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Note: An older, bonus Emma story to help get over the pain of Tax day.

“Untie me, you bitch!”

“You’re in no position to make demands, my pretty… not after I caught you sneaking in through the underwater tunnel in your scuba gear. Naturally I’ve confiscated all your equipment. But don’t worry. I’ll be sure to give it back on after I’ve dealt with you.”

Uh – oh. That didn’t sound good.

“Dealt with me?? What are you going to do to me? You can’t hold me like this!”

“On the contrary. You’re the one who stuck her nose where it did not belong. Now you are caught… caught like a fly in my web. Would it surprise you to know how excited I am watching you squirm?”

“You’re sick; do you know that? You won’t get away with this!”

“Who’s going to stop me? No one knows you’re here, my pretty. I seriously doubt you told anyone you were planning on breaking into my operation in the dead of night.”

“They’ll come looking for me! Just you wait and see!”

“I don’t think so, hun. No one knows about your little stunt. So no one will be coming to save you.”

“You’d better let me go if you know what’s good for you!”

“Actually I have every intention of letting you go… just as soon as you’ve drowned down here in my chamber.”

“Drowned??” Emma gasped as a jolt of erotic tingles hit her hard. “What the fuck are you talking about??”

“Why, don’t you know? We’re below the river down here! I have valves that open and close, allowing river water to come pouring in. Don’t worry if the water feels cold. After all, you must have expected that, seeing as how you’re dressed for it in that wetsuit of yours… Ah, ha! I see by the look on your face that you’ve finally caught on to what’s going to happen down here.”

“What are you going to do… flood the place??”

“Not the whole place, my dear. Just this little chamber. There won’t be any ‘spider’s’ to come rescue you out of that web I’m afraid. You’ll drown… just like the ‘flies’ I flush down the sink.”

“You wouldn’t dare! You don’t have the balls!”

“Oh, I’ve done it before, hun… and on someone just as stubborn and defiant as you. She wasn’t quite so stubborn in the end though, not when the water began rushing into the chamber.”

“You bitch! You won’t get away with this!”

“But I already have once before. You should have seen her as the chamber started to flood, my pretty. She was still rather defiant up until the moment the water level reached her crotch. But it wasn’t until the water reached her chest that she changed her tune right quick. She started begging, my pretty… and she continued begging and pleading until the water rose up above her head. She was fighting the net the entire time, trying to escape the web… MY web, to be precise. Her struggles as she drowned were absolutely delightful.”

“Don’t do this to me! We can make a deal… come to some sort of arrangement!”

“Oh, we already have, hun. Our arrangement is for me to watch you suffer and drown. I’ll be watching the whole time as the chamber fills with water. I must admit to a certain perverse enjoyment watching pretty young things like you bubble away their last breath. But while I’m watching, you’ll have a small amount of time to think about what’s going to happen to you. It usually takes about 15 minutes. But those are certainly 15 precious minutes in the life of someone who is about to drown.”

Emma began to panic at the realization of the trouble she was in. “PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS TO ME!”

“Once the water reaches your lips, you’ll naturally tip your head back. You’ll have another 30 seconds or so until it reaches your nostrils. Then you’ll be forced to hold your breath as the chamber continues to fill.”


“I watched her hold her breath the entire time, hun. It usually takes a couple of minutes until their lungs give out. I make you out to be about a 90 second breath-holder. Am I right?”

“NO! DON’T DO THIS TO ME!” Emma struggled in vain against the web she was caught in.

“As the seconds ticked by, the more panicked she became, hun. That’s when she really started thrashing about. Her cheeks were all puffed out as bubbles leaked out of her nose. But what really got to me was the sight of her chest spasming as her body fought against the urge to breathe. I suspect it will be the same with you.”


“Oh, no one can hear you down here, hun… no one but me. But go ahead and beg for your life if you wish. It will add to my enjoyment, I assure you. Watching nosey little women like you plead for their lives after breaking into my operation has a certain appeal to me. All right; I’m a sadist. So sue me. Oh that’s right; you can’t, because you’ll be dead soon… floating along the bottom of the river somewhere in your scuba gear as though you suffered a tragic accident.”


“Oh, but I fully intend to ‘do this’, my pretty. I have every intention of watching you drown. So let’s get started, shall we? I have some errands to run and we need to get started. Besides, I plan on releasing your body into the river so you can float downstream as a sign to all nosey young things not to snoop around my operation. Of course it’s just as likely your body will never be found. But… oh well. I suppose that is the price you pay for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.”


“Enjoy yourself, hun. I know I certainly will…”

Her captor turned the valve. Then she climbed the metal stairway up out of the chamber. Dirty river water began pouring into the chamber.

Emma cried out as she struggled in the net. She fought against her bindings. But it did her no good. She was thoroughly secured.

She panted for breath as she looked all around. The chamber was sealed except for the metal stairway coming down into it. If she was to survive, she would have to get herself free and then use that very same stairwell.

Water began climbing her wet-suited legs. She cried out as she struggled in vain. Then she began hollering up at the ceiling, making demands and then making promises… if only she would be released.

She panted like crazy as the water reached her crotch. She struggled against the ropes to the web. But her arms were tightly splayed outward; she had been well-secured.

There was a little metal ladder behind her. But she couldn’t do anything about that either. She couldn’t even reach it! It hung tantalizingly close right behind her.

The minutes ticked by as the water level rose. It was cold and dirty. Emma felt a surge of panic, along with a shameful surge of sexual arousal at her predicament.

Bound and secured in rising water. If only this was some sort of harmless role-play. That way, she would certainly be less frightened. But there seemed to be no way out of this one. The woman she was dealing with had apparently seen to that.

The water began climbing her chest. Emma began to hyperventilate as she screamed for help. But no help was forthcoming.

Water swirled into the chamber as it steadily rose all around her. It reached her shoulders, causing her to struggle to catch her breath. The water was cold, but she was sexually aroused by her predicament.

“NO! PLEASE! GET ME OUT OF HERE AND I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU ASK!” There was no response, save for the sound of water filling the chamber.

It climbed her neck until it lapped at her chin. Emma tilted her head back. Then she shuddered in orgasm as the water continued to rise.

She struggled against the ropes securing her. But they were much too strong. She could not break free, and she could not work them loose.

Water lapped near her mouth. She tipped her head back even more. Then she was forced to close her lips, frantically breathing through her nose.

Gawd, wasn’t this good enough?? The bitch had made her fucking point! She didn’t need to kill her?!

Emma breathed through her nose. Then the water covered her nostrils. She could not tip her head far enough, and she could not lift herself up in the netting.

The water level continued to rise. Dirty river water reached her eyes. She grunted as she cried out, her kitty hot in the damp moistness of her arousal inside her wetsuit.

The water continued to climb. It rose up over her head. Emma strained to listen for the sound of the chamber being drained. But there was no indication of anything other than incoming water.

Her cheeks began to bulge as she tried to swallow her air back down. She strained with all her might. But it wasn’t long before her tummy began to ripple.

Convulsions took hold in her chest. She began to hitch as her lungs threatened to give way. Bubbles trickled out of her mouth and nose as she struggled to hold her breath.

How long had it been? Did it really matter if she made it past 90 seconds? She wasn’t getting out of this either way.

Her cheeks bulged until her breath exploded out of her mouth. She gulped reflexively, her lungs demanding to take another breath. That’s when she swallowed dirty river water. That’s also the point where she climaxed so very hard.

Water went down her windpipe into her lungs. She coughed and convulsed. Then she began hitching and gurgling as she inhaled more river water.

It hurt like hell; how could drowning be so painful?? She spasmed and convulsed, her body trying in vain to pull air into her lungs, air that was now a foot above her head. She gulped and coughed until she hitched less and less. Then her eyes glazed over as she shuddered her way into oblivion.
Her empty scuba gear would eventually be returned to her drowned body. Then she was released into the river. But her body descended to the bottom and lodged in a submerged tree along a deep section of river. She was never heard from again.

2011; 2021 (written for “Emma” Oct 30 ’11; ed. Jul 18 ’21 by riwa)

(Inspired by a drawing by MIXNUTS club which I included for illustration purposes.)

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