House warming party

After getting my new place, I invited all my friends over for a house warming party. I gave everyone the grand tour as the drinks flowed freely. When it got late, they all began to depart until Dorothy and her friend Kathy were the only ones remaining.

Earlier they’d asked about the one door in the basement I hadn’t opened. I’d told them I only used it for storage. Now I asked if they really wanted to see what was behind that door.

The look in my eyes and the smile on my face made them both curious. So I took them downstairs and opened it up. They both gasped in shock when they looked inside.

A large French guillotine filled the center of the room. Next to it was a king-sized bed. A noose dangled from a hole in the ceiling.

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy gasped with admiration.

In response, Kathy rolled her eyes. “Which one do you want to try out more, love?” she asked sarcastically. “…the bed or the blade?”

“Both,” Dorothy panted breathlessly.

I led the ladies over and allowed them to touch the guillotine. Kathy pulled down on the dangling noose, testing how strong it was. “It’s strong enough to lift you up into the air, love,” Dorothy told her with a chuckle.

Both ladies were horny as they started taking turns kissing me. I think my objects of execution had really turned them on. Either that or they were still intoxicated from the drinks they’d consumed.

My pants were quickly pulled down. I was a little surprised when they both offered to share. They actually took turns sucking my dick. I didn’t bother to stop them since they both seemed eager.

I jokingly asked if either one of them wanted to try out the noose or the blade. Dorothy said she was more than willing to give it a go. So I helped her out of her clothes before strapping her down naked onto the bench to the guillotine.

I made sure she was nice and snug before going around behind her. Then I gave her a good, hard shag. She panted with excitement, moaning her lust.

Kathy shook her head at Dorothy’s enthusiasm. Then she looked at me with a grin. “I think she wants you to behead her, love.”

“Bloody hell, no!” Dorothy panted. “Wait, maybe I do… oh bloody hell; no… no, wait… maybe I… hell, I can’t make up my mind!”

I grinned at Kathy as I asked, “If I let you pull the lever that beheads her, will you ride the noose for me?”

“The n-noose?”

“Go ahead, love,” Dorothy encouraged. “If he can take my head, surely you can hang for him; right?”

“Want to watch your friend being beheaded?” I asked as I kept fucking Dorothy. She just kept panting and moaning as I shagged her nice and slow.

Kathy looked jealous as hell. “Will you fuck me in the noose?”

I smiled when I told her, “Of course.”

By then Dorothy was groaning and whimpering. She looked at her friend and told her, “You should hang for him, you silly bitch. He’ll love you for it.”

“Only after he takes your head,” Kathy retorted.

“I don’t know… bloody hell… I’m so tempted…” I figured it was the alcohol talking.

“Do it!” Kathy blurted out. “Drop the blade and send her to heaven. If you do, I’ll let you fuck me in the noose!”

I smiled at her. “I have a better idea. Let’s get you all noosed up first. Then you won’t back out on me.”

“Noosed up? Uh… ok… I guess.”

“Don’t back out on him now, Kathy,” her friend chided her. “After all, I’m in here riding the guillotine while getting a lovely shag. It’s only fair you let him stretch your neck as a gift for his house warming party.”

Kathy finished getting undressed, revealing how erect her nipples had become. I dutifully tied her arms behind her back. Then I noosed her up, noticing how moist her crotch had become.

Before I was finished with her, I made sure there was very little slack. I wanted her to feel the rope while she was forced to stand on her toes. Then I went back behind Dorothy.

Once more I proceeded to give her a good shag. She moaned and panted like crazy. But she kept urging me to hang her friend so we could both watch.

Kathy didn’t take that very well. She responded by telling me to behead the silly bitch. She wanted me to send her to heaven so I would feel her pussy milk me dry.

I fucked Dorothy harder as her friend shuffled around on her toes. “Do you really want me to do it?” I asked them both. I was giving it some serious consideration.

Dorothy stammered uncertainly. Then she blurted out, “DO IT! SEND ME TO HEAVEN, LOVE!”

“DO IT!” Kathy repeated excitedly. “BEHEAD THE CRAZY BITCH!”

I reached over to the controls that were within arm’s reach. Then I activated the guillotine.

Dorothy screamed as the blade whooshed down. Kathy cried out in shock. Then the blade bottomed out with a loud THUNK.

Dorothy’s pussy instinctively clenched until she almost milked a cum right out of me. But her head still remained attached as she passed out. Kathy jerked with a start before she blinked in surprise.

I hit another button. Almost immediately Kathy was pulled up off her feet. She didn’t have time to think about her friend still wearing her head.

She gawked and then started to kick as I pulled my erection out of Dorothy. I walked over to Kathy and grabbed her from behind. Then I thrust my cock up into her, fucking her as she dangled from the noose a couple inches off the floor.

Her bewildered friend regained consciousness. Dorothy could see Kathy was strangling from the tightening coil as I slid my cock in and out of her. All she could do was gasp, “Bloody hell; that’s hot!”

Kathy tried to kick as she jerked around. Her friend could only stare in jealous amazement. Then my cock emptied itself inside Kathy’s spasming pussy.

I pulled out and walked over to the controls, only to momentarily leave her dangling. Then I lowered her to the floor before releasing her. She looked dazed and disoriented as I set Dorothy free from the guillotine.

I assumed that would satisfy them both. Apparently I was wrong. It only made them hornier as they both wanted to fuck me again.

The three of us got onto the bed where I shagged the hell out of them. They both had orgasms while I tried to hold mine back. It wasn’t long until they realized I hadn’t cum yet.

“What’s the matter, love?” Dorothy asked with an intoxicated grin. “Can’t cum unless you’re hanging or beheading one of us?”

I smiled as I told them, “Do you two really want to have another go at it?”

“This time I should ride the guillotine,” Kathy stated. “That silly bitch should feel the noose.” Dorothy was totally agreeable.

I secured Kathy naked to the guillotine. But I made her lie flat on her back so she was looking up at the blade. It certainly unnerved her.

“What’s the matter, love?” Dorothy chuckled as I tied her arms behind her back. “This way you’ll get to see it coming.”

“Bloody hell!” Kathy panted as she squirmed naked on the bench.

I went around front and offered my cock to Kathy. She tipped her head back and took it down her throat. Dorothy chuckled as she told her, “One last suck before you lose your head, eh, love?”

I pulled out of Kathy’s mouth. Then I asked them both, “How’d you like to make it interesting.”

Kathy looked up at me and asked, “What do you mean?”

“One of you has ten minutes to get me off. If she fails, Dorothy hangs while you lose your head.”

“Ten minutes?” Kathy replied nervously. Then she told her friend, “I guess you’d better do it, love. Between the two of us, I’d say you’re the sluttiest.”

“Bitch!” Dorothy snorted good-naturedly. Then she smiled at me as she told me, “Just take Kathy’s head and be done with it.”

“If my head comes off, you’ve got to hang, you stroppy bitch! You’ve got ten minutes to make him cum!”

“No problem! I can get him off in five!”

“Better get on with it then.”

I activated the program I’d plugged into the controls. Dorothy got down on her knees and started sucking my cock as I sat on the edge of the bed. She was forced to use only her mouth as her hands were still tied behind her back. The noose remained draped ominously around her neck.

She moaned and sucked like a bitch in heat. Her friend Kathy looked up and shivered at the blade dangling above her. Through the sound of her friend sucking and slurping I heard Kathy murmur, “What the hell was I thinking to agree to all this?”

Dorothy only got to suck for about five minutes before the noose tightened. She couldn’t get my cock into her mouth anymore. So she called out to her friend, “Love, I can’t suck his dick anymore! He tightened the noose on me!”

“You can always climb on and ride me,” I suggested with a smile.

Kathy blurted out, “Would you just get on with it?? I don’t want to lose my bloody head!” The poor thing was starting to hyperventilate while being strapped down to the guillotine.

Dorothy climbed on and impaled herself on my hard, throbbing shaft. I couldn’t help reaching out to grope and fondle her boobs. She really ground against me as her pussy tried to milk me dry.

In the guillotine I heard Kathy nervously stammer, “Are you getting him off yet?”

“I’m working on it, love! Stop your squawking!”

“How much time do we have left?”

“How the hell should I know?”

It wasn’t long until the noose got tighter around Dorothy’s neck. It was slowly being retracted up into the ceiling. Her eyes widened in alarm as she tried to ride me harder and faster, panting anxiously as she groaned and whimpered.

Kathy blurted out, “Will you just get him off already??”

“I’m *rasp* trying!” The noose is *gawk* tightening!”

“Maybe he wants to get off watching us die!”

“Bloody hell!” And with that Dorothy frantically increased her rhythmic gyrations on my throbbing dick.

The noose continued to tighten, threatening to pull her up off my cock. Her face turned red as I fingered and pinched her swollen nipples. She gawked and gurgled as she rode me in growing desperation, even as she started to lose my cock from inside her.

Kathy suddenly blurted out, “Is he there yet?” That’s when the blade whooshed down. She started to scream, but her voice was cut off as her head dropped onto the floor and bounced once.

Her naked body jerked as her back arched. Cum sprayed out of her pussy as her naked body bucked and hitched all secured to the bench. Her neck spurted copious amounts of blood.

Dorothy let out a horrified squawk. Then she was pulled right up into the air, her feet fluttering a couple of feet above the floor. She twisted as she swayed around above the severed head of her dying friend.

Her legs began to kick as she swung back and forth. I lifted Kathy’s head and let her see her dangling friend. Her eyes flickered from what little life was still on display.

I slowly pushed my cock into her neck stump. It came out past her lips. I smiled at the way Kathy’s head gave good head.

Dorothy looked down at me, horrified at the sight of her friend’s skull with the tip of my cock sticking out of her mouth. She kicked and jerked until she began humping the air. Then she squirted her orgasm, splattering her friend right in the face.

It was so arousing that my cock went off. Cum arced out of the tip sticking out past Kathy’s lips. It splattered Dorothy’s bare feet and ankles, a satisfying release.

I looked down to see Kathy’s face had sagged tiredly, all coated from her friend’s cum. But I think she got to see my cream splatter her friend’s tootsies. Then Dorothy’s gyrations began to lessen until she tiredly swung back and forth.

I went up to her and groped her boobs before fingering her pussy. It was still clenching. Then I took her friend’s head off my cock before it softened too much. I brought their lips together so they could share one last friendly kiss.

Seeing them both dead got me hard again. So I put Kathy’s head on her chest. She got to watch as I lowered Dorothy back down enough to give her a good butt-fucking.

After leaving a deposit up Dorothy’s bum, I turned Kathy’s head so she was facing her feet. Then I gave her a good shagging in her arse while she watched. Her expression was tired and lifeless as I groped her breasts while leaving a nice, creamy load up her bum.

I felt a little bad I hadn’t told them about the lye pit out back. But they didn’t put up any objections. I figured they were both willing to go for a dip.

I hauled their bodies out and then tossed them in one at a time. After half an hour, their bodies, clothes and miscellaneous possessions dissolved into nothingness. It turned out to be a fitting end to a terrific house warming party.

2019 (written for Dorothy May 8 ‘19 by riwa)

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