Breath-holding in the pool with Alex 3 (m/m)


Part 3

We both filled our lungs. Then I headed for the bottom of the pool near the ladder. Alex was right behind me.

I stretched out on the floor on my back. I grabbed the weight and put it on my chest so I wouldn’t float up. Alex grabbed the bottom rung of the ladder and stretched himself out horizontally while looking down on me.

Alex had given me permission to set the pace and dictate the rules. What did that mean? Was he implying I could do anything I wanted while I was lying flat on my back?

My cock bulged in my speedos. They were all but see-thru. Hell, the shape and curvature of my erection was clearly noticeable.

I noticed Alex had an erection in those red trunks of his. That meant he had to be aroused by something. Was it because he was underwater holding his breath? Or was it because of me and my virtually transparent suit?

I blew a couple of bubbles up at him. He released a couple in response. I ran a hand across my chest, and he followed suit.

Was that what he meant? Whoever was holding onto the bottom rung of the ladder had to copy whatever the one on the bottom was doing? So what had he given me permission to do?

A thought suddenly occurred to me. I slid my hand down until I placed it upon my bulge. Alex did the exact same thing.

It was a little embarrassing. But it was also incredibly arousing. What’s more, he didn’t seem to be the least bit offended by my action.

I became bolder as I rubbed and caressed my bulge. I saw him do the exact same thing. His cock was really stretching his suit. But then again, so was mine.

I suddenly became self-conscious again. It made me lose my breath. I shifted the block off my chest and rose up to the surface.

Alex followed me up until we were both at the surface. We panted for breath together. When I saw him smiling at me I could not resist blushing.

“Sorry about that, Alex.”

“Sorry about what, Dean?”

“I guess I was… I was enjoying… I kind of got carried… Hell, I guess I don’t know what I’m saying.”

He reached across and gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “It’s ok, Dean.” Then he leaned in conspiratorially.

“Can I let you in on a little secret? I hope you don’t mind if I tell you this. But I love the color of your speedos. Seeing your bulge so prominent while you’re holding your breath is an incredible turn-on.”

“It is?”

“I hope you don’t mind my saying that.”

“Not at all. I was just afraid… I was showing a little too much, uh…”

He just laughed. “It’s all good, Dean. I’m glad you wore them today. But I don’t want to embarrass you. I just want you to know that I like them. In fact, you’ve probably noticed how hard I’ve become. I hope that doesn’t offend you.”

I looked at him in surprise. He was worried about offending me??

At that moment I felt a strange excitement. My cock was incredibly stiff in my speedos. And I noticed Alex’s hadn’t softened in the slightest.

“Tell you what,” he said with a smile. “Let’s call that last breath-hold a test-run. Now that you know I don’t mind, you can feel comfortable doing anything you want while you’re down there holding your breath. I’ll even let you take the bottom again. Besides…” and he checked his watch. “I’m betting this time you’re going to break two minutes.”

I nodded as I began filling my lungs. If anything, I’d become even more excited. At least I knew I hadn’t offended him by any of the actions I’d engaged in. If anything, I got the impression he wanted me to do even more.

We filled our lungs and submerged again. I went right to the bottom where I stretched out flat on my back. Once more I grabbed that block and set it upon my chest.

Alex came down and grabbed the bottom rung of the ladder as before. His cock was really tenting in his speedos. Hell, it looked as though the tip was trying to peek out at me.

I ran a hand over my chest, watching as he did the same. I slid my hand down and rubbed my bulge. He mimicked my movements.

I rubbed my bulge harder. He did the same to his. He never stopped smiling down at me.

I finally grabbed the edge of my speedos. Then I slowly pulled it down. It allowed the tip of my cock to poke free.

Alex did the same. The tip of his erection came out and said hello. That’s when I felt a rush of sexual excitement.

I was incredibly aroused. My cock was stiff and swollen underneath my speedos. A look at Alex revealed his was also straining to be set free.

I felt an erotic jolt as I pulled my suit down a little more. It allowed more of my dick to come into view. Alex smiled and bubbled as he did the exact same thing.

I finally pulled my suit down away from my erection. It felt so good having it breathe free. Alex did the same, his cock emerging quite stiff.

I don’t know why I was so damned horny. But my suit still felt confining. There was only one thing left to do.

I worked at pulling my suit down off my legs. Alex did the same. Now we were both naked, our cocks saluting each other.

I reached down and grabbed my cock. Alex matched my movements by grabbing his. I released a few bubbles as I started stroking, a move he immediately mimicked.

It was incredible! Our cocks were stiff and saluting each other. He didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed. If anything, it looked as though he was enjoying himself.

My stomach began to ripple, indicating I was running out of breath. I stroked a little more as the strain moved into my chest. Alex stroked too as he released a few more bubbles.

I struggled to hold my breath just a few seconds longer… and then a few seconds more after that. But I finally lost a huge burst of bubbles. That’s when I shot up around his body toward the surface.

Alex followed me up a couple seconds later until we were both panting for breath. I tried not to think about what we’d just done. After all, our suits were now lying on the pool floor.

“How’d we do?” I panted tiredly as I struggled to get my breath back.

“Two-eighteen. That’s a great time, Dean! Now I feel it’s my duty to tell you something.”

“Tell me what, Alex?”

“It was so hot the way you pulled your cock out and stroked it. I hope you don’t mind my saying so. But damn, Dean; that was hot!”

I smiled self-consciously. “You really liked it?”

“I loved it!”

“And our getting naked didn’t bother you?”

“So long as it didn’t bother you, Dean. It was such an incredible turn-on.”

“Two eighteen, eh? You mean I broke two minutes?”

“Went right on by it, Dean. You want me to take the bottom now?”

I turned to look at the clock. We still had a good twenty minutes before the nine am opening. I figured we were probably good until then. But we’d be pushing things if we were naked in the pool after nine.

“Ok with me. I guess you’re on the bottom, Alex.”

“Can I do anything I want? I don’t want to embarrass you or offend you or anything.”

“We’re a little past that, my friend. Anything you want. It’s only fair since you followed my lead.”

“How about this?” Then he slipped off his dive mask. “I just want to see your face, Dean.”

I took mine off as well. I figured I’d be ok facing down anyway. Then I smiled as I told him, “I’ll be right down on top of you.”

He smiled at that remark. It occurred to me my words could be taken any one of a number of ways. It made my cock twitch as I tried to laugh it off.

We inhaled together before submerging. Alex went right to the bottom. He released a few bubbles out of his nose before settling onto his back, making sure he put the block on his chest.

I clung to the bottom rung of the ladder right above him. His erection twitched and jumped a little. Mine stiffened tremendously as I stared down at him.

He reached down and grabbed his dick. Then he started stroking it. I reached for mine and tugged on it in return.

He grinned and bubbled at me. I released a few bubbles in return. Then he carefully reached upward.

I was close enough for him to touch me. He gently caressed my chest with his right hand. It caused me to feel an erotic shiver ripple through me as my dick twitched and stiffened even more.

I reached down toward his chest. I caressed him a little longer than he caressed me. He released a couple of bubbles as he closed his eyes with pleasure.

He took his hand off my chest and reached down to stroke his own dick. I did the exact same thing to mine. Together we did a little masturbation while facing each other.

It was such an incredible turn-on. I have no idea why I was so hard. Stroking while watching him watch me as we held our breath at the bottom of the pool felt incredibly sensual.

Once more he reached up to caress my chest. I reached down to caress his. Then we jerked our own cocks again.

He moaned and bubbled. Then he started to reach up toward me. Only his hand wasn’t reaching for my chest.

At the last second he withdrew it. Then he released a mouthful of bubbles as he shed the block. He swam up around me, and I followed him up.

We burst up together panting for breath. Then he checked his watch. “I came up early that time, Dean. Not quite two minutes.”

“What happened?”

He looked at me before lowering his head with embarrassment. “I… I wanted to… Sorry, Dean. I wanted to touch your cock. I stopped myself in time. It’s just that… I’m so turned on being around you, Dean. I’m so turned on… and I just… I just wanted… sorry about that.”

I looked at the clock. We still had time. I had an idea in my head, but it was making my heart beat fast.

“Shall we try another one, Alex? I guess it’s my turn to lie on the bottom; right?”

He smiled and nodded. “We can use the masks if you want.”

I shook my head. “I want to try it without, Alex. Let’s see how it goes.”

“Ok; you’re the boss.”

We both smiled at each other as we breathed deeply. Then we filled our lungs and submerged. I went right to the bottom where I stretched out on my back before grabbing the block and putting it on my chest.

Alex came right down, grabbing the bottom rung of the ladder and then stretching out horizontally. His cock twitched as it saluted me. Mine twitched right back, stiff as a board.

I ran a hand down my chest and down to my erection. Alex followed my lead. I grabbed my dick and pulled it a few times, which he mimicked on his own dick.

I felt an incredible excitement as I reached up and caressed his chest. He touched mine around the block. Then I lightly slid my fingers down his body.

He slid his fingers along my naked frame, matching my movements. Then my fingers reached his erection. I brushed it with them, causing him to twitch.

He brushed my dick with his fingers. I twitched in response. It felt incredible.

I rubbed the surface of his dick with my hand. He rubbed the surface of mine, matching my every move. He seemed to be happy I had taken this next step.

I very slowly wrapped my fingers around his erection. He wrapped his fingers around mine. Then I slowly tugged on his meat. He responded by tugging on mine.

My dick twitched in his grasp. I thought it was possible he might actually make me cum! Was he feeling the same way?

I stroked him harder as I released a few bubbles. He stroked me in return. He lost more air until he was no longer buoyant.

He came down until he settled right next to me. Now it wasn’t so hard to reach him. We were side by side as I stroked him, with him stroking me in return.

We bubbled at each other as we jerked the other’s meat. It wasn’t long until I could feel myself running out of breath. Could I make him cum before we had to surface? Could he make me cum?

I stroked him harder. He sensed my anxiety and did the same. I began thrusting my cock in his hand. He responded by thrusting into mine.

I lost more bubbles. He did the same. My lungs began to hurt, making me thrust harder to achieve a release before we had to surface.

He grunted and bubbled. Then his cock started spurting in my grasp. That’s what set mine off.

I stiffened and then began shooting a thick, ropey stream. He jerked me hard as I tried to squeeze all the cum out of his dick. Then I lost the last of my breath and was forced to the surface.

I shot up panting like crazy. Alex came up a second later. He panted heavily as he told me, “Dean, I think that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever done underwater. I hope you don’t mind.”

I blushed as I felt self-conscious all over again. But I reassured him it was fine. Then I thought I heard something on the other side of the main door.

Alex turned to look as though he’d heard it too. It sounded like a vehicle. Acting on instinct, we both frantically submerged to grab our suits and pull them back on.

We got out of the pool in record time. I managed to find my other trunks and put them on. I was behind the counter when three elderly females came in.

I lost track of Alex as I took their cash. They noticed my hair was still wet. I told them I’d taken a quick shower before opening. They seemed to buy that.

They were inside changing in their locker room when Alex came out in his street clothes. He came up to me and reached in his pocket for some cash. I told him he didn’t need to pay me, but he insisted.

He thanked me for a great swim and for sharing an erotic breath-hold with him. He told me he’d lost track of the time but that it had been well past two and a half minutes. Then he looked at the door to the women’s locker room, making sure those ladies weren’t coming out yet.

He smiled as he told me, “See you next time, Dean. Thanks for the swim. I had a great time.”

“See you next time, Alex.” Then he was out the door. I was left wondering what the hell I was thinking stroking another man’s dick and making him cum while we were holding our breath at the bottom of a pool.

2021 (written Aug 17 ’21 by riwa)

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