The aqua-slut drowns again


Every time there’s some sort of drama or excitement at the Aqua Club, Eva always seems to be right in the middle of it. She was drowned once by Brooke in a jealous rage. But Eva loves the fuck-drown scenario. So that didn’t seem to bother her too much.

A woman named Tessa recently joined our Aqua Club. Eva was drawn to her right away. Soon, they could be seen cavorting in the pool, hardening every cock in sight.

One day, I was there when they were in the pool together. There was a kettle ball sitting in the shallow end. The two naked ladies kept swimming around it.

Sometimes they gripped it together just for fun. And sometimes one would hold on while the other would caress her all over. It was pretty hot to observe.

Soon, they began switching off on it. Eva held onto it with her hands behind her back, acting as though her wrists had been tied together to it. Then Tessa feasted on her clam until Eva had a very noticeable orgasm.

Next, it was Tessa’s turn to hold on. Eva worked her over real good. Tessa really wriggled and bubbled when it came time for her to orgasm.

They went back and forth like that while they played with the kettle ball. Then Tessa introduced some chains into their play. She also went and retrieved a couple of weight belts so the ladies wouldn’t keep wanting to drift upward all the time.

Tessa went first. They got the kettle ball up out of the water so she didn’t have to hold her breath the entire time. Then Eva chained her to it.

They waded far enough out into the shallow end where their heads were just barely above the surface. I watched Tessa get a big breath. Then she submerged, allowing the kettle ball to take her to the bottom.

About that time, Paul came in. He pointed at the pool before asking, “Who’s in there?”

“Tessa and Eva,” I replied. “They’re using a kettle ball and having fun.”

“This I’ve got to see,” he said as he pulled up a patio chair to the edge of the water.

Eva sucked on Tessa’s nipples while touching her all over. They were down for quite a while before Tessa started to struggle. But Eva playfully kept her from rising up to get a breath.

For a moment there, I thought Tessa was going to suck water. She finally rose up, hefting the kettle ball in her hands until her head was out of the water. She gasped for breath as Eva told her how hot it had been.

They immediately switched roles. This time, Eva ended up with chains around her wrists, tethering her to the kettle ball. Then she got a big breath before she submerged.

I noticed Tessa didn’t touch Eva nearly as much as she previously had been touched. She seemed content just to watch her suffer while holding her breath. Eva kept smiling as she playfully pulled against the chains, acting as though she was in trouble.

Eva finally made a move to rise up out of the water. Tessa just pushed her down, keeping her submerged. That’s when the bubbles came up.

Paul frowned before curiously asking, “Is she drowning her?”

“I don’t know,” I replied as we watched intently. “It kind of looks like it. Knowing Eva, she’s probably enjoying herself.”

Tessa finally rose up to get a breath. She saw us watching while waiting for Eva to come up. But Eva never surfaced.

Tessa saw us looking with concern at her. She smiled as she waved dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry; she’s fine.” Then she went back down.

Eva was hardly moving. Tessa kissed her lips while caressing her breasts. I didn’t think Eva could hold her breath that long. Neither did Paul.

Eva didn’t seem to be moving at all. That’s when Tessa began kissing her nipples. Paul and I looked at each other before instinctively jumping into the water.

Tessa saw us coming and rose up to meet us. “She’s fine,” she waved dismissively. “She loves it.” But Eva was just staring off into space, her lips parted.

Paul and I got her up out of the water and freed her from the weight belt and the chains to the kettle ball. Eva had clearly drowned. We frantically worked on her until she came around, coughing like crazy.

“That was intense!” she finally panted. Then she eyed Tessa curiously before demanding, “What the hell was that all about??”

“You damn near drowned me, you bitch!”

“That’s no reason to drown me, honey.”

“I am NOT your honey!”

“You two having a falling out?” I called to Tessa in the water.

“Oh, I’m fine!” Then she turned and swam into the deep end as though that should be the end of it.

Paul looked questioningly at Eva. “Do it!” she hissed under her breath. “She deserves it! And yes; I don’t mind one bit if you give her a drown-fuck!”

I went and fetched a set of handcuffs. Then Paul and I stripped naked before we dove in. That’s when Eva egged us on by calling out, “Drown the bitch for me!”

Tessa let out a cry when she saw us coming. We caught up to her and submerged her. Then we forced her arms behind her back and cuffed her wrists together.

She came up sputtering, “What are you doing? She deserved it!”

“So do you,” I laughed. Then we forced her under.

She bubbled like crazy as she put up a fuss. We let go, and she tried to kick her way back to the surface. But the weight belt still around her waist was making it a bit of a challenge.

I grabbed her ankle before she could get any air. I pulled her down with me until she was on the bottom. Then I let go.

She tried for the surface once again. That’s when Paul grabbed an ankle and pulled her back down. She lost a lot of her breath.

We both let her go, and she rose to the surface. She eventually popped up gasping and sputtering. That’s when we surfaced on either side of her, Eva loudly egging us on.

Tessa angrily cried out, “You can’t do this to me!”

“Yes, they can!” Eva hollered at her.

“You stay out of this!”

I smiled as I told her, “We can do this the easy way… or we can do it the hard way.”

She angrily glared at me. “What’s the easy way?”

“You get us off before we drown you.”

“Fuck! That’s the easy way?? What’s the hard way?”

“We take you up to the surface and out of the pool where we make you change into your clothes. Then you never set foot inside the club again. If you do, you’ll be charged with attempted murder for trying to drown Eva.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Instinctively, we both pushed down on her head. She kicked to try to get herself back up to the surface. But we wouldn’t let her.

She finally stopped resisting. That’s when we helped her to the surface. “Call it an initiation,” Paul helpfully explained. “You knew what the pool rules were when you entered. If you’re prepared to drown someone, you have to be prepared to be on the receiving end as well.”

“You can’t do that to me!”

“Fine.” Then we pushed her under again.

Eva slipped into the pool and swam out to us. I frowned as I told her, “You’re not supposed to be back in the water so soon after a drowning.”

“I’m ok. My head’s above the surface; right?”

She grabbed Tessa’s head from us and forced it into her exposed crotch. Then she loudly declared, “Either she gets you guys off… or she drowns while eating muff. Her choice.”

Tessa really struggled. Paul and I smiled as we tread water and watched. Eva kept Tessa down until the woman began spewing her breath away. Then she pulled her head up out of the water.

Tessa coughed and sputtered. Eva pleasantly told her, “I’d take them up on their offer if I were you. When I get riled, I’m not nearly as nice as I appear to be at first glance. Hell, I doubt I’d be as nice about it as they’re going to be.” Then she cruelly shoved Tessa back down between her legs.

Eva humped her face pretty good. Tessa still appeared to be bubbling and struggling. “Are we done here?” Paul wanted to know, suspecting it was about to be taken out of our hands.

“Not yet,” Eva replied with a chuckle. “I think she’s starting to get the hang of things. Oh…. Oh yeah… right there!”

Tessa had stopped struggling, although more bubbles were coming up. Eva panted as an expression of pleasure filled her face. Then she pulled her adversary’s head back up.

Tessa came up gasping for breath. “Pussy or cock as you drown?” Eva asked casually. “It makes no difference to me what you’re doing when you start swallowing water.”

“Cock,” Tessa replied, sullen yet submissive.

“Good choice. It’s the one I always take whenever I know I’m going to drown. I have the best orgasms that way.”

She pushed Tessa down in the direction of my erection. Then I felt lips wrap around my shaft. She willingly bobbed up and down on it, suctioning with her mouth. At least there was no sense of reluctance or hesitancy on her part.

“Gotta encourage the bitch,” Eva chuckled. Then she filled her lungs and submerged.

“Eva; no!” Paul declared. “Too soon!” But Eva was already eagerly moving down between her parted legs and starting to feast.

Tessa grunted up bubbles as she sucked my cock. She even wriggled a little as her weight belt tried to pull her downward. She was not too bad sucking dick underwater.

Eva came up with her, both of them gasping for breath. Then she pushed her head down in the direction of Paul’s stiffy. That’s when she also submerged to do a little more clam diving of her own.

Sexy bubbles were grunted up as I stroked my meat while watching the action. I looked questioningly at Paul. “Pretty decent,” he replied with a nod and a smile.

“She’d better be careful or Eva might cruelly drown her just for spite.”

Paul chuckled. “Well, Eva’s giving her quite the tongue-lashing. So I hope she learns from it.” I just laughed.

Eva helped Tessa go back and forth between us. But she made sure her tongue was up her rival’s twat most of the time. Apparently she was trying to give her the proper encouragement. Hell, I think Tessa even came a couple of times!

She was up gasping for breath when Eva declared, “Its drowning time, bitch! Whose cock do you want up that juicy twat?”

Tessa looked at both of us. Then she picked Paul. “No offense,” she told me.

“None taken,” I replied.

“Good choice,” Eva declared. “You can fuck and suck. Maybe you’ll get a nice mouthful of cum while you’re drowning on Paul’s big dick. Now let’s get your sorry ass down below the surface.”

I was surprised at how domineering Eva had become. Maybe it’s because she was really looking forward to drowning Tessa.

The new girl was impaled from behind so she could reach my dick. Paul started thrusting into her up at the surface. “Now let’s get this party started!” Eva declared excitedly.

Tessa got a good breath. Then Eva forced her head down toward my dick. Tessa wrapped her lips around my shaft and started sucking.

Paul kept thrusting in and out of her. But her weight helped take us all down. Mine and Paul’s head were just below the surface as Tessa serviced us.

Eva submerged and got under Tessa. She began sucking on her nipples as her rival sucked and was fucked. There were grunts and bubbles everywhere.

Paul and I worked our heads back up long enough to get another breath. But we kept Tessa submerged. It wasn’t long until we could tell by her body language that she was struggling.

Paul and I slipped below the surface as we continued going at it with the new girl. Eva kept sucking on her rival’s nipples. Tessa’s struggle to hold her breath was quite erotic.

I finally shot a huge load into her mouth. Some swirled back out past her lips. Then she grunted and cried out as she shuddered in orgasm.

Paul’s cream began oozing out of her pussy. Then she started cumming and drowning. It was pretty damned erotic, especially the way Eva kept sucking on the poor girl’s nipples.

Despite Eva’s wishes, we didn’t keep Tessa down all that long. We helped her back up until she came up dazed and disoriented. But she was already coughing and breathing as we helped her over to the edge of the pool and got her out.

Eva remained in the pool, treading water in the deep end. “You guys could have drowned her longer and harder,” she pouted.

“Just trying to be nice, Eva,” I smiled in reply. She just stuck her tongue out at me.

Tessa looked at us in surprise. “I thought… you were going to keep me down longer!”

“Eva wanted us to,” Paul told her. “But we decided to give you a break and cut you some slack… at least for now.”

“I… didn’t think… I never knew…”

“Never knew what?” I asked.

“I never knew a girl could cum so hard while she was drowning!” Then she looked enviously at Eva as she asked, “You do this all the time?”

“As often as they let me,” Eva replied as she finally swam over to us. “There are no hard feelings on my end. What about you?”

“I’m good,” Tessa panted. “I was a little rough on you, and I’m sorry. I got treated better than I probably deserved.”

“These guys are softies at heart,” Eva told her. “But they can be wicked when they’re enjoying a good, underwater fuck.”

“So is this experience a one-off for you?” I asked Tessa.

She thought about it for a moment. Then she smiled. “I already fucked Paul. Maybe I also owe you a fuck-drowning. Then we’ll see how it goes from there.”

“Oh, I think she’s hooked,” Eva laughed as she climbed out of the pool. Paul and I just chuckled knowingly at that.

4-16-23 Inspired by the preview pictures I found.

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