Love-bomb backfire


My relationship with Landon was becoming more and more frustrating. We began having frequent quarrels. Try as I might, I simply could not get him to commit to a long-term relationship.

He wasn’t the least bit interested in getting married. This caused a ton of problems for me. He was a rich man, and I wanted to lock him down before I lost him. But I just couldn’t get him to propose.

After every argument, I resorted to love-bombing him so as not to scare him off. I did everything he wanted in the bedroom. I always made sure he was well satisfied.

Landon had a nice backyard pool. We spent a lot of time in it. One of his favorite activities was getting me in the water and having fun with me.

I admit playing underwater wasn’t one of my favorite ways of pleasuring him. But it always worked, especially after a painful argument. They were usually quarrels about us getting married. Whenever he put up a fierce resistance, I always fell back on getting him into the pool to make sure he didn’t hold our disagreement against me.

One afternoon we had one of our worst fights ever. The stubborn fool just would not listen to reason. For the first time, he began to question whether or not we were right for each other.

I sensed I might have pushed marriage too hard on him. I was leading a pretty good lifestyle based on the amount of money he was bringing in. I could see it all coming apart on me unless I did something about it and fast.

I swallowed my pride and apologized. I hate admitting I’m wrong whenever we’re having an argument. But I had to do everything I could in order to hold onto Landon.

To make it up to him, I volunteered to be tied up and tossed into the pool. Landon loves putting me in bondage. And he loves fucking me underwater, making me hold my breath while I’m all tied up.

It’s definitely not my favorite way to please him. Being tied up takes away all my power and control. But it certainly has a calming effect on him, giving him back that control over my body.

I often get something in return after one of our underwater sessions. I may not have gotten the ring on my finger. But I usually get some sort of spending spree at my favorite department store.

I said some things during our argument that didn’t sit well with him. Offering to be put into underwater bondage would give him back the power he craved over me. I figured I would eventually get it back after pleasuring him in the pool.

I quickly changed into my salmon colored bikini. It’s the one that shows off a lot of ass and cleavage. It’s an outfit that usually helps soften his mood.

Once we were in the back yard, I allowed him to tie my wrists and ankles. He had a lot of fun doing that, the bastard. I simply played the submissive while planning a different method next time in order to get him to fully commit.

He hooked up a regulator for us to use. That meant I was going to be underwater for a lengthy period of time. Like I say, it’s not my favorite way to please him. But it usually gets me aroused, especially when I have to depend on him to keep me alive.

He put the regulator into my mouth. Then he tossed me into the water. He didn’t even give me a dive mask to use, the bastard.

He likes seeing my face while watching me suck on that regulator. I think he likes to imagine me “sucking on other things” when he tosses me in without a mask. Landon is so predictable

A few seconds later he tossed in his special weight ball. It has a handle on it for me to hang onto. Right away I knew what he wanted me to do.

It helps to have something to hold onto whenever I’m on the pool floor. Otherwise I have to release a lot of air in order to stay near the bottom. Landon loves seeing me all secured and unable to surface.

Landon soon joined me in the water. The bastard was wearing a dive mask so he could see clearly. It also kept him from getting water up his nose. As usual, I was forced to go without.

I had to work myself down in order to grab onto the weight ball. I held onto it and posed for him, stretching my legs out and then curling them up behind my back. Inwardly, I was still angry with him over our recent fight. But I was doing my best not to let him see it in my expression.

Landon came up to me and attached my wrists to the weight ball. Now I definitely wasn’t getting back to the surface without his help. It irritated me as it often does. But I made sure not to let it show all that much.

He pulled the reg out of my mouth and put it between his lips. Then he just drifted near the bottom and watched me. Right then I knew the bastard was going to make me hold my breath and suffer with heaving lungs over the fight we’d just had.

He made me go without air for the longest time. I could tell he was getting a bulge in his trunks. A part of me wanted to deprive him of sex. But I couldn’t risk doing that, not without a ring on my finger… and certainly not without him having already signed the marriage contract.

He finally put the reg back between my lips after watching my chest heave for a good twenty seconds. I’m used to it by now, but it still angers me sometimes. It gives him all the power, when I’m the one who really wants to be in control.

Landon came up to me and molested me like he always does whenever I’m helpless underwater. I put up some resistance, still remembering our fight. But eventually I just gave in and allowed him to enjoy himself. After all, there was nothing I could do to stop him, not after being tied to that damned weight ball.

I always know just when to back off and give him what he wants. It means later on I’ll get something I want in return. So far I still haven’t gotten my proposal. That just means I have to love-bomb him all the harder.

He swam up to me and untied me from the weight ball. But I didn’t get a change to drift up very far. Landon held onto my ankles, keeping me down near the bottom of the pool.

I knew I was in for it when he began securing my ankles to the weight ball. I wanted to be pissed at him. After all, the fight was his fault for not giving me my engagement ring. But I had to keep him happy in order to eventually get what I wanted.

When he was finished, he popped the regulator out of my mouth. He stuffed it between his lips and breathed deeply. I was left to wriggle and squirm, helpless to reach the surface without his assistance.

I always become aroused whenever he does that to me. Maybe it’s because I feel so vulnerable. In the back of my mind I always feel a surge of alarm. What happens if he gets careless and accidentally lets me drown?

Landon waited until my lungs were straining, the bubbles spewing out of my mouth. He pushed the regulator back between my lips. Then he removed my bikini top.

He groped and fondled me before taking the reg away from me. He put it into his mouth before removing my bottoms. Whenever he does that, I know exactly what’s going to happen next.

Normally I try not to withhold sex from Landon. I plan on saving that for after we’re married when I want something from him. Right now I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize my plans in getting him to marry me. I don’t know why he’s taking his sweet time proposing.

I was forced to hold my breath while watching him remove his swim trunks. I saw his dick emerge all nice and hard as it saluted me. He loves seeing me naked and secured to the bottom of the swimming pool.

He came up to me and started touching me all over. I reached out for the regulator in his mouth. He just hung onto it, the bastard.

My lungs were heaving again when he finally took it out and pushed it between my lips. He moved behind me as I swallowed great gulps of air. He’d really pushed me that time, and the influx of compressed air made me a little dizzy.

I was in the process of filling my aching lungs when he came up behind me. He reached around and groped my tits. I could feel his erection pressing up against me.

It wasn’t long until he popped the reg out of my mouth again. Then Landon must have put it between his lips. I could hear him taking great gulps of air.

He really groped and fondled me. I felt him reach down with one hand and finger my button. My anxiety of going breathless was compounded by the way he was triggering my arousal.

Memories of the fight were fading away. I was still angry with him. But I was determined to get him to commit to marriage. Besides, I wanted to lock him in so that if anything went wrong later, I’d get cash and prizes when we divorced… I mean… in case we divorced later.

He really made me suffer for my part in the fight, even though he was clearly in the wrong. He made me hold my breath until my lungs were screaming. Then he put the regulator back between my lips.

I couldn’t help myself; I was starting to get horny. If he was going to torture me under water, the least he could do was give me an orgasm out of the deal. It wasn’t long until I began calculating ways of getting back at him.

Once more he deprived me of the regulator. He was still wearing the mask while I had nothing to keep the water out of my nose. But there was nothing I could do about it.

Landon shoved me down between his legs. I was still attached to the weight ball by my ankles. But now I had a new problem to deal with.

His erection was right in my face. At first I tried to resist him. But he ended up forcing his cock right past my lips.

I gagged up bubbles as he fucked my face. That natural fear of drowning began to rise up within me again. I also experienced that familiar arousal from being forced to suck cock while holding my breath.

Landon grunted as he thrust hard into my mouth. It wasn’t long until my lungs were straining yet again. I don’t know why he enjoys pushing my limits. But I was seriously considering cutting back on our underwater trysts after we got married.

My lungs were heaving when he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He pushed the reg between my lips, allowing me to refill my aching lungs. Then he stepped back.

I drifted upward as I swallowed great gulps of air. He just drifted nearby as he smiled at me. Then he reached out and began molesting me again.

Landon suddenly popped the reg out of my mouth. Then he pushed me down until he was fucking my face again. I grunted up bubbles as the bastard took nice, deep breaths from the regulator.

A part of me wanted to get angry again. Another part felt that familiar fear of drowning. He really seemed to be enjoying himself at my expense.

He pulled out of my mouth and let me drift upright. The weight ball tethered me to the bottom of the pool. I felt that delicious surge of fear and arousal as my lungs began to burn.

Landon got behind me again. The regulator appeared right in front of my face. He pushed it between my lips, and I greedily sucked down a lungful of compressed air.

I felt Landon push up against me from behind. My legs bent as he forced his cock inside me. I groaned over how good it felt despite my instinctive concerns.

Landon gave it to me good and hard. It was about fucking time! I was horny for a release, and I needed him deep inside me.

He gave it to me good and hard before taking the regulator away from me. I was forced to hold my breath as he fucked me underwater. That fear and arousal intensified.

My lungs were straining again when I suddenly stiffened. Then I shuddered in orgasm. It’s amazing how intense they can be whenever I’m holding my breath underwater.

I wanted to get out of the pool. But I knew Landon hadn’t cum yet. I figured I had to bring him to a release before he would eventually set me free.

Landon pulled out of me, leaving my lungs heaving as I was forced to hold my breath. Then the regulator was returned to my lips. I gulped huge mouthfuls as I waited to see what he was going to do next.

He came up behind me until I felt his cock slowly push its way inside. I moaned as I pushed back against him. Then the reg was pulled out of my mouth.

I heard him use it as I tried to milk him with my pussy. I needed to get him off quick. Then my time in the water would be over. My “apology” would be “completed”.

Brandon reached down to grope and finger me as he slowly fucked me. Then I caught sight of the regulator drifting to the bottom of the pool. Apparently Landon had spit the damned thing out.

His thrusts were nice and slow. My lungs soon began to burn. Was this going to be his way of getting off and then retrieving the regulator at the very last second?

I felt the fear and excitement swell inside me. Wasn’t he pushing things a little too far by leaving the regulator lying on the pool floor like that? What if we both needed another breath of air??

He thrust nice and slow as though he was taking his sweet time. My lungs started to heave as my stomach rippled. He was really pushing my limits.

It got harder and harder to hold my breath. I could feel my cunt clenching around his dick inside me. It felt incredibly erotic. But now I was starting to experience a real fear of drowning.

What the hell was he doing?? I tried to wriggle in his grasp. Bubbles slipped out of my mouth.

Landon thrust deeper inside me. My stomach rippled as a convulsion shook my chest. I grunted as I lost a few more bubbles.

Genuine panic began to swell within me. I became scared despite what should have been Landon’s reassuring presence. My chest heaved as I kept trying to swallow my air back down.

I cried out a froth of bubbles. Landon just fucked me harder. My chest heaved ominously; I was seriously out of breath.

I started to panic and wriggle around. I bubbled, “LANDON, DON’T LET ME DROWN!” Then I accidentally swallowed a little water.

My reaction was almost instantaneous. I began thrashing about as some went down my windpipe. That’s when I felt Landon’s cock go off inside me as I really started clenching.

The terror and arousal was enough to trigger another orgasm inside me. But I was hardly aware of it. I was drowning, and I was sure Landon was fully aware of it.

I hitched and grunted as I struggled against him. But I remained tethered to the weight ball the entire time. He just held on tight to my naked body, his cock pulsing inside me as he spewed his load deep into my womb.

I began to settle down, all my systems shutting down. Landon came around and tipped my head up, smiling at me. He tenderly kissed my lips. Then he swam to the surface.

I stayed tethered to the bottom of the pool for the rest of the afternoon. My plan to love-bomb Landon had seriously backfired. I still don’t know what the hell went wrong. And I never got the opportunity to figure out how I’d seriously miscalculated.

2020 (written Dec 25 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by preview pictures from a clip and story by Chase water babes.)

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