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Death Fuck underwater

Three girls at the Hostage Execution club must try to get off their “volunteers” in a special tank before they drown.
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A dive and a show

Miley is down in the Florida Keys looking for an opportunity to get in a little scuba diving. When she runs into a fan who has a boat and a couple of tanks on board, she willingly goes out with him. She decides to thank him by putting on a show… and perhaps a bit more… Continue reading

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Double-teaming the babysitter

Adina babysits for Mr. Johnson. She also loves fucking in the pool with him and his brother. Continue reading

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Skip’s Birthday Present (a Janet story)

Skip and Janet are in the Bahamas for a vacation. It’s his birthday and she doesn’t know what to get him for a present. But Skip has a couple ideas of his own that include a shared scuba tank and some handcuffs. Continue reading

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