The Principal


Vikki was pissed with school. She was pissed with classes, and she was pissed with tests and quizzes. But she was mostly pissed with the school principal, a snooty woman by the name of Miss Anne Thrope.

The somewhat attractive, middle-aged bitch acted like she owned the school. Everything had to be done just right and done her way. She seemed ill suited for the job of dealing with young adults and with those responsible for instructing them.

The other shoe dropped for Vikki in the hall between classes. She observed Miss Thrope berating Amy Nielson. She liked Amy because the student was, like her, something of a rebel, another one of those girls who had a similar attitude about everything.

It was none of her business to begin with. Vikki had no idea what Amy had done to set off the vindictive woman. If she would have been thinking clearly she probably would have just let sleeping dogs lie.

Unfortunately she’d been in a sour mood all day. She thought the principal was ganging up on Amy unjustly, judging by the sound of the conversation. So she waded right in.

“Miss Thrope? Why don’t you climb on your broomstick, fly away and leave Amy alone? You are such a stuck-up, uptight bitch; you know that?

Amy gave her the faintest flicker of a smile of appreciation and support. It was nice having someone in her corner for a change. But she knew Miss Thrope was not one to be trifled with.

The angry principal turned in her direction, looking as though she was about to blow a gasket. “You got something to say to me, Chestnut?”

Amy gave her a warning look and a brief shake of her head as if to say, “You’d better drop it and leave while you still can.” But Vikki was having none of it. The principal had simply caught her on a bad day while expending a lot of hot air in the direction of a student she liked.

“I said ‘Get your fat ass on your broom-stick, fly away and leave us students alone’; ok? What… you hard of hearing or something?”

Amy closed her eyes and shook her head. She knew that was clearly the wrong thing to say. What’s more, Vikki had said it to the totally wrong person.

Miss Thrope looked like she was going to explode. “My office, Chestnut! Five PM!”

“But I’m going to be home by then!”

“Five PM or don’t bother coming back to school, Chestnut! All those pitiful grades will be down the fucking drain! Do I make myself clear?”

“Fine. If the witch wants me to sweep out her broom closet, who am I to say no?”

“Scram, Chestnut!”

“Fine with me. I’ve got another class to get to anyway, although it’s one I’m probably going to fail.” Then she turned and angrily stormed off.

“Fine, Chestnut!” she heard Miss Thrope holler over her shoulder. “Have it your way! Make it four-thirty! There’ll be a chair outside my door with your name on it.”

“Fuck you!”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it, Chestnut – where do you think you’re going, Nielson?”

By then Vikki had decided she didn’t want to have anything more to do with the old battle-axe. She just kept walking to her next class. She entered the room, took one of the empty chairs, slumped into the seat and sighed heavily. Another long, lousy day of school…

At first she thought about not even bothering to show up. But she decided against it. If she could just finish her senior year, even getting out of here with C’s and D’s would mean she’d be gone forever.

As she headed down the hall she saw two red chairs outside Principal Thrope’s door. One of them was already taken. Apparently Goldie Haran had not escaped the principal’s ire either.

As she approached the open door she heard voices coming from inside. She paused before she reached it. Something didn’t sound right.

“…feel like smart-mouthing me now, Nielson?”

“N-no, ma’am.” Amy sounded scared.

“You think it’s funny the way I’m treated around here?”

“No, m-ma’am.”

“You’ve been on my ass from day one; haven’t you, Nielson?”

“N-No ma’am.”

“You think you’re better than me because of your father’s money; am I right?”

“P-Please, ma’am. Don’t…”

“I don’t want to hear it, Nielson! What I want to hear from you are these words and these words only… ‘I’m. Bad. And. I. Deserve. To. Hang!’ You got that??”

“No, M-Miss Thrope! P-Please!”

Vikki stopped in alarm right before reaching the door. Goldie looked up at her for a long moment before lowering her head and shaking it. Was that a tear trickling down her cheek?

“Say the words, Miss Nielson! Say the words or I swear I’ll have Coach Carlson manually spit you himself! I trust you know how much that would fucking hurt; am I right?”

There was a long pause. Then Vikki heard the words, “I’m b-bad and I d-deserve to hang, Miss Thrope.” Amy sounded frightened out of her wits.

“Now tell me to hang you, you stupid cunt!”

“P-Please, Miss Th-Thrope! P-Please don’t make me…”


“Please h-hang me M-Miss Thrope.”

“With fucking pleasure, bitch!”

Vikki heard the sound of a mechanical hum, immediately followed by ragged gasps for breath. She rushed to the door and looked inside. Amy Nielson was in her socks and underwear, her arms cuffed behind her back.

She was off the ground, a noose around her throat that went up into the ceiling where a tile had been removed. A pan had been slid underneath her feet to catch any mess she made. She rasped and gurgled as she fought the rope.

Miss Ann Thrope was not wearing her stuffy, loose-fitting outfit from earlier in the day. Now she was in a short, black skirt. Black pantyhose went down her slender legs into a set of black high heels. A black wrap around her white blouse made her look much, much different from her daily attire.

Amy caught sight of Vikki looking in on them as she dangled from the noose. She tried to speak, but was only able to rasp for breath. That’s when Miss Thrope turned to see who her dying student was looking at.

She smiled cruelly at the newcomer. “Have a seat in the hall, Chestnut. I’ll get to you in a bit.”

Vikki looked at Goldie sitting uncomfortably in one of the two chairs. She began to tremble as she stepped over and took up the empty seat right next to her. There was a huge lump in her throat.

Miss Thrope had total authority over her students. Everyone knew it and submitted accordingly. But Vikki hadn’t counted on this.

So the rumors were true? A couple of students had disappeared last year. It was believed they had run afoul of Miss Thrope and had suffered dearly for it. No one had seen them since.

Vikki shifted uncomfortably in her chair. She glanced over at her companion. But her classmate would not even look her in the eye. Was she sniffling?

The sound of rasping and choking emanated from the room. Vikki simply couldn’t believe it! Was the bitch seriously going to hang poor Amy Nielson to death??

Words drifted out to them as she waited in the hall with Goldie… “Not so high and mighty now; eh, Nielson? What’s the matter? Not got a thing to say to me this time? No smart-ass remark? You always mouth off whenever I’m around, Nielson. What’s wrong; cat got your tongue?”

Vikki heard rasps, grunts and gurgles in reply. It sounded like Amy was really suffering in there. Didn’t Miss Thrope have a heart??

If only the damned door hadn’t been open. That way she wouldn’t have to listen. Goldie just fidgeted uncomfortably right next to her, occasionally letting out a sigh or a sob.

“…your father and his money can’t save you this time, Nielson. You’ve been warned time and time again. Now let’s see those legs kick. Since you’re going to die anyway, the least you can do is entertain me.”

Amy heard more rasps and grunts. It sounded like Amy was really fighting the noose. Was she going to be allowed back down before she hanged to death??

Vikki found herself regretting their encounter in the hall earlier. This did not bode well. Why, oh why had she mouthed off to Miss Thrope??

“…that’s a nice shade of red you’ve got there, Nielson. Your neck is stretching rather nicely. What’s that? Still no wisecracks? You must be trying to be a smart-ass again; I can see your tongue trying to poke out of your fucking mouth!”

Vikki tried not to listen. But she couldn’t help it. She was terrified while becoming morbidly aroused.

Goldie just sat there quietly. The occasional sniffle made Vikki wince. Then they both heard, “Haran, you out there?”

“Yes, Miss Thrope.” Vikki saw Goldie shiver uncomfortably.

“Get your ass in here!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Goldie gave Vikki a look of inconsolable doom before she rose up and went into the office. Vikki heard her gasp inside the doorway. She must have just seen poor Amy dangling from the noose.

“Peel those panties down off her legs, Haran.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Vikki heard movement on the other side of the open door. Hell, she could hear just about everything! A part of her wanted to look inside. But if she did she was afraid she would only be looking in on her ultimate fate.

“…now feast on that cunt, Haran. Lick and slurp as though your life depends on it. You’d better do a damned good job. After all, Coach Carlson told me he’s eager to impale another dumb bitch. So don’t you fucking tempt me!”

Vikki heard licking and slurping sounds. Was Amy still rasping for breath? Or had the noose closed off her throat entirely? Hell, did she really want to know either way??

“…like that, Nielson? I heard you were a lezo. Does it feel nice? Or are you too far gone to feel it? I want you to know I’m not the total bitch you take me for. Maybe you’ll feel something nice as you hang there for me. Then again… maybe I waited too long. Ahahaha!”

Vikki’s heart pounded in her cheat. Then she heard Miss Thrope yell, “I said, ‘EAT HER OUR, HARAN’!” Vikki jumped in her seat upon hearing the principal’s angry voice.

“Ok that’s enough, Haran. I’ve got another noose over here with your name on it. This way you won’t feel so alone, being as how Nielson there will be hanging out with you right here in my office. Ahahaha!”

There was a pause. Vikki didn’t hear anything. Then she heard the Principal demand, “Don’t just stand there, you stupid bitch! Clothes off, Haran! Pile ’em on my desk!”

“But Miss Thrope, I didn’t wear any-”

“Clothes off, bitch!”

Vikki heard movement. Then she heard Miss Thrope derisively snort, “I should have known a slut like you would go commando, Haran. No underwear? No matter! I enjoy a good nude hanging. Now pick up those cuffs and put your neck in that noose.”

My gawd; did Thrope have another noose already set up in there??

“Please, Miss Thrope!”


“Y-Yes, ma’am.”

Vikki winced in horror and sorrow, her heart beating fast as she continued to listen in. “…now cuff your wrists behind your back. Do it now, Haran!”

“Miss Thrope, isn’t there any way I can get out of this?”

“Certainly. You can report to Coach Carlson right away. I want to hear you scream when he rams that pole up your slutty ass… that is, unless you’d rather stay here.”

“I guess I’ll st-stay here, Miss Thrope.”

“I thought you might see things my way. Now get your head in that fucking noose and cuff your fucking wrists behind your back!”

Vikki thought she heard the sound of metal clatching. Damn! Why did the door have to be open so wide?? She wasn’t sure she wanted to listen to Goldie hang to death just like poor Amy.

“Very nice, Haran. You look good all noosed and naked. Doesn’t she look good, Nielson? What’s that? No wisecrack? Oh yeah; I forgot. You can’t talk because you’re so fucking dead… nothing but a dangling corpse. Ahahaha!”

There was another long pause. Vikki couldn’t stand the suspense. Was there another noose in there with her name on it??

“You got anything you want to say to me, Haran?”

“Wh-What do you want me to say, M-Miss Thrope?”

“Weren’t you listening out in the hall? Why the hell do you think I left the fucking door open?”

“I’m b-bad and I d-deserve to hang?”

“Excellent. You bitches can be taught after all. Anything else you’ve got to say to me?”

“P-Please, M-Miss Thrope. P-Please don’t do this to m-“


“P-Please hang me, M-Miss Thrope.”

“Such a polite student. I can’t turn down a request like that, can I? Your wish is granted, Haran.”

Vikki heard another humming sound. It was immediately followed by someone rasping for breath. She heard grunts as well as some sort of movement.

“Very good, Haran. I see those dance classes you took did you a lot of good. Very nice; very nice indeed.”

Vikki heard more rasps and grunts. She couldn’t tell if she heard the sound of something creaking. The rope, maybe?

“Get your ass in here, Chestnut! I got something I want you to see!”

Gawd; no!

Vikki gulped as she nervously stood up and went to the door. She got a horrifying view of a noosed Amy Nielson dangling quietly in her bra, socks and shoes. Her body gently swayed back and forth.

Her panties were on the floor. Her crotch was exposed and glistening. A streamer of fluid trickled down her right leg and splattered into the pan below.

“Over here, Chestnut!”

Vikki turned to look. Miss Thrope was standing in front of poor Goldie. The student was buck naked. She was also dangling from a second noose.

She kicked and humped as though she couldn’t make herself stop. It was an extremely lewd dance of death. It made Vikki feel ill despite the strange flush of arousal she felt.

There was no pan underneath her. Miss Thrope turned and smiled at her. Then she motioned, “Fetch that pan and put it underneath her. I don’t want her soiling my nice, clean floor.”

Vikki glanced at the other corner, freezing in place. There was a third noose dangling quietly. She inhaled sharply as she started to tremble.

“Get that damn pan and slide it under her body, Chestnut! What; are you deaf??”

Vikki went over and retrieved the pan. The smell of urine made her queasy. She carried it over and quickly slipped it under the dangling, naked body before looking up at Goldie with an expression of apologetic sorrow.

“What do you think, Chestnut? Think she makes a good gasper-girl? Think she’s putting on a good air-dance?” Vikki didn’t know how to answer.

“I probably should have saved Nielson for you to observe. But I wanted that fucking bitch to die alone, knowing you’d be out in the hall waiting your turn while listening to her suffer. Now get your damn clothes off, pick up those handcuffs and take your place under your noose over there like a good girl. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Vikki gasped and whimpered. “I said ‘NOW’, Chestnut! Or do I go fetch Coach Carlson?”

She went over to the desk where two piles of attire had been discarded. She worked to undress as quietly as possible, adding her clothes to the desktop. She wanted to look away, but she couldn’t help staring at Goldie as the poor girl kicked her life away.

Miss Thrope glanced over at her. “Totally naked, Chestnut! Hurry up; I haven’t got all night!”

She finished undressing as she watched the principal reach out and caress Goldie’s quivering mounds. “I might have these cooked up later, Haran. What do you think about that?” The only response was the way the tongue peeked out past a set of parted lips as drool spilled onto heaving breasts.

The principal turned and glared at her. “Cuffed and noosed, Chestnut! You know the drill! The cuffs are on my desk! And the noose is right there calling your name!”

For the briefest of moments Vikki thought about flight. But that moment had long since passed. Besides, she was totally naked now. Where would she go?

She picked up the set of cuffs off the desk. They felt cold in her hand. Then she headed over to her noose.

“Not much left in you; eh, Haran?” The principal was caressing Goldie’s naked flesh all over. The dying student quivered, her toes wriggling as stray muscles twitched in her legs and arms.

Vikki panted heavily for breath as she reached her noose. She turned and faced into the room, a terrifying view of Amy and Goldie in front of her. She looked over at the principal, but Thrope was too busy enjoying Haran’s death throes.

Vikki shivered as she grasped onto the noose. She slowly looped it around her throat. A sudden wave of dizziness almost made her legs go rubbery.

She made sure the noose was wrapped around her neck. Then she grasped onto the handcuffs. She clatched one onto her left wrist before bringing her arms behind her back.

“What do you think, Nielson?” Thrope asked the quietly dangling student. “You should be pleased I’m giving you some company. Did you enjoy Haran’s dance? No? Got nothing to say to me now? I thought you were always good for a wise-ass remark, Nielson!”

There was the sound of liquid splattering into the pan. Vikki winced upon seeing urine trickling down Goldie’s legs. Thrope smiled at her dying student as she murmured, “Nice, Haran… very nice.”

The principal sighed with pleasure. “I do love my work.” Then she turned to look at the last one left to hang.

“Well – well, Chestnut,” she said with a not-so-pleasant smile on her face. “Looks like it’s just you and me now. All alone to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company.”

She went over to her desk and pulled open a drawer. The principal withdrew what appeared to be a massive dildo. Then she waved it in front of Vikki.

“I believe your words to me out in the hall were ‘fuck you’. Isn’t that right, Chestnut? So I think that’s just what I’m going to do.”

She walked up to the trembling student and bellowed, “SPREAD THOSE FUCKING LEGS, CHESTNUT!” Vikki gulped as she spread her legs apart. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Who’s sorry now? Are you sorry now, Chestnut?”

“Y-yes, Miss Thrope.”

“Well FUCK YOU!”

The principal rammed the toy hard and deep inside the student’s dripping opening. Vikki winced as she cried out. It was damned uncomfortable the way it totally filled her.

Thrope smiled cruelly at her. “Fuck you, Chestnut! You said it to me so I’m sending it right back to you… only now you can do it for real! So go right ahead, Chestnut. Fuck yourself! Fuck you!”

Vikki winced as more tears appeared. The principal turned and walked over to her desk again as though forgetting something. She opened a drawer, reached in and pulled out a large butt plug.

She brought it over and smiled as she waved it in front of the trembling student. “You’ve always been a pain in my ass, Chestnut. Mind if I return the favor?”

“P-Please, Miss Thrope…”

“Say ‘I don’t mind’, Chestnut!”

“I d-don’t mind, Miss Thrope.”

I thought you’d see things my way.”

The principal went around behind her. She pushed the toy against Vikki’s puckered anus until it started to give way. Then she brutally rammed it home.

The poor girl jerked as she let out a cry of pain. She began to wince and hump as the toy was seated deep inside her. She felt stretched from both large items in her holes.

The principal smiled cruelly at her. “I’m looking forward to this, Chestnut. In fact I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time now.” She paused for a long moment before adding, “Got anything to say to me, Chestnut?”

“P-Please, Miss Thrope. I didn’t m-mean anything by it.”

“Those aren’t the words I want to hear, Chestnut. Try again.”

“P-Please. I’ll do anything you w-want!”

“Don’t you fucking understand?? This IS what I want, Chestnut!”

The vindictive principal began tapping her foot impatiently. “Well? I’m waiting. Or would you prefer I go fetch Coach Carlson.”

Vikki gulped nervously. Her heart was hammering in her chest. She’d never been so frightened in her life. She was also perversely aroused, no doubt from the terror of the moment.

She tried to delay the inevitable. But her two holes hurt like hell. What’s more, her humiliation felt unbearable.

She could see Amy Nielson dangling quietly. Goldie was slowly twisting in place. There was no way out she could readily identify.

“I’m b-bad and I deserve to h-hang, Miss Thrope.” Her throat was so dry she could barely get the words out.

A look of rapture filled the principal’s features. “It’s so good to hear a student admit her failures and the punishment she so richly deserves. It’s what I live for. Hearing someone like you admit that to me makes it all worthwhile. I’m so proud of you, Chestnut.”

More tears filled Vikki’s eyes. Now she was thinking of the life she was never going to have. Was it all worth mouthing off to a bitch like this? Had she really been that suicidal??

Miss Thrope walked over to her desk. She reached down as though preparing to activate something. “Let’s get on with it; shall we, Chestnut? Any last words?”

Vikki knew exactly what the sadistic principal wanted to hear. She didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. But she was thoroughly broken now.

What did it matter? She could whimper pitifully or she could go out with some sort of dignity despite the items in her holes. Vikki chose the latter.

She blinked the tears out of her eyes. Vikki took a deep breath. Then she solemnly declared, “Hang me, Miss Thrope.”

“My pleasure, you fucking bitch!”

Vikki heard a hum. A moment later the noose tightened ominously around her neck. Then it smoothly pulled her right up off her bare feet into the air.

Vikki’s eyes flew open in complete and utter horror. The pain around her neck was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. She could not believe how much it hurt.

Instinctively her feet began fluttering for the floor. Miss Thrope smiled cruelly at her. “It’s right there, Chestnut! The floor, I mean. You’ll just have to stretch a really long way down to reach it.”

Vikki’s legs began to pedal as she searched for it. The agony around her throat intensified. A moment later her body began to kick as though it suddenly had a mind of its own.

“That’s the way, Chestnut. Well done. I’m so fucking proud of you. Deep down I knew you weren’t the worthless slut I originally took you for. In fact, you dance as divinely as Haran did. You’re quite the ballerina.”

Vikki wasn’t interested in any kind of compliment. What she really wanted was to relieve the tightness of the rope around her throat. She kicked harder, but that only made the rope constrict even tighter.

She began to swing back and forth as she furiously pedaled. Her legs suddenly split as she tried to force both objects out of her holes. Then she brought her knees up, violently jerking her legs up and down, setting the noose even tighter around her neck.

She threw her chest out as though proudly displaying her breasts and erect nipples. She humped the air in the direction of the principal. Miss Thrope swooned with rapturous delight at the sight before her. “My gawd, Chestnut; did you just cum? I should have fucking hanged you sooner!”

It was getting harder to pull air down her constricted throat into her lungs. Her chest heaved painfully as her legs went back to scissoring. Her body was doing everything it could to escape the breathless torture it was experiencing.

Vikki caught sight of a quietly dangling Amy Nielson. It terrified her, giving her renewed strength to fight the rope. Then she twisted until Goldie Haran spun into view.

She screamed in her mind as she violently bunny-hopped. The noose simply tightened as a result. The toys up her holes hurt like hell while subjecting her to such painful pleasures.

Her knees instinctively came up again. Then she threw her chest out as she humped with her torso. Miss Thrope sighed heavily as she watched with glorious rapture.

Vikki jerked hard before the fight abruptly left her. She swung back and forth as she twisted this way and that. Miss Thrope politely asked, “Anything I can do for you, Chestnut? Wait; I think there IS something I can do.”

The principal went over and slid the urine-filled pan over with her foot. She moved it until it stopped directly underneath her last dangling student. “There, Chestnut. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you. Oh wait; you want more?”

The principal walked up to Vikki and grabbed onto the butt-plug. She slowly pulled on it until it almost came out. Then she rammed it home. “Fuck you, Chestnut!”

Vikki jerked as she began kicking anew. It was more instinctive than anything else, a reaction to the anal violation. She kicked and humped until she settled down again.

She was gently swinging back and forth, her mind screaming for it to end already when Miss Thrope stepped up to her again. She grabbed onto the toy in her twat and slowly pulled it out. Then she cruelly rammed it home with a “Fuck you, Chestnut!”

The student jerked as her legs shimmied a little. She humped with her torso as her arms and legs jerked spasmodically. Then she settled down, her tongue peeking out a little further past her parted lips.

The principal grabbed onto the toy again. She pulled it out before cruelly ramming it home. “Fuck you, Chestnut! Fuck you!”

Vikki jerked only a little. There wasn’t much life left. Her chest was no longer heaving, her windpipe having been totally cut off.

“I think I’m going to call Coach Carlson now, Chestnut. I’m going to ask him to put you on to roast. ‘Chestnut roasting over an open fire’… and it’s not even Christmas! Ahahaha!”

Vikki was losing her vision. She could feel her heart slowing down. It felt like every organ inside her was dying, all that pain welling up into one massive, never-ending surge of violent agony.

She was humiliated to feel her bladder give way. She could hear urine dribble into the pan below. But it wasn’t hurting so much as before. The pain was starting to subside.

She saw Amy Nielson dangling quietly. Out of the corner of her eye Goldie Haran slowly twisted in place. Her mind screamed, “OHMYGAWD; I’m DYING!” Then conscious began spiraling away until she reached the point where she didn’t care about anything anymore: not Amy, not Goldie, not Coach Carlson, and certainly not that bitch Miss Ann Thrope.

2020 (written Oct 13 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by CharliemonsterUK/Gallows Girl Amy’s wonderful render.)

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