Erotic Thoughts


I felt a little out of place at Wendy’s Aqua party. It’s not like I wasn’t accepted by the guys or anything like that. And Wendy was the perfect hostess. So that wasn’t it.

It turns out I was much more self-conscious than I thought I was going to be. Seeing Wendy in her more erotic pool scenarios didn’t help matters any. It felt as though I had a constant erection every time she was in the water.

I finally made it my sole mission to distract myself by becoming a good camera operator. I worked hard to achieve the perfect shot. That left the other guys free to enjoy participating in some of Wendy’s more “hands-on” scenarios.

I got to where I learned how to use every guy’s camera. They were all happy to have me film them in the water with Wendy whenever I could. It meant they were free to participate in one or more of her specific drowning or glamour shots.

A couple of times I was invited (even urged) to get up close and personal in the water with Wendy herself. But I always politely declined. My cock was hard so often that I simply didn’t want to embarrass myself. I figured it was better to take video from what I deemed to be a “safer” distance.

The guys didn’t care either way, although they often urged me to participate in certain scenes. After all, I wasn’t the only one with a noticeable erection. Wendy loved seeing all the guys with stiffies in their trunks.

The last day of the party turned out to be “speedo day”. That meant all the guys had to wear speedos. Wendy wanted to be able to tell in no uncertain terms just how much she was turning us all on.

I let it slip that I had brought a pair of red speedos with me. Immediately all the guys wanted me to wear it. Wendy practically frothed at the mouth at the idea of seeing me in it. She all but demanded I go change into the bloody thing.

I was extremely self-conscious when I came out and showed it to everyone. The guys all said they liked it. Wendy came up to me and personally told me she loved it before thanking me with a peck on the cheek.

Thankfully the other speedos being worn took center stage for a while after that. Everybody got a little attention over their swimwear. Then it was back to filming the scenarios we had left for the day.

Becoming self-conscious again, I went back to operating all the cameras. Trying to distract myself by making sure I got good pictures and video didn’t work very well though. Today was the day Wendy had saved for her more erotic underwater shoots.

I had a distinct bulge in my red speedos for most of the day. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one. Everybody seemed to be sporting wood at different times and during different shoots.

Wendy loved seeing all those bulges. It made her throw everything she had into each and every scenario we filmed. She loved seeing the evidence of us guys being turned on during her drowning and glamour sessions.

I noticed she often made sure to look for me and the camera I was operating. It did not matter whether I was in the pool holding my breath taking the shot from a respectful distance or if I was up at the surface looking downward. She smiled in my direction every time she saw me.

I’m sure she noticed I always had a salute in my speedos for her. At times it seemed as though she was acting just for me. She always made sure the camera I was operating received a lot of smoldering, bubbly looks.

Throughout the day she tried to entice me to come down and take part in one of her scenarios. Even the guys urged me to get a little more involved. But I was just too self-conscious.

I always smiled and thanked them for their kindness. I jokingly told them I simply felt safer behind a camera at a greater distance. Everyone laughed good-naturedly.

We finally got down to a handful of scenarios left to film. Wendy wanted to go down topless while wearing pantyhose. Naturally the guys loved the idea.

She put on dive fins and a weight belt, the later to neutralize her natural buoyancy. Then she asked me to operate the main camera looking down on her. A couple of guys would be in the water taking pictures as Craig got the main video while using the snuba hose.

Before Wendy went down she told us, “I think I’m going to call this one, ‘erotic thoughts’. I want the viewer to decide for him or herself what they’d like to do to me while I’m doing this.” Then she looked right at me and smiled before adding, “I’m thinking about having you guys come down one by one and act out a little of what you’d like to do to me.”

My stiff cock twitched beneath my speedos. So I nailed myself to the side of the pool, deciding this was as close as I dared get. Then I recorded her heading down to the bottom of the pool.

She allowed the weight belt to pull her down. She ended up flat on her back on the bottom. It was disturbingly arousing.

She looked up at the camera in my hands. But it was as though she was looking right at me. Then she proceeded to start groping and fondling her breasts.

I tried to concentrate on recording the video while keeping her body in frame. She writhed as though she was totally turned on while holding her breath lying on the floor of the pool. My bulge wasted no time making another appearance.

It looked as though she was performing solely for my benefit. Guys looking down on her murmured how erotic it was. I just gulped nervously as I focused on getting the best shot.

My cock was hard as a rock underneath my speedos. Wendy kept looking right at me, being as how I was the one holding the surface camera she was playing to. I leaned over and submerged the camera, all the while hoping my bulge was sufficiently hidden.

Craig was out of the frame while taking video of his own. He had a weight belt and dive mask while using the air hose so he could stay down the entire time. His bulge was every bit as noticeable as mine, although he didn’t seem all that self-conscious about it.

Wendy released a burst of bubbles as she massaged her mounds. She smiled as they came right up to me while I was holding the camera. “I think those are for you, Riwa,” Foe chuckled in my ear.

I became extremely self-conscious again, hoping my arousal was not offensive or anything. I told Foe, “You, uh… you want to take over for me? I’m a little, uh…”

He just patted me on the back with a chuckle. “Not this time, buddy. I think you’re the best one to take this shot. Everyone here thinks you’re doing just fine with the cameras.”

Wendy suddenly launched herself up off the bottom. She was looking right at me as her head burst up. She gasped for breath before letting the weight belt take her right back down.

My cock twitched again in my speedos as I zeroed in on her with the camera, following her progress down. She went flat on her back again before groping her breasts while releasing more bubbles. “Now that’s really erotic,” Foe quietly observed.

Wendy blew a burst of bubbles before coming right back up. I eased away from the edge of the pool, trying to keep her in frame. She gasped aloud before going right back down.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple of guys looking at me as though trying to gauge my reaction. They all knew I liked the way Wendy would submerge, come up and gasp, and then go right back down. They also knew I liked watching her bubble. I inwardly cursed myself for revealing way too many of my underwater enthusiasms.

Wendy released more bubbles as she groped her breasts again. She tried blowing a few bubble rings for us all. Then she came up for another breath.

I backed away from the edge to give her plenty of room. That’s when she smiled at me. “I’ve got an idea for a camera angle I want to try; ok? Just let me go back down for a second or two to figure things out.”

I told her I was ready to record anything she wanted. Craig remained in position the entire time down on the pool floor. Then Wendy loudly filled her lungs before allowing the weight belt to pull her down.

I leaned in before submerging the camera to get the shot completely underwater. She seemed to throw herself into it even more. It looked as though she was really coming on to me, releasing more bubbles of pleasure as she writhed and groped herself.

She stayed down for the longest time. It looked as though she was trying an impromptu breath-hold. All the guys standing around the pool leaned over to get a good look.

Wendy was really struggling to hold her breath before she released a huge burst of bubbles. Then she shot upward and grabbed onto the side of the pool. Instinctively I stepped back so as not to crowd her.

She took on a serious expression as she told me, “I need a close-up, Riwa. I want you on the pool floor with me. I want you kneeling while straddling my lower legs. I want a view up along my body to catch my chest in profile while I’m lying flat on my back. Can you do that for me?

My heart skipped a beat. Wasn’t that getting a little too close and personal? I stammered, “But Craig’s already down there. Can’t he move in closer for the shot?”

“I want him to record me from farther back. I need you to get a closer view.” Then she gave me a mischievous smile as though indicating she was up to no good.

I turned to Foe and self-consciously asked, “Uh… isn’t this more your department?”

“Oh, I would, buddy…” Then he reached down to grab his calf as he added, “…but I feel a cramp coming on. Besides, you’ve convinced me you’re the best one to get this shot.”

I started to panic as I looked around at the guys. They all nodded their heads as they told me Foe was right. I gulped as I looked at Wendy who motioned for me to come down and join her.

“I really need this shot, Riwa. I trust you. I know you’ll do a fine job. And don’t tell me you can’t hold your breath long enough either. We’ve all seen you take video underwater for a long time without using the hose.”

She waved playfully at me to come join her. I looked around at the guys, feeling like a condemned man off to his execution. They just smiled and nodded.

Wendy took a deep breath and submerged, giving me no chance to back out. I hastily filled my lungs before following her down. After all, I didn’t want her to waste any of her breath-hold waiting for me to join her.

She went flat on her back, the weight belt pulling her down into position. I got down there and wrapped my knees on either side of her ankles and fins so as not to drift upward. Then I focused the camera along her body, working to get her face and chest in the frame.

I had a massive bulge the entire time I was down there. I’m sure she was well aware of it too. Wendy’s nipples were incredibly hard as she grinned seductively at me, looking right at me as she groped her breasts while blowing bubbles.

She could not hold her breath quite as long while she was “acting”. This meant I didn’t have any sort of excuse to bail on her by surfacing ahead of her. I felt like I was obligated to stay down the entire time, suspecting she would ultimately start up whenever she was ready.

She finally made a move indicating, that she needed to surface. I let her go and followed her up, the two of us releasing bubbles on the way. Besides, I needed to refill my aching lungs too.

We burst up gasping for breath. “Great shot!” Foe told me with a huge grin. “I can’t wait to see that one once it’s edited.”

“I don’t know how he does it,” another said with a shake of his head.

“One more,” Wendy gasped as she looked right at me. “I want to hold my breath longer on this next one.” Then she gave me a knowing smile.

What else could I do? I couldn’t very well say no and disappoint her, could I? I would just have to deal with being self-conscious while trying to record the shot she wanted.

She filled her lungs and submerged. I inhaled deeply before heading down after her. I needed to get into position as quickly as I could to make the most of her lengthy time on the bottom.

I knelt down, straddling her ankles while locking onto them to help hold myself down. She went right back at it, groping her breasts while wriggling seductively. My cock had softened a little up at the surface. But it hardened right back up in no time at all.

I focused on the shot she wanted as I straddled her. I was painfully aware how hard my cock was bulging in my speedos. Inwardly I cursed myself for having packed them in the first place. It would have been much easier to say I hadn’t brought a pair of speedos with me.

Once more I got the feeling Wendy was performing solely for my benefit. I was painfully aware of several guys leaning over the side of the pool and looking down on us. I was also aware of Craig and the other two taking video and pictures while they were on the bottom with us.

Wendy really poured on the seduction. She writhed and bubbled for all she was worth. I did my best to record it all while keeping her in frame.

She finally motioned she needed to surface. I rose up, allowing her to fin her way back to the surface. I popped up with her, gasping loudly for breath right next to her.

“That’s hot!” Foe blurted out in admiration. Then he knelt down and stretched a hand out toward me as he told me, “I’ll need the camera for this one, Riwa.”

“Oh? Ok.”

Instinctively I gave it to him without even thinking about it. That’s when it dawned on me I was now in the water with Wendy. And I didn’t have anything to record her with!

It occurred to me the scenario was changing. Instinctively I started to swim over to the side of the pool to climb out. That’s when Wendy came over and grabbed my shoulder, smiling before telling me, “Just a minute.”

I looked confused as I replied, “I beg your pardon?”

“This is my scenario,” Foe explained to me. “And I need your help on this one.”

I looked up at him in surprise. “My help? What am I supposed to do?”

“I want to record the cameraman while he’s straddling Wendy.”

“A cameraman without his camera?” I replied in confusion.

“That’s right.”

“Doing what?”

“Whatever his erotic thoughts tell him to do.” Then Foe grinned triumphantly at me. The other guys all cheered.

I blushed a self-conscious crimson. “I’ll, uh… How about if I offer to go last? Let someone else go first.” I was hoping it would get late and there wouldn’t be time for my scenario with her.

“You’re already in the water, Riwa. Besides, you’ll be setting the stage for the rest of us. I’ll be judging my turn based on what you do down there with Wendy; ok?”

I looked around in desperation. Everyone was motioning I should go first. Then a new voice spoke up…

“I’ll record the underwater part.” It was Craig from behind me. I hadn’t even noticed him surfacing.

“C’mon,” Wendy said eagerly as she pulled on my arm. “I’m really looking forward to this. I want us to work really hard so we can get this in one take.”

“You’d better get it in one take or we might not get him back down there,” Kevin observed. That generated laughs all around.

I looked all around. It seemed everyone wanted me to go down with her. I was struggling like hell to soften a growing bulge in my speedos.

Wendy had this huge grin on her face. “C’mon! Let’s show ‘em how it’s done; ok? I can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

“Uh… what shall we do?”

“Let’s be spontaneous, ok? I trust you, Riwa. Now let’s get back down there, ok? We’re burning daylight!” There was more laughter.

I turned to see Craig had gone back down and was getting into position. Foe was also getting ready with the camera he had sneakily pilfered from me. What else was I to do?

“I’ll hold my breath a really long time for you, Riwa. Let’s make this sizzle, shall we?” Then Wendy filled her lungs and headed down.

I figured she’d be wasting part of her breath-hold if I didn’t hurry and get myself down there right away. So I inhaled deeply and went down after her. I felt like I was now on the spot and was being counted on to produce something.

She ended up flat on her back, writhing and bubbling as before. I swam around her, sizing her up while trying to decide what to do to her. I had an idea or two, but I couldn’t help being a little hesitant.

She blew bubbles at me, writhing as though she was desperately trying to seduce me. I carefully reached out and started to caress her, trying to make sure Foe had an unobstructed view above us. Then I reached out and lightly brushed a hand over one of her breasts.

She moaned and bubbled. Her nipples were really hard. My cock was embarrassingly stiff.

I finally decided to just go for it. Besides, I kept wanting to drift upward. So I straddled her thighs as I knelt down on top of her, locking onto her with my knees.

I reached out and lightly grazed her mounds with my hands. She closed her eyes and bubbled with pleasure. Slowly I began to massage her glorious breasts.

I thought about looking all around to see how everyone was reacting. Then I thought better of it. If they were recording a scene, it would not do for me to “break character” by looking around to see what else was going on. Besides, my attention was supposed to be focused solely on Wendy.

I groped, fondled and caressed her chest. Wendy writhed and bubbled as though she was happy as a clam. I winced inwardly as I realized my bulge was pressing into her crotch.

I continued that for the longest time. For a moment it felt as though she was humping me a little, perhaps confirming my arousal. Instinctively I humped her back before becoming self-conscious again.

I don’t know how long we were down there. She finally wriggled out from underneath me. My lungs were starting to strain as well. I was glad she was calling it a session.

We both surfaced together, gasping loudly for breath. “Excellent!” Foe told me enthusiastically. “That was a great ‘part one’!”

“Part one?” I almost groaned. He wanted me to go back down again?? I couldn’t believe how self-conscious I was feeling!

“You know what I want to see now; don’t you, Riwa?” Foe was grinning knowingly at me.

At first my mind drew a blank. Then it finally occurred to me. Everyone could tell it had dawned on me by my expression of understanding.

“C’mon, Riwa!” Wendy urged enthusiastically. “Let’s make this one for all my fans over at the website.”

I nodded in agreement, wishing I could somehow get my cock to soften. We both began hyperventilating. Then we submerged together.

She let the weight belt take her right to the bottom where she stretched out flat on her back. I immediately straddled her waist while I was kneeling. It felt like my bulge was pressing into her crotch. But I tried not to think about it.

I went right back to massaging her breasts. She moaned and bubbled as though she was all turned on. It felt like she was humping me a little as though urging me to do more.

Her expression subtly began to change. She became more anxious. That’s when she lifted up her arms and pushed her hands against my chest as though I was keeping her down.

I pushed down against her, making sure I had her locked between my legs so I wouldn’t drift upward. She shook her head as though she was in serious trouble. I knew we were still early into her breath-hold. So I figured it couldn’t be that she needed up now, could it?

She began to struggle underneath me. I felt my bulge press up against her even more. It was very embarrassing, and I tried to rise up while at the same time trying to stay down on top of her. She gently humped me as though fully aware of my “problem”.

Wendy lost more bubbles. I pushed down harder against her. I thought about looking around to see what the others were doing. But I realized I had to remain in character and complete the scene.

She struggled even more. Her expression was quite fearful, her eyes wide with fright. For a moment she had me convinced… until I realized I had not yet seen the signal she always gave during a drowning scene.

I just went with it, my cock hard and throbbing as she began “swallowing water”. The way she coughed up bubbles was realistic as hell. A moment later I felt my cock give way in a shameful release. All I could do was hope there wouldn’t be much of a noticeable stain.

Wendy finally went limp in my grasp. A few stray bubbles leaked out past her parted lips. I slowly massaged her breasts, enjoying her “drowned body” as she stared upward with lifeless eyes.

Her lungs suddenly heaved, causing her to lose a huge burst of bubbles. Mine did the same. Instinctively I let her go, and we shot up to the surface together.

There was a loud cheer when we reached the surface and started gasping for breath. My face went beet red. Wendy pulled me close and whispered into my ear, “That was a great scene, Riwa. Don’t be embarrassed. You have no idea how turned on I was down there.” Then she gave me another peck on the cheek.

I was glad I’d participated in a scene she’d enjoyed. But my self-consciousness returned in a rush. So I climbed out of the pool, determined to retrieve the camera out of Foe’s hand and go back to doing something I wasn’t so nervous about.

2021 (written for Wendy and her fans Oct 3 ’21 by riwa. Inspired by her Erotic thoughts clip.)

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