Find the Flag


She watched him head for the bottom of the ocean. This time they were in deeper water. They’d just got done playing in 20 feet of water. Now it was forty feet deep.

She could just barely make him out down there on the bottom. He was obviously taking his time finding a hiding place. Would he tuck it under a rock? Or was he trying to bury it in the soil?

She checked her watch. He’d been underwater for three minutes now. Was he going to make it hard on her?

Last time she’d found the flag, she’d been rewarded by swallowing a load of his cream on the ocean floor. This time he promised to fuck her if she found it. She was eager to feel him deep inside her instead of blowing him again.

She watched him start back up. It didn’t look like the flag was in his hand. She would have to go down to find it once he surfaced.

She checked her watch again. Approaching four minutes. Damn; he could sure hold his breath! She would have to apply herself if she was going to match him.

He reached the ladder. But instead of surfacing to catch his breath, he hung onto the last rung. She stepped down and prepared for her descent.

He was wearing goggles. He said it gave him a little better vision. But he was making her go down without the same consideration. It would make her challenge to find the flag that much harder.

He finally burst up gasping for breath. She checked her watch. He’d been down for 4:39.

“Your turn,” he panted.

“I’ll bet you really hid it on me, didn’t you!”

“I guess you’ll just have to go down and find out, won’t you.”

“You deliberately stayed under longer, didn’t you!”

“You’ll have to hold your breath longer than 4:30 if you expect me to fuck you underwater.”

“I’ll find a way,” she replied with a seductive smile.

“I’m sure you will,” he replied with a knowing smirk.

She checked her watch before filling her lungs. Then she dove into the water. She pulled hard with her arms as she kicked her slender legs.

She pinched her nose to equalize halfway down. She could feel the pressure the deeper she went. What’s more, her blurry vision meant she was going to have quite the challenge just finding it. She hoped he knew where it was and would be able to track it down if she failed.

She made a steady swim until she reached the bottom. Rocks were scattered everywhere. And it was murky, making it hard to see. At least the color of the flag would stand out, so long as he hadn’t completely hidden it.

She carefully searched among the rocks. She looked to see if any looked disturbed. That would be an indication he’d lifted one up.

The flag was not visible. He hadn’t hidden it, had he? She didn’t want that difficult of a challenge… unless, of course, he wasn’t interested in fucking her while she was holding her breath.

She did a careful search. She figured he wanted to make it hard on her. But surely there would be some indicator as to where to find it. She checked her watch and could just barely read her time underwater thus far – 2:14.

She poked and probed. Was she in the right place? She bubbled as she moved her flowing hair out of her eyes.

She thought she could make out something red in the soil. She drove her hand in and grabbed onto something that felt like cloth. Then she pulled it upward…

Aha; gotcha… what the hell??

She definitely had the flag. But something now had her by the wrist. It dug into her flesh.

She tried pulling. Some of the soil worked loose. But her wrist was hung up by what looked like a lot of loose wire that made her think of fishing line.

She grunted and bubbled as she fought to free her wrist. But it was not coming loose. She shook her head, trying to shake the hair out of her eyes as she lost more bubbles.

She tried pulling individual strands of line free of her wrist. But she was really caught. She couldn’t figure out where it started and where it ended.

She pulled harder. More of the soil worked loose. But the line refused to give.

She jerked and grunted in alarm. Her wrist was not pulling free. What the hell had he gotten her into??

She checked her watch. Now she was over 3:15. She figured she had less than a minute before she needed to head back to the surface. Holding her breath longer than four minutes was often pushing it, although she’d wanted to beat his time. Now she just wanted free.

She grunted as she tried to pull her wrist free. She tried to follow the line to figure out how to work it loose. But there was much more of it than she’d anticipated.

She saw movement out of the corner of her eye. He had not waited for her to return. Thank gawd he’d joined her on the bottom!

She grunted as she motioned… “HELP ME! I’M STUCK!” But he did not move to intervene. She could see the huge bulge in his speedos.

She grunted as she jerked against her tethered arm. She tried to motion… “I’M STUCK! YOU’VE GOT TO HELP ME!”

In response, he pulled his speedos down and pulled out his erection. He stroked it as he drifted nearby and watched. WHAT THE HELL??

She checked her watch. It was approaching four minutes. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold her breath, especially since she could feel the panic rising up inside her.

She jerked hard against the line holding her to the bottom. He finally moved toward her. Thank gawd… but wasn’t he cutting it close??

To her shock, he did not try to free her wrist. Instead, he pulled her bottoms aside. Then he thrust into her from behind.

Her eyes flew open in shock. She let out a bubbly cry. Then she almost swallowed water.

She frantically covered her mouth with her free hand. He just reached around and pulled it away as he fucked her from behind. She shook her head and screamed her breath away. Then she gurgled as she inhaled deeply.

She coughed up bubbles as she went into seizures. She began hitching and gurgling as she kept inhaling huge mouthfuls of water until her lungs flooded. He continued to thrust deep inside her as she clenched involuntarily.

She gurgled as her struggles lessened. She was still conscious, and it hurt like hell. Then he let go of her wrist to grab both hips and really thrust hard.

She was conscious long enough to feel him empty himself deep inside her…

She was limp and lifeless when he took the flag out of her hand, careful not to get entwined in her problem. He groped her boobs through the material of her suit. Then he headed for the surface.

He popped up and gasped for breath. Then he climbed aboard. He pulled up anchor and started the motor before motoring away, wondering who else he could seduce into playing “Find the Flag” out here in the ocean depths.

6-5-21 Inspired by the picture I found on the Internet

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