DIY strangling


I foolishly clicked on a link at a porn site. A message box popped up with the text line, “What do you like?

“Asphyxia,” I typed back. “Strangulation by scarf.”

“Kinky. Want to get together?”

“Some other time” and I signed out.

A couple days later I found myself back on that porn site. That same link popped up. I wondered if it was that woman again.

Once more I clicked on it. A message box popped up with the text line, “What do you like?

“Asphyxia,” I typed back.

“Asphyxia man? Is that you? Are you the one who texted me last time?”


“Just a second. Let me turn my cam on.”

About a minute later a screen came on. A blonde in a nice outfit smiled at me. She had a black scarf in her hand.

She smiled right at the camera. Then she wrapped the scarf around her neck. “You like it?” she asked. I could hear her voice over my speakers.

I typed back, “I like scarves.”

She appeared to study the screen as though she was reading it. Then she smiled again. “I take it you like seeing women strangled in scarves?”

“Yes I do.”

She adjusted the scarf around her throat. Both ends were draped over her shoulders. Then she smiled as she pulled on both ends.

“You like?” she asked the screen.

“Very much,” I typed in return, my cock stirring in my trousers.

“Want to come over?”

“How much?”

In response she pulled harder. I watched as she appeared to concentrate. But I wasn’t sure I was convinced.

“What is this?” I typed, my cock hardening. “Do-it-yourself strangling?”

“Want to come over? I’ll do it for you in person. I’ll even let you pull on the ends.” Then she eased up on both ends, breathing quietly.

“Where do you live?” She verbally gave me an address. It wasn’t that far away.

I was curious as I typed, “Does the porn site let you know when someone logs in and is close to where you live?”

“Yes. Do you want to come over?”

She grinned at the camera as she grabbed her scarf on both ends. Once more she started to tug. This time she appeared to be pulling pretty hard.

For a moment she got this strange look in her eyes. She began to rasp and gurgle. She looked like she was actually getting into it.

Her breathing became ragged as her face turned red. She went into little seizures as she suddenly lost her ability to stand. Then she collapsed out of sight of the camera.

I stared in disbelief. Had she strangled herself to death?? Then she rose up, coughing a little as she rubbed her neck.

“That was a good one. You made me cum in my nice outfit. Now I need to get undressed and change clothes. Want to come over and watch me do it in person? I’ll wait until after your visit to change back into my clothes if you like.”

“I’ll be right over.” She just got this huge grin. Then I signed out.

She was naked when I got there. There was this white scarf or wrap around her neck. “Like it?” she asked with a coy smile.

“Should we discuss payment first?”

“In a bit. Let’s go into the bedroom.” She wasn’t wasting any time.

She invited me in where she sat on her bed. There was a chair sitting right there facing her which she waved for me to use. As I sat down I found myself wondering just how many times she’d done this before.

I smiled as I hesitantly asked, “Should we talk payment now?”

“What do you think this is worth?” Then she pulled on both ends again.

I watched with a look of growing desire as her breathing became ragged. It looked like she was struggling between the desire to pull harder and the need to ease up. Her face became flushed, her nostrils flaring.

She let out a gasp as her eyes rolled. Then she started to shudder. Her neck flushed red, an obvious indicator she’d just experienced an orgasm.

She went into little seizures as she let go before falling over backward, almost passing out. It was about thirty seconds before she began shaking her head. She was coming back around.

“Would you like to see more?”

“What do I need to do?”

“Get undressed. I want to see your reaction.”

I carefully stripped out of my clothes. She smiled at my erection. Then she pulled on the ends to her scarf again.

She pulled pretty hard. I watched as she winced. Then her eyes rolled as she started to shudder.

I saw her pussy flare and wink at me. It looked incredibly wet. Her nipples were hard as pebbles on full, round breasts.

She went into little seizures again as she went over backwards, collapsing onto her bed. She had little spasms before her head began to shake. Then she slowly rose back up, panting quietly.

“You like?”

“Very much.”

“Would you like to strangle me?”

“How much?”

“We’ll discuss that later. Right now we’re both too turned on to talk payment, wouldn’t you agree?”

I got up and climbed onto the bed behind her. I took both ends and pulled. She turned her head to one side as she panted excitedly.

“Like this?” I asked carefully.


“So much for do-it-yourself strangling.”

“I like it more when a sexy man does it to me.”

“Let me see if I can make that happen for you.”

“Oh gawd; yes.”

I pulled on both ends. She rasped for breath as she began to squirm. She leaned back against me as she panted, “Harder!”

I pulled nice and tight. Her face went red as she really gasped for breath. Her eyes rolled as she struggled against me. Then she went into those little seizures. I could smell she’d cum again.

I eased up on both ends while propping her up. “Not bad,” I said with a smile.

She regained her composure, shaking her head to clear it. Then she asked, “What’s it worth to you?”

“A couple hundred?”

“For that I’ll even let you fuck me.”

“While strangling you?”

In reply she climbed into my lap with her back to me. I felt her adjust her position. Then she eased down until my erection slid into her velvety wetness.

She took both ends of her scarf and pulled. She began to rasp and gurgle. I felt her bounce up and down on my dick.

Her pussy clenched wonderfully as she strangled herself. She pulled really hard. It made her cunt do amazing things.

She suddenly let go, panting like crazy. “Now you do it,” she told me. I took both ends and pulled as she rode me.

She bounced up and down on my throbbing shaft. It felt incredible. The harder I pulled, the tighter her cunt seemed to clench.

She went into those little seizures again as she struggled against me. I pulled until she went limp. Her cunt kept clenching until it slowly let up.

I lifted her off me and laid her down upon her bed. Then I climbed on top, sliding my dick into her wetness. She began to come around, smiling weakly when she saw I had mounted her.

She took the ends of her scarf and pulled as I fucked her. I thrust harder as her face went red again. She began to buck underneath me until she arched her back. Then she let go of her scarf.

I smiled as I told her, “Now it’s my turn.” She smiled up at me as I took the ends from her hands. That’s when I took the slack out of her scarf.

She looked into my face, her eyes twinkling with excitement. I slowly pulled tighter. Her eyes got bigger as her chest started to heave.

Her face flushed again as she started to shudder. I just smiled at her as I thrust in and out while pulling a little harder. She made delicious rasping sounds.

Her hands fluttered at her sides as though she didn’t know what to do with them. I saw that familiar flush around her neck as she shuddered hard. That’s when I pulled on both ends just as hard as I could.

I really pumped her as she let out a loud “GAWK”. Her hands instinctively came up to my arms, attempting to make me stop. But it was too late. I’d already strangled the strength right out of her.

Her hands flew up to the scarf around her neck as she frantically clawed at the material. “Go ahead, baby,” I cooed softly at her. “Enjoy that last orgasm as you die. Did I neglect to tell you I also like necro sex?”

Her eyes rolled as her hands began to flutter haphazardly at her sides. She gawked and gurgled for a few seconds. Then her body went into those sexy seizures again.

A moment later she went limp, her strength giving out underneath me. I just kept fucking her, maintaining the tension on the scarf. “That was your happy ending,” I told her quietly. “Now here’s mine.”

Her tongue poked out as her eyes remained rolled up into the back of her head, her eyelids half closed. I eased up on the tension on the scarf. Then I pulled nice and hard as though making sure.

She shuddered and flopped around a little. But there wasn’t much else in the way of a response. Her cunt clenched nicely around my erection until I pumped a load deep inside her.

I smiled as I finally released my lethal hold on her scarf. I softly whispered, “Do-it-yourself strangling always works better with a pair of helping hands, wouldn’t you agree? Now let’s spend some intimate time together, shall we?”

2013; 2020 (written for Denny Binder Jun 1 ’13; ed. Sep 5 ‘20 by riwa)

(Pictures found in the Internet and used for illustration purposes.)

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