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Well, it’s that time of year again. Once more, I get to pay my Uncle Sam. I don’t get much of a say in how he spends the money I send to him each year. But at least my CPA says I’m getting some money back from the state. So it’s not as painful as it could have been. However, I will have something painful to deal with in April when I go in to have a tooth dealt with. It looks like it’s the ol’ root canal and crown episode again. So I’ll be spending money in April as well as this past month. It just makes me appreciate all of you all the more.

Mom’s been having computer issues lately. I’ve been doing what I can to assist her. But I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, being as how I know just enough about computers to be considered dangerous. So far, it’s working out. I haven’t blown anything up yet. She’s also had more car issues to address. But she may be getting a handle on the mice issue. It’s always one thing after another. But that’s life, and we’re doing ok.

I hope all of you are handling the issues life is throwing at you. Thank you so much for being my patrons.

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