You do mine and I’ll do yours


Note: This is a re-edited story that is ten years old.

Dave and I are avid scuba divers. We enjoy going out on the weekends and sometimes during the week. But lately our nagging wives have made it easy for us to want to get together a little more often.

My Marcia is a pretty hot looking babe. But over the past few years, she has become a nag and a narcissist. It’s always about her needs.

She always complains when I want to go diving with Dave. It doesn’t matter how hard I work to contribute to her extravagant lifestyle. She’d rather I quit diving altogether and spend time with her doing things that bore the shit out of me.

The funny thing is: I hear the same complaints from Dave about his wife Betty. So we often complain about our spouses. It doesn’t help that the bitches are good friends.

They often go out together on wild shopping sprees to spend our hard earned money. But they’re not happy whenever we want to go diving. They even complain when they’re not at home and our time should be all to ourselves.

One weekend we were out on the boat in the Keys diving our favorite location. Our wives had gone on a weekend trip to New York City. It was easy to imagine how much money they were going to spend.

We had no illusions as to whether or not they’d be faithful while they were in the Big Apple. We already had our suspicions. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence, but no solid proof.

We surfaced from a particularly enjoyable dive on a reef. There were some rather tricky caverns and tunnels we’d navigated. That’s when Dave disgustedly tossed his fins upon the deck of the boat.

“I wish Betty would get stuck down there and run out of air. She got scuba certified several years ago. But now she won’t even come diving with me!”

“Marcia’s the same way,” I sighed heavily. “She loved diving when we were first going out. Now she says it ‘messes up her hair’!” Then I made a mocking motion of running my hand over my head before rolling my eyes in disgust.

Dave chuckled. “Could you imagine Marcia and Betty getting stuck down there and running out of air? They might not be found for weeks… maybe even months.”

“We’d never get ‘em down there,” I responded dryly.

Dave laughed in agreement. “You’re right about that, buddy,” he said as he shook his head while unstrapping his dive gear. “We’d be lucky just to get ‘em onto the boat.”

“I doubt they’d get into the water,” I responded. “We’d have to toss them overboard. That would really piss them off.”

“Then what?” he asked. “What would we do then? Pull ‘em down to the depths in our scuba gear?”

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” I asked with a knowing smile. “We could hold onto ‘em in great big bear hugs while waiting for the bubbles.”

“Or hold onto an ankle and pull ‘em down until their lungs exploded. Now that’s a mental image I can get into!”

“I bet you’d love doing that to Betty,” I laughed. “That would sure show her!”

“And of course you would probably enjoy doing Marcia,” he chuckled. “I can just see you holding her under and drowning her ass!”

“Yeah,” I nodded half-heartedly. “Drowning that bitch would sure serve her right.” But I was already contemplating how I probably couldn’t go through with it, even though the idea was tempting as hell.

“Yeah,” Dave added. Then he sighed heavily. “If wishes were fishes I suppose.” If he was anything like me, then he wouldn’t have the heart to drown his Betty.

“Drown ‘em both, then stuff ‘em in that narrow cavern,” I mused thoughtfully. “We could make it look like they got stuck and ran out of air or something. Now that would sure be nice!”

“That would certainly simplify my life a great deal,” Dave sighed wistfully. “But you know us… cowards to the core.”

“That’s us,” I agreed, sighing regretfully. “I suppose you would have to do mine and I would have to do yours.”

He sat there nodding his head. Then he suddenly jolted upright. He looked at me as though it had just hit him like a bolt from out of the blue.

“Jack? You don’t suppose…?”

“Suppose what?”

“You don’t suppose we could actually do it, could we?”

“Do what?”

“You do mine and I’ll do yours?”

I looked at him for a long moment. I knew I couldn’t off my wife. But could I off his while he did mine? The way he returned my gaze made me realize he was actually considering it.

It took a couple weeks of wining, dining and bribing our wives to get them to come out on the boat with us. We had to spend a hell of a lot of money on them just to get them to even consider the idea. We told them Dave and I would be the only ones scuba diving while they stayed on the boat and worked on their tans. So they agreed.

On the weekend of the outing, Dave and I rented a nice cabin cruiser with a couple of beds down below. We told the wives it would be our way of stoking the romantic fires, so to speak. That way the girls would still be allowed to sort of stick together.

Just to make sure, we brought along plenty of alcohol. We both knew Betty and Marcia were vulnerable to the strong drink. It significantly dropped their inhibitions, making them much more willing to do just about anything.

We got them on board. Then we watched while they stripped down into a couple of skimpy, yet incredibly expensive bikinis. Personally I think they wanted to show off to anyone who crossed our bow.

We responded by liquoring them up early. That way, they wouldn’t suspect a thing. Then Dave and I made our final plans as we piloted the boat out into open water.

We came to an agreement. He would get into his scuba gear first and drown my wife. Then I would gear up, get into the water and drown his. We also agreed that if the women got drunk enough, anything else was permissible.

You see, in the past we actually considered doing a little wife-swapping. But neither of us ever had the balls to make it happen, although I suspect the women would have been willing. Tonight was going to be different.

Dave’s wife is pretty hot. And he once admitted to having fantasies about mine. It was understood anything was possible once the opportunity presented itself.

After a while, we reached our first location and dropped anchor. Dave and I eagerly geared up. As usual, the women were already starting to nag us.

At first, it was the sun. Then it was the heat. It was even suggested we turn the boat around and head back so they could go shopping at the marina.

Dave and I had seen it before. We would put in the effort, and the ladies would shoot it down just for spite. I think they enjoyed poking the bear, so to speak. But this time we made sure the liquor flowed freely until they became less enthusiastic about heading right back.

We went over the side in our scuba gear. Dave and I enjoyed ourselves in the peace and quiet of the depths for about an hour. Then we climbed aboard.

Our wives were well liquored up and feeling no pain. Amazingly, we got them to take off those bikinis. We even managed to talk them into jumping into the water with us.

I could tell right away that Betty was into me. We swam around together until she playfully pulled my trunks down. She brazenly groped my cock and balls, even though we were not alone.

Nearby, I could see Marcia and Dave laughing and having fun while hugging each other. But I’d long since gotten used to the rumors of her infidelity. Strangely, it didn’t bother me seeing her so frisky with Dave. Besides, she and Betty were destined to go straight to the bottom of the ocean.

After our fun and frolic, we climbed back onboard. Then we motored off to this one particular reef we had in mind. There were other boats out on the water, and our naked wives waved and flirted with anyone they saw who caught their fancy.

Dave and I had no illusions as to Betty and Marcia’s faithfulness once they got rip-roaring drunk. So we kept them on a tight leash until all the other boats had left. They both complained we were spoiling their fun. We just pumped a few more drinks into them until they mellowed out.

We finally went back into the water for a second swim, even though it was getting late in the day. Betty came on to me harder than ever. So she and I swam over to the other side of the boat for some ‘alone time’.

From the way Dave talked about her, it shouldn’t have surprised me how aggressive she was. She playfully jerked my cock a few times, grabbing my balls in the process. Then she took a deep breath and submerged to blow me underwater.

Marcia had long ago stopped blowing me, mostly because she claimed it wasn’t ladylike. I think it was just her way of controlling how much sex I got. I also think she found it distasteful having to get on her knees and service me. But I couldn’t help wondering how many other guys she might have willingly gotten on her knees for over the years.

Betty was drunk as a skunk, and more than eager. Bubbles poured out of her mouth until she had to come up for air a couple of times. But that didn’t bother her in the slightest.

She drunkenly told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She said it would be “sho hawwt”. Then she took another deep breath before she went back down.

It occurred to me how easy it would be for me to drown her right then and there in her drunken state. But we wanted to wait until morning. We also wanted our bitch wives to be sober enough to be aware of what we were doing to them when the fateful moment arrived. So I just settled in on getting a hot, underwater blowjob.

She tried her best. But she couldn’t hold her breath long enough for me to cum in her mouth. When she surfaced, she simply climbed into my lap.

She reached back and grabbed my cock, centering it on her cunt. She impaled herself upon it, gasping and moaning excitedly. She drunkenly cried out, “Fuhck me, Shaack! I’ve alwaysh wahnted you to fuhck mee!”

She pulled me underwater. Then she started riding me hard. She was nice and tight.

It felt amazing having a woman who eagerly wanted me to fuck her for a change. So I let her have it nice and hard. She grunted and bubbled as I really rammed it into her.

She even let out a bubbly, “FUHCK MEE, SHAACK!” Then she screamed a bubbly orgasm. I went off deep inside her, enjoying every second of the encounter.

We swam over to the side of the boat. I climbed up to see if Marcia and Dave were back on board. But I didn’t see them anywhere.

Betty pulled me back into the sea with her. She begged me to eat her out. So I took a deep breath and slipped under the surface.

I mashed my face into her cunt. She was nice and wet. What’s more, she had a good, sexy taste to her.

I figured she wasn’t going to live through tomorrow anyway. So why not be nice to her today? It would only be fair, being as how I would be drowning her in the morning.

She started to cry out over how good it felt. So I pulled her under with me. She grunted and bubbled, twisting and turning as I licked her out.

She experienced another bubbly orgasm. It made me feel like a man again, bringing such pleasure to a woman. Besides, Marcia had long ago stopped responding to me sexually.

The sun went down, so we both climbed aboard. She wanted to go right to bed. I was going to put her in Dave’s room, but she told me she wanted to sleep with me instead. Besides, a quick look around revealed Dave was already in my room with Marcia.

I gave Betty a few more drinks. Then I took her to bed. She was a sloppy drunk, but we fucked like rabbits.

In the adjacent cabin I heard Marcia cry out her excitement with Dave as they fucked each other. So I made sure Betty got it good and hard. We both finally fell asleep, all fucked out.

Dave woke me up bright and early the next morning. We quietly went up on deck. He geared up first, telling me all about his night with my wife.

“She’s a whore, Jack; a fucking whore! She told me all about several of the trips they had taken together and how they found boy-toys while they were gone. All that liquor really loosened her tongue. Now I’m really looking forward to drowning the both of them!”

I smiled at him as I told him, “That’s great!” I thought I would feel worse once he told me he’d fucked my wife, Instead, I was all turned on thinking about drowning his Betty.

“It’s still on,” I told him. “You do mine and I’ll do yours. Those bitches are about to bubble their last!”

He nodded eagerly as he slipped over the side of the boat. I went into our cabin and got my wife out of bed. The room smelled of sex and booze.

She was really hung over. She actually looked a little guilty. She even slipped on a pair of lacy panties as though she didn’t want me to see what she’d done with her cunt the night before.

She struggled, but she couldn’t quite seem to figure out how to get back into her bra. She finally waved it off, probably figuring I had seen her topless so enough that it didn’t make any difference. Then she grabbed me and breathed the words “Black coffee!” into my face.

I hauled her up on deck, telling her we should enjoy the morning sun together. She wanted to know where Dave and Betty were. I told her I didn’t know.

I asked if she enjoyed herself the night before. She said, “I don’t remember much about last night.”

She winced and lowered her head a little. Was she finally developing a conscience? I thought, ‘It’s a little too late for that, bitch!’ Besides, Dave was already in his gear waiting for her to hit the water.

I told her, “Well, I remember a little more than you do.” Then I allowed a hint of anger in my voice as I reminded her, “I thought this was going to be a romantic getaway.”

She actually apologized; it was kind of surprising. Maybe she felt guilty. Or maybe fucking her best friend’s husband was a line she hadn’t planned on crossing drunk or sober.

I began to get hard imagining her drowning bubbles once Dave got to have the last of his fun with her. So I decided to try guilting her into sucking my cock one last time. “How about an apology blowjob? Maybe it will wash away that nasty taste out of your mouth from last night.”

I dropped my shorts, revealing my developing erection. She looked at me and winced in dismay. I just shook my head, deciding to play one last card…

“I can’t believe it! All our troubles, you act all disgusted… and seeing your body still gets me hard. Damn!”

It caught her totally by surprise. She appeared to soften a little. Then she slowly dropped to her knees.

I could tell she thought this was beneath her. Maybe she felt forced to acknowledge the compliment. She actually cupped my balls before taking me into her mouth.

She gave me a seductive look as she bobbed up and down on my dick, taking me deeper and deeper. I could tell she had one hell of a headache from the night before. But she did try to give it her all. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a better blowjob from her than that last one.

She actually deep-throated me, giving my cock one hell of a sucking that Betty’s mouth could not even begin to rival. Then I felt my balls start to swell. She recognized the moment and tried to pull away.

I had already decided… “Not this time, bitch!” I grabbed the back of her head. Then I fucked her face nice and hard.

She grunted and struggled. But she had no leverage and couldn’t get away. Then I got this mental image of her grunting and struggling as she drowned in Dave’s grasp. That’s what set me off.

She let out a muffled cry as I filled her mouth with spunk. I rammed her face good and hard, forcing her to swallow most of it. When I finally pulled out, she had cum on her lips.

Marcia quickly reverted back to form. “You BASTARD!!” she blurted out as she stood up. “You fucking BASTARD!! Now where the hell’s my fucking COFFEE?”

“It’s over the side, bitch.” Then I put my hands on her tits and gave her a push.

She went over backward, screaming obscenities at me. Then she hit the water with a splash. She came up sputtering, telling me all sorts of vile things.

She let out one last cry of surprise as she was jerked downward. The water was crystal clear. Dave had his hands wrapped around her legs and was pulling her down.

She twisted and struggled, losing massive bursts of air. She tried to push him away. But he appeared to have a good grip on her.

I don’t think Marcia was ready to hold her breath so early in the morning, not with that kind of hangover. Almost immediately I saw a huge eruption of bubbles. Then I saw Dave pull her panties down.

I stood there mesmerized as he slid into my wife’s cunt, giving her one last fuck. Maybe I should have been upset about it. But I wasn’t. I figured it was only fitting that a whore like her got some cock one last time.

It wasn’t long until it looked like she was lifeless in his grasp. They kept descending until it got harder to separate their shapes from the ocean bottom. A few more bubbles came up. But I suspect that was from the scuba gear more than anything else.

I watched as a lone figure rose up a couple minutes later. I saw it was Dave. He was shedding his dive gear.

As he reached the boat, I dove into the water and swam over to him. He took his tank off and helped me into it. He made sure I got the weight belt on before giving me a pat on the shoulder.

“Flooded lungs, buddy,” he reassured me. “That and with the pressure down there? She’s not coming back up.”

I smiled back at him as I told him, “Good. Serves the bitch right.”

“I heard everything,” he told me as we tread water in a relatively calm sea. “I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t help myself. So I finished her off by fucking the last of the air out of her lungs.”

“She had such a shocked look in her eyes, Jack. As far as I’m concerned? She fucking deserved it. Now wait right here while I go fetch Betty.”

He climbed aboard and then looked down at me all geared up and naked. “I don’t care what you do to her, Jack. Just make sure you drown the bitch.” Then he disappeared.

I waited patiently in the water. But I started having second thoughts as the minutes ticked by. What the hell were we thinking drowning our wives like this??

I heard angry voices coming up on deck. They were obviously in the midst of a major argument. I shook my head as I got ready.



I put the reg in my mouth, adjusted the dive mask over my face, and then prepared to make my move. Their argument was convincing me more than ever. What we were doing was the right thing to do.


I heard a scream, just as I submerged with a burble. Betty came flying over the side.  Then she hit the water with a splash.

She popped back up, sputtering and cursing. She barely got out the words, “YOU FUCKING BA-!” Then I pulled her under with me. That was the last air she ever tasted.

She was in a robe as I pulled her down. I scrambled to pull it off her shoulders. She bubbled in alarm as she fought with me, causing my cock to stiffen right up.

I couldn’t help pressing it up against her as we wrestled underwater. There was a look of sheer panic in her expression. I found it disturbingly intoxicating.

I remembered Dave’s words about making sure to enjoy her. So I grabbed for her panties. Then I pulled them down her legs.

There was a little adjustment of her body as she struggled against me. My erection finally found her slit. I eagerly forced it right in.

Her eyes flew open in horror as she glubbed her shock. Then she coughed and gurgled as her chest started heaving against mine. Her cunt spasmed wonderfully around my shaft as she started to drown.

I gave her a good fucking as I squeezed her magnificent tits. It felt amazing feeling her drown in my grasp. Her cunt furiously clenched around my cock as though she was milking me for all she was worth.

She shuddered as she went limp in my grasp. I pumped her cunt hard as I looked into her eyes. Amazingly I could still detect some life there.

I pushed into her stomach again and again, forcing out the last of her air. She spasmed around my cock one last time. I emptied myself inside her until my cum leaked out of her juicy twat.

The shock and horror were still in her eyes as though she had fully experienced it all. Then her eyelids drooped. That’s when I realized I had just witnessed her passing. It was amazing to behold… and incredibly erotic.

I took her down until we reached the bottom. I found Marcia down there waiting for us. There was a similar look of tired horror in her expression.

I placed Betty right next to her. I figured the bitches might as well hang out together while feeding the fishes. Then I headed back to the surface where Dave was waiting for me up on the boat.

“Well?” he asked when my head popped up. “How was it, Jack?”

“Incredible!” Then I smiled as I asked, “Permission to come aboard so we can coordinate our stories to the coast guard?”

“Permission granted!” he laughed.

He gave me a hand and helped me up out of the water. Even with the gear on my back, I felt strangely lighter. It was as though weights had been lifted from our shoulders now that our bitches were lying dead on the ocean floor…

2014; 2021 (written Mar 1 ’14; ed. Mar 28 ’21 by riwa. Idea inspired by rncarp)

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