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This last Saturday, mom and I went out to eat. Afterwards, we were curious about the water situation in our canal, as it seemed fuller than normal. So we took a drive until we ended up at the irrigation dam all that water dumps into. The dam was full to the point where the spillway had water going over the top. Then I took the little drive around the rim of the dam, on the path mom was uncertain about.

We finally reached a spot that is/was well known to me. I told mom that in my late teens, I often parked there. Then I would retrieve the raft and swim it out into the middle of that arm of the dam. I even told her that location was the inspiration for my Seductress series. Naturally, there were several things I did not tell her. But that location gave us a good view of the dam as well as the water going over the spillway. I even told her I’d walk upon that spillway when it was dry, but the few times I’d tried it when it was wet did not accomplish much, as it was too slimy and slippery to get all the way up to the top.

From there, we drove over to Pompey’s Pillar. Mom did not walk much. But I looked around and observed the changes since the last high water issue took out some of the pathway. I did not climb the stairs to the top of the pillar, even though the view up there is quite enjoyable. I remembered the last time I’d made that climb, so I decided the spirit was willing, but the flesh has aged a few years since I last attempted it.

I hope all of you are making nice memories of friends and families, and of places you enjoy visiting. I pray you are all doing well. Thank you so very much for being my patrons. Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

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