An obsessed fan

The first one I ever drowned in her bathtub was the incomparable Wendy Dean. I suppose I could blame the whole thing on her. But maybe I should take some responsibility for myself.

She used to have these parties where she would invite guys to come and spend a week with her. They always took a ton of footage whenever she was in the water. A lot of videos came out of those parties.

I went to her last one. What I saw convinced me just how good she was when it came to acting out a drowning scenario. She must have done 15 or 20 of them at least. And some had to be filmed 2 or three times just to get the scene right.

She never failed to elicit bulges out of the guys in attendance. Her drowning scenarios were always arousing. She loved the affect it had on us.

You could tell how much she loved “drowning” for us guys. You could tell by the look in her eyes just how much she loved turning us on. She knew what the guys liked, and she always gave it 110%.

I got to take part in one of her “pool drownings”. I held onto her body as she writhed and struggled in my grasp. We were pressed together as the guys filmed the scene.

I had this unbelievable erection the whole time I held onto her. She put on an unbelievable drowning performance. The way she looked at me with that panicked expression was priceless.

The first time we shot it I couldn’t disguise my crotch rocket. She was underwater struggling against me for about a good 45 seconds. I know she could tell I had a raging hard-on.

When we came up for air I was sure she was going to be angry with me. But she didn’t say a word about it. She actually gave me this knowing smile as though she loved the effect she was having on me.

We had to shoot the scene in segments so we could splice it together. As she drew closer to her “drowning” she put more effort into it. She really struggled in my grasp.

A couple times I thought she was humping me. Then we would surface for air. After getting another breath we would go right back down and pick up where we’d left off.

Her final moments were pure bliss. She hitched and gurgled in my grasp as though she was really drowning. Then she went motionless, holding her breath for a good half-minute while I held onto her.

We did one more take after that. In the last shot she held her breath while giving me that “death stare”. I was allowed to grope and fondle her breasts for nearly a minute as she remained perfectly still. It was incredible.

The party finally broke up and the guys all went their separate ways. I’m not sure who had the most fun. Wendy put in most of the work. But despite her exhaustion, she seemed to have this glow about her.

Before I left she told me she was going to take a nice bath to soak away her sore muscles. I told her I thought that sounded like a good idea. But inwardly my mind was racing.

I went down the street, watching and waiting. I really wanted to see Wendy in her bath. My only obstacle was her husband.

I was about to give up when I saw him get in their car and pull away. Maybe he was running an errand. But with the image of Wendy in her bath, I simply couldn’t resist.

I snuck back to their house and tried the door. Fortunately it had not been locked. I snuck inside and crept around, being careful not to attract any attention to myself.

I located the bathroom once I heard the sound of the bathtub filling. Wendy was humming some tune. When I caught sight of her she was wearing a sexy, light blue nightie.

All at once I got an erection. I wanted to see her submerged in her bathtub. Correction: I wanted to watch her drown in her bathtub.

I crept closer to have a look. That’s when she turned in my direction. She let out a cry of alarm before sighing in relief.

“What are you still doing here? I thought you left.”

“I did, Wendy. But when I heard you were going to take a bath I just couldn’t resist.”

“That’s sweet of you, love. But I’m really tired now. The party is over; there’ll be no more filming.”

“Can’t you drown for me in your tub? Can’t you drown just one more time?”

“Look, I really had a lot of fun this past week. But the party is over. You really need to go home now.”

“Aw, c’mon, Wendy. You drown so wonderfully!”

“I’m flattered you think so. But you really need to be going. I need to unwind from a long, hectic week of holding my breath and drowning for you lovely lads.”

Instinctively I moved toward her. “You can drown once more for me, can’t you?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I really must insist you leave this house at once.”

“But Wendy; you drown so divinely! Just one more for me?”

I saw the tub was full so I turned the faucet to the off position. Always polite, Wendy instinctively thanked me. Then she corrected herself as she told me, “You really have to be going now!”

“Aw, Wendy… just one more.” Then I began to push her backwards toward the tub.

“No, really; I insist… what are you doing – AAWWWWW!”

I pushed her over backward until she hit the water with a splash. I forced her down into the bottom of the tub until she was really struggling. That’s when her nightie began to turn transparent for me.

She released a ton of nose bubbles. Then she screamed as she shook her head. I smiled as I told her, “That’s right, Wendy; that’s right. I love it when you struggle. You always act so realistic when you’re performing.”

Big bursts of bubbles came up. Then she gave me the signal to bring her up. She must have remembered it from the party.

Instinctively I pulled her head up. She gasped and sputtered for breath. But when she started to cry out I forced her head back down.

She lost more nose bubbles as she shook her head. She did a good job trying to fight me off. She always did put on a great performance.

I let her up and she gasped loudly for breath again. Then I pushed her right back under. I watched as more sexy bubbles came up.

I let her up again, thrilled to hear another desperate gasp for breath. Then I pushed her right back down. By now I was rock hard in my pants.

She released more nose bubbles as she let out a bubbly scream. I smiled as I looked down at her. “You always drown so wonderfully, Wendy. You’ll drown for me one more time, won’t you?”

I kept her down until she gave me the signal again. But I knew from previous experience she could hold her breath a little longer after that. So I kept pushing down on her shoulders.

She frantically shook her head as her legs kicked wildly. I finally pulled her head back up. She really gasped for breath.

“Now you’re going to put on a good drowning for me; right, Wendy? This time it’s just you and me.” Then I pushed her back down to the bottom of her tub.

She got a bit of a breath before going back down. She knew I wanted a good performance. I was glad she got that breath so she could prolong her drowning for me.

She didn’t struggle so much as she tried to hold her breath. But she had this look of terror in her eyes. I nodded as I told her, “You’re going to drown real good for me, aren’t you, Wendy?”

For a moment she looked like she didn’t know what to do. She finally nodded at me. Maybe she thought if she gave me one last drowning performance, I would go home a happy, satisfied aquaphile and would leave her to her bath.

I pushed down on her shoulders as she looked up at me. Her expression was perfect. I don’t think she could have portrayed her fear any better.

It wasn’t long before bubbles started to come out of her nose. I thought that was sexy as hell. She even bulged her cheeks for me.

I saw her stomach start to convulse. Then her chest began to heave. She began shaking her head as she gave me the signal.

“Not yet, Wendy,” I told her enthusiastically. “First you have to drown for me. You’re going to drown for me real good, aren’t you?”

She shook her head harder as more bubbles trickled out of her nose. She had this panicked look in her eyes. It was incredible.

“C’mon, Wendy!” I urged. “You can’t hold your breath forever. It’s time for you to drown for me!”

She lost a big burst of bubbles out of her mouth. Her chest heaved as she gulped and grunted. There was another big burst of bubbles. Then I saw her gulp water.

Almost immediately her expression changed as though she was really terrified. Then she started hitching and gurgling. She kept gulping and convulsing as the water in the tub sloshed around.

I pushed down hard on her shoulders as my cock throbbed. Wendy kept hitching and gulping. The bubbles coming out of her mouth and nose lessened considerably.

The moment she went limp is the moment I creamed my pants. She no longer struggled to get her head up out of the tub. She just stared at me in utter disbelief.

I had to make a confession to her. “Wendy, you have no idea how hard I just came.” She released a couple of stray bubbles out of her parted lips in response.

I pulled her nightie down, exposing her swollen breasts. I began to grope and fondle them. “I know you like this,” I said with a smile. “I saw it in your eyes at the party. You had to act all drowned and lifeless at the time. But I could tell how much you enjoyed it.”

Just for fun I pushed into her stomach. It caused a couple of bubbles to evacuate her flooded lungs. She just stared upward with lifeless eyes.

I finally let her go. But she remained on the bottom of her tub. She was giving me the complete performance, and I loved her for it.

“Wendy, that was great. You have no idea how many times I had to stop from creaming myself watching you drown so many times during your party. I’m so glad we had this time together. Now I’ll leave you to your bath.” And with that I slipped out of her house, a happy, satisfied aquaphile.

2019 (written Sep 1 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture courtesy of Wendy Dean Aquablonde.)

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