More confessions of a Male Club Attendant


I had just settled down into a chair to catch my breath when the door opened. An attendant came in with something to drink. I went pale as she took in both bodies.

She smiled as she offered the drink to me. Then she surprised me by asking, “Did you enjoy yourself, sir?”

“I’m afraid so, much as it pains me to say it.”

“Don’t feel bad. Please remain here for a moment; ok? Someone will be with you shortly.”

The drink really refreshed me. But I hadn’t gotten dressed yet when the door opened and a woman came in. Her outfit and persona indicated she was someone important.

She looked at the bodies and smiled. Then she told me, “Arrangements have already been made. Everything will be taken care of. Well done, my dear boy. Well done.”

I looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“It’s all been recorded. I think the video from the events in this room will be quite a seller. I’ll make sure you get a percentage.” Then she smiled as she added, “Around here, they call me Mistress Chastity. I’ve been getting enquiries about you from people who’ve been watching all of this on the monitors. How’d you like to work here?”

Part 2

She casually slid into the other chair at the only small table in the room. “I’ll get dressed,” I mumbled self-consciously.

“Sit down and finish your drink,” she waved dismissively. “You’re fine.”

I wasn’t sure I was fine, not with her sitting there looking somewhat formal and official. She didn’t come on to me or anything like that. Then I remembered her words.

“Recorded?” I repeated with growing alarm. “Video? What do you mean?” Had the murders I’d just committed been witnessed by several others?

Before she could answer, several attendants came in and worked at removing the bodies. I had no idea what was going to happen to them. And since I was directly responsible for snuffing them both, I really didn’t want to know.

Mistress Chastity paid the attendants no mind. Nor did she express any condemnation toward me for my actions. In fact, she seemed favorably impressed. But she could clearly see the concern in my features.

“Maybe I should explain,” she remarked with a friendly smile. “You see, Bert and Millie have been guests here at the Club a couple of times before.”

I was surprised. “They’ve been here before? They never told me that. They just invited me to come with them tonight. I never thought anything of it. In fact, I had kind of assumed this was their first time here. You see, while I was with them, we developed this strange kind of… relationship.”

“I’m well aware of that, my dear boy. Millie told me all about you. She said they were planning on bringing you with them to the Club tonight in the hopes it would turn out the way it did.”

“I beg your pardon?” and I blinked in shocked confusion.

“They both had these fantasies, my dear boy. Bert wished to be abused and then snuffed by a male who lusted after his wife. And Millie had this fantasy of paying for her crime of being an accomplice to his murder by being snuffed as well.”

I frowned as I asked, “Is this true?” She just nodded her head.

“Well, they never told me! If they had, I probably wouldn’t have done anything like this!”

“Millie told me they slowly worked you into a domineering relationship with them, especially with her husband. Then she said they would be bringing you here in the hopes they could get you to snuff them both. I’d say events worked out rather well; wouldn’t you agree?”

“I’m not in any kind of trouble, am I?”

Chastity’s smile helped put me at ease as she shook her head. “Not at all, my dear boy. The Club is careful not to discourage this type of activity among its patrons. We have rules in place to protect those who are involved in this sort of thing.”

“Then I won’t be visited by law enforcement when I get home?” I still wasn’t entirely convinced I was not going to be arrested before the night was over, even though I was vaguely aware of the Club’s reputation.

“Not at all. But I should tell you something you might not be aware of. You see, you’ve become rather notorious here at the Club.”

“Notorious? In what way?”

“My dear boy, the events that took place in this room were not displayed just to the Club monitors. It actually went out on our streaming service. And it’s been recorded to be put out as a part of our DVD sales.”

“Went out on your streaming service?” I was trying to process the meaning of that.

“Millie gave her permission. She thought it would add to the Club’s reputation. The events of what happened in this room actually went out live while you were snuffing them both.”

For a moment, I felt panic start to well up within me. “My gawd; this can’t be good!”

She smiled warmly again as though to reassure me. “Not to fear, my dear boy. The Club has actually been getting enquiries about you regarding the events that took place in this room.”

“Enquiries about me?”

“Well… enquiries about your services.” Then her smile broadened.

“My services?”

“The way you fucked them both? And the way you lifted Millie back up into the air after she said she’d changed her mind?”

I was quick to reply, “She told me to do that.”

“Indeed she did. However, I’m sure some of our viewers were still expecting you to let her back down and allow her live. But when you cruelly strung her back up? There were comments in the chat from ladies saying they wished they were in Millie’s place, unable to get you to stop. You understand, don’t you… the arousal of it all, and the inability to undo what was about to happen?”

“Incredible!” I replied as I shook my head in amazement.

Mistress leaned closer and smiled. “Without revealing any names, we’ve had a couple of contacts from people asking if it would be possible if something could be arranged for their, uh… significant other.”


“I always suggest they come to the Club together where things could be worked out. But these situations sound like one of the parties is being very naughty. The other party is hesitant to participate, but they want to know if an “accident” can be arranged.”

I looked at her dubiously. “How do you arrange an ‘accident’ in here?”

“Look around you, dear boy.”

I looked at the electric chair, the guillotine in the corner, and the dangling noose. Then I looked right at her. That’s when she smiled knowingly at me before asking, “Did you enjoy snuffing them?”

I only thought about it for a moment before shamefully replying, “Yes… I suppose I did.”

“I thought so. It was quite evident just by watching you on the monitor. Everyone could tell you were enjoying yourself. That may be a part of what has generated so much interest.”

“My enthusiasm?”

“Exactly.” Then she paused before asking, “So how’d you like to work for us?”

I paused for a long moment. Was this something I really wanted to get myself involved in? What kind of hazards would I be getting myself into?

“Could you, uh… give me some time to think on it?”

“Certainly, my dear boy. How about I give you a call in a few days?”

She rose up and smiled at me. She gave me an appreciative look that almost made me instinctively cover my privates with my hands. “Well done, my dear boy. Well done.” They she turned and strode to the door before letting herself out.

I got a call from Mistress Chastity on a Friday afternoon. Did I have some time I could spare for her? I said sure, so I reported to the Club.

After I arrived, she took me to what I assumed was her office. We sat down and began to talk. That’s when she asked again how I felt about working for her.

I told her I was still considering it. She said she would make it worth my while. She just had one concern. Would it bother me to snuff any more of the Club’s customers while they were in my care while having sex with me?

“You mean like what I did to Bert and Millie last week?”

“Exactly. You did say you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“It’s one thing when someone demands I snuff them, Mistress. It’s another thing entirely when it happens by accident, unplanned by either party.”

“Indeed,” she replied. “But what if we had a way of… helping you with your decision, shall we say?”

“Helping me?”

“By giving you some sort of indication how an encounter with a customer should turn out.”

“Like those ‘accidents’ you were talking about the other day… accidents that aren’t really accidents?”


“Wouldn’t that spoil the moment if people knew they were going to die while having sex with me? Wouldn’t customers shy away from me if they knew it was going to end in a fatal encounter?”

“I think it’s better if they don’t know. Besides, we’ll have them sign a waiver or pay extra for the increased risk. That way, the decision will be left entirely up to you in most situations… unless the club has received specific instructions.”

“Specific instructions?”

She smiled as she told me, “We’ll find some way of letting you know about those particular cases, my dear boy.”

“Won’t I be in trouble if I fail to snuff a customer you want eliminated?”

“But if you enjoy snuffing our clients, that really won’t be a problem, will it?” Then she gave me a knowing smile.

“I suppose not. But what if I end up snuffing someone I wasn’t really supposed to?”

“Not possible,” she replied as she shook her head. “Choosing to set foot inside our Club already has its risks. Our customers know that from the very beginning. Spending intimate time with you is no guarantee they’ll walk out under their own power after the event. That’s what makes an evening with you so risky and thrilling. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I can kind of see your point, Mistress. But I’m still not entirely sure about everything.”

She smiled as she leaned forward. “Let me ask you this. Would you be willing to work just for tonight? Sort of a one night special, just to see if you like it?”

There was something in her eyes that gave the game away, “Am I to take it you’ve already made certain arrangements with certain individuals?”

She smiled knowingly. “I see I can’t get anything past you, my dear boy. As a matter of fact, we have. We’ve already let our members know you’ll be on the schedule for a few hours this evening.” She paused before asking, “That won’t be a problem, will it?”

I shook my head, knowing my evening was free. Had she researched my private life and already figured that out? Did it really matter?

“No, Mistress. No problem. I could use the money for a few hours’ worth of work tonight.”

“Excellent. We’ll be more than happy to pay you in cash tonight. And I already took the liberty of preparing an attendant’s outfit for you. You’ll find it in the locker room. Thank you so much for agreeing to this, my dear boy. I promise, you won’t regret it.”

I changed and was introduced to a few of the attendants who would be seeing to my needs. I was given a few last minute instructions to assist me in my duties. Then I was instructed to head to a sex snuff room where I was ordered to give the client whatever he or she asked for.

I was in there barely five minutes before a woman in her forties came in. She came right up to me and kissed me passionately. Then she began taking my attendant’s attire off.

She told me she watched me hang that man and woman in the Club the other day on streaming video. She said she wanted to have sex with someone dangerous like me. She said the idea of being fucked by a serial killer gave her a real thrill.

She started out by grabbing my dick as she told me to treat her roughly. Curious, I asked her what that meant. She said she wanted to be left wondering what I might do to her. And since we were doing this in a sex snuff room, she wanted to reach the point where she thought I might actually snuff her.

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to carry out her wishes. Chastity had left the details of my sexual encounters with her clients entirely up to me. “The only important thing tonight is for you to enjoy yourself, my dear boy.” Those had been her concluding words.

I started with my first customer of the evening by making her suck my cock. But I was hesitant about taking charge, at least in the beginning. So I allowed the woman to set the pace.

She soon started acting all aggressive on me. Then she quietly told me to get rough with her. That was certainly easy enough, being as how she was already slobbering all over my dick.

I grabbed the back of her head and made her gag on my cock. Then I roughly undressed her. I mauled her tits in the process, making her gasp and whimper as I told her it was her role to get me off.

This wasn’t Bert or Millie giving me directions. So I was still a little unsure what to do next. But I started by throwing her up onto the bed, which she seemed to like. Then I climbed on top of her.

I gave it to her good and hard as I fucked her in the missionary position. She climaxed rather quickly as I pounded her. But she told me to get even rougher with her and that she wanted me to choke her.

I was still a little hesitant. So I asked if she had any limitations. “None” was the reply.

I thought about her anal passage. So I asked if she had any ‘hole’ limitations. The answer was the same.

I made an abrupt change by retrieving some rope. Then I tied her arms behind her back. She gasped with apparent excitement, asking if it turned me on to bind her. I just told her to shut the fuck up.

I bent her over the end of the bed. Then I brutally fucked her from behind. She gasped and moaned before I told her again to shut the fuck up. That’s when I choked her, wrapping my fingers tightly around her neck while telling her to get me off.

She came alive, gasping and moaning. The rougher I was, the more she seemed to like it. Then she climaxed hard before passing out on me.

For a moment, I was unsure what to do next. I knew I had not choked her fatally. But when she came back around, she begged for more.

I looked up and noticed the noose over the bed. I thought to myself, ‘Why not?’ So I noosed her up before making her straddle me as I lay flat on my back.

I deliberately impaled her ass with my dick. Then I pulled on the rope, making her aggressively ride me. Her ass clenched like crazy, milking a cum out of my cock.

The more I pulled on the noose, the harder she came. She climaxed twice more, despite my cock being up her anal passage. I had no idea that fucking her ass would make her cum so hard.

I occasionally glanced over at the door and the monitoring device the customers used to transfer additional funds with their pagers. That’s when I noticed a green light was blinking. That was my cue.

I became perversely excited as I considered what would be a fitting finale to our time together. So we got off the bed. Then I strung her up in the center of the room.

I gave her an ominous smile, which made her gasp and whimper. Then I slowly pulled her up off the floor. “Better get me off,” I warned as I stepped forward.

She wrapped her legs around me as I impaled her with my dick. She frantically rode me as she tried to lift herself up enough to get a decent breath of air. Her face really turned red as I fucked her cunt without a condom. She was wet as hell.

I really made her suffer as I kept pulling on the rope, tightening the coil around her throat. She came three times in rapid succession. Then I told her, “My turn to cum now, bitch!”

I pulled out of her and allowed her to dangle as I stroked myself. Her eyes opened wider as she fought her noose. I hissed, “Make me cum as you die, bitch!” Then I stepped up and put my dick back inside her.

She was too weak to wrap her legs around me. I could feel her cunt clenching and quivering. Drool came out of her mouth and splattered her tits as her dying body milked me.

I filled her with my cream as she twitched and convulsed. Then she dangled limp. I slowly pulled out and gave her a push, watching with satisfaction as she gently swung back and forth.

I got behind her and entered her ass. I fucked her until her bladder gave way. Then I pulled out.

I went into the shower and got cleaned up. I took my time, wondering what the hell I had done. I never even got her name.

When I came out, a couple of attendants were in the process of taking her body out. Nicole told me Mistress Chastity was quite pleased with my performance. Then they were gone, leaving me alone in the room.

I found out later that the client had left me a generous tip before we’d even started. But it was the Club and that little green light that had decided whether she was to live or die.

I never learned the reason behind the Club’s desire for me to snuff her. I just assumed someone had paid them for it. But I got an extra bonus just for snuffing her.
I had a break for a half-hour before I got a request to report to a sex room. A couple in their mid-thirties was waiting for me.

We did not waste any time on introductions or pleasantries. The woman, who I assumed was the wife, unzipped my fly and sucked my cock while the man looked on. He didn’t seem to be the slightest bit bothered watching her slobber all over another man’s meat. In fact, he almost seemed to enjoy it.

He watched as she undressed me. Then I returned the favor before fucking her in different positions. She climaxed several times.

The guy watched us the entire time. At first, he didn’t take part. He just pulled his cock out and stroked it while I was fucking her.

He finally got undressed and joined me. Together, we spit-roasted his woman for a while. He got the blowjob while I fucked her cunt.

After a while, we sandwiched her. He got underneath while I was on top and was fucking her ass. He surprised me when he reached up and choked her. She really clenched around my shaft before climaxing like crazy.

We were still in that position when he told me to strangle the bitch. He handed me a red ribbon they had brought along for the occasion. So I wrapped it around her throat and did as I was instructed.

I pulled her upright as I was asphyxiating her. It allowed him to reach up and molest her boobs. She climaxed again with both our cocks inside her.

“Snuff her,” the man ordered. I dutifully pulled even harder on the red ribbon. His woman bucked and shuddered, clenching like crazy as she milked the cum out of my cock. Then she collapsed in a lifeless heap on top of him.

I climbed off and waited. He just rolled her off. “Bitch was making too many demands of my time,” he explained as though feeling the need to justify what had just happened. “My wife is out of the country and won’t be home until next week. This bitch wanted an erotic threesome, and she wanted me to watch. So I knew she was already thinking about ending our time together and blackmailing me.” Then he went into the shower, while I quietly got dressed and left.

I received a real nice tip from that encounter.

2023 (written Sep 1, ’23 by riwa. Inspired by an idea from a website member named Bedeyes.)

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