Paul and the careless freediver


Paul had recently suffered a series of setbacks and it had left him in a foul mood. It was going to be tempting to fall into a depression if he didn’t do something about it.

Paul made reservations at his favorite resort. It was an expense he really didn’t need right now. But the location was good for the soul, and the amenities were just what he needed to recharge his batteries.

He checked in around noon and got himself a room. He left a few belongings inside. Then he changed into his speedos.

Paul wanted to go for a swim. But he had something special in mind. He wanted to exert himself so he’d be tired when he hit the sack that night.

He left the resort and took the footpath into the trees. It was a lengthy hike to the spot he’d picked out. It would have been easier just to rent a boat. But he figured the long walk would do him good.

Paul had a towel looped over his shoulder. In one hand he carried a dive mask. In the other was a pair of dive fins.

It was a hefty three-mile hike to his destination. But he was feeling much better once he got there. The scenery had lifted his spirits, and he was glad he’d decided to make the trip out.

He walked down to a small stretch of sandy beach. He’d been here a few times before. The locals were aware of the location, but not many tourists knew of the site except for those who frequently stayed at the resort.

Right away he noticed another towel over by the rocks, along with a pair of shoes. A shirt and pair of shorts lay nearby. The only question was whether or not the owner was out in the water or had left them behind.

Paul tucked his towel into a crevice in the rocks. Then he waded out into the water. He was really looking forward to doing a little freediving.

He pulled his dive mask down over his face. Then he slipped into his dive fins. A moment later Paul finned his way out into deeper water.

There were a lot of rock formations around this stretch of land. And there were some colorful reefs to look at down below. There were also a couple of locations where he planned on privately enjoying himself.

He swam out around a jutting formation. Then he jack-knifed downward. Paul finned a good twenty feet down before leveling off and then heading back up.

He surfaced and took a few moments to catch his breath. That had felt good! Then he jack-knifed downward again, equalizing along the way. This time he was able to make it all the way down to the ocean floor about 34 feet below

He slowly finned his way forward, looking at the formations interspersed along the sandy bottom. He smiled at all the colorful fish. Then he headed back to the surface. He could feel his dick stirring, but he would get to that soon enough.

He had surfaced and was on his way back down when he caught sight of another freediver. It looked like a female who was totally naked. She had auburn hair down past her shoulders, and was sporting a nice set of mounds. She was also wearing dive fins, and she had an oval mask pulled down over her face.

At first, he was annoyed he didn’t have the place all to himself. But he quickly got over it, being as how he was enjoying the view. But he decided he would leave her alone so long as she did the same.

She was heading for the surface a short distance away while he was heading downward. Paul lost himself in a few formations sticking up out of the sand. There were a couple of caverns nearby which he planned on visiting before completing his swim.

He was down among the coral for a good couple of minutes before his lungs notified him of the need for another breath. Paul had just started his ascent when he saw the naked woman coming down. He lost sight of her among the coral near that one entrance to a cavern he knew about and was planning on using to satisfy his urges.

Paul headed back to the surface. But he kept glancing downward to see where she was. He thought he’d seen her duck into that cavern entrance.

He popped up to the surface and panted for breath. His dick had stiffened considerably in his speedos. The “view” was certainly stimulating today.

Paul filled his lungs before heading back down. A stream of tiny bubbles fizzed out of his dive mask as he equalized on the way down. His long, powerful legs made use of the fins attached to his feet.

He swam down to a spot off to the side of the formation where he could observe the cavern entrance in secrecy. He was curious about the woman who was out here in the water with him. Were those her possessions he’d identified among the rocks on shore?

He ducked out of sight when she emerged out of the cavern entrance. She finned hard toward the surface, bubbles streaming behind her. He admired her shapely ass and the way her auburn hair flowed as she headed up.

Paul playfully ducked into the cavern she’d just exited. He figured she would need to spend some time up at the surface catching her breath before returning. So he figured he had a few moments to explore.

He looked all around, curious as to what she might have been doing in here. He got a mental image in his head, which only made his dick harden. Was she that kind of girl?

There wasn’t much to the cavern. It didn’t go back very far. But it was a nice place in which to get oneself off, especially if one had the urge.

He was about to head back out when he spotted something on the bottom. Paul went over to have a look. Beneath a rock lay two pieces of a brightly colored bikini. So that’s why he hadn’t seen the swimsuit up at the surface with the other clothes!

Paul smiled as he thought about the cavern’s previous visitor. Obviously, she was coming back. Eventually she would have to retrieve her suit.

He headed back out into open water, determined to leave her suit where he’d found it. He decided it might be a good idea to head back to the surface and leave her to her “fun”. Paul headed upward, releasing a few bubbles along the way.

He caught sight of movement in the formations off to his right as he headed up. He glanced over to have a look. Amazingly, that female had been hiding nearby and was now ducking into the cavern he’d just exited.

He smiled inwardly as he finned his way upward. How long had she been there? Had she been watching him the entire time?

Paul didn’t want to interfere with her swim. But now he’d become even more curious. Her decision to keep an eye on him was very interesting.

He surfaced and panted for breath. Paul stayed at the surface long enough for his aching lungs to settle down. Then he took a deep breath before descending once more.

His first urge was to swim away from the girl and the cavern. But curiosity made him go down to have another look. She’d spied on him, so it was only fair he return the favor.

Paul approached the cavern entrance at an angle. He paused to duck behind a formation. Then he peered inside, only to have his dick stiffen at the sight that greeted him.

It was darker inside the cavern. But there was still plenty of illumination, at least enough to see what was going on. She was in there, all right. But she was on the floor of the cavern, her legs spread as she visibly masturbated. Bubbles were coming out of her mouth.

Paul’s dick stiffened even more. A part of him thought he should just leave her be. But he couldn’t resist watching.

She suddenly rose up and began finning for the opening. Paul tried to duck out of sight. But he suspected she might have already seen him. Besides, she probably knew he was somewhere nearby and might be watching her.

She finned hard as though she really needed air. She left a trail of bubbles in her wake as she made her ascent. But she appeared to reach the surface without much difficulty.

Paul couldn’t resist ducking into the cavern for a second time. The view had been more than he’d anticipated. Now he really needed some relief.

He glanced out the opening to the cavern. Then he pulled down his speedos. He grabbed his erection and immediately began stroking it.

He thought about the female who’d been in here moments earlier. She was certainly attractive. Besides, what she’d been doing in here had been incredibly arousing to witness.

He closed his eyes as he mentally focused on the way she’d been masturbating in here, losing bubbles as she fingered herself. Paul could feel it rising up within him. A moment later he began to jerk long, ropey streams out of his member.

His lungs ached in warning. Paul quickly pulled his speedos back up. Then he headed for the entrance to the cavern.

He shot out through the opening as he angled his way upward. Sure enough, she was right there hiding behind a formation. Clearly she’d been watching him the entire time.

He finned hard for the surface, spewing bubbles out of his mouth. He burst up gasping for air. Paul tread water until he got his breath back.

He smiled inwardly as he thought about that woman watching him in the cavern. Paul filled his lungs with air. Then he headed downward. If she was going to watch him get off, the least he could do was go back down to observe her masturbatory performance.

Paul arrived at the bottom and cautiously finned toward the opening to the cavern. He only tried to half-heartedly hide himself. Then he looked inside.

She was on the bottom of the cavern, really going at it. Her body seemed to writhe as she furiously fingered herself. She kept blowing huge bursts of air, making him wonder how much might be left in her lungs.

She stiffened before going into what looked like seizures. She cried out another mouthful of bubbles. Then she rose up and began pulling hard for the entrance to the cavern.

Right away Paul noticed something was not right. Her right hand was covering her mouth. A moment later it fell away as she went into little convulsions,

She lost all ability to fin herself upward. In fact, she was starting to drift back down all limp and lifeless. Paul cursed inwardly as he finned hard toward her.

He scooped her up and rushed her to the surface. She was still doing little seizures in his grasp. He wondered just how much water she might have swallowed.

He forced himself not to focus on her nudity as he swam her up. Then they were at the surface. He eased her onto her back, helping to keep her face out of the water.

Paul tried a little compression into her chest, wondering if that might help. She suddenly coughed up some water. Her eyes regained their focus as she coughed up more water before she began breathing on her own.

He worked at getting her back to shore. She finally realized where they were going. “Wait; my suit!”

“In a minute,” he told her as he found the sloping bottom with his fins and awkwardly carried her to shore.

He gently splayed her out onto the sand. “Are you all right?”

She smiled appreciatively at him. “I am now. That was stupid of me. I guess I got a little carried away.”

“You have to be more careful when you’re all alone out here, especially at that depth.”

“But I wasn’t alone,” she replied with a knowing smile. “I knew you were out there watching me. Maybe that’s what made me become a little too careless.”

She started to rise up. Paul was concerned. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I will be, thanks to you. But I have to go back down and retrieve my suit.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t go alone.” He realized he was getting hard staring at her nudity.

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” she agreed. Then she offered him her hand as she asked, “Would you come with me?”

“Of course.”

They headed back out into the water, their fins flopping in the surf. Then they submerged. Strong legs finned them together out into deeper water.

They found the spot they thought was close to the cavern. Then they dove down together. They both equalized as they headed for the depths.

The cavern wasn’t there when they bottomed out. So they finned themselves around the formations together. Then they headed back to the surface.

When they could catch their breath again, she sheepishly asked Paul, “I guess we’re not in the same location?”

“We’re close,” he replied as he looked at the formations jutting well out from the shore. Then he pointed… “I think it’s right around there, only straight down.” She nodded in agreement.

They jack-knifed downward together. This time they found the right section of reef. The cavern was not too far away.

For some reason she took Paul’s hand and led him on a side quest. It was as though she wasn’t in a hurry to retrieve her garments. Then they headed back to the surface.

They popped up and gasped for breath. “Side trip,” she said with a sheepish smile by way of explanation. “I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all.” Now his cock was really tenting his speedos.

“Now about my suit…” Then she smiled as she took his hand again. They jack-knifed downward, twin streams of bubbles trailing behind them as they equalized.

They found the cavern and headed right for it. She led him inside right to her suit under the rock. But instead of retrieving it, she worked at pulling his speedos down his legs, exposing his erection.

At first, Paul was a little embarrassed over the way she could see how much she was arousing him. She just smiled as though it was no big deal. Paul shrugged inwardly… “Oh well… so long as she doesn’t seem to care…”

She took his suit and put it under the same rock with her bikini pieces. Then she shed her dive fins. Paul dutifully did the same.

Both sets wanted to drift upward. They looked around until they found a couple more rocks that were heavy enough to keep them on the bottom. When Paul motioned “Time to head back up?” she nodded her head.

They left the cavern and swam upward, leaving twin trails of bubbles. They surfaced together and gasped for breath. “I hope you don’t mind,” she repeated with a twinkle in her eye.

“I was in the mood for a naked swim today,” he replied with a grin, aware of how hard his dick had become. “You just convinced me to do it now instead of later.”

She laughed pleasantly. Then they jack-knifed back down toward the cavern. They swam all the way down where they entered the underwater cave and swam over to their garments and gear.

For a second, Paul thought they were going to start putting things back on. Instead, she slowly removed her dive mask. He smiled as he removed his, intent on matching her while enjoying their time together.

They swam around inside the cavern. Then they exited and headed for the surface. Two trails of bubbles marked their progress.

They popped up and gasped for breath as they tread water. She moved in and kissed him, something he did not resist. Then they slipped under the surface, bubbles coming out of their noses as they remained lip-locked before coming back up.

Hand in hand they jack-knifed downward. They swam back down to the cavern entrance and went inside. Then they stopped.

They stood upon the bottom for a long moment. Then she dropped to her knees and took his erection into her mouth, bubbles coming out around the shaft between her lips. Paul moaned and bubbled.

The trip was proving to be far more energizing than he could have possibly imagined. He’d only come out to recharge his batteries, not his salami. But he certainly wasn’t going to turn it down.

She worked him over good, using her mouth and causing a suction that really had him buzzing. Then her lungs began to heave. She motioned she needed to surface, causing him to nod as they headed out of the cavern.

They kicked their way to the surface, releasing matching streams of bubbles. But it was clear she was struggling a little this time. Had they stayed down too long?

They popped up together where she gasped loudly breath. Then she blurted out, “Damn, we were down there a long time!”

He smiled encouragingly. “I didn’t know you could hold your breath that long.”

She coyly smiled back as she replied, “It helps to have something else to focus my attention on rather than just keeping the air in my lungs. Care to go back down with me and see if I can hold it longer?”

His eyes twinkled as his dick twitched. They both took deep breaths. Then they jack-knifed downward.

It was a long swim down to the bottom as twin trails of bubbles marked their descent. It was harder without the use of the dive fins. But neither one was complaining.

They had barely gotten inside the cavern when she climbed into his lap, impaling herself on his erection. Paul went over onto his back as she eagerly rode him. He reached up and groped her mounds, enjoying the view as she squeezed his throbbing shaft with her lady parts.

She appeared to go all out, furiously riding him as though there was very little time. She grunted and bubbled as he groped and fondled her. But after a while, something didn’t feel quite right.

Her eyes rolled as she abruptly stiffened. He felt her clenching around his thrusting dick until she milked another release out of him. Then she abruptly went into seizures again as she hitched and gurgled…

Oh shit!

Paul rose up with his erection still inside her. He wrapped her arms around him as he swam her toward the entrance. She was still impaled on his shaft as he pulled hard for the surface.

Bubbles trailed out of his nose. She showed no evidence of being conscious. She’d either gotten carried away or had miscalculated her time on the bottom. Would he be able to get them both back to the surface in time??

Paul pulled hard, fighting to hold his breath as he worked to get them up. The surface seemed so far away; those fins sure would have helped! He had an instinctive urge to let go of her. But he was afraid she might not make it if he did.

He pulled hard until he burst up gasping for breath. He floated her onto her back to keep her head up out of the water. Then he did his best to swim them back to shore.

She was not breathing, and her eyes were glazed over. Was this all his fault? He wanted to take responsibility, but inwardly he believed she should have been more fully aware of her limitations.

He finally found his footing and carried her to shore. He carefully laid her out on the sandy beach and began working to revive her. It was another anxious minute before she coughed up water and started breathing again.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped as he looked her over. “What happened down there?”

“I… I guess I… I think that one was on me… no, I’m pretty sure that was my fault. I was… enjoying it so much… I felt the need in my lungs… but I… I just couldn’t stop.” Then she paused before lowering her head as she added, “I’m sorry I put you under that much pressure.

She started to rise up. “I’d better go and get my stuff. I’ll bring yours up too since it was mostly my fault.”

He immediately put a hand into her chest, stopping her. “No; not this time. I think you’d better stay here and let me go fetch your gear.”

She grabbed his arm. “Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll compromise. I’ll let you go and fetch my stuff. But first, you have to stay here with me a few minutes longer. That way you’ll be able to get your breath back too.”

She kissed him deeply as she wrapped her arms around him. When their lips parted he smiled wryly. “I don’t see how I’m going to get my breath back if you’re going to keep doing that.” She just chuckled before kissing him again.

2021 (written for JustPaul Dec 20 ’21 by riwa)

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