Temple dive


Timeus did not fail to notice their destination. The two boats stopped at a familiar spot out in the harbor. Instinctively, he knew what lay below.

“This will be your final test,” Decimus told him. “You and Casia must swim down to Poseidon’s temple. There, you are to give him a gift.”

“You did not prepare me for this!” Timeus protested. “I have no gift. And I sincerely doubt Casia has one either.”

“Poseidon will instruct you both on which gift you must give,” Decimus replied confidently.

He warily eyed Casia getting ready in the women’s boat. He sensed she did not like him much. Of course, he did not much like her either.

They were the newest additions to the dive team. They had not been with the others for long. Thus, many of the underwater extracurricular activities that had taken place had seemed… a bit too much for them.

He started to don his goggles. Decimus removed them from his hand. “You will not need them. You must present yourself to Poseidon as the day you were born.”

Timeus shook his head. So many strange customs. And with the other divers always acting so uninhibited? He was not sure he could adapt so easily.

“How long?” he wanted to know.

“There is no set time,” Decimus told him. “It is to be decided by Poseidon himself. Thus, it will take as long as necessary.”

“Are we to remain on the bottom until we drown?”

“You will surface to breathe and then return to the temple as many times as necessary.”

Timeus nodded. The requirements were still quite vague. He would have preferred a more explicit set of instructions. But apparently he was not to receive any.

He entered the water naked. The others in his boat cheered him on. They told him it would be an experience he would never forget.

Casia swam over to him from the females’ boat. She had grown into a fine young woman. From what little he’d seen of her underwater, she was an adequate diver. But that was all he thought of her: nothing more than another female diver out to accomplish the task set before her.

“Shall we get this over with, Timeus?” she asked emotionlessly.

“Yes,” he replied coldly. “Let us be done with this quickly.”

Decimus laughed. “It may not be so quick as you think.” Casia just shook her head at him.

They swam away from the boats toward the position of the temple below them. There was no point in holding one’s breath any longer than necessary. Besides, they had been told to expect a depth of at least 30 meters.

“What is this to us?” Casia curiously asked her swimming companion at the surface. “What purpose will it serve?”

“I have no idea,” Timeus replied. “Decimus said it was important to spend some time in the underwater temple with Poseidon and give him some sort of gift.”

“What gift do we give to a statue?” she snorted contemptuously.

They reached a spot and tread water as they breathed deeply. “Will you be able to make the dive?” Timeus asked with some concern.

“Just make sure you do not drown yourself, Timeus. I will not haul your body back to the boats.” Clearly her opinion of him had not changed.

“Fine – fine.” If she continued to be capable, he would work with her to bring things up from the sea. But that would be the extent of their time together.

They filled their lungs with air. Then they jack-knifed downward. They pulled with their arms, kicking with their legs as they both pinched their noses to equalize the pressure.

It was a long way down, longer than either one had anticipated. Their first few dives had taken place in around 20 to 25 meters. But this was deeper than they had gone thus far. What was Decimus trying to do, get them both drowned?

They finally reached the bottom before looking inside beyond the pillars. That’s when they saw a statue. Was that the god Poseidon? Neither believed he resided in a statue.

Timeus felt a hand on his arm. Casia motioned upward. He nodded, and they headed back to the surface, following the bubbles they released.

Timeus frowned inwardly. He could not recall Casia ever touching him before. Of course, she was only trying to get his attention. Still…

They burst up gasping for breath. There was an awkward pause. Timeus decided to try to make conversation.

“I did not realize it was so deep.” Then he winced inwardly. Had he just intimated a weakness to Casia by admitting the dive had been lengthy and difficult? He probably should not have phrased it like that.

She replied, “I, too, found the depth more than I had anticipated.”

He blinked in surprise at her words. It seemed her attitude toward him had briefly softened after their first dive down together. No doubt her change of demeanor was only temporary.

They looked over at the boats. Their comrades were waving for them to go back down. “It appears that a second dive will be necessary,” Timeus observed quietly.

“Agreed,” Casia replied. “Although I do not know who we are trying to please more: Poseidon or our companions.”

Timeus chuckled as she smiled at them. Then things became awkward between them again. What was this? Were things beginning to thaw between them due to this shared adventure?

Casia inhaled and jack-knifed downward. Timeus filled his lungs with breath before chasing after her. She was leading the way; and thus, it was back to the old Casia he had come to know.

He caught up to her as they headed down. Once more, they pinched their noses to ease the pressure. It did not seem like such a long distance the second time down. Maybe it was because they had already made one previous journey and their bodies were now adjusting to the depths.

They reached the entrance to the temple. But Casia paused. So Timeus swam inside ahead of her toward the statue.

He reached out to touch the surface. It was solid marble. What surprised him was that it looked like a man. He thought the gods would have different features… perhaps something terrifying?

He felt a touch again upon him again. He turned to see Casia at his side. She, too, had reached out and had touched the statue.

Timeus motioned… “Follow me.” Then he bubbled as he set out exploring the interior of the temple. Casia followed him, bubbles trickling out of her nose as they swam together.

They circled around until they ended up back at the entrance without discovering anything of value. Without motioning to each other, they kept going until they were both headed upward. They could feel it in their lungs; it was time to get back to the surface.

They chased the bubbles they released until they popped up gasping loudly for breath. Instinctively, they looked over at the boats. Their companions kept waving at them to go back down.

“We are not finished with Poseidon?” Casia asked curiously.

“I guess not,” Timeus replied.

“What can we offer to a statue?”

“I do not know. Perhaps we’ll find something outside the temple to give to him?”

Casia nodded in agreement as she replied, “It is worth a try.” Then they both filled their lungs. This time, they headed down together, pinching their noses when the pressure became too great.

They reached the sea floor outside the temple. Timeus motioned… “Let’s look for something.” Casia nodded her agreement.

They went in opposite directions without straying too far. That’s when Timeus stumbled upon some sort of figurine lying in the sandy soil. Remarkably, it looked like a couple copulating.

He bubbled as he studied it for a second. Then he glanced into the temple at the statue. For some reason, it came to him that the figurine would not be a bad object to present.

Casia met him at the entrance to the temple, an object in her hand as well. Then they swam in together. They reached the statue where they knelt as one before carefully placing their objects at the base.

Timeus did not fail to notice Casia had found a figurine similar to his. He turned and looked at her as though seeing her for the first time. He admired her figure, as well as her full breasts with erect nipples. Her labia were swollen.

Casia looked at Timeus as though seeing someone entirely different. She noticed he had an erection now. She had never seen one on him before.

Instinctively, Timeus hesitantly reached out and caressed one of her mounds. Oddly, she did not resist. She trembled at his touch as her nipples hardened. He did not understand why she was suddenly having this kind of effect on him.

In return, Casia reached out and touched his erection. Then she grabbed it and stroked him. His appendage quivered and jumped at her touch.

He leaned close until his mouth latched onto her nipple. She felt electric jolts surge all the way down to her pussy. She jerked his erection in response as she tipped her head back in pleasure.

She suddenly became aware of aching lungs. Then she saw his chest heaving in a similar manner. They both motioned for the surface at the same time. Then they launched themselves toward the entrance.

They kicked hard for the surface, spewing bubbles along the way. They had stayed down longer than intended. Now their lungs were heaving, clamoring for their next breath.

They both kicked hard for the surface, racing past the bubbles they released. They finally burst up, gasping loudly. They spent a few moments panting for breath without saying anything.

Timeus awkwardly broke the silence. “Will those gifts be enough? Will they satisfy the god of the sea?”

Casia was thoughtful. “I… I do not know. Will Poseidon be angry with us if we do not offer him something greater?”

“But what shall we offer him?”

They paused as they looked at each other while treading water. Casia suddenly moved close and kissed him. Timeus was pleasantly surprised.

She awkwardly pulled away. But it had planted the appropriate seed. “Let us go back down,” Timeus told her. “We must be certain.” She nodded her agreement.

They filled their lungs with air before heading back down, pinching their noses when necessary. This time, Timeus fully took in his diving partner with his eyes. He was amazed he had not seen her like this before.

Casia kept glancing over at Timeus. She noticed his muscles, and the strength of his arms and legs. She also noticed his erection. It was having an effect on her she’d never experienced before.

They reached the temple and swam inside. They knelt near the statue where they embraced and kissed. It made her nipples swell… and his cock stiffen.

She felt his erection against her body, and she humped him. Then she kissed her way down his chest to his saluting member. She finally kissed and licked it all over before taking it into her mouth.

It twitched and oozed a little bit of fluid. She liked the taste and sucked harder. He shuddered at her sensuous assault.

He ended up flat on his back as she sucked him. Then she thought she saw movement over by the statue. She rose up to have a look, anxious there were no predators stalking them.

At that moment, he grabbed her legs and pulled her down to his face. Then his mouth attached to her crotch. His tongue lashed out as he began mouthing her nub, just as he had seen the others doing to each other during one of their extracurricular activities while he and Casia had merely watched.

She reacted with great excitement. She had no idea Timeus was capable of delivering such pleasure. Why had she not discovered this before?

His cock; where was his cock? It was behind her, stiff and saluting. She had to have it back in her mouth!

She rose up off him, momentarily causing him anxiety. Then she changed her position so she was facing his feet. When he pulled her crotch back down to his face, she leaned forward and took his erection between her lips.

In their underwater 69, they went at it like lovers who had not seen each other in months. It was as though they could not get enough of each other. Timeus did not know where this strange sense of affection for Casia had come from, considering the way they had reacted to each other before the dive to the temple. But he welcomed the change.

He was suddenly aware of movement. At that same time, she rose up, her lungs straining. They both turned to look at the statue. But they saw nothing out of the ordinary.

She grabbed Timeus’ hand and dragged him toward the entrance. He went willingly, his own lungs on fire. They cleared the entrance and shot upward, spewing the last of their breath as they furiously kicked for the surface.

They burst up panting like crazy. Then they began talking over each other. “You first,” Timeus finally interjected, just as Casia was saying, “You should speak first.”

“I think I know the gift he wants,” Timeus offered hesitantly.

Casia blushed as she replied, “I feel the same way.”

He turned to look in the direction of their comrades. “I hear them yelling at us from the boats.”

“Let them yell. We must complete the task at hand.”


They both filled their lungs with air. Then they headed back down toward the temple. This time, they were smiling and much more open toward each other as they pinched their noses to equalize.

There was something that seemed inappropriate about doing it right in front of the statue. So they moved off to one side. Then Casia pushed Timeus onto his back before gobbling his meaty member.

Her warm mouth felt incredible wrapped around his erection. But his own lips were tingling. Timeus wanted to return the favor.

Thankfully, she was lying upon him in the opposite direction. Was that accidental or deliberate? Timeus decided he did not care.

He pulled her down until his face was buried in her crotch. His lips found her swollen nub until she twitched and shuddered. Then his tongue pushed deep into her twat.

They lay like that in a 69, grunting and bubbling as they serviced each other. Timeus had a feeling they were being watched. So he pushed her up long enough to have a look before pulling her back down and feasting some more.

Casia could not believe how hungry she was for his erection. It was as though something had come over her. She was puzzled, but it felt much too pleasurable to stop and try to figure it out.

At one point she, too, felt as though they were being watched. She paused long enough to look all around. But she saw nothing.

It was Timeus who took charge with a confidence he had never felt before. He pulled her up off his body and shifted her around. Then he brought her down until he impaled her upon his cock.

Her eyes flew open at the unexpected pleasure of it all. Then she eagerly began riding him. It felt absolutely incredible feeling him inside her like that.

Timeus was shocked by the way she rode him. He could see her losing some of her breath. She was shuddering in pleasure, her eyes closed as though trying to concentrate on how wonderful it felt.

There was that sense they were being watched. Instinctively, he turned toward the statue. For a moment, he was sure it was looking at them. But when he blinked and looked again, things were normal as before.

Casia climaxed a second time. She was out of breath when Timeus came inside her, triggering a third orgasm. Her lungs were on fire, but for the moment she was too dazed and happy to care.

Timeus grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the entrance. Then he kicked hard for the surface. His lungs felt as though they were empty.

Casia finally came to her senses enough to help kick for the surface. But her chest was heaving ominously. She almost gulped, causing her to bring a hand up to cover her mouth.

They burst up gasping loudly for breath. Timeus asked if she was ok. This time she did not take offense at his concern for her.

“I am ok, Timeus. We are at the surface. I think…”

She paused for a moment. Then she smiled. “I think our gift satisfied Poseidon.”

“Yes, but did it satisfy our companions?” Then they turned to look toward the boats. They appeared to be devoid of life as they drifted silently at the surface.

The two divers stuck their heads down into the water to have a look. That’s when they saw their comrades on the bottom. Once more, they were engaged in what could only be described as “extracurricular activities.”

Casia smiled at Timeus before asking. “Shall we join them?”

Timeus smiled back. “Yes. I think we can join in now.”

She kissed him one more time. Then they swam over to the boats. They dove down until each found a partner on the bottom.

The ocean floor turned into a sexual orgy, just a short distance away from Poseidon’s temple. Naked bodies joined together. But no one noticed the statue looking out in their direction…

2023 (written for Oeff Oct 28 ’23 by riwa. Inspired by the drawing created for him by ImDrToxic.)

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