My summer with Stan 4

Note: bonus story

I was nervously excited as I took deep breaths to get ready. “Hold him down good,” Frieda instructed. “I want to watch him bubble as he suffers.” Then she told me, “I hope you stroke ropes of cum for me as you hold your breath, Jeff.”

I nodded as I got ready, my cock already hard. I filled my lungs and then submerged. Glenn’s legs came down around my shoulders as Frieda adjusted her position so she was sitting on the opposite side of the hot tub while looking down on me.

I stroked my dick as I held my breath. I could see her smiling at me up at the surface. I heard Glen ask, “Shall I keep him down longer?” Frieda smiled and nodded.

I felt a little electric jolt of concern at his words. But I trusted him to let me up in time. Frieda urged me to stroke my meat, so I dutifully jerked it a little more enthusiastically.

“You see?” I heard Glenn explain to his sister. “I wasn’t kidding when I said he likes it. He’s been down twice now.”

“I can’t wait to watch you suck his cock underwater.”

I soon felt the strain in my lungs as I considered her words. Was he really going to suck my cock underwater while she was watching? I didn’t know whether to be aroused or uncomfortable. Maybe I was a little bit of both.

The strain got worse as I stroked myself. I released a few bubbles of air to ease the burn in my lungs. “Now he’s starting to suffer,” Frieda gasped with delight as she bent closer to the surface while looking down on me.

It was a bit of a turn-on masturbating in front of them, although I still felt a little embarrassed. I don’t know why since we’d already held our breath naked twice. It just seemed odd to me the way they did it nude in front of each other as brother and sister.

The strain became worse as my stomach rippled. I stroked a little harder. Up at the surface I heard Frieda gasp, “That is so hot!”

I struggled to hold my breath until I didn’t think I could go any longer. I started to wriggle around, wanting up off the bottom of the hot tub. That’s when I heard Frieda tell Glenn, “Not yet; he hasn’t cum!”

I cupped my balls as I furiously jerked my meat, deciding the only way Glenn would let me back up was if I spurted my cream. I felt a pretty strong convulsion as I lost more bubbles. Then I started shooting my spunk into the water.

“Fuck, yeah!” Frieda gasped, appearing totally enthralled. I squeezed as much out as I could. Then I signaled I wanted back up.

“Not yet – not yet! Keep him down!”

I looked up in alarm at Frieda. Her expression had become almost maniacal. I lost a huge burst of bubbles as I thrashed about in a panic.

Frieda kept gasping, “NOT YET – NOT YET!” The whole damned thing scared the crap out of me. For a moment I actually thought she wanted Glenn to drown me.

With a mighty surge of adrenaline I threw Glenn’s legs off my shoulders. I shot up and gasped as though I was never going to get enough air down my lungs. My heart hammered a mile a minute in my chest.

“That was so hot!” Frieda exclaimed. But they’d scared me a little too much. Instinctively I grabbed my suit before starting to climb out of the hot tub.

Glenn blurted out, “Hey; what’s wrong?”

“I… I’m all done now. I need to go to bed. Stan and I have a big day tomorrow.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to go right now.” Frieda was acting all confused.

“No – really; I should be going. Thanks for a fun evening.” Then I rushed for the house as though concerned they might grab me, force me back into the hot tub and drown me.

I heard their voices over my shoulder… “You ok, buddy?”  “Glenn, we didn’t mean…”  “You see what you did?”  “Me?? You’re the one who kept him down too long!”  “Well you’re the one who kept egging me on!”

I didn’t hear them after that as I rushed to the bathroom dripping wet. I quickly dried off and then went to bed, my heart still beating fast. It took me a while before I could calm down enough to go to sleep.

For the next couple of days I stuck to Stan pretty tight. We did a lot of things together, and we had a lot of fun. For the moment the hot tub was forgotten.

Once Frieda got me alone and asked if anything was wrong. I told her no. I said I was just focusing on Stan for a while. I left before she could say anything else.

Later Glenn got me alone and wanted to know if they’d said or done something wrong. I told him the same thing: I was spending more time with Stan. He seemed chagrined about it. But he told me I was still welcome to come out and use the hot tub with them anytime I wanted.

On the third evening after what felt like my near-drowning in the hot tub, Glenn motioned for me to join him out in the kitchen. When we were alone he asked why I hadn’t been out in the hot tub lately. I told him I’d kind of lost all interest.

I could tell Glenn was disappointed. “Jeff, I thought you liked holding your breath out there with us!”

“I, uh… I did. But I’m, uh… I’m spending more time with…”

“It’s not because we pushed you too hard the other night; is it, Jeff?” Instinctively I went silent.

“Jeff, we’re sorry. Let us make it up to you.”

“It’s ok. There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

“No, I insist.”

He looked in the direction of the living room where Stan was waiting for me to return before leaning in conspiratorially. “Tonight’s ‘handcuff night’,” he whispered into my ear. “Frieda and I will be wearing the handcuffs. You get to watch us while making us do anything you want. That includes you wearing the dive mask if you want while we go naked.”

“No really, Glenn; that’s all right…”

“You can hold us down for as long as you want, Jeff. You can make us both suffer. We deserve it.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on out after Stan goes to bed; ok? Frieda and I will be making each other wear the cuffs while doing some long breath-holds. You can come out anytime you want.”

“I’ll, uh… I’ll think about it.”

“I hope you do, buddy.” Then Glenn gave me a good-natured pat on the shoulder before he left. I just got my drink before returning to Stan.

I watched TV with Stan but I couldn’t get Glenn’s offer out of my mind. I could easily imagine him holding his sister down and making her bubble. I could also picture her holding him down until his cock went off as he blew his breath away.

I decided I was a little tired and headed to my room early. I waited until Stan had gone to bed. Then I looked out into the backyard. The hot tub was empty.

Had they changed their minds? Had something come up? I was actually a little disappointed.

A few minutes later I heard the back door open. I rushed to a window to look outside. Glenn and Frieda were on their way out to the hot tub carrying towels, neither one of them wearing a lick of clothing.

I heard them talking to each other… “Is he coming out?”

“I don’t know. I hope so. If not, I’m going to dunk you twice as hard. You’d better hope he comes out so you don’t get dunked all night long.”

“What if I want to get dunked all night long?”

“You’re nothing but a slut, sis!”


“That does it. You’re going first!”

By the time they got into the hot tub my cock had stiffened. I saw Frieda was definitely the one going first. I finally decided I was going out and would take my chances.

I had just slipped out the door when I saw Glenn force Frieda face down. She kicked and bubbled as she put up a struggle. That didn’t help soften my erection any.

Glenn turned and saw me coming out. He grinned as he lifted his sister’s head up out of the water. “Look who came out to watch me drown you, sis!” Then he forced her back down into the water.

“C’mon in, Jeff. Have a seat. I’m just getting started on my sister.”

I climbed in and hesitantly sat down. Frieda floated face down at the surface. Bubbles came up as she kicked a little.

“Dive mask’s over there anytime you want it, Jeff. Let’s make sure Frieda holds her breath for a really long time first. She deserves it after egging me on to drown you the other day; don’t you think?”

He lifted her head up until she gasped for breath. “Isn’t that right, sis?” he asked sweetly.

Before she could speak he pushed her head back down. Frieda bubbled as she kicked and struggled. Then she settled down as though she knew putting up a fight wouldn’t do her any good.

“Bondage night means I get to do anything I want, Jeff.” Then he grinned as he grabbed her ass with one hand and squeezed it. Frieda bubbled again as she shook her head.

“Oh knock it off, sis! You love it and you know it!” Then he reached under her chest to grope her boobs.

I sat there watching as my dick got hard and tented my trunks. Glenn saw my bulge and grinned. Then he pulled Frieda over to where I was sitting until she was staring down into my lap.

“See what you’re doing to Jeff, sis? See how turned on he is watching you hold your breath? Maybe I should make you suck his cock. How would you like that?” She just bubbled in response.

“What do you think, Jeff? Want to see her face while she’s holding her breath?” I nodded “Unh – hunh.”


He flipped his sister over onto her back. She panted for breath as she floated at the surface. All that nudity really made my cock hard.

“He wants to see your face as you hold your breath, sis!” Then Glenn pushed down on her boobs. Frieda bubbled as she was pushed below the surface.

I watched as bubbles came out of her nose. Glenn laughed as he groped her breasts. “Watch this, buddy,” he said as he reached down between her legs.

Frieda tried to clench them together. Glenn just forced his hand between them. She stiffened and bubbled as his fingers found her slit.

“It’s harder for her to hold her breath when I’m fingering her,” he explained. “It’s also hard for me to concentrate when I’ve got to keep her under. Care to help me out?”

I smiled at him as I nodded. “Just push down on her boobs, Jeff.” Then he let her up.

Frieda came up and gasped for breath. I pushed down on her breasts until she went back under. Frieda lost more bubbles out of her nose and mouth.

Glenn worked at fingering his sister’s pussy. “Grope her tits, buddy. She loves that while she’s holding her breath.” Then he laughed at his sister.

I squeezed her boobs as I kept her submerged. “How long do I keep her down, Glenn?”

“As long as you want, buddy.” Then he laughed again as he went back to fingering her.

I let her rise up until her head came out of the water. She gasped for breath as she looked at me. I remembered how they treated me the other day. So I pushed her right back down by shoving on her tits.

Frieda went under with another series of bubbles. Glenn fingered her pretty good. “I’m gonna make her cum if you want, buddy. Keep her down until her lungs are screaming at her, ok?”

I nodded as I kept her head and chest under. Glenn really fingered her good. Frieda wriggled and squirmed as she lost little bursts of air.

“Her chest really heaves when she’s out of breath, buddy. You can hold her down until you find out for yourself.” Then he called out, “How about it, sis? Gonna cum for Jeff here?”

He fingered her harder as I kept her submerged. I couldn’t resist squeezing her tits. It wasn’t often a guy got the chance to grope a woman so freely like that.

More bubbles came up as her cheeks started to bulge. “She’s really squeezing my fingers, buddy. Shouldn’t be too much longer.”

Frieda really began to squirm. Glenn just kept fingering her. She winced until she suddenly started hitching and jerking.

“Fuck; she’s cumming!” Glenn crowed. Frieda’s eyes rolled as she spewed away the last of her breath. That’s when I took pity on her and let her back up.

She came up panting weakly for breath. “Damn, sis. That was a good one.” She just gave her brother a dirty look.

I noticed how hard Glenn had become. He smiled as he looked in my lap. “Hey, buddy. Want to show my sister how hard you got from dunking her?”

I thought about it for a moment. Neither one acted like it was a big deal. “Why not?” I said with a shrug.

I pulled my trunks off and tossed them out of the hot tub, revealing my stiffy. “Cool!” Glenn said with a smile. “Ok, sis. It’s time for you to see just what you’ve done to our guest out here.”

He laughed as he flipped her over. She bubbled as she looked down into my lap. “See it, sis? See what you did to Jeff? Here, let me show you.” Then he asked, “You don’t mind, do you, buddy?”

I wasn’t sure what he had in mind. “I, uh… I guess not.”

He laughed as he came over and sat next to me. “Don’t worry, buddy. This won’t hurt a bit.” Then he grabbed my cock before pushing his sister’s head deeper into the water.

“See it, sis? See how hard it is? Maybe you should do something about it!”

He slapped her face with it a couple of times. Then he let it go as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. “I think she ought to suck it underwater for all she put you through last time, Jeff? Wouldn’t you agree?”

“You bastard! You wouldn’t!”

“Don’t be such a bitch, sis!” Then he laughed as he pushed her head down again.

“Do you mind?” he asked me again. It was a little embarrassing the way he’d grabbed it before. But I decided I kind of liked it.

I told him it was ok with me. So he grabbed it again. Then he pushed his sister’s head close so he could smack her face with my dick.

She bubbled indignantly. “Now you’re going to suck it, sis! Suck it or you’ll never breathe again!”

I looked at Glenn in alarm. He just mouthed it was ok. Then he pushed her head close until she was able to wrap her lips around it.

“Like it, Jeff?” he asked. Then he saw my expression. “Yeah, I can tell you like it all right.”

He let go of her head. She drifted back up to the surface. More bubbles came out of her mouth.

“What’s the matter, sis? Better keep it in your mouth if you want to breathe again.” Then he pushed her head back down until she was able to wrap her lips around my shaft.

She began sucking on my cock a little more aggressively. Her cheeks went all concave. Glenn let go of her head, but she managed to stay down and keep me in her mouth.

I watched as she started to struggle. It looked like she was getting convulsions. Glenn pulled her head up, allowing her a quick breath before shoving her back down and impaling her mouth with my erection.

She grunted and bubbled as she bobbed up and down. The suction I felt was her way of keeping it in her mouth. “Damn, Glenn. I think I’m going to cum.”

“Grab her skull and fuck it, Jeff. That way she knows she’s about to get a mouthful of cum.”

“Are you sure?”

“Hell, yeah. I do it all the time!”

I figured it was ok so long as Glenn gave me the green light. I assumed he would protect me from his sister later. So I grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting up into her mouth.

At first she bubbled in surprise. I thought for sure she would be angry. If anything, she sucked even harder.

I felt my balls start to swell. “Make her swallow every drop, Jeff!” I nodded at Glenn before shoving my cock all the way to the back of her mouth.

She gagged up a lot of bubbles. Then my cock exploded in her mouth. To my surprise I felt her suctioning and vacuuming.

More bubbles came up as she started to struggle. I finally let her up for a breath. She came up panting tiredly.

“Swallow it all, sis?” Glenn asked with a wicked grin.

“Yes, damn you.” She even opened her mouth to prove it.

“Last of your dunks, sis.” Then he grabbed both sides of her head.

He slammed her face down three times before holding her underwater. She bubbled like crazy. Then he pulled her up for a quick breath before he did it again.

She got three quick dunks followed by a quick breath. Glenn did that three times. Then he rolled her over onto her back.

Frieda panted tiredly, although she coughed a little. Then she smiled up at her brother. “Now it’s your turn, asshole. This time you get to be the one sucking cock.” He just laughed as he pushed down on her boobs, submerging her for a good minute or so before letting her up and freeing her from the cuffs.


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