Brandi finds the pool


Brandi caught sight of the pool as soon as they arrived. She didn’t know about the other girls. But she was going to have herself a swim just as soon as they all got settled in.

She had no idea who her companions were. They hadn’t said much during the drive out to the castle. All she knew was that she’d been promised a personal interview from someone who believed she had what it took to go places.

She unpacked a few things from her suitcase in her private room. Then she changed into her dark pink bikini. It had been a long drive, and she wanted to go for a swim.

She did not run into anyone as she made her way down to the pool room. No one said she couldn’t go for a swim. As far as she was concerned, she was going to enjoy a nice, refreshing dip until somebody kicked her out of the water.

The place was walled like the interior of a gymnasium when she stepped inside. It was a strange room, considering it was located inside a castle. But Brandi wasn’t going to complain about the layout.

She dove into the deep end and swam to the bottom, bubbles trickling out of her nose. The water felt great. She rose to the surface and looked all around, making sure she was still alone.

It was perfect. She could swim as long as she wanted. She decided she was going to work up a nice appetite for dinner. She just hoped the meal was going to be good.

She dove to the bottom. Then she began the long swim across the floor of the pool. She loved the way the water caressed her body.

Bubbles dribbled out of her nose as she went to the bottom. Then she allowed herself to drift upward on her back. The swim felt wonderful.

She came up to the surface on her back. Brandi panted for breath as she floated in place. Then she filled her lungs before submerging again.

She swam down to the corner of the deep end of the pool. She rose up for another breath where she filled her lungs with air. Then she skulled herself downward.

Brandi pushed off the wall and began to swim across the pool floor. She set her sights on the ladder on the opposite side. When she reached it, she rose up and caught her breath.

She swam back and forth a few times. Then she swam back to the middle of the pool. She dove downward and touched the bottom before allowing herself to drift back up.

As she slowly drifted upward, she thought she saw a figure standing on the side of the pool. It looked to be someone wearing a black robe. Brandi thought it was female, making her wonder who had snuck in to watch her swim.

She swam up to the surface and gasped for breath. She looked all around before calling out, “Hello? Who’s there?” But there was no answer. The figure had vanished.

She tried to remember what the individual had looked like. But she hadn’t gotten a good look. Had she imagined it?

Was she tired? Was she low on oxygen underwater when she’d seen the figure? Brandi didn’t know.

“Must’ve imagined it,” she told herself. Then she jackknifed downward. Brandi swam down and touched the bottom before she began to swim from one side of the deep end to the other.

She surfaced and panted for breath as she clung to the side of the pool. There was a sudden splash in the middle behind her back. She turned to see ripples in the middle of the water circling outward.

She looked down toward the bottom of the pool. It looked like someone was actually down there! She filled her lungs before sticking her head under. But the figure had vanished; she didn’t see a thing.

She surfaced in confusion. Then she filled her lungs. Brandi swam down to the bottom of the pool before heading to the middle where she thought she’d seen something.

This was strange. Now she saw a grated pool drain. She was sure she hadn’t seen it there before.

Curious, she reached down and touched it. It sure as hell felt real. She felt a surge of alarm, which sent her kicking up to the surface.

She swam over to the side of the pool where she felt safer. She looked all around, only to confirm she was all alone in the room. Was she tired; was she imagining things? Maybe a nap after her swim would do her good.

She skulled herself to the bottom where she sat on her ass with her legs crossed. Brandi peacefully sat there with her eyes closed while holding her breath. It was nice and quiet.

Her world was interrupted when she heard the sounds of grunting coming from somewhere nearby. She opened her eyes and stared in horror. It looked like a woman in a black, flowing robe was struggling at the bottom of the pool, right in the middle of the deep end!

Where the hell had she come from?? What the hell was she doing? Was her foot caught in the drain?? Brandi had to help her, but right now she was out of breath.

She shot up to the surface and frantically filled her lungs. Then she dove downward. But the woman in the black robe was gone. What the hell??

She swam over to where she thought the woman had been tethered to the pool bottom, losing air while struggling to break free. When she reached the grating Brandi saw a set of handcuffs. One half was hooked to the grating.

What the hell? Where had they come from?? They weren’t there the last time she’d been down to the bottom of the pool!

Brandi surfaced, a feeling of alarm starting to fill her. She swam over to the side of the pool. Then she took another look down. The grating did not seem to be there anymore.

She shook her head as though trying to clear the cobwebs. Then she filled her lungs. Brandi dove down to the bottom before swimming toward the center of the deep end again.

Her hair flowed behind her back as bubbles trickled out of her nose. When she got to the bottom she found no grate and no handcuffs. The floor was solid, just as it was supposed to be.

That was very strange. She was sure she’d seen what she’d seen. Was she having hallucinations?

She drifted up to the surface again while trying to puzzle through the matter in her mind. Her head came up out of the water as she panted for breath. She shook her head again to clear her thoughts. This place was…

Brandi suddenly felt a hand on her ankle. She was pulled under with an abrupt “URP”. Bubbles spewed out of her mouth as she instinctively cried out.

She looked down, but saw nothing. She quickly kicked upward and panted for breath. There was no one in the pool with her! So what the hell had grabbed her ankle??

She was treading water when she was pulled under again. This time that black-robed woman was there. She was frantically tugging on her ankle as she lost a lot of air out of her nose, acting as though she needed her help.

Brandi jerked out of her grasp and surfaced. Bubbles came up all around her. The woman in the black robe was still down there, acting like she was tethered to something.

Brandi was becoming frightened. It couldn’t be real, could it? But the woman seemed real enough. And she sure seemed to be in some sort of distress.

Instinctively Brandi dove down toward her. The woman clawed up at her as though frantic. Brandi pulled herself down until she saw the problem.

The grating to the drain had returned. And so had the handcuffs. This time the other half was cuffed to the woman’s ankle, tethering her to the grate.

She heard the woman grunt as she tried to jerk her ankle free. Brandi grabbed onto the foot and fought with the woman’s cuff. She jerked against it, struggling to pull the cuffs off the grate so the woman in the black robe would not drown.

She had no clue what had happened. She had no idea how the woman had gotten cuffed to the bottom of the pool. All she knew was the black-robed lady was going to drown if she couldn’t get her free!

She struggled with the handcuffs, trying to break the chain so the woman could get to the surface. But the links were too strong. Brandi then proceeded to fight with the cuff around the woman’s ankle.

Damn! It was on good and tight. She couldn’t break it free!

She shot up for the surface for another breath, her lungs heaving ominously. The woman tried to grab her as though wanting her to stay down and help her. Brandi broke free of her grasp and popped up for a breath.

She felt a tug on her ankle, pulling her back under. Brandi was pulled right back down. She tried to motion at the struggling woman… tried to reassure her… “Take it easy; I’m going to get you free!”

Brandi reached down and began struggling once more with the handcuffs. She could not break the chain between the two metal manacles tethering the woman to the grate on the pool bottom. She heard anxious grunts as she struggled with the cuff on the woman’s ankle…….

…on her ankle?? It was on HER ankle now??? But… but that wasn’t possible!!!

Brandi looked all around in stunned surprise. But the woman was gone. Now she was the one with her ankle tethered to the pool bottom.

Brandi cried out a burst of bubbles as she struggled to reach the surface. But the cuffs pulled her up short. It was real; she was truly cuffed to the grate in the middle of the deep end!

She tipped her head back as she cried out in horror, her lungs beginning to ache. She could feel the swelling of sexual excitement from the fear of her mortal peril. Her hair flowed all around her head as she fought and struggled.

At that moment she no longer felt the cuffs around her ankle. Brandi looked down in surprise. They were no longer there; even the grate had disappeared. So why the hell was she still hung up??

She kicked and jerked as she struggled to reach the surface. She coughed up a lungful of bubbles as she struggled to break free of the imaginary handcuffs. Then she swallowed water.

Brandi began hitching and jerking near the bottom of the pool. It felt like her ankle was still hung up. She grunted and gurgled as she began to drown, spasming and convulsing painfully.

To anyone watching, it looked like she was drowning. Her leg was straight down as though tethered to something. But nothing was attached to her ankle.

Up at the surface, someone was indeed watching. A woman in a black robe was looking down on her as she drowned. The woman appeared to grope and fondle herself as though all caught up in some sort of sexual excitement at the spectacle.

It looked for all the world as though Brandi was drowning painfully. She kept hitching and gurgling. She was hardly coughing up bubbles anymore, as her lungs had mostly flooded.

Her hair flowed all around as she spasmed and convulsed. Her chest kept hitching as her other leg kicked reflexively. The one leg still acted as though it was tethered to something.

Brandi let out a bubbly sigh as she went over sideways. A few solitary bubbles slipped out of her parted lips. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her.

The woman in the robe appeared next to her in the water. She grabbed Brandi’s body and turned her onto her side. Then she began lovingly fondling and caressing the drowned woman. But to anyone who might have been watching, it would have looked as though Brandi had simply rolled over onto her side by herself.

The black-robed woman appeared to kiss Brandi’s parted lips. She lovingly ran her hand over the drowned woman’s breasts before fondling her crotch. Then she appeared to vanish into thin air, leaving Brandi’s drowned body drifting near the bottom of the pool.

2019 (written Oct 23 ’19 by riwa.)

(Inspired by renders courtesy of C. Mike Hunt which I used as illustrations.)

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