My mother the breath-holder 2



It took me a few minutes to emerge from the bathroom. I was still trying to process what I’d just witnessed. My mother in her sexy black bikini had just held her breath for two minutes in my backyard pool.

She was in trouble because of her gambling debts. And it was clear she wanted me to help pay them off. I hadn’t improved the situation any by making a wager with her about her breath-holding abilities. All I’d accomplished was helping her to continue her gambling addiction.

She smiled as I emerged out of the house into the backyard. “There you are, Georgie. Ready to time me again? Will you pay me another $50 if I can hold my breath another two minutes?”

I sighed heavily. “Mom, what are we going to do about your gambling debts?”

“Aren’t you going to help me, Georgie? I could be in big trouble, you know!”

“Mom, I’m not just going to pay off your debts!”

“Then what can I do to earn some money from you, Georgie? You already owe me $50 for holding my breath last time. Can’t you pay me each time I hold my breath for you?”

“I don’t know, mom. That’s a lot of money you owe.”

“Then I’ll work at holding my breath longer. What will you pay me for holding my breath for two and a half minutes?”

“Mom, I can’t just pay you for…”

“What will you pay me, Georgie? How about $150? That way you’ll owe me an even $200.”

“I don’t want to make another wager, mom. I don’t want to further your gambling addiction…”

“I am NOT addicted to gambling, Georgie! I’m begging you now! Help your mother out here, ok?”

I thought about it for a little bit. Then I told her, “On one condition, mom. This time you can’t hold onto the ladder. That makes it too easy.”

“Then what do you want me to do, Georgie?”

“You can cross your legs and sit on the bottom…”

“I can do that…”

“…in the deep end.”


“Do you want the other hundred and fifty or not?”

“You can’t do that to your mother!”

“Fine. Let’s just call the whole thing off.”

“All right – all right!” Then she stretched out a hand. “Give me your watch so I can keep track of my time.”

I removed my watch and tossed it to her. Then I went and fetched my iPhone. I figured I could use the timer on it to double-check her progress.

“Two-thirty; right, Georgie?”

“Sitting on your butt on the bottom in the deep end.”

“Ok – ok; you’re on! I need the bread!”

She spent a few moments hyperventilating. Then she took a big breath. My mother finally submerged, a trickle of bubbles popping up at the surface.

I triggered the timer on my iPhone before placing it on the edge of the pool. Then I filled my lungs before slipping under to watch. If I was going to pay her $150, I wanted to make sure she didn’t cheat.

She worked herself all the way to the bottom. For mom it wasn’t all that hard, being as how she had more muscle than fat. Besides, she was a decent swimmer and had used my pool many times in the past.

She sat upright and crossed her legs. She started to drift upward a little. But she released just enough air past her lips to settle back down on her ass.

She checked the time on my watch on her wrist. Then she settled in. I clung to the bottom rung of the ladder and watched as my mother proceeded to attempt a 2:30 breath-hold while wearing a sexy, black bikini on the bottom in the deep end of my backyard pool.

She closed her eyes as a couple of stray bubbles trickled out of her nose. At least she wasn’t doing this with a dive mask or anything. I got to see her face the entire time. I also got an unobstructed view of her barely covered chest, especially the way that bikini showed off the cleavage to her DD’s.

I didn’t have any way of keeping track of the time as the iPhone was up at the surface. But I figured I could judge it pretty well while I was holding my breath and watching her. Mom had barely made two minutes last time, so I expected her to struggle to make 2:30.

More bubbles trickled out of her nose. She adjusted her position on the floor of the pool. The longer I watched, the more aroused I became. Oh gawd; not again??

She reached the point where it began to show in her stomach. I saw it ripple a couple of times as she released a burst of air out of her nose. Then it moved up into her chest.

She winced as she opened her eyes and checked the time. She winced again. But she looked right at me as though determined to win another $150.

I could feel it in my lungs as well. Mom winced once more as she lost a burst of air. This time she stared at the watch as though willing herself to make it to 2:30.

Was she going to make it? I didn’t know for sure. So I headed up to the surface to check the timer on the iPhone.

I surfaced and looked at the display. 2:18…2:19…2:20. Down below there was another burst of air.

I looked down to see my mother struggling to hold it. More air came up through her clenched lips. She lost a huge burst of bubbles as she wriggled and squirmed.

She suddenly lost another huge burst of bubbles. Then she shot up for the surface. I checked the iPhone and noted a time of 2:33 just as she burst up to the surface.

She grinned proudly as she held up the arm with my watch attached to it. “I did it, Georgie! You owe me $200!”

“That’s great, mom!” I called back. “I’ll go in and see about getting you the cash.”

“Can’t we do another one, Georgie? I need more than a couple hundred bucks.”

I was concerned about becoming too aroused watching mom hold her breath in that bikini. So I told her, “Not now, mom. Maybe later.”

“You’ll want me to hold my breath again, right?”

“Yeah, mom. I suppose we can try it again.”

“Well, then I’d better get to practicing. I need to earn a lot of dough if I’m going to pay off the debt I owe.” And with that she took a deep breath and submerged.

My cock was hard again. I didn’t need the embarrassment of sticking around watching my mother while I became all turned on. So I reluctantly headed into the house.

I had to find some way to distract myself. My mind kept drifting back to seeing mom in the pool holding her breath in that sexy black bikini. So I started supper early.

Mom does some cooking while she stays with me. But I do a lot more of it than she does. In fact, I do the majority of everything that needs to be done around the house.

Anyway, I really threw myself into the meal. I worked on a couple of entrees that required my undivided attention. So I was too busy to notice mom come in from the pool and go take a shower.

I had dinner ready by 5:30. Thankfully mom was dressed modestly at the table. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would have handled it.

While we were eating, she told me she’d been working on her breath control. She invited me to come out after dinner and check it out. I felt my cock stiffen in my pants, so I told her I’d think about it.

After dinner, I further distracted myself by cleaning up and doing the dishes. Mom told me she was heading right back out to do more practicing. She wanted to be able to hold her breath long enough to earn some extra cash from me.

I ran out of things to do by around 7:46. So I decided to change back into a swimsuit and join mom out in the pool. That turned out to be a rather huge mistake.

I changed into a pair of baggy trunks in case I encountered any stimulating issues that might cause me some embarrassment. Then I headed for the backyard. Mom was already in the water with a dive mask.

After a lap underwater, she surfaced in the deep end. Right away I noticed mom was in a pink thong bikini. If anything, it was more revealing than her black two piece.

She smiled when she saw me. “Georgie, I’m so glad you came out! You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing! I’ve been working on swimming entire laps underwater!”

“How long can you go, mom?”

“Georgie, I’m up to three minutes. And I can hold my breath even longer when I’m not moving.”

“Three minutes swimming underwater? Mom, are you sure?”

“How much will you pay me to prove it to you, Georgie? After all, you’ve got to make it worth my while.”

I rolled my eyes; not again?? “Mom, I can’t keep paying you just for holding your breath underwater!”

“Why not? You have girlfriends over… and you pay them.”

“That’s different!”

“How’s it different, Georgie?”

“Well… they’re not… they’re not…”

“They’re not your mother. Is that what you’re trying to say? C’mon, Georgie! How much will you pay me to swim underwater for three minutes? You already owe me $200. Why not add $300 more and make it an even $500?”

“Mom, I can’t just…”


“Ok, mom. Three minutes swimming back and forth underwater on one breath.” That’s when I felt my cock start to stir in my trunks again.

“You’re on!” Then she checked the watch on her wrist. I noticed she was still wearing mine.

I made sure I had my iPhone to time her. She called out, “Three minutes, Georgie! Three minutes for $300!”

“Only if you stay underwater for the full three minutes, mom!”

“Piece of cake, Georgie!”

She took a deep breath and submerged, checking my watch on her wrist. I started the timer on my iPhone. Then she kicked off the wall in the deep end.

She pulled with her arms and frog-kicked with her legs. Then she allowed forward momentum to carry her. She’d almost come to a stop when she did it again.

There was a second dive mask lying nearby. I pulled it down over my face before slipping into the water to have a look. Thankfully mom was swimming face down, preventing me from seeing her cleavage. However, I got an unobstructed view of her mostly bare ass, which was not that much of an improvement for the stirring in my trunks.

Mom slowly swam all the way across the pool. She was close to the bottom as she entered the shallow end. She stayed there as she slowly pulled herself forward.

She reached the wall in the shallow end and turned herself around. Then she kicked off toward the deep end. Once more she pulled with her arms while doing a frog kick.

She glided forward on sheer momentum until she almost stopped. Then she pulled with her arms while frog-kicking again. It made me wonder just how long she’d practiced out in the pool while I’d camped out in the kitchen.

She reached the wall to the deep end and turned herself around. I’d swam laps underwater in the pool before. I could get from one end to the other in less than thirty seconds. But she was conserving energy as she glided forward while pulling herself along, all that muscle helping keep her close to the bottom.

She lost a few bubbles as she reached the slope to the shallow end. She pulled herself up, using her arms as she frog-kicked, and then gliding while conserving her air. I was rather impressed.

She reached the shallow end and turned around. Once more she pulled with her arms while frog-kicking. A few more bubbles trickled out of her mouth as she glided forward.

She reached the slope to the deep end. When she’d slowed enough, she simply pulled with her arms while frog-kicking again. I watched as she approached the wall in the deep end, my cock hard as a rock in my trunks.

She reached the wall, turned around and pushed off again. Mom stayed along the pool floor, gliding along after pulling and kicking. That’s when I surfaced, curious as to her time.

I checked the iPhone sitting next to the edge of the pool. She was already beyond two minutes. I’d figured as much because she was going slower than I did. Besides, I knew how long it took me to swim across the pool underwater.

She reached the slope and angled upward, losing another burst of bubbles. She pulled and kicked, totally focused on the task at hand. I was becoming more and more impressed.

She glided all the way to the wall in the shallow end. Mom turned around and dutifully started back. This time I thought I saw a little reaction in her stomach and chest. Was she running out of breath?

I became shamefully excited as I watched her. She lost another burst of bubbles as she reached the slope. I thought she might stay level with the shallow end. But she followed the floor of the pool all the way down to the bottom in the deep end.

I saw her chest heave as she pulled and kicked. There was another burst of air. Then she reached out and touched the wall at the bottom of the pool.

Mom shot up for the surface. I followed her up, incredulous at what I’d just witnessed. The iPhone showed 3:12, with mom calling out her time was 3:13.

“Ok, mom; you win. That’s another $300. That’s $500 I owe you.”

“How about another breath-hold, Georgie? What do I have to do for you to pay me $500?”

I came up with something I thought might slow her down a bit. “On your back on the bottom, mom! If you can do three minutes while you’re swimming, you should be able to do 3:30 without any kind of activity!” This time I wanted to watch her face and chest.

“Can you pay me a little more, Georgie? What do I have to do for say… $750?”

“You’ll have to do it without your dive mask, mom.”

I thought for sure that would get her. Instead, she pulled the mask up off her face. “Deal!” she called out.

I watched her take three really deep breaths. Then she slipped under the surface. I set the timer on my iPhone as she submerged, a few bubbles popping up to mark where she’d gone down.

I submerged to watch, my dive mask pulled back down onto my face. Mom went all the way to the bottom in the deep end. Then she stretched out onto her back.

I thought for sure the water going up her nose would bother her. But she remained on the bottom. I saw her release a few bubbles as she started to drift upward. That helped her sink right back down.

I held my breath with her as I watched her from the pool ladder. I didn’t dare get too close. After all, I didn’t want her to discover the bulge I was sporting.

Mom easily blew right through a minute. She made it through two with only a brief release of bubbles. It made me wonder just how hard she had practiced out in the pool while I was in making dinner.

My cock was hard as a rock as she approached 2:30. She looked as though she was still doing fine. Only a few bubbles dribbled out of her nose.

I hadn’t counted on her staying under so long. So I headed up to the surface. I checked my iPhone and noticed she was already passing 2:50.

I went back under to watch. Mom looked like she was cool as a cucumber. She hardly moved at all as she passed 3:10.

I saw her stomach ripple a little. Then her chest heaved. It was incredibly erotic to observe.

She lost a few bubbles as she checked her watch. Her chest heaved again. That red bikini top did very little to cover anything. In fact, it really showed mom’s mounds, as well as the cleavage that was now on full display.

She released a burst of bubbles as she checked her watch. Then she started to rise. But she paused, allowing me to head up first to check my iPhone.

It read 3:52 when mom came up gasping for breath. She proudly proclaimed I owed her another $750. Then she said she wanted to go again.

I said I felt like I needed to get out of the water and tend to something in my crotch. Mom said it wasn’t fair for me to leave just then. She wanted to do at least one more.

“But mom, I really need to go!”

She smiled as she told me, “Georgie? What’ll you pay me if you stay and let nature take its course while I hold my breath for as long as I can?” Was she thinking about me and the restroom? Or was she referring to my, uh… discomfort down below?

“Mom, I really don’t think…”

“I see how horny you get watching your girlfriends in the pool, Georgie. And I know you’re turned on watching me. So what’ll you pay me? How about $1,250? That way you’ll owe me an even $2,500?”

“Mom I really don’t…”

“Aw, c’mon, Georgie! I need the money! Besides, I don’t mind if you have a little, uh… accident in the pool! So will you give me $1,250 or not?”

“Mom, you’ll have to reach 4:30 for that.”


“It’s either that or I go inside right now and, uh…”

“Ok – ok! But you’ll owe me a total of $2,500 if I make it; ok?”

I sighed, “Ok, mom. Have it your way.”

She spent half a minute taking long, deep breaths. Then she submerged. I made sure the timer on my iPhone had been activated before I went under to watch.

She went all the way to the pool floor in the deep end. She released a few small bubbles until she lost her buoyancy. Then she settled in as she remained flat on her back on the bottom.

The first minute was easy enough. Then mom started moving her hands. She actually began caressing her mounds, her face indicating she was enjoying herself.

I winced as my cock twitched in my trunks. This was not good at all. If she kept it up, there was no way of knowing whether or not I’d be able to hold off.

Oh well. Mom had all but said it would be all right…

She ran her hands up and down her body. One hand rubbed her crotch as the other went back and forth between her DD’s. It was shamefully erotic.

She released a few bubbles as she went somewhere past the two minute mark. Then mom rubbed her crotch a little harder. I kept battling myself over whether or not it was ok to get turned on while watching her.

I was pretty sure she’d passed three minutes when she pulled her bikini top open, exposing her mounds. I almost lost it right there. Somehow I managed to maintain my self-control, although my lungs were starting to hurt.

I finally went up for a quick breath and a time-check. Mom was passing 3:24. Could she actually make it to 4:30?

I went back under to watch. Mom was touching and caressing herself all over. She lost another little burst of bubbles.

My cock was hard in my trunks. Instinctively I reached down and rubbed my bulge. Then I jerked my hand away, wondering if mom had noticed. If she’d witnessed my indiscretion, she gave no indication, although I thought I saw her smile a little more.

She rubbed herself a little harder. Then I saw her stomach ripple. Seeing her struggle turned me on even more.

She lost another burst of bubbles. Now it was evident in her chest. She hitched a little, causing her breasts to wobble as she lost bubbles out of her nose.

She looked right at me as she really began rubbing her crotch. Her chest hitched again as she lost more bubbles. Instinctively I reached down and rubbed my erection through my trunks.

She hitched again and again. Mom furiously rubbed her crotch. Then her back arched as she lost a huge mouthful of bubbles.

I couldn’t help myself. I creamed my trunks as mom orgasmed right there in front of me. At least, that’s what it looked like.

She checked her watch. Mom covered her mouth as her chest hitched again. Then she shot up to the surface, losing more air through her fingers.

I shot up with her, gasping for breath as I checked the time. I thought maybe I had gotten away with it. But my iPhone read 4:51.

“I won!” mom gasped as she checked my watch on her wrist. “Georgie, you owe me $2,500!”

I shot back, “It’s in my other pocket, mom! I’m going in to get out now!”

“Oh, Georgie! Can’t we go again? I’m so excited earning more money to pay off my debts!”

“Not now, mom! That’s enough for tonight!”

I was embarrassed the way we’d both climaxed in front of each other. Mom didn’t seem to think anything of it. “Ok, Georgie,” she sighed. “Maybe tomorrow night.” Then I climbed out of the pool.

She swam right over to the ladder I’d been using. She hadn’t even bothered to put her bikini top back in place. She just grinned at me before going over, picking up a towel and heading inside.

2021 (written Dec 14 ’21 by riwa)

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