Girl’s night out 6


The brunette positions Sandy in front of her noose. Amber positions me in front of mine. Sandy looks over and notices my hesitation.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“I, uh…” Then I see a look of disappointment cross her features. Now I feel like I’d be letting her down if I refuse.

“This will be her first time too,” Amber explains, also noting my hesitancy.

“Uh, yes… my first.”

Sandy smiles nervously. “Then it’ll be the first time for both of us. That makes me glad you’re willing to hang with me in here.”

I can tell she’s a bit reluctant. It’s obvious she’s not fully on board, although she’s trying to be willing. I want to reassure her, but hanging with her was the last thing on my mind when I first entered this room.

I can’t seem to make myself give a yay or nay. I think her mother sees it in my features. She smiles as she tells me, “I really appreciate this. Sandy does too; right, honey?”

“Oh yes, mom! Naturally I’m a little nervous. But I don’t feel quite so bad, not with Amanda hanging right beside me for the very first time.”

Madelyn gives me a cryptic smile. “Around here we always like to do a little something special for the newbies.”

“Like wh-what?” I stammer nervously.

In response she steps right up to me. A moment later she starts caressing my naked body, giving me the shivers something fierce. She kisses me deeply at the same time I see the brunette step up and start to molest her daughter Sandy…

Part 6

I feel a hand in my crotch as fingers explore my slit. I’m nervous as hell. Why couldn’t they have tried this without the cuffs? I feel helpless and vulnerable.

All of the sudden I feel tension on the rope around my neck. A moment later I’m pulled up into the air. It catches me totally by surprise.

I begin to kick like crazy as I react to the pain of the noose constricting around my neck. I’m barely away of Sandy up in the air beside me. All I want is for this to end.

Somehow I manage to rasp, “Down!” A few moments later my feet find the floor. I wobble uncertainly, my heart pounding in my chest as I struggle to catch my breath.

“You see, honey,” Madelyn tells her daughter as she loosens my noose a little so I can breathe. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I want to tell her to speak for herself.

Sandy coughs a little as the brunette loosens her noose as well. “I… I guess it w-wasn’t so bad after all, mom.”

I stammer, “I’m not so sure…”

“Hot!” is all my purple-haired friend says as she looks at us.

Madelyn caresses me all over as though trying to calm me down. She kisses me, fingers my slit and sucks on an erect nipple. “You ok, honey? You seem a bit rattled after your experience. But it sure looked sexy as hell.”

“Sexy as hell,” Amber agrees. The brunette smiles and nods as well.

I’m embarrassed the way Madelyn and the others were so turned on by my suffering. I notice the brunette is away from the wheel while kissing Sandy all over again. Strangely, my fear has eased somewhat. Looking back on things, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all?

I hear Amber’s voice chuckle from her position at my wheel… “Again?” She does not even wait for an answer from the brunette. A moment later the rope pulls on my neck, lifting me back up out of Madelyn’s grasp.

I rasp at the pain around my throat while glancing over to see the brunette has quickly lifted Sandy back up as well. The pain is just as significant the second time around. Why, oh why, did I allow my sister to talk me into coming here??

I glance over at Sandy. This time, she’s not kicking as much as I am. It’s almost as though she’s trying to control herself.

It feels like we’re in midair a little longer before we’re lowered back down. I pant like crazy as the mother loosens my noose. So why is my pussy tingling like crazy? Is it the fear? Or is it the asphyxiation?

“Not bad, honey,” Madelyn tells her daughter as she paws me. “You were able to overcome it for a moment there. You see how you can keep yourself in control, if only for a short period of time?”

Sandy nods. I even see a faint smile on her lips. “I was… I was able not to kick as much, mom! I was able to control it!”

“You see?” Madelyn actually seems proud of her daughter.

I look over at Sandy in astonishment. She looks like she’s recovering much more quickly after her second hanging. I’m still frightened out of my wits… although my fear is dying back down.

“Well done, honey… although I think Amanda here needs a bit more encouragement.” Then Madelyn steps up to me and starts kissing me again.

My emotions are all roiled up. Worse, I’m embarrassed over how aroused I’ve become. I chalk it up to the fear of the moment as well as the struggle to breathe. If only Madelyn would stop it.

“That’s so fucking hot!” Amber says jealously as she watches us from her place by the wheel.

“The hanging, or all that sexy attention afterwards?” the brunette laughs as she lovingly caresses Sandy. I’m amazed Madelyn doesn’t mind a stranger molesting her daughter.

“Very sexy,” the brunette purrs at Sandy. “You catch on fast.”

“You think so?” Sandy excitedly pants when their lips part.

“Oh, absolutely.”

“You think we could… we could go again?”

“Only if you want to, honey.”

I hear Sandy’s words, and I start to panic. I really don’t want to be lifted up into the air again. I’m horrified to see the brunette step over to the wheel and grab on.

Madelyn has me in a deep, soulful kiss that I cannot break out of to cry out. A moment later I’m pulled up into the air away from her lips. Once more panic sets in.

I glance over to see Sandy hardly kicking at all. She almost hangs quietly, gently swaying back and forth a little. “That’s the way!” the brunette says approvingly from her position at the young woman’s wheel. “Now you’ve got it!”

I rasp as I start to kick again. Madelyn steps up and starts sucking on one of my erect nipples. At the same time, she fingers my cunt.

Instinctively, I wrap my legs around her as a blaze of incredible arousal courses through me. I’m still frightened, and it’s hard to breathe. But the forced pleasure blunts some of the impact of what I’m experiencing.

I don’t kick nearly as much, not with my legs around the mother. I have enough limited movement to glance over at Amber. She’s enraptured at the sight of me all noosed up, and her fingers are in her pussy. Gawd; that can’t be good!

They bring us down again. I’m not sure how long that one was. But it certainly felt longer than the last one… which was even longer than the first one.

Sandy and I pant for breath as our nooses are loosened again. “You’re doing well, honey,” Madelyn tells her daughter. “A little more and you’ll be able to do a nice, little dance if you wish.”

“You really think so, mom?”

“Of course. You just have to learn to control it for as long as you can before the rope takes over.”

I stammer, “It sure feels like the rope wants to take over every time I’m up in the air.” Everyone laughs. Then Madelyn moves in and kisses me deeply as she starts caressing me all over again.

“What’s she doing to her?” Sandy asks jealously as she looks over at her mother.

Amber sighs as she tells her, “Probably getting her ready to cum in the noose. I just LOVE cumming in the noose!”

“Really? Do you suppose I could cum in the noose?” Sandy sounds curious.

“It’s easy!” my eager, purple-haired companion replies.

As if in response, Madelyn ups her game with me. She’s all over me; kissing, caressing and fingering me. The sexual assault blunts my fear while at the same time making me all the more anxious.

Next to me, Sandy writhes and moans as my brunette escort really gives it to her. The whole room seems to reverberate from the sound of women getting it on. I’m embarrassed, nervous, anxious… and unbelievably turned on.

“Can we hang ‘em now?” Amber asks enthusiastically. My mind cries out, “Gawd; no!!” Then I hear my wheel as the rope tightens.

We’re both taken up into the air. Sandy hangs alone. But now she’s humping the air a little.

I try not to move, but I cannot help myself. I hear Madelyn calmly explain I need a little extra help. Then she steps forward as she purrs, “Here, kitty – kitty.”

Fingers thrust up into my crotch. I would prefer to be let down. But I don’t have any choice in the matter.

Sandy humps a little more. Her eyes widen as though she can actually feel it. Then her back arches.

She shudders as she tried to hold that position for a moment with her hips, occasionally hitching forward. Fluid leaks out between her legs.

Madelyn fingers me until I can’t hold back. I find myself squeezing as I cum all over her hand. It’s shameful as hell, but at least the pleasure helps to soften the pain.

The mother steps away until Sandy and I jerk and dangle together before we’re lowered to the floor. The brunette quickly steps around the wheel and loosens the daughter’s noose. Madelyn comes up and loosens mine.

“Well?” the brunette asks Sandy. “What do you think?”

“It hurt,” the daughter admits. “But… when I saw what mom was doing to Amanda? I just… it just came over me!”

“And what about you?” Madelyn asks me.

I blush as I pant for breath. “I don’t… I don’t know. It was… you certainly succeeded in making me cum.”

“It wasn’t just me,” the mother replies with a knowing smile. “Part of it was the rope here; I’m sure of it.”

“You mean I can cum like that out in the main room, mom?” Sandy’s not changing her mind about the possibility of hanging out there, is she?

“Absolutely, honey. Being prepared in here definitely helps with the experience out there. Of course, you don’t have to take part if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t know, mom. It felt… it really felt…”

“What do you think about it?” Madelyn asks me. “You were frightened when we first strung you up.”

“I’m still a little frightened,” I reply.

“But I think she’s starting to like it,” our purple-haired friend says enthusiastically.

I glare at her as I tell her, “I am NOT hanging out there, and that’s final!” She just laughs.

“So what do you think, honey?”

“Mom… would it be all right… I mean… would you… do to me… what you did to Amanda?” Sandy is clearly embarrassed.

“I’d be glad to,” she says with a smile as she steps in front of her daughter. “I just didn’t want to embarrass you is all. Would you like to go again?”

“I… I think… yes… one more.” Then she turns to me and adds, “If it’s ok with you?”

What can I tell her? It’s not like I died or anything the last time I was in the air. I don’t like the fear or the strain on my neck. But it certainly hasn’t hurt me… well, not physically anyway. My nerves and emotions are a different matter entirely.

“Oh, she’ll hang with you again,” Amber tells her as she steps around her wheel and comes closer. “She’s very thoughtful and considerate that way; aren’t you, Amanda? Besides, you want to dance for me again, don’t you?”

I gulp as she starts molesting me all over. It sets fiery tingles of sexual excitement racing through me. It also gives me an erotic jolt of alarm and fear.

“A little longer?” Sandy asks hesitantly. “I want… I want to see… how long I can stand it.”

I want to shake my head and tell her no. “Oh, she’ll do it,” Amber tells her as she purrs at me. I glance over at the brunette manning Sandy’s wheel. But she’s enthusiastic as hell… no help at all.

I hear Sandy moan as her mother kisses and molests her. I can tell she really loves it. Maybe it’s the taboo nature of it all.

Amber is all over me, kissing and fondling me. She gasps as she tells the brunette, “Let’s hang ‘em like they will out in the main room; ok?” I want to tell her no, but I’m in no position to argue.

Purple-hair slowly pulls away, a string of drool between our lips that finally severs. She walks over to my wheel and grabs hold. Then she looks over at the brunette and nods.

I want to cry out. But my breath is choked off once we’re taken up into the air. This time we’re hefted even higher.

The fear returns in a rush. This time I try not to kick so much. Kicking only seems to help tighten the noose around my neck.

I watch as Sandy tries to hold still. We both hang limp. My toes flutter for a floor that isn’t there. But somehow I swallow down the panic as I keep my legs still.

Suddenly, there’s the sound of loud music coming from somewhere outside the room. There is a strong beat to it. It electrifies the inhabitants of the room… well, everyone except me.

Sandy starts to move her legs. Is she moving them in time to the beat? It sure looks as though she’s trying to dance.

I certainly don’t want to dance. I’m simply trying to hold my breath for as long as possible. But there’s a growing inferno in my lungs.

Amber has stepped away from my wheel. She looks up at me as she touches herself all over. A hand is down in her crotch as she furiously rubs herself.

Next to her, Madelyn is clearly enjoying seeing her naked daughter in midair. It’s astonishing beyond belief, a parent getting off on the hanging of her own child. It would seem even more surreal were it not for the fact I’m up in the air with a noose around my neck.

I start to kick a little, unable to help myself. Sandy has really become animated. She throws her chest out, arching her back before humping the air.

I’m amazed as she appears to cum again. I’m too busy fighting my noose to do anything like that. Then the brunette looks at purple-hair and declares, “That’s enough.”

Amber disappointedly moves over to my wheel. Sandy and I are lowered until our feet reach the ground. Amber comes back to loosen my noose, kissing me deeply while telling me how hot my dance was… if you could even call it a dance.

As she loosens her noose, Madelyn tells her daughter how erotic it was and how proud she is. She kisses and caresses Sandy until the daughter blushes. “Mom, can we go out and watch the hangings now? I don’t want to miss anything.”


Madelyn works on her daughter until the noose is removed and her arms are freed from the cuffs. They thank us for a wonderful time. They tell us to watch for them out in the main room in case one or the other might choose to hang. Then they’re gone.

“What about me?” I ask nervously as I pull on my cuffed wrists.

“You didn’t cum that time,” Amber replies all matter-of-factly. “I think you deserve one more orgasm in here before we head out.”

“Th-that’s ok. I th-think I’m ready to go.”

“Not so fast.”

She motions for the brunette to come over and man my wheel. I stammer, “Th-that’s not necessary.”

“Oh, but it is,” purple-hair declares ominously.

I shake my head as I gasp, “But… but what about the hangings?”

“Oh, we won’t miss much. It usually takes a few minutes before the hangings get going. That will give us all the time we need to watch you swing in here, being as how I’m pretty sure you’re not going to dance for me out in the main room.”

I anxiously turn toward the brunette. She just smiles as she mans my wheel. They’re not going to hang me for real in here, are they??

“Relax,” she assures me with a lustful smile. “You’re among friends here. I promise we won’t hurt you… much.” She chuckles at that.

“No… wait… I’m not sure… I think I’m done – AWK!”

The brunette cranks the wheel and my feet leave the floor. Instinct wants me to kick like crazy. It takes everything I have not to start scissoring and struggling.

This time I’m lifted higher into the air. Amber immediately fingers herself as she watches me. The brunette steps over and joins her until they start talking to each other as they watch me suffer…

“She looks good; doesn’t she?”

“Sexy as hell!” purple-hair pants as she fingers herself harder. “You sure we can’t make her hang out in the main room?”

“Now let’s be nice. She’s a first-time visitor; remember? We just want her to have a good experience. And speaking of making her cum…”

“I’ve got this,” Amber declares.

She steps forward and parts my legs. Her mouth finds my crotch, and she starts to lick. Somehow I manage to lift my legs enough to rest them on her shoulders, giving me a faint reprieve.

Her tongue is incredible. I can’t keep from humping her mouth as I struggle to breathe. It hurts like hell, yet I can feel myself on the verge of an orgasm… one I desperately want if it means it’ll soften the pain.

She suddenly backs away until I lose her shoulders. I start to pedal as I hump the air. My cunt desperately wants that tongue back.

“Your turn,” Amber pants excitedly to the brunette.

She smiles as she steps forward and buries her face in my crotch. Again, I manage to get my legs up onto her shoulders. It’s not enough to take away the results of the noose trying to squeeze my throat shut. But it does lessen the agony a little.

The brunette squeezes my ass as she gives me a good tonguing. My back arches as I gurgle my breath away. Then I start to hump her face.

She tongue-fucks my cunt. Then she cruelly steps away. I end up humping the air as I start to swing back and forth.

I immediately start to panic: where’s her tongue; where are her shoulders?? I hump the air even harder. Then it explodes outwardly, a fiery warmth that momentarily blots out the agony of the coil around my neck.

“There she goes!” purple-hair declares as she furiously fingers herself.

“So hot!” my brunette escort breathes. Their orgasms are mere seconds behind mine.

The pleasure wrings itself right out of me until I can’t fight it anymore. I hang limp, trying to catch my breath. But there is no breath to catch.

For a long moment, I think this is it. Then the brunette moves to the wheel and twists it rapidly. Amber steps forward and catches me in her arms, quickly loosening my noose.

I’m dizzy as hell, and I cough to regain my composure. That’s when I become aware of them removing my noose and freeing me from the cuffs. It seems they’re not going to kill me in here after all.

They both kiss me all over until I feel surprisingly wonderful orgasmic aftershocks. Amber steps back and asks if I’m doing ok. The brunette smiles and waves her off… “Go. I know you don’t want to miss a single hanging.” And with that our purple-haired companion is gone.

“You ok?” my escort asks. I cough and nod.

“You did very well. I think you were born for the noose.”

“I don’t think so,” I reply with a shake of my head.

“Don’t worry. I promise; I won’t hang you out in the main room.”

I look deep into her eyes. I think she’s serious.

She sees my look and reassures me. “Oh, I might want to. But a promise is a promise. I would never make someone do anything they didn’t want to do.”

I thank her for that. I cough a couple more times. Then we hear a loud cheer.

“That means we have a winner,” she tells me with a sly grin. “The first one is in the air. Want to go out and see why everybody showed up tonight?”

A part of me is nervous. I don’t want to end up in the noose again. But she assures me she will not try to hang me in any way, shape or form.

Another part of me is curious. Maybe I shouldn’t be. But this is something I’m ashamed to admit I really want to see.

She sees it in my eyes. She doesn’t say a word. She just nods with a knowing smile as the two of us head out the door. Then my brunette escort leads us toward the loud music and cheering females.

2022 (Written Jan 19 ’22 by riwa)

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