Mom’s favorite


That blonde bimbo always was mom’s favorite. She was also a ditz as well as an incurable slut. But she was destined to inherit 50% of the assets once mom keeled over from her impending heart attack. So Selena and I went to work on her.

First, we got her all liquored up. Then we brought out her sex toys. We tied her arms off so she couldn’t stop us. Then we began fucking her with them.

At first she begged us to stop. Then she begged us not to. When we turned her hands loose she willingly fucked herself with her own toys, the stupid slut.

Next we got that pink scarf she’s always wearing. It’s her favorite; she flashes it everywhere. Mom loves it too, but Selena and I just hate it. So we decided to put it to good use.

We wrapped it around her neck while she was fucking herself with her buzzing vibrator. “This should feel good,” I whispered seductively into her ear. The more we pulled, the harder the stupid bitch fucked herself.

“Feel good?” Selena whispered into her ear.

Dumb question. “More!” the ditz begged. So we got on either side of her and pulled.

She used her toy as though it was her latest boyfriend. I must admit she goes through them the way she goes through liquor bottles. We pulled hard until she was bucking and shuddering while furiously fucking herself.

We let loose, only for the slut to beg us to pull it tight again. I got her a bigger vibrating toy. Then we watched her go at it as we pulled on that damnable scarf. The crazy slut popped off time and time again.

I looked at Selena and she looked at me. We were both thinking the same thing. Neither one of us had to say a word.

We pulled really hard on that stupid scarf. The ditz bucked and thrashed about like crazy. But she had her hand on that toy the whole time, furiously fucking herself with it. All blondes are clueless; our crazy sister was no exception.

By the time we got through with her, she was in an orgasmic fog. The seat of her cushioned chair was totally soaked. Selena and I looked at each other again. This time we nodded in agreement.

We both pulled on our ends of the scarf just as hard as we could. The ditz started bucking and humping in the chair. Her eyes opened wide as she furiously fucked herself with that toy.

Something in her brain must’ve told her she was being a dumbass. By the time she figured it out it was too late. Selena and I weren’t stopping.

Her hands came up to claw at the scarf around her throat. But all those orgasms had worn her out. She was simply too weak to resist us.

We watched closely as her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. Her body went off, bucking and humping like crazy as though instinctively trying to halt the dying process. It was incredible to watch.

Her mouth opened wide as she tried to scream. For a crazy moment she found her toy and tried to fuck herself with it. Even as she was dying, the crazy bitch wanted to cum!

She shuddered hard before going limp. Selena and I just kept up the pressure. We wanted to make sure she was long gone.

We finally released our grip on each end of the scarf. The ditz stared upward with unseeing eyes. We just left her like that, the scarf rolled up around her neck with her hand on her toy. The seat of the chair was totally soaked from her many orgasms.

We went to our rooms and waited for mom to come home. We heard the front door, followed by a scream. It caused us both to come running.

We made sure we both looked visibly shocked. Selena gazed at the scene before gasping, “She was talking about doing a little erotic asphyxiation, mom. But we didn’t think she’d be stupid enough to go that far with it!”

Mom clutched her heart before keeling over. We went back to our rooms and waited ten minutes. Then we came out as though we didn’t know mom was home or the ditz had erotically strangled herself. Then we called 911…


We’re really enjoying the house now. And we’ve been getting together with all the ditz’s old boyfriends. Life is pretty damned good not having to see that stupid pink scarf floating around the house on the neck of our clueless sister…

(Sep 25 ’20) (Inspired by the picture.)

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