Teri’s last stripper show (graphic)


Note: A bonus older story to ease the pain of April 15th coming up

Teri fucked the pole with her cleavage, smiling seductively with her red-painted lips at the patrons watching her. Then she slowly unhooked her bra. She got whistles and lustful cries as her breasts fell open, the garment falling lazily to the floor.

She gave the stripper pole a sensuous titty-fuck. She wasn’t as lithe or as limber as some of the other girls who worked the club. But she wasn’t afraid to act the slut. That’s what usually got her more attention… and therefore more tips.

The cries grew louder as voices called out for her to “Take it off! Take it all off!” She teased them again before slowly working her thong down her legs and then tossing it into the gleeful crowd. Then she fucked the stripper pole with her cunt, leaving it slickened with her juices. Any males who weren’t hard by then were certainly hard after that wanton display of lewd behavior.

When her presentation came to an end, she scooped up her tips and then disappeared into the dressing room to change. A few minutes later, Brandi came in with a slip of paper. “One of those bikers wanted me to give you this,” she said coldly, handing it to her. Friends they definitely were not.

Teri took it and gave it a quick glance. She and the other girls got messages like this all the time. Apparently someone wanted her for a private party. She snorted at it in disgust before throwing it in the trash like she did all the other messages.

“You’re closing tonight,” Brandi announced.

Teri looked at her in dismay. “Again? Why the hell can’t I go home on time and get a good night’s sleep?”

“Because we all work for that sleazeball, that’s why!” Brandi snorted in a huff. “He wants you out there pushing drinks until closing time. Besides, I’ve got to get home to my family. It’s not my fault you’re single!”

“Figures,” Teri said in disgust.

She proceeded to slip into the club’s official waitress attire, designed to get the clients all worked up. It was also designed to get them all liquored up so they could more easily part with their hard-earned cash. Then she headed out to work the tables.

She noticed right away that the bikers were still there. They seemed more than a little attracted to her. She was able to work their table for drink after drink, getting them more than a little intoxicated. At least it served her well in making tips.

They didn’t let up on her the whole time, trying to proposition her again and again. She just smiled coyly at them each time she passed their table, politely turning them down. But it wasn’t long until she started feeling a little uncomfortable with their presence.

The hour eventually got late. Customers began heading out the door to make their way home. Teri’s fellow strippers began to leave one by one as their shift came to an end. She was certainly relieved to watch the bikers loudly make their way to the door.

She watched her boss work the till. She fumed at his leaving early while she had to stay behind to clean up and lock up. All he did was gather up the cash and receipts. Then he threw them together in a bag before heading out the back door to his waiting car without giving her so much as a thank you.

Teri sighed heavily as she scrubbed down the counter to the bar. At least the bikers were long gone. She’d felt rather uneasy with them around, especially the way they’d been coming on to her and ogling her.

She found herself wishing the sleazeball would have stuck around a little while longer. At least he could have ordered one of the other bartenders to stick around and make sure she got safely to her car. Being the last one out the door sometimes made her more than a little uncomfortable.

She was in the process of wiping down the tables and stacking the chairs on top when she heard the front door open. “We’re closed!” she called out in exasperation.

She hadn’t gone and locked the door right away. That was stupid! Then her heart skipped a beat when she saw the bikers had returned.

Uh – oh. She could immediately tell they were up to something by the expressions on their faces.

“Sorry, guys; we’re closed!” she proclaimed. “Come back tomorrow!” She tried to sound authoritative but she couldn’t disguise the nervousness in her voice.

“Oh, you’re not going to close just yet,” the biker with the snake tattoo on his arm chuckled. “We’re here for that private party, remember? That message I gave that chick to give to you?”

She remembered the note she’d thrown away. Then she shook her head. “Sorry guys; no parties tonight! I’m beat and I need to go home!”

“Oh, I think you’ve got time for us, sweet cheeks,” the one with the scraggly beard told her. “We’re not leaving without our private little showing; right boys?”

“That’s right, Curly,” a man with a tattoo on the side of his face added as the four of them advanced menacingly on her. “We locked the door for you, sweetheart. So there’s no need worrying about us being interrupted. Now c’mon, honey; give us a show!”

“Really guys; it’s getting late!” Teri protested. “I appreciate all the attention and the tips; really I do! But I’m dead on my feet!”

Snake Tattoo just sneered coldly at her. “’Dead on my feet’, now that’s a really good choice of words, bitch! Would you like to find out what I mean by that?”

Teri began backing away in alarm, lifting her hands up as though trying to ward them off. “Now let’s not get excited fellas. It’s late, I’m tired, and you all have been drinking pretty heavily.”

“It’s not the booze we want, bitch,” Snake Tattoo explained ominously. “Now get up on that stage and strip for us!”

“Really guys; it’s getting late…”

“He said ‘STRIP’, damn you!” and Curly pulled a chair off a table before emphatically pounding said table with his fist in emphasis.

Teri jumped with a squawk and then backed up toward the stage. “Really guys, there’s no need for…”

“Get your ass up there, bitch!” Tattoo Face snarled menacingly.

Teri realized she really had no choice in the matter, not unless she wanted to risk further antagonizing them. She nervously climbed up onto the stage and then looked around uncertainly. “Uh fellas? There’s no music. What about…?”

“We don’t need any music!” Snake Tattoo barked. “Besides, we don’t want anyone to know you’re still open! After all, this is a private little party; see?”

“Ok, fellas,” the nervous stripper muttered. “I’ll do what you want. Just take it easy now…”

Teri gulped anxiously, her heart pounding in her chest. This wasn’t good at all! She was all alone with these bastards… and they were liable to do just about anything!

For a moment her mind went blank as she shuffled nervously against the pole. Snake Tattoo got impatient and hollered, “DANCE, BITCH!”

Teri yelped and then started to wriggle around the pole. A familiar song finally came to mind. That’s when she began to writhe and grind a little more rhythmically as she hummed it in her head.

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!” Tattoo Face called out appreciatively, clapping his hands.

Curly started whooping and hollering as he pounded the table enthusiastically. Snake Tattoo smiled lecherously in appreciation. But it was the quiet one she was worried about the most. He hadn’t said a word the whole time. And the way he was eyeing her made her shiver with dread.

Teri nervously worked through her routine, pulling the long gloves off her hands and then shedding her attire until she was left in nothing but her sexy black lingerie, heels and nylons. The nylons slowly came off one by one. Then she kicked each heel at the bikers.

Curly and Snake Tattoo each caught one with a cry of joy, whooping and hollering. “Fuck the pole, bitch!” Quite Man growled, speaking for the first time.

Teri gulped as she began titty-fucking the shiny metal surface. Eventually she peeled out of her bra to fuck it with her breasts. “I said ‘FUCK IT, BITCH’!” he barked.

She yelped again before peeling off her bottoms. Teri ground her crotch into the pole. Her pussy glistened from a fearful arousal.

“Who wants a blow?” Quiet Man asked ominously. Within seconds, three sets of leather pants were heard being unzipped.

Teri let out a shriek. Then she tried to run toward the dressing rooms. But Quiet Man leaped onto the stage, swift as a cheetah.

He hastily snatched up one of her nylons. Then he quickly lassoed it around her neck. He ominously choked her as he pulled her back.

“NO!” Teri choked out, her arms flailing wildly. “PLEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!”

He dragged her gasping and gurgling back to the pole before forcing her onto her knees with her back to the cool metal. Then he wrapped her nylons around both her neck and the pole, using the combination as something of a garrote. Teri began choking and gagging as spittle dribbled off her tongue.

Quiet Man had barely gotten out the words “Now who’s first?” before Snake Tattoo had jumped up onstage. His large member had stiffened considerably through his opened fly.

He wasted no time ramming it down Teri’s throat. She coughed and gurgled, her breath partly cut off from the garrote of her nylons around her neck. His large cock threatened to finish the job of stopping her breathing entirely.

Snake Tattoo fucked her face hard as his two companions jumped up on stage with him, their cocks out as well. “Grab ‘em, bitch!” Quiet Man ordered. Teri fumbled for them before the bikers helped her wrap her hands around each of their meaty members.

“Stroke ‘em, bitch! Stroke those dicks!” For emphasis Quiet Man tightened his grip on her nylons, garroting her even more.

Teri’s eyes rolled as her mouth oozed spittle and drool. Snake Tattoo furiously fucked her skull as her face began to turn red. Then with a cry, he rammed it in hard and deep.

Teri shuddered as his cum shot down her throat. Then she got dizzy before suddenly passing out from lack of oxygen…

She wasn’t out for very long. When Teri awoke, it was because she was gagging from Curly’s cock filling her mouth.

She could taste Snake Tattoo’s cum on her lips. She could also tell he’d splattered some of it on her face. But Quiet Man was still behind her, still garroting her with her own nylons.

She choked and gagged, trying to communicate that strangling her wasn’t necessary. But the bikers seemed to love it. In fact, they seemed to love making her suffer.

As Quiet Man nearly strangled the life out of her, Curly pulled out and splattered her face with more cum. He was barely finished shooting his load when Tattoo Face pushed him aside. Now it was his turn to thrust his immense member down her throat.

Teri gawked and gurgled; gawd, she could barely breathe at all! Didn’t the bastards realize that?? But maybe the fucking pricks enjoyed strangling helpless women!

Once more, she found she could hardly breathe at all. She felt faint and dizzy. Then she passed out again with a shudder…

When she came back around, she was grateful to discover her nylons were no longer around her neck. She was in a crumpled heap upon the stage. More cum had been shot into her mouth and splattered upon her face.

“Now let’s clean her up, boys,” she heard Quiet Man declare. “The whore’s become a fucking mess; wouldn’t you agree?”

Tattoo Face went off to get something as Teri lay there panting quietly for breath. She could still feel the sensation of having her nylons wrapped tightly around her neck, even though they were no longer there. It was uncomfortable as hell, and she hoped that the worst was over.

Teri heard the sound of running water, and she began to wonder what was taking Tattoo Face so long. When he finally returned, it wasn’t with the rag she’d expected. Instead, he returned with the janitor’s bucket full of water.

The first thing he did was dunk the mop into the bucket. Then to Teri’s complete surprise, he gleefully shoved the soaked mop in her face, moving the drenched strands back and forth over her cum-spattered cheeks. Teri cried out in protest; coughing, sputtering, and gurgling as the bikers laughed at her.

“Actually, I have a better idea,” Snake Tattoo suggested.

He grabbed Teri by a handful of hair and dragged her on her knees over to the bucket. To her horror, he shoved her face down into the cold water. She could hear him laughing as she bubbled, gurgled, and thrashed about like crazy.

“How’s that, Dean?” Snake Tattoo asked Quiet Man. That’s when Teri thought she heard another fly being unzipped from somewhere behind her.

“That’s just fine, Snake,” Dean replied. Then Teri felt his long, thick cock thrust hard into her wet, spasming pussy.

She screamed a froth of bubbles into the bucket of water as he began pounding her hard from behind. Teri grunted and gurgled, her lungs on fire as she struggled not to swallow water. She thought she overheard Dean tell Snake to make sure she didn’t drown all at once. Then her head was lifted up out of the water, allowing her to cough and sputter as rivulets streamed out of her hair down her face and into her eyes.

“Feel better, bitch?” Snake laughed. Then he shook her head by a handful of her hair before shoving her head right back down into the bucket as Dean continued pounding her pussy from behind.

Teri screamed and bubbled again; she was being raped and drowned! She tried pushing on the floor with her hands. Then she tried to lift her head up out of the bucket.

“Oh no, you don’t!” the bearded Curly blurted out.

He and Tattoo Face grabbed her arms by the wrists. They held them outstretched so she couldn’t resist. Then Snake pulled her head up out of the bucket and sneered at her.

“What’s the matter, bitch? We’re only trying to clean you up!” Then he brutally forced her head back down into the bucket. Teri cried out, exhaling in a froth of bubbles as she was forced to suck water.

While the other two held onto her wrists, Snake let her up for another breath as Dean the quiet man rammed his cock hard up her twat from behind. “Fuck the bitch, man, while we drown her for you!” he yelled as encouragement to his sadistic companion. Teri let out another cry of horror before her head was submerged yet again in a froth of bubbles.

“Fuck, you should feel her cunt from back here!” Dean gasped appreciatively. “The whore’s clenching like crazy! I swear she’s fucking me back like she really wants it!” Then he tipped his head back and let out a roar as he rammed his cock in hard, filling her pussy with his eruption of spunk.

Teri was frightened out of her wits. But her pussy clenched and spasmed involuntarily each time she was dunked. She thought for sure she was going to suffer the humiliation of drowning in a janitor’s bucket! Then she felt his cum inside her, and she got really dizzy before suddenly passing out again…

When she came back around, it was Dean who was holding her head up out of the bucket. Water dripped down into her eyes and all over her face as she coughed and sputtered. Then she felt someone else’s cock thrust hard into her from behind as others hung on to her wrists.

“Take it, bitch!” Dean said with a cackle as he forced her head back down into the bucket.

Teri screamed and bubbled as Snake’s voice called out from behind. “Gawd; you’re right, Dean! Her cunt is really twitching like a tornado! It must be from her not being able to breathe! Fuck, what a rush!”

Teri’s head was pulled back up, and she gasped and sputtered. Then her head was cruelly slammed back down into the water. She screamed again as the bastard Snake fucked her hard. Then she felt it swell inside her until it slammed into her with a vengeance.

Teri screamed as the powerful orgasm caught her totally unawares, tearing through her body and making her shudder like crazy. Snake just let out a cry of “OH FUCK; THE WHORE’S CUMMING!” Then his cock exploded inside her, adding to the previous deposit.

Teri moaned and bubbled until she was pulled up gasping, weakly panting for breath. “Fuck that was good!” Snake panted appreciatively. “Who’s next?” That’s when she heard Tattoo Face eagerly blurt out, “I GET HER ASS!”

“NO!” she cried out in horror. “NOT MY ASS… ANYTHING BUT MY ASS!” Then two of the bikers switched places.

She felt a thick cock press against her anus until her sphincter gave way. When Teri screamed, Dean cruelly shoved her head back down into the bucket. A froth of bubbles billowed up as her ass was brutally violated.

Teri thrashed her head about in the bucket as they held onto her arms. She bubbled like crazy as she was anally raped. Her muscles clenched and unclenched around the thrusting cock inside her as she blew her breath away. But Dean wasn’t about to drown her and end her suffering… at least not yet anyway.

She was pulled back up, coughing and sputtering and whimpering before she was brutally submerged yet again. She could feel the cock raping her anal passage, and it hurt like hell. Teri screamed another froth of bubbles before Dean pulled her head back up.

“What’s the matter, whore; don’t you like it?” he laughed. Teri grunted and whimpered, her body rocking from the thrusts. Then the bearded one named Curly stepped forward right in front of her while still holding her wrist.

“No use letting a perfectly good mouth go to waste; eh, Dean?” he chuckled. Then he thrust his hardening member down her throat.

Teri was asphyxiated by a mouthful of man meat as Tattoo Face pounded her ass. After a few moments, Curly pulled his cock out of her mouth. That’s when Dean brutally slammed her head back down into the bucket for more bubbling and drowning, just for the sheer sadistic pleasure of it all.

She cried out in a flurry of bubbles as Tattoo Face let out a roar. Then she felt his seed pump deep into her bowels. It was so horrific being anally raped and drowned that she surprised herself by actually orgasming again.

Teri cried out, gurgling water as she grunted and bubbled. She was pulled back up out of the bucket, almost half-drowned. There was a dazed look in her eyes as Curly fucked her mouth again.

After several hard thrusts, he pulled out, leaving her panting like crazy. “Now that’s much better,” Dean observed with a cruel smile as he examined her features. “It looks like we’ve got most of that cum washed off your face. Now Joey here needs his cock cleaned.”

The man named Joey with the tattoo on his face suddenly came around front, thrusting his nasty smelling cock into her mouth. Teri was horrified, forced to taste her own ass as Joey fucked her mouth hard. Then she heard Curly gasp with delight as he moved around back and pressed his cock against her anal ring…


He suddenly rammed it in hard. She screamed into the cock in her mouth. Joey pulled out with a sadistic chuckle, leaving her wrinkling her nose in disgust at the taste.

“Need to wash your mouth out, bitch?” Dean asked with a laugh, shaking her head by a handful of hair. Then her head was shoved back down into the bucket.

Teri screamed again, bubbling like crazy as Curly fucked her ass hard. By then, Dean had gotten hard again. He pulled her out of the bucket long enough to fuck her face with his cock.

After many thrusts, he pulled out and shoved her head back down in the water. It seemed when he wasn’t raping her skull, he was trying to drown her in the janitor’s bucket while Curly worked to enlarge her anal passage with his thick member.

She was pulled back up out of the bucket, only to have Dean’s cock shoved back inside her mouth. Then she felt Curly slam his cock hard up her ass as he roared his release, adding his spunk to the gathering mixture. Teri let out a muffled scream into Dean’s cock as it filled her mouth until she suddenly got dizzy and passed out yet again…

Teri was groggy when she came back around. She hadn’t been out for very long. But when she awakened, she realized her situation had not improved.

She was lying naked in a heap on the floor of the stage, the four bikers circled around her. “How about another show, Dean?” Joey asked.

“Why not!” the apparent ringleader of the group agreed.

Teri was grabbed and pulled back to the stripper pole until she was on her knees with her back to it. The nylons returned around her throat. That’s when her eyes flew open in horror, and she managed to choke out a garbled “GAWD; NO!” before she started gasping and gurgling.

Snake went behind the bar, returning about a minute later with a couple of empty bottles. He brought them over, shoving the neck of the first one up into Teri’s pussy. Then he took the long-necked bottle he’d retrieved and gleefully forced it up her ass.

As Dean tightened the nylons into a garrote, Teri began writhing and gurgling, involuntarily fucking both bottles. The bikers watched and cheered until they started to get hard again. Then each one came up to take turns fucking her mouth once more.

Every time Teri started to pass out, it seemed that Dean recognized it and loosened the nylons around her throat. But she seldom got the air she truly needed, with cocks being continuously thrust down her throat. Then she would start to get dizzy again as Dean tightened the nylons around her neck once more.

“Hey, Dean!” Curly gasped excitedly. “What do you say we double-team the bitch?” Dean agreed by releasing his grip on the nylons. Teri toppled forward, coughing and gasping and whimpering as she rubbed her sore neck.

Thankfully, both bottles were pulled out of her holes, although none too gently. Teri was glad they were gone, as she could feel another embarrassing orgasm coming on. Then Curly laid himself out onto the floor on his back.

She was forced to climb aboard, sit on his cock and start riding him. Joey came up behind her. But he sadistically wrapped a plastic bag around her face he’d apparently found from seemingly out of nowhere.

Teri was asphyxiated again as her pussy began spasming involuntarily around Curly’s cock, much to the biker’s delight. “Hey, Joey!” he called out excitedly. “The bitch’s cunt is twitching again! Gawd, man; you’ve got to feel this!”

The bag loosened around her face until Teri could breathe again. Then Joey pushed her forward on top of the nasty smelling biker underneath her. The next thing she felt was the bastard trying to force his own cock inside her from behind… inside a hole that was already occupied.


She let out a scream as her pussy was double-violated. Then the bag tightened around her head again as Joey went back to his asphyxiation fun. Once more, Teri struggled to get a decent breath as the bag was pulled up tight against her face.

She started to get dizzy again, grunting weakly as two cocks ravaged her cunt! They were pounding her hole like crazy, not the least bit uncomfortable that their pricks were coming in contact with each other. Apparently, it was more fun for them to join in and try to split her wide open.

Teri tried to scream. But she could hardly get her breath with the bag clinging to her face, outlining the horror in her expression. She was breathless and dizzy as hell.

Her body was wracked with pain as they violated her tender hole. Then her eyes rolled as she started to pass out again. The last thought on her mind was amazement that her body was betraying her by cumming again so shamefully hard…

This time returning to consciousness was not the slow, gentle process she’d experienced previously. She was jarred awake the moment her ass was brutally impaled. Too exhausted to scream, Teri grunted as she awakened to Snake’s cruel face below her, his cock thrust deep in her ass as she was forced to ride him.

“Remember me, bitch?” he chuckled sinisterly. “Then I know you’re going to love this!”

Her eyes flew open as yet another cock tried to press into her anus from behind. Then she heard Dean’s cruel voice in her ear saying, “Two cocks are better than one; wouldn’t you agree?” That’s when Dean’s cock brutally forced its way in, joining Snake’s.

Teri’s eyes went wide in sheer agony. Then she found her voice, and she started to scream. It was abruptly cut off with an “URK!” as her nylons wrapped around her neck again, the ringleader of the bunch threatening to strangle the very life out of her.

“Remember these?” Dean hissed into her ear. Then the nylons tightened. Teri’s anal sphincter began spasming involuntarily as two cocks raped her anal passage.

She gawked and gurgled, amazed a human body could endure such agony. She was unbelievably wet, and she was ashamed how strangely aroused she was. But what was even more humiliating was the way her body betrayed her again. As Dean strangled her while he and Snake raped her ass, she suffered through another violent orgasm that sent her straight to unconsciousness…

When Teri awakened, she was weak all over and thoroughly exhausted. She was lying in a crumpled heap on the stage, cum slowly dribbling out of her cunt and ass. She was amazed she was still in one piece.

She listened intently, but she heard nothing. Maybe the bikers were gone. Then she opened her eyes and saw Dean kneeling there, smiling wickedly at her.

“The boys want one more show, honey,” he told her. “Let’s see if we can give ‘em one, shall we?” Then he hefted a white, nylon noose from behind his back.

Teri’s eyes flew open in horror. She tried to get to her feet, struggling to find the strength to get away. She cried out “NOOO!” as Dean looped the noose around her neck. Then she felt someone tying her hands behind her back with her own nylons.

There was a beam crossing the stage directly overhead, put there to help give the stripper pole some support. Teri cried out in horror as Dean threw the other end of the rope up and over. Then he grabbed the free end and gave her a nasty smile.

“Give us a good dance, bitch!” Then he pulled on his end of the rope.

Teri was lifted up into the air, her feet fluttering more than a foot away from the floor of the stage. Her eyes got big as saucers as she gawked and gurgled, her face flushing red. Then she found an energy reserve she never knew she had.

Her legs abruptly exploded underneath her. Then she began kicking like crazy. Teri grunted in anguish as her body swung wildly.

Joey helped Dean with the rope as the others watched, their slickened cocks starting to harden again. They whooped and hollered as the naked stripper swung back and forth, cum flying out of her cunt and ass. As far as they were concerned, this show was better than any pole dance.

Teri never knew it could hurt so bad. The agony was unbelievable. She was strangling to death by her own weight in the noose.

The more she kicked, the tighter the coil constricted around her throat. She broke into a sweat, perspiration flying as she twisted and swayed. Instinctively, her legs kept kicking and then peddling.

She needed to breathe; Teri was desperate to breathe. But she was hardly getting any air at all. Worse, she could see the bastards standing around watching her suffer while jerking on their damn pricks!

“Hey, Dean; let’s give her a flying fuck!” Snake suggested excitedly.

Before the group leader could give his consent, Snake walked right up to Teri as she swayed and twisted, her legs kicking feebly. He grabbed her thighs and centered his cock against her opening. Then he cruelly rammed it home, impaling her with his dick.

Teri’s eyes rolled as she gawked and gurgled. But she had enough presence of mind to wrap her legs around Snake’s waist. Amazingly, she was able to lift herself a little, enough at least to give her a little sliver of air.

“Damn; she’s fucking herself!” Snake gasped. “She’s really riding my cock just to gasp for breath!”

“Then let’s see if she can take two!” Curly added sadistically.

He came up behind her and immediately rammed his cock hard up Teri’s ass, causing her to jerk and gurgle. She was given a flying double-fuck. But the nylon coil still threatened to strangle the very life out of her body.

The two bikers rammed her holes hard as her face turned a deep shade of red. She kept gawking and gurgling, getting just enough air to keep from passing out. Teri suspected the bastards were going to kill her anyway. All she could do was pray they would just get on with it and end her suffering.

She suddenly felt an explosion of warmth up her cunt. At almost the same time, she felt the cock in her ass release its load. Then both bikers pulled out, leaving her swaying limp and lifeless.

She was too exhausted to fight anymore; she was nearly gone. Her face was rapidly turning a mottled purple. Her body was becoming numb.

Teri felt her bladder release. She was far too helpless to prevent it. It was shameful and degrading; she just wanted it all to end.

All of the sudden she jerked in the noose as the rope gave way. Then her body crumpled onto the floor of the stage, the nylon uncoiling from around her neck. She gasped and moaned, lying in her own urine as her lungs pulled fresh air into her lungs.

“Fucking hell!” Dean blurted out angrily. “I didn’t tie the damn thing right!”

“That’s ok, Dean!” Snake told him reassuringly. “I think the whore should die on the pole like the stripper-cunt she is!”

Teri didn’t resist as she was jerked none to gently back over to the pole on her knees. Her wrists were freed from her nylons, only to be retied once her arms were wrapped around the pole behind her. With her back to the pole, Dean took her remaining nylons and wrapped them around her neck, using them as a garrote one last time.

“Remember this, bitch?” he chuckled cruelly. “Any last words?”

Before she could rasp for breath, he began tightening the nylons around her neck. Teri felt that familiar agony return to her throat from having been strangled previously. Then she felt Curly sadistically shove the bottle back up her cunt, the same one that had been put there before.

She didn’t care they were doing the same thing to her once again. Then she felt him cruelly ram the other one with the longer neck back up her ass. Teri gawked and gurgled, her eyes wide.

Her face was turning red again as the nylons cut deep into her neck. “Last chance for a blowjob, boys!” Dean called out. The bikers came up one by one to thrust their hardening members into her mouth one last time.

Teri shuddered and gurgled as she tried to breathe. But this time Dean wasn’t giving her any respite. “Aw, the hell with it!” he declared, and he pulled as hard as he could before tying off the nylons to the pole.

Teri’s eyes bugged out as her body began bucking and jerking in its death throes. Her air had been totally cut off. Her pussy and ass involuntarily clenched furiously around the necks of the bottles shoved up her holes as she started to get dizzy.

Her face turned a deep shade of red as the bikers stroked their cocks while taking turns thrusting them in and out of her mouth. Once more, she felt it well up from somewhere deep inside her. Her mind told her she was dying, and that she was going to humiliate herself by orgasming one last time.

Teri experienced a warm explosion of pleasure that washed all through her body. Her face felt flush as her limbs went numb. Her struggles abruptly ceased as her tongue peeked out through her ruby red lips.

The last thing she felt was the splatter of more cum on her face, although she didn’t seem to care anymore. Then Teri… finally… felt nothing at all…

The bikers continued fucking the yielding mouth, taking turns spraying her face with their cum despite the fact she was no longer responsive. When she was thoroughly coated – and their sexual appetites sufficiently sated – they drunkenly made their way to the exit. They decided that Teri’s last show had been the best show ever…

The next morning, she was found kneeling with her back to the stripper pole by ‘Mr. Sleazeball’ himself. One half of her nylons were wrapped tight around her neck and the pole to garrote her. The other half were wrapped around her wrists, tying her arms behind her back.

As it turned out, the bikers weren’t very bright, at least not in their drunken condition. Their dried cum was found splattered all over Teri’s face. What’s more, there was more evidence that had accumulated inside the two bottles that were found with their openings shoved up the dead stripper’s holes.

It took less than a week to track them all down based on all the forensic evidence they’d foolishly left behind at the scene…

2012; 2022 (written at Teri’s request Sep 2 ’12; ed. Jul 9 ‘22 by riwa)

(Picture provided by Teri for illustration purposes.)

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