Bonus story: The bogs of Dartmoor


Note: This is an edited repost of a story I did for Dorothy many years ago. This was a fantasy of hers. Sadly, I’ve not heard from her in a few years.

Brian didn’t really know why he was prowling the bogs of Dartmoor. It was as if something had called to him, pulling him to make the drive to south Devon, England. Now he wished he’d obeyed his gut instinct to stay the hell away.

He was in a bog up to his neck, having stumbled in… or had he been pushed? He was a little foggy on that one. But there was no one around for miles. He’d hollered out in vain as his struggles took him deeper.

If only that lass Dorothy were out here! He’d seen her posts on a certain fetish forum how she’d been known to come out and wander the bogs at night. If he was damned lucky she might just show up at any moment and rescue him. But right now there was no one around.

He cried out as he slowly sank deeper while hyperventilating like crazy. If he was going to die, he would certainly have preferred some other method. Having a heart attack while shagging some lovely British bird certainly came to mind. But it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen.

Panic set in as he settled deeper, forcing him to tip his head back. Fear made him start to grunt and cry out as the bog inexorably pulled him down. The smelly material seemed possessive, as though determined to claim his life.

Soon his mouth slipped under the surface, leaving him snorting frantically through his nose. Then his eyes got big as saucers as an apparition suddenly appeared right in front of him. It was a wispy specter in the form of a woman with blonde hair.

“Don’t worry, love,” it said soothingly to him. “I’ve read your mind. I have summoned her as well. I promise she’ll be joining you shortly, although she doesn’t know it yet.” Then it smiled at him, a gruesome smile that made him frightened over this strange ethereal being.

His eyes flew open in horror, not wanting some innocent young thing to follow in his footsteps. Then he felt the bog begin to pull him down ever faster. He snorted a big breath through his nose before it too became submerged, leaving only his eyes and forehead above the rancid material.

The ghostly vision stretched an arm out to him, palm down. Brian instinctively shook his head, his lungs beginning to heave. Then the specter brought the arm down as though wanting to force him down below the surface.

…and then Brian was completely submerged within the darkness of the bog…

The surface rippled, evidence of a panicked struggle for life just below. There was a massive eruption of bubbles, a set of lungs having just emptied themselves. The surface rippled again as though something was desperately trying to break out. Then it settled into the quietness of the night.

The apparition smiled down at the quiet bog. The words “She will be joining you shortly” seemed to echo softly on the wind. Then the specter rippled until it faded away into the night…

Dorothy Curtis felt uneasy as she slowly walked amidst the bogs of Dartmoor. She usually enjoyed coming out here to meditate and genuflect. But tonight was different. She’d been uncomfortable ever since she’d gotten that urge and had driven out here.

She’d seen the other car off in the distance. Dorothy assumed lovers might be out walking the marsh together, the silly fools. She hoped they were being careful.

There wasn’t a soul in sight. She wondered where they could have gotten off to. She hoped they had not met with a tragic accident.

Maybe it was another woman like her, out roaming the bog while deep in thought. Maybe someone had come out here and had run out of petrol. At any rate, she wasn’t certain she was all that comfortable being out here, not on a night like this. But for some reason she felt compelled to be here.

She felt a sudden shove in her back. Dorothy pitched forward, the ground giving way in front of her. The next thing she knew she was in it up to her crotch.

“Bloody hell!” she cried out, whirling to see who had pushed her in. But there was no one there. She was all alone.

Had she slipped? Lost her footing? It didn’t seem likely. Yet here she was, right in the middle of a smelly mess!

She gingerly tested her footing. Then she tried to head out the way she’d come in. That’s when she felt something clutch at her ankles as though holding her in place.

She pulled anxiously, panting heavily for breath. But she could not extricate herself.

She shook her head in exasperation. “What did you do to yourself, you silly, stupid bitch? They’re just stupid fantasies, you know! You really didn’t want to end up in one, did you? This is a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into!”

She struggled with her footing, trying to pull herself free of whatever it was that seemed to be clutching at her ankles. But that just made her sink a little deeper. She gasped in alarm as she went perfectly still, hoping she wouldn’t sink any deeper.

“Ok, ok,” she said to herself, panting heavily. “Think, damn you! You got yourself into this! So you can bloody well get yourself out! Besides, most of these bogs aren’t deep at all. It’s just a matter of walking out is all.”

She carefully worked a foot free. Dorothy moved it in the direction she’d fallen in, concluding she must have accidentally tumbled in. But when she put her foot down while searching for solid ground underneath her, it sank even deeper. Bloody hell!

All of the sudden she saw him standing there. She knew he hadn’t been standing there a moment ago! No matter; at least she was saved!

“Hey!” she cried out, reaching out toward him as her face flushed red with embarrassment. “I fell in and I can’t bloody seem to get myself out. It’s a good thing you came by when you did. Would you help a silly bitch out of her predicament here?”

“Remove the dress.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Remove the dress.”

She hadn’t seen his lips move and it gave her the creeps. But it was kind of dark out. Maybe she was imagining things.

“You want me to remove my dress? You’re bloody kidding me; right, love??”

“Remove the dress.”

“But it’s bloody cold out here! Get me out, damn you!”

She struggled in place, only to slip a little deeper. Now she could feel the surface of the muck approaching her breasts. Dorothy began hyperventilating as her panic swelled within her.

“Remove the dress.”

She frowned at him, wincing over such an incredible demand. Damn! If that was what it was going to take to get her out, she’d better stop dilly-dallying!

Ok, so she’d consent to giving him an eyeful if that’s what he wanted. The dress was ruined anyway. Just so long as he pulled her out.

Dorothy grunted as she pulled it up over her head. She was embarrassed as hell. Strange how she hadn’t bothered to wear anything underneath this night. Was she crazy??

The guy looked at her with amusement. He was acting very strange. She had the distinct impression he knew all along she’d gone commando. So long as he helped her out.

“Satisfied, love?” she said in disgust as she threw it over onto dry ground. He just looked at her impassively.

“You want to get me out of here now? It’s bloody cold in here. I’m stuck in it up to my headlights!”

The surface of the bog was now climbing up her heaving, glistening mounds. Her nipples had become shamefully erect. Dorothy felt a perverse excitement at her predicament.

Her mind suddenly drifted to a post she’d submitted at a fetish website. She’d responded to another person who’d gotten her all worked up over the Bogs of Dartmoor. She trembled fearfully as she thought about what she’d written in response.

The man standing in front of her smiled. It was an evil smile that made her blood run cold. “It shall be done.”

The words seemed to carry softly on the breeze. She was sure his lips had not moved. Then to her utter astonishment, the man vanished right before her startled eyes.

Dorothy let out a yelp of shock as her hands swung around in front of her. A set of manacles had attached to her wrists from out of nowhere. What the bloody hell??

She screamed as the man reappeared. This time he was right there with her in the bog. He was totally naked, a set of handcuffs in his hand. What the bloody hell??

She screamed as he stepped right up to her. He pressed his naked body up against her. Then he pulled her cuffed arms down around his back.

She felt warm flesh. Yet she was strangely terrified. Then he wrapped his arms around her.

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING??” she cried out as he cuffed his wrists behind her back. He simply smiled at her.

Her mind tried to process what had just happened. But it made no sense to her. She was trapped in a bog, only this bloody sod was handcuffed to her body! Now they were going to go down together.

“No!! No!! Wait!! You can’t!!”

She was in it up to her shoulders now. And he was in it with her! He did not seem frightened or panicked. That’s what scared her most of all.

She frantically bent her head back as he moved his mouth toward hers. Then his lips were upon hers. They were cold, and she tried to scream.

Dorothy couldn’t get away. And she couldn’t sever the kiss either. Her eyes were open as she was forced to kiss against her will.

Dorothy suddenly screamed into his mouth. Two apparitions had just appeared behind her companion. It was a man and a woman, both of them holding hands.

In a flash she remembered the newspaper article. Two lovebirds had come to south Devon and had disappeared. They were believed to be the ghosts of the Dartmoor bogs.

Dorothy watched in horror as the two specters stretched out their free arms toward her, palms presented downward. Then they both motioned together… “Down!” At that moment she felt something penetrate her womanhood down in the bog.

Dorothy screamed into the mouth of the specter that was still kissing her. Surely he had to be a ghost. There was no other explanation for it.

At the same time she felt something thrust in and out of her as they both started to go down together. It felt like he’d penetrated her womanhood. Was he fucking her as they slowly sank into the smelly bog??


The surface slowly rose up her neck to her chin. It flowed around her pursed lips. She continued to sink until it reached her nose.

With a scream of horror she frantically inhaled through her nostrils. Then they too were submerged, leaving only her eyes above the surface. The last thing she saw was the ghostly duo staring at her, motioning for her to go down to her doom.

Her eyes were flooded with the muck of the marsh as she sank downward. She frantically closed them as she tried to hold her breath. Then Dorothy began to thrash about in horror.

She screamed into the mouth of the apparition still kissing her. At the same time she felt something thrusting into her pussy. It was inconceivable!

Her lungs began to heave as she struggled to hold her breath. She was totally submerged, sinking deeper and deeper with this murderous ghost still handcuffed to her. It would only be a few seconds before her lungs gave out.


Her lungs gave out in a huge burst of bubbles. Dorothy snorted bog water through her nostrils. That’s when the kiss abruptly stopped.

The mouth pulled away from her lips as she coughed up bubbles. The sensation of cuffs on her wrists ceased. He was no longer right there with her. But it still felt as though he was deep inside her.

Dorothy let out a bubbly cry as she started to drown. She gurgled as she thrashed about under the surface of the bog. A moment later she felt certain she could feel hot cum spurting into her cunt, although her rational mind could not explain how. It triggered a devastating orgasm within her as she fought in vain underneath the surface, thrashing about to free herself.

Her mind screamed “BLOODY HELL; I’M REALLY DROWNING!” Her body convulsed painfully. She could not stop cumming amidst the cruel agony of swallowing tons of bog water.

Up at the surface the two apparitions stood hand in hand. They appreciatively observed the heaving surface of the bog. It rippled with great animation from the struggle underneath.

Bubbles burst up as the marshy covering undulated from the action below. There was a sudden final burst of bubbles as the bog belched up its secret. Then the surface grew still.

The two specters looked down at the bog before turning to face each other. Their lips met before they began to shimmer out of existence. The words “Now we are together, my love” seemed to carry softly on the breeze as silence returned…

The next day two abandoned vehicles would be discovered. A woman’s dress lay out on dry ground as though someone had stepped into a bog and then taken it off above her head. But no answers or explanations would be forthcoming.

The authorities later received two missing persons’ reports from the sister of a woman and the mother of a man. They were able to identify the two abandoned vehicles. But the bodies were never recovered. The two individuals were never seen or heard from again, more victims of the Bogs of Dartmoor.

2012; 2020 (written for Brian and Dorothy Feb 28 ’12; ed. Sep 25 ’20 by riwa)

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