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When skinny-dipping goes wrong
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I’ve been out of the hospital over a month now. I feel much better. I’m hoping nothing else internally breaks down because I’d rather not go back for a return visit, even though everyone there was so good to me. But I’m old enough now that the oldest things I own are organs and body parts. So who knows what might happen next. I’ll just continue to appreciate what I have while trying to maintain my health.

I’ve rested as much as possible while trying not to do something stupid that might strain my internal repairs. I’ve also been working at getting back into the creative process. I’ve written a lot of little shorts to go with pictures I’ve found on the Internet. Some of them may eventually turn into bigger stories which I plan on uploading here in the weeks and months to come.

There were a lot of appointments for me in March. I even went back to the hospital for a short procedure as a part of my gallbladder experience. Everything went well, and surprisingly quick. I’m doing ok.

I appreciate all of you. You did not have to, but you have chosen to be a part of my Patreon family, and that humbles me. It also makes me want to continue writing and to improve my editing to give you an entertaining distraction from what’s happening all around us. Thank you so very much for being my patrons.

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