Ghost town hanging 5-6


Part 5

“Olive, maybe we shouldn’t…”

“Aw, c’mon! You’re not going to back out on me now, are you?”

“But I’ve already strung you up several times!”

“Just one more, darling. Please? One more and I’ll be satisfied. This time I want the drop.”

“You’ll break your fucking neck.”

“Not a long drop, silly. Just drop the trap out from under me. And I want you to go all out; ok?”

I looked at Ashlynn and Aidan who were both eyeing us curiously. I could tell they were not sure about all this. But I figured Olive would just keep pestering me until I went through with it.

I turned and headed for the steps. She cried out, “Hey, where are you going?” I just climbed down and rounded the corner until I found our hidden sack.

I looked inside until I found what I wanted. I pulled it out and headed back for the steps. Olive saw the blindfold in my hand and grinned from ear to ear.

I shook my head as I started muttering to myself. “Ok, bitch. This time you’re going to fucking get it good!”

I found the keys on the platform where she’d left them while kneeling sucking on my dick I picked them up and gave them to Aidan. “Please set your girlfriend free so I can cuff and hang my dirty whore.”

Olive gasped for breath as I forced her to stand naked on the trap. I took the noose and arranged it so it was dangling right in front of her face. By then Aidan had freed Ashlynn from the cuffs.

I let him keep the keys as I took the handcuffs from him. Then I stepped over and roughly pulled Olive’s arms behind her back. “Ok, bitch,” I growled. “You’ve been asking for this for a long, long time.”

“Gawd, yes!” she panted as her chest rose and fell. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her nipples so hard.

I finished cuffing her wrists behind her back. Then I took the blindfold and fitted it across her eyes. She panted for breath as she turned her head this way and that.

“Can’t see a fucking thing, can you? No matter. I’m sure you’ll be able to identify what the hell this is!”

I pulled the noose down around her neck. Olive inhaled sharply. I could tell she was enjoying my sudden change in demeanor.

I made sure the noose was snug under her left ear. Then I gave the rope a tug. She inhaled again once she felt the coil tighten around her throat.

I abruptly pulled her down to her knees as I stood right in front of her. I smacked her face with my erection before shoving it between her lips. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face good and hard, deciding I was going to enjoy myself no matter what.

I looked over to see Aidan and Ashlynn watching us carefully. Their eyes were wide, perhaps at my change in mood. I figured they were now questioning what the hell they’d gotten themselves into.

Olive grunted as I hit the back of her throat. “You wanted to hang, bitch! You wanted a gallows. Now you’re going to get your wish.”

My girlfriend moaned as I abused her. She loves it when I get rough with her during a hanging. She feels she kind of deserves it the way she always taunts and teases me.

I didn’t give her my load like I usually do. Instead, I roughly pulled her to her feet. Then I centered her on top of the trap.

I stepped behind her where I suddenly forced her to bend forward. I thrust my cock hard into her wet snatch from behind. Then I pulled on the rope as I started fucking her.

Olive panted and whimpered as I gave it to her good. She moaned, “Oh gawd!” as I enjoyed fucking her. I thrust for about a minute or so before I stopped and pulled out, still not giving her my cream.

I made her stand upright as I pulled on the rope. I took out the slack as I took the end over and secured it. Olive wasn’t going to have too far to fall. That just meant she was going to strangle longer.

I looked over at Aidan and lifted a finger to my lips. I pointed at him and then at the lever to the trap. He tapped his chest with a finger… “You mean me?”

I nodded as I gestured over at the lever. He nodded and walked over. Then I walked back and stood behind Olive.

I groped and molested her, squeezing her tits hard. Then I went over and picked up “Lionel”.

I carried him back over while Aidan and Ashlynn stared in utmost fascination. I murmured, “A whore like you deserves this up her ass.” Then I began to work her toy up inside her.

At first I met with resistance as she gasped and stiffened. Then her anal ring gave way. I pushed it in until only a couple of inches stuck out of her anal passage.

I walked around in front of her and molested her some more. I reached down and discovered how wet she had become. I deliberately finger-fucked her slit, causing her to writhe and wince.

Olive panted for breath as though she was starting to hyperventilate. I couldn’t see her eyes. So I couldn’t tell whether she was frightened, aroused, or both.

I looked over to see Aidan dutifully standing by the lever. His eyes were on me the entire time. He had quite the erection.

Ashlynn was a few steps away. She looked too shocked to do anything other than stand there. Did she think I was really going to take Olive all the way?

My girlfriend clenched around my fingers inside her. I quietly murmured, “I should have done this long ago. Maybe a slut like you deserves to hang for real. What do you think?”

She panted for breath without speaking. Had I finally caught her speechless? She whimpered and moaned as she shuffled around on her feet, quickly discovering the noose gave her hardly any movement whatsoever.

“Maybe it’s time,” I said with a heavy sigh as I stepped back off the trap. Then I turned to Aidan and called out, “Hang the whore!”

He paused a moment until I nodded my head. Then he pulled hard on the lever. The trap folded away with a loud thunk.

Olive dropped as Ashlynn gasped. My girlfriend’s legs stretched down over nothing but air. Then she began to pedal.

She rasped as her arms jerked up and down behind her back. She started to kick a little more as she swung back and forth. Then she began to shimmy.

I didn’t bother looking over at Aidan or his girlfriend. I only had eyes for Olive as I stroked my meaty member. She wanted it, and now she was getting it good.

She rasped until I thought she tried to gasp out my name in growing panic. Her legs bent backward as she thrust her chest and hips outward. Then she began to fuck the air as she really started to buck and shudder.

Her head tried to jerk around as though she wanted to see me. Her arms continued to jerk around behind her back. It looked like she was really starting to fight it. I just jerked my cock as I watched her suffer

She thrust forward as she suddenly squirted. Then she kicked her legs every which way. Afterwards, she began to swing all over the place as she became more animated.

“Oh my gawd!”

I turned to see Ashlynn staring in wide eyed wonder. Her one hand had cupped her left breast. The other was in her crotch, just like Olive had masturbated earlier.

My girlfriend began to jerk and sway. Then she thrust her hips outward again. It looked like she was really suffering as she put on quite a dance.

I hesitated a couple seconds longer than I probably should have. Maybe it’s because I was shooting my load in her direction, some of my drops splattering her legs and feet. Then she began to settle down.

I rushed over to the rope and pulled the knot free. But I made sure to maintain the tension so she wouldn’t fall through the opening. Then I rushed back over to grab for my girlfriend.

Her legs had slipped below the floor of the platform through the open trap when I caught her. I pulled her toward me until she fell on top of me yet again. She was still doing a bit of a shimmy as I struggled to loosen the rope from around her neck.

She suddenly gasped loudly for breath. Her chest began to rise and fall as she went into little seizures. Then she began to settle back down.

I finally pulled the blindfold off from around her eyes. She looked at me as if in a daze. “Fucking hell!” she panted breathlessly. “At first I thought you didn’t mean it. …and then I thought you did! It scared the shit out of me! But the orgasms were… FUCKING HELL!”

“You satisfied, you crazy bitch?”

“Sometimes I feel as though it’s never enough. But I think this time I’m satisfied. Gawd; I love you!” Then she kissed me hard enough to melt lead.

I pulled the noose off from around her neck. Aidan gave me the keys to the handcuffs. It wasn’t long before I had them off from around Olive’s wrists. A moment later I worked the toy out of her ass.

I turned to look at Aidan and Ashlynn. “That’s really not a smart idea what we just did. We do try to be careful. I hope something bad never happens. But I always worry whether or not something might go wrong.”

“I hope my hanging turned you on,” Olive said to them with a grin.

I just shook my head. “Darling, don’t push it.”

“Sorry, honey. But I can tell they’re both horny.” Then she giggled. The crazy bitch was drunk with orgasmic aftershocks.

I told them, “I hope you guys enjoyed the show. We never meant to do this in front of anybody.”

“But I’m glad you stuck around to watch,” Olive added, her eyes twinkling. “You have no idea what it did to me knowing I was being watched while I did my dance. Darling, the blindfold was an inspiration!” Then she kissed me hard again.

It was getting late. The sun was rapidly approaching the horizon. I quietly observed, “I guess we’d better get dressed so we can get out of here.”

I helped Olive to her feet. That’s when we all heard Ashlynn speak. She did not sound as hesitant or cautious as before…

“I’d like to hang like that. And I want to be used and abused before you drop the trap underneath me, just like you used and abused your girlfriend. Would that be all right with you?”

2020 (written Dec 25 ’20 by riwa)

Part 6

Olive and I looked at her in surprise. Now it was Aidan’s turn to role his eyes. “Gawd, Ashlynn; do you really want to do this now …and with them?”

“Of course I do! Aidan, we’ll never get another chance like this!”

“Another chance like what?” Olive asked curiously.

“I should have known this would happen. She wanted to stick around and watch, especially after you two got naked. Now she wants more.” Then he looked at his girlfriend before asking, “Was it the flying fuck that did it?”

“That was a big part of it. Then John fucked and abused her before hanging her for real. You know that’s what gets me every time.”

“What gets her every time?” I asked. Now I was curious.

“The sex… the abuse… the humiliation. Maybe that’s what made her want to stay and watch.”

“You know it was, Aidan,” his girlfriend replied with a grin. “Gawd! I’m so fucking horny right now! You know what I want!”

“Even if it means falling through the trap and hanging for real?”

“So long as I get lots of sex out of the deal.”

Olive and I looked at each other. Then we looked at Aidan. He just told his girlfriend, “We’ll have to ask them first. After all, they might not play that way.”

“Play what way?” I asked.

“Of course they do!” Ashlynn stated with growing excitement. “If they’re willing to hang naked, do flying fucks, and give blowjobs, then they certainly won’t mind doing all that with me.” Then she looked at us with a twinkle in her eyes as she added, “Isn’t that right?”

I looked at her in surprise as it started to sink in. “You mean you want us to, uh…”

Olive grinned as she wrapped an arm around me. “I think she wants to suck your cock darling. In fact, I think she wants you to abuse her the same way you abused me. You guys can be so slow on the uptake sometimes; you know that?”

“Is that right?” I asked her boyfriend.

Aidan nodded. “She’s done this a couple times before. Once we were in some guy’s bondage basement with his girlfriend. They put on quite a show. Ashlynn said she wanted to be next. I said it would be ok with me if it was ok with them.”

Oliva enthusiastically asked, “Does that mean you want the full treatment?” My girlfriend sounded like this would be something that would end up being a hell of a lot of fun.

“Abused by my executioner,” Ashlynn replied. “…and by his girlfriend, if that’s what you mean. John’s going to hang me; isn’t that right? I just assumed it would be ok if you two used and abused me before I hang. It is, isn’t it?”

I looked at Olive who looked right back at me. Then she told me, “It’s ok with me if it’s ok with you.”

I had some misgivings. “Honey, are you sure?”

“Darling, you’re going to hang her; right? It’s not like we’re ever going to see her again. A hanging is a special thing. It’s only fair to give the condemned a last request, so long as her boyfriend approves.”

I turned to Aidan and asked, “Are you sure about all this?” By then he was already bending down and picking up the handcuffs.

“Oh, he’s sure!” Ashlynn replied enthusiastically. Now it looked as though she was trembling with excitement. Her nipples had become incredibly hard.

“I should’ve known,” Aidan muttered to himself as he shook his head. “That does it. I don’t care what they do to you. This time I’m really going to make you pay.”

“Gawd, I hope so!”

“Slut!” She just laughed.

He roughly pulled an arm behind her back. Then he clatched a handcuff onto her wrist. She winced as though he’d been a little too aggressive. But she didn’t complain.

“Is she really going to submit to us?” Olive wanted to know. “I mean… this sort of means we can do anything to her that we want; right?”

“Do whatever the hell you want!” Aidan growled as he roughly attached the other cuff to his girlfriend’s wrist.

“Darling?” Olive looked at me, her eyes pleading for me to go with the flow.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m in!” she declared excitedly. “I just want to make sure it’s ok with you.”

I looked questioningly at Aidan. He just nodded his approval before telling me, “Don’t worry. This won’t boomerang back on you.”

“Great!” And before anyone could say another word, Olive quickly grabbed the cuffed Ashlynn by the elbow.

She dragged her the few steps over to the trap. “I can’t wait to watch you swing, honey!” Then she hefted the young woman’s breasts before adding, “These are going to bounce up so wonderfully!”

Ashlynn seemed to inhale sharply. But she never protested. Then her boyfriend picked up the blindfold and walked it over.

Olive looked at him questioningly before holding her hand out. “May I?”

“Be my guest.”

He handed the blindfold over. Olive took it and attached it to Ashlynn’s face. The young woman seemed both excited and apprehensive now that she’d committed herself.

I was amazed how quickly Olive threw herself into her role, whatever the hell that was supposed to be. Aidan and I made sure the noose was back in place over the trap. Then my girlfriend took the coil from us.

She kissed Ashlynn’s neck. Then she brought the noose down over her head. “Right here,” she purred as she traced a line around the neck with her finger before putting the noose in place. “It’s going to strangle you to death right here. Gawd; I’m so fucking horny!”

She turned to us as though questioning to make sure it was ok. “Can I…?” she started to ask.

“Whatever the hell you want,” Aidan repeated. I wasn’t sure, but he almost sounded a little disgusted.

Olive began groping Ashlynn’s boobs as they stood together on the trap. My girlfriend excitedly murmured, “This is incredible! I’ve never helped hang a woman before! I’m so turned on right now I could just burst!”

Olive roughly squeezed the boobs of the “condemned”. Ashlynn whimpered and moaned under the assault. It looked like she was really glistening down between her legs. Was her rough treatment turning her on that much??

My girlfriend reached down and started to finger her. I still wasn’t sure about all this, especially since Aidan was standing nearby. I tentatively reached out a hand to stop her as I started to say, “Maybe we shouldn’t go quite this far…”

Olive ignored me as she latched onto a nipple with her mouth. Then she started finger-fucking the poor girl. Ashlynn simply writhed and moaned.

“It’s just like in that bondage basement,” Aidan observed quietly. I couldn’t tell whether or not he was happy about all this. But his cock was sure standing erect, just like mine.

“I think this slut wants to hang!” Olive panted lustfully. “She’s so fucking wet!”

She pulled her fingers out and thrust them into the noosed woman’s mouth. Ashlynn moaned and whimpered as she sucked them clean. My girlfriend developed a sadistic smile as she observed, “The slut wants something in her mouth? Fine with me. I say let’s give it to her!”

Olive jerked the woman noose and all over to where I was standing. She forced her down onto her knees. Then she shoved her head in the direction of my saluting shaft.

“Suck it, slut!” she demanded as she pushed Ashlynn’s face against my erection. “Suck the cock of your executioner. I’m sure you’ll die happy knowing you got to hang after enjoying some meat in your mouth.”

I looked questioningly at Olive as though asking, “Are you sure about all this?” But Ashlynn didn’t once hesitate. She calmly opened her mouth until she found my dick and wrapped her lips around it.

She dutifully began slurping and sucking. Olive forced her closer, making her take my cock deeper. “Suck your executioner, bitch! I’m sure a slut like you has already had a lot of cock down her throat.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Aidan replied, rolling his eyes at the remark. “She’s sucked plenty, that’s for sure.”

I stood there trying to decipher whether or not he was happy with his girlfriend’s sexual exploits. Olive just reached out and pulled Aidan closer, bringing his erection within reach. “Now suck the cock that brought you to the gallows, bitch!”

She pulled Ashlynn off my cock. Then she pushed her head in her boyfriend’s direction. The noosed woman blindly felt around with her mouth until she found his dick.

She eagerly wrapped her lips around it, sucking and slurping for all she was worth. Olive grinned at me the entire time. I could not believe how much she was enjoying herself.

Olive looked into Aidan’s eyes and smiled. She told him, “You should make her gag on it. The slut fucking deserves it; am I right?”

In response, he grabbed her by the back of her head, forcing his dick deep down her throat. Ashlynn choked and gagged on it. I got the impression he was enjoying making her suffer.

Olive finally pulled her away. She turned the kneeling woman toward one side. Then she told her, “Now suck on this, bitch!”

She mashed Ashlynn’s face into her crotch. The noosed woman immediately started licking. I was totally shocked.

I didn’t know Olive had that kind of sexual desire running through her. Aidan didn’t seem the least bit surprised or upset. I got the impression he’d seen this happen several times before.

Olive humped the face of the “condemned”. Ashlynn just licked, slurped and moaned. Then my girlfriend pulled her away and forced her head back in my direction.

Aidan’s girl went right back to work on my cock. She sucked and slobbered with no hesitation whatsoever. I kept glancing over at Aidan, but he didn’t display any sense of shock or anger. Instead, he seemed resigned to accept whatever happened next.

Olive forced her to suck Aidan’s cock again. Then it was back to her muff. Ashlynn did it all without complaint.

“Sun’s going down,” I observed. “Better get on with it.”

“Can I finish humiliating her?”

“I don’t care what you do to the slut,” Aidan replied. “She fucking deserves it.” Then he told me, “Hell, you can even fuck her ass if you want.”

“We’ll get to that!” Olive gasped with delight. Then she turned Ashlynn toward her.

“Open your mouth, slut. I’ve got something for you!”

Ashlynn dutifully opened her mouth wide. Olive shocked me when she suddenly let fly. A stream of urine spewed out into the noosed girl’s gaping maw.

I stared in absolute shock. Then I looked over at Aidan. He was smiling as though it served his girlfriend right.

Ashlynn never closed her mouth. She drank it all like the slut she was. I was shocked, yet perversely aroused. I thought Olive was going to cum all over the crazy bitch after pissing into her mouth.

“On your feet!” my girlfriend demanded, roughly pulling Ashlynn upright. Then she dragged her back over to the gallows. She made her stand in place as she grabbed onto the loose end of the rope, taking the slack out of it.

Olive waved us guys over. She motioned Aidan in front and me in back. “Give her a double-fuck before we make her swing, boys. Better hurry, the sun is going down.”

Aidan took the rope from my girlfriend. Then he pulled on it. Ashlynn rasped as she was pulled up into the air.

He stepped forward until her legs wrapped around his waist. She slid down until she was impaled upon his erection. Olive pushed me behind her, telling me, “Fuck the slut’s ass before she hangs for us.”

I looked questioningly at Aidan who nodded his consent. Then I stepped forward. I found her puckered anus and slowly pushed against it with my dick until it gave way.

Ashlynn shuddered as I entered her. Aidan pulled on the rope a little. His girlfriend rasped for breath with our cocks up her holes.

I have never fucked Olive up the ass in the noose. But I could tell by the look on her face I was giving her ideas. Inwardly I shook my head, wondering what kind of monster I’d created.

We fucked Ashlynn like that for three or four minutes before Olive instructed Aidan to pull out. She picked up “Lionel” and handed it over, instructing him to put it to good use. Aidan responded by roughly shoving the thing hard up his girlfriend’s twat.

She jerked and grunted with my cock still buried in her ass. Then Olive made her bend forward. She was forced to lean over and suck her boyfriend’s cock while I fucked her butt from behind.

“Fill her holes with cum, boys. Then we’ll hang the slut good and proper.” Olive looked absolutely crazed with sadistic lust.

Ashlynn grunted as she was impaled in both ends. Aidan didn’t hold back in the slightest. I didn’t either. “Now cum in her holes!” Olive shrieked, on the verge of losing total control.

She furiously masturbated as Aidan let out a cry of release. I was so incredibly aroused fucking her clenching hole that I couldn’t hold back. A minute later Ashlynn was leaking cream out of both ends.

I pulled out as Olive gave me the loose end of the rope. I took it over and forced Ashlynn to stand upright. Then I proceeded to tie it off.

Ashlynn panted for breath as she stood there, cream on her lips and dripping out of her ass. Droplets of urine had splattered her face. But her nipples were incredibly hard, her pussy wet and glistening.

I went over to the lever as Aidan stood in front of his girl, making sure he was standing just off the trap. Olive stood nearby, furiously masturbating. That’s when the sun touched the horizon.

“You wanted to experience it? Now you’ve got it!” Then Aidan barked, “Hang the slut!”

I didn’t even hesitate as I roughly pulled the lever back. The trap folded open. Ashlynn dropped no more than a couple inches.

There was a loud “AWK” as she fell. Then she grunted as she hit the end of the rope. I’m sure it was the last thing she ever expected.

Right away she began kicking and humping. She shimmied as her feet searched for solid footing. She rasped for breath as her lips moved. Was she begging to be let down?

Olive let out a squeal of glee as she furiously masturbated. She squirted as she let out a clipped cry. I should have known seeing another woman hang like that would send her over the edge.

Ashlynn shimmied as her legs searched and then kicked some more. Her breasts bounced as she swung back and forth. “Oh no!” Aidan declared with a shake of his head. “You wanted this, you stupid slut! Now you can jolly well enjoy yourself!”

Ashlynn’s head tipped to one side as she kicked and swung harder. Olive was all blissed out, furiously frigging herself as she tried to catch her breath. I’m ashamed to admit I was hard again.

Aidan began to stroke himself as he stood there watching. His girlfriend became more animated, more desperate. How long was he going to let her suffer??

I found myself wondering if he was going to allow her to hang too long. Olive looked like she didn’t care one way or the other. She was too far gone sexually to even think straight.

Ashlynn let out a loud grunt as she began humping the air. It looked like she was trying to fuck that toy up her twat. Maybe she was trying to push it out.

I felt panic start to rise up within me. Was Aidan going to let his slut girlfriend go all the way? Was Olive’s crazy fetish going to result in the death of another?

All of the sudden he rushed forward. He reached forward and grabbed her, pulling her off to the side of the trap. I rushed over and grabbed the rope, pulling the knot loose.

Slack appeared almost immediately. Aidan fell sideways as he grasped his convulsing girlfriend in his arms. They collapsed onto the platform with her on top of him.

“Oh fuck!” Olive shrieked. “I want to go again!”

“We’re done!” I told her firmly, giving her that look. Instantly her face softened. She could tell I was putting my food down this time.

Aidan frantically loosened the rope from around his girlfriend’s neck. For a moment I couldn’t tell whether she was breathing or not. Then he removed the blindfold.

Her chest rose and fell as she took a ragged breath. She blinked as though trying to regain her vision. Then I saw the life slowly return to her pupils.

I scrambled to corral the keys and free his girlfriend from the handcuffs. Olive came over and took the rope off Ashlynn’s neck. One look at my expression made her start to coil it up as she sighed, “Ok – ok. All good things must come to an end, I suppose.”

“You ok?” Aidan asked his girlfriend. Ashlynn tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. She rasped and coughed before she finally found her voice.

“Holy shit! For a minute there I thought… I thought you were going to…”

“Isn’t that what you wanted? To think I might not bring you back down? Was it everything you hoped it would be?”

“It was better… and worse… than I expected.”

“Then I’d say you got the full experience,” Olive told her with a sly smile.

“You… you pissed into my mouth! That was… that was so fucking hot!” My girlfriend positively beamed. Then I told her to get dressed as it was getting late.

We headed back to the cars in the parking lot. It was definitely getting dark. There was not much in the way of lighting, indicating the county didn’t want to waste electricity on a ghost town that wasn’t used at night except for wild animals that passed through.

I nodded at the girls walking ahead of us, excitedly talking back and forth about their recent experience. “We good?” I asked Aidan, still concerned over the liberties we’d taken with his girlfriend.

“We’re good,” he replied. “She’s… she’s quite the girl.”

“I hope we didn’t cause too much trouble between you two. I never expected Ashlynn to be, uh… ”

“Such a slut? She’s a lot of fun, that’s for sure.”

“Just don’t let her go all crazy on you.”

“Better not let your Olive go all crazy on you.”

“Women,” I chuckled as I shook my head.

2021 (written Jan 5 ’21 by riwa)

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