, although she looks as though she’s becoming tired. Then she sees her mother’s bladder release. There are cheers all around me, along with exuberant thumbs-down.

Something flashes in Sandy’s eyes. Then she, too, starts humping. “She’s cumming while watching her mother die!” the brunette cries out in ecstasy. That’s when I shamefully lose it as I cum right along with her.

There are more chants, causing me to look toward the entrance to the pit. That Asian chick is right on the edge. That’s when my sadistic niece cruelly pushes her off into the void.

There is a roar of enthusiasm, followed by a ton of fists giving her a thumbs-down. The Asian swings back and forth from the momentum of being pushed in. Then she puts up a dance as though she was somehow born for the noose.

Maybe she’s trying to be entertaining. Maybe she’s trying to fight to survive. Either way, it’s so shamefully arousing that I find myself instinctively rubbing my crotch. Then I catch myself and forcefully pull my hand away.

Carrie… my niece… my sister… Cassandra!

I anxiously turn to look for her. But I’m much too late. Her body has long since vanished. I was so distracted that I missed watching my sister pass through into the disposal unit beyond.

The chain up in the track continually pulls the bodies forward until Sandy approaches our position. Does she see us? I’m not sure if she’s registering anything other than the pain she’s experiencing.

She starts to pass us as her bladder gives way. The spectators roar their approval. Then Sandy goes into little death spasms and twitches.

Something catches my eye, and I glance across the hanging pit. I see someone I swear I recognize. I blink twice before I murmur, “Mom??”

Surely I’m seeing things; right? Yes, it looks as though a lot of older women are here for the orgy. They’re not in abundance, but I can certainly make them out. After all, Madelyn was a mother. And it’s possible that older redhead was the mother of the younger one who hanged a short time later.

I look around, but I don’t see her anymore. I conclude I must have been imagining things. Mom wouldn’t be here; right??

I look toward the entrance to see Carrie helping to string up some chocolate-skinned beauty with dark, shoulder length hair. She’s got large breasts, and her crotch is dark. There’s a maniacal look in her expression. It’s as though she’s lost herself in this orgy of sex, asphyxiation and death.

I catch sight of that older woman again as she makes her way toward the entrance. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was my mother Janine. Then Carrie pushes the ebony beauty into the hanging pit.

There are wild cheers and applause. A number of spectators give her an enthusiastic thumbs down. She swings back and forth as she starts to kick and dance wildly.

The Asian in front of her is approaching our position. For a moment, our eyes lock. Then she finds an extra burst of adrenaline.

She becomes animated, and she does one hell of a jig. I masturbate as I shamefully find myself murmuring, “Dance for me, you fucking whore! That’s it; kick your life away for me!”

“You two?” my brunette escort gasps into my ear as she furiously masturbates. Then I catch myself. I try to stop as I lower my head again in shame.

The Asian lady swings with the ebony woman as the track in the ceiling keeps them all moving at a slow, yet steady pace. Those two put on quite a duet, even as the Asian starts to slow down. I wince as I experience yet another shameful climax.

Those on the other end approaching the disposal area hang limp and lifeless. Those close to the brunette and myself tend to lose their bladders right in front of us in the hanging pit. Is that why my escort guided me to this very spot?

I look back toward the entrance to see who they’re getting ready to hang next. When I look closer, I see Carry hugging that older woman. My gawd; it’s her! It really is my mom!

Instinctively, I start making my way over toward them. I feel hands try to stop me, but I pull away. Behind me, I hear the brunette calling out, “Where do you think you’re going??” But I ignore her.

I have a lot of women to fight through. They’re all cheering or dancing or pointing or masturbating or getting each other off. It’s one hell of a shameful orgy.

I see Carrie kissing her grandmother. Then mom motions at a couple of nearby women. A moment later, they grab Carrie’s arms and pull them behind her back.

I feel a horrific jolt of arousal and alarm as I watch her cuff my niece’s wrists together. I shake my head in utter disbelief, wondering what the hell she thinks she’s doing. I try to call out to them, but I can’t be heard above the din.

My heart leaps into my throat as I struggle to get closer. Surely I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing; right? No; Carrie’s hands have definitely been secured behind her back.

It’s mom who grabs the next noose dangling down from the chain in the ceiling. Then she loops it around Carrie’s neck, much to the cheers of those standing around them. That’s when her granddaughter really struggles in the grasp of those two women holding onto her.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing! The women are packed too tightly around me; I can’t get there in time. All I can do is watch as mom kisses Carrie full on the lips while groping her boobs. Then she pushes her backwards off the edge into the hanging pit.

I let out a cry of horror as everyone around me cheers. Carrie gets a multitude of exuberant thumbs-down. Almost immediately, she goes into her devil’s dance.

It’s sexual, lewd, and utterly perverse. I wince with shame as a flush of warmth washes through me. I didn’t just cum at the sight of seeing my niece hang naked; did I?

I struggle to get closer. But there are too many bodies. I get a number of hands grabbing and squeezing my boobs as I try to work my way closer to the entrance.

I finally break through and reach the front of the hanging pit. Carrie is now swinging back and forth as she kicks and twists. Gawd; it’s so shamefully arousing!

I rush up to my mother and gasp, “Mom; what are you doing??” She just gives me a big kiss and a hug. The kiss is shamefully passionate.

She pulls away and grins as she tells me, “Isn’t it glorious, honey? I watched all of them! …your sister, Carrie’s girlfriend… and now my own granddaughter!”

“Mom; you’re crazy!”

She turns me around to face Carrie. Then she loudly says into my ear, “You saw Cassie and Hilary dance for us; right? Now watch your niece cum in the noose, honey.”

I see Carrie thrust out her chest before throwing her hips out and humping the air. I watch her squirt as she does a bunny hop. Seeing her cum in the noose is shamefully arousing, and I have to force myself not to lose control.

Strong arms grab me and pull my wrists behind my back. I’m hit with an erotic jolt as I feel cuffs securing my wrists together. Wait; what the hell??

In horror, I turn to look into mom’s eyes. What I see reflected back to me is the look of someone so perversely affected by her surroundings that she can no longer think clearly. What the hell is she doing??

“Mom?? Stop them!”

“It’s too late!” she declares loudly. Then she pushes me toward the entrance to have a closer look.

“See Carrie dancing up a storm in the pit? I think you should join her! Besides, these lovely ladies here want to watch you hang. Isn’t that right, girls?”

I feel hands caressing my boobs, hands all over my body. I turn around, but I’m pushed backward toward the entrance to the pit. That’s when another noose swings into view from the ceiling.

Mom takes it and lovingly wraps it around my throat. I start to hyperventilate as I struggle to catch my breath. Then mom kisses me as she rubs my soaked crotch.

“Dance with your niece, honey. Give your mother a good show.” Then she pushes me backward as the whole damned place puts up a cheer.

“Mother, NOOO!” Then the noose pulls me up short. I find myself swinging back and forth once the chain up in the track pulls me off the edge of the pit into eternity.

My legs search in vain for something to stand upon. I twist in place until Carrie comes into view. Our eyes lock as we recognize each other.

She throws her chest out in my direction as though she’s hanging for me and me alone. It hurts like hell as my chest heaves. I stare in horror as I struggle for each breath.

Carrie shimmies and shudders like a woman possessed. But she only seems to have eyes for me. That’s when it starts to rise up within me.

I lose all control as I begin humping violently in her direction. Carrie humps back as though we’re hanging for each other and no one else. I can make out the cheers of the lustful and perverse, one and all enjoying our dance of death.

Something snaps in my brain. I try to open my mouth, but I can’t. However, my mind cries out, “Dance for me, bitch! You brought me into this! Now kick your life away for me, you fucking whore!”

Carrie does precisely that as though we’re mentally tuned in to each other. She squirts as she humps in my direction. That’s when I feel a humiliating orgasm so intense that I squirt for the first time in my life.

The agony increases as I kick, swing and twist. Carrie starts to spin out of view. Every time I lock eyes with someone in the crowd I only see bloodlust and sexual perversion.

There’s another roar as the chain pulls me along, setting me to swaying. I rotate until the next victim comes into view. OHMYGAWD; IT’S MOM!

She kicks and gyrates as though she’s been doing it her whole life. Her performance is crude, lewd and perversely glorious. I’m no longer in my right mind as I mentally egg her on…

“Kick for me, mom! Kick your fucking life away! A snuff-slut to the end just like your daughter and granddaughter; eh, mom? Gawd; it’s so good! Kick and die for me, you glorious piece of snuff-meat!”

Mom humps in my direction as she throws her chest out. Gawd; she’s never been so sexy as she is right now! I hump in her direction until the two of us climax in a shameful family duet.

I manage to get a look at Carrie. Gawd; she’s kicking her life away for someone watching her in the crowd. Then I suddenly lock eyes with my former brunette escort.

She furiously masturbates as she hollers, “I tried to warn you!” Something inside triggers my muscles as I begin humping again. She squeals with glee as I instinctively fuck the air in her direction.

My mind simply cannot process what is happening to me. Family members are dancing their lives away on either side of me. The rest of the facility is cruelly cheering our impending demise.

Carrie finally settles down as she pisses herself. Stray muscles fire as her naked body shimmies. It was horrible… yet a part of me believes it was shamefully glorious.

I kick, struggle and hump the air until I no longer have any fight left. Mom swings into view as I dangle in breathless agony. My final humiliation is my bladder giving way.

Something flashes in mom’s eyes. Did she enjoy watching me piss myself? Does she want to see me die?

Stray muscles fire as I hump a little in her direction. Then consciousness spirals away into infinity. Now my mom is the only one left.

The last of our family finishes up her lewd dance of death. The climax is when she pisses herself, much to the delight and cheers of everyone watching. Then our entire family is no more.

2022 (written for Carrie Apr 15 ’22)

(The drawing below inspired this whole thing.)

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