3 in the pool (Parts 4-6)


Part 4 – Confrontation

(A flashback to before the investigation)

They stood in the backyard swimming pool in about five feet of water. Travis bent his legs, centered the woman’s pussy against his cock and slowly pushed inside. He moaned appreciatively as he stood upright, impaling her with his quivering shaft.

He pulled her to him, experiencing her warm breasts pressed up against his chest. He could even feel her heart thump excitedly in her chest. The woman shuddered as their lips met, their tongues exploring each other.

She was unable to return his embrace. That was totally understandable. After all, her hands were cuffed behind her back.

“Are you ready?” he asked breathlessly, a wicked glint in his eye. She nodded as she took several deep breaths to prepare herself.

She wanted to hold her breath as long as possible. She was hoping to push herself long enough to have a massive orgasm. But her heart was beating wildly from the pleasure of having him inside her.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it for as long as she wanted. Still, she was going to give it her best shot. After all, she was his mistress. It was her obligation as well as her greatest desire to be a much more exciting lover than his wife.

“Fuck me, Travis!” Melissa gasped excitedly. “Fuck me like the fuckin’ drown-whore I am! Then I want you to drown my ass!”

He slowly submerged her, tipping her backward into the water. She inhaled deeply before she went under. Melissa released a few bubbles through her nostrils.

She went down until she was virtually perpendicular to him, a couple feet under the surface. He brought his hands from around her back where he’d been supporting her. Then he placed them on each breast, forcing her to remain underwater as he groped and fondled them.

In response, she wrapped her legs around his torso. Melissa eagerly pulled him to her, driving his cock deeper into her pussy. She desperately wanted him to fill her completely.

For several moments there was no movement. Each one savored the feeling of cock in pussy. Melissa held her breath as she gently squeezed him with her love-muscle.

Travis looked down upon her sexy, naked body. He savored the image of her helpless condition with her arms cuffed behind her back. Underwater bondage on her part always added a thrill to their sexual encounters.

She looked up at him, releasing a couple of bubbles for his benefit. Melissa wiggled and squirmed, totally helpless and at his mercy. It occurred to her yet again how easy it would be for him to drown her with his cock inside her.

The view of her naked body underwater with hands cuffed behind her back was so arousing that he had to fight to keep from fucking her silly. ‘Not yet!’ he thought excitedly. ‘Not yet!’

Melissa pretended to struggle, although it was not so much pretending in her current situation. She tried to concentrate on holding her breath despite the cock that filled her. Her pussy tingled like crazy.

She could no longer remain immobile. Melissa could not resist thrusting against him, wanting to feel that friction inside her. She had to start fucking him now!

Travis quickly picked up on his lover’s movements. It made him grope her tits more aggressively. It was time to start giving her the verbalizations she loved so much…

“You want it; don’t you, bitch? You want me to fuck you ’til you drown; don’t you, you fuckin slut? Well, here it comes, bitch!”

Travis began to pump hard into her spasming cunt, adding his rhythm to her own. Melissa burbled excitedly as the sensations in her pussy intensified. She began to fuck him harder as the first warning spasm rippled through her.

She released a little burst of air to relieve the pressure in her chest. Travis increased the intensity of his thrusts. He also began to intensify the nature of his verbalizations…

“You want it bad, don’t you, slut? Well, I’m gonna give it to you right now, you fuckin’ whore! I’m gonna fuck you and then drown your ass! What do you think about that, you fuckin’ bitch? This time I’m not bringing you back up to breathe!”

Melissa’s heart rate increased dramatically. Another breathless convulsion rippled through her. It made her breasts wobble as he pounded her.

The faint thought he might actually drown her this time only added to her sexual excitement. Maybe this time he might… But no, she suspected he would never truly hurt her. But she did love the way he abused her verbally…

‘Yeah, baby; talk DIRTY to me! Tell me I’m gonna die! Tell me you’re gonna fuck me hard and then drown my sorry ass!’

She felt the orgasm swell within her. Melissa fought to hold it back. She wanted to prolong her breath-hold ‘til her lungs were on fire in the hopes of a bigger climax.

Travis increased his thrusts as his own climax rushed toward him. Fucking her while threatening her as she held her breath underwater always drove him crazy. He wondered if some day he might make her swallow water… and how she might feel about that.

“I’m gonna drown your ass, Melissa! But you want me to drown you; don’t you? You want to be my drown-whore today? Then suck it in, slut! Suck in that water as I fuck your cunt, bitch! I’m gonna fuck you ’til you stop breathing! You’re gonna die today, bitch!”

His words drove her crazy while he fucked her underwater. Her pussy was on fire as she struggled to hold her breath. She tried not to squeeze her muscles around the cock inside her as much because she wanted to hold off her orgasm for as long as possible.

Air dribbled out of her nostrils as her cheeks bulged. Her chest spasmed sharply as her lungs screamed for air. Yet she forced herself to hold off, desperately wanting to delay the eruption building inside her.

Travis continued pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. His excitement increased as his own climax approached. He loved the way she responded to his threats…

“I’m gonna fuck you ’til you drown, slut! C’mon, you hot, fuckin’ drown-whore! Suck it in and let your lungs flood for me!”

Melissa felt a convulsion ripple through her, forcing a burst of air past her lips. She started to tremble as Travis increased his thrusts. She was about to be filled with his cum.

If only she could hold her breath a few more intense, heart-pounding seconds. Then her lover would push her over the edge with his words, along with the hard fucking he was giving her. Hell, maybe he would keep her under well after the orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her…


She felt a convulsion shake her hard, forcing a burst of air out of her lungs. She was almost out of breath. But that didn’t matter; she couldn’t hold it back any longer.

Her muscles clamped tightly onto the cock inside her. A moment later she screamed the rest of her breath away in a bubbly froth. That’s when Melissa was wracked by a devastating orgasm.

Her back arched as her body began bucking wildly. Her hands flexed helplessly in the cuffs behind her back. She winced as it totally obliterated her senses.

Travis cried out a couple seconds later as he felt those muscles clamp down on his cock. It caused him to explode deep inside her pussy. His cock quivered like mad as he thrust hard into her, holding his cock nice and deep while filling her with his seed.

Melissa went from one orgasm to the next as her body reacted to the warmth of the cum that filled her. She opened her mouth to scream again. All that came out was a muffled gurgle as she jerked and spasmed on the cock she was impaled upon.

She felt like she was on fire with white-hot pleasure. Every nerve ending seemed to be firing wildly inside her. Then she reflexively inhaled pool water.

Travis was looking right at her the moment it happened. He knew right away what she’d done. He blurted out, “OH, SHIT!” as he pulled his lover’s head up out of the water.

She coughed and gagged, sputtering like crazy. He pulled her up to his chest, feeling her warm breasts press against him. He saw her eyes roll as she faintly gasped “NO… MORE!” Then he felt her muscles clamp tightly around his cock.

Melissa started thrashing about once more, caught up in the throes of yet another orgasm. She tried to cry out in order to make it stop. But she had no breath in her lungs.

Travis tried to slide his cock out of her. But her pussy had clamped on tight and refused to let go until the orgasm had run its course. She bucked wildly and then abruptly went limp.

Melissa’s entire body seemed to sag and relax. It was enough for him to slip out of her. She shuddered as he helped her to her feet, propping her up against the pool wall.

“That was… fuckin’… fan-TASTIC!”

She was out of breath, panting heavily as wild tingles radiated outward in every direction. She felt like she was plugged into a low-voltage current. She’d actually swallowed a little water… had actually started to drown before being pulled up to breathe.

Travis had to lean up against her for fear of her slipping back into the water. He was exhausted too. Besides, he wasn’t sure how long it would take to get her back on her feet if she slipped under, even though they was standing in less than five feet of water.

Melissa kissed him passionately, giving him plenty of tongue. He returned the favor. Then he panted, “You’re better than my wife… ever thought of being, babe!”

“That’s because I’m your drown-whore,” she panted with a smile as her breath began to return. “You keep coming closer and closer… to drowning me for real! For a minute there I thought… you were actually gonna do it!”

“Maybe I will someday,” he said with a smile.

She excitedly replied, “I’m gonna hold you to that!”

Travis reached for the key that was sitting on the edge of the pool. Then he unlocked her cuffs. When he set them back down on the edge of the pool, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately.

When they came up for air, he glanced down at his watch. “SHIT! I’m 45 minutes late! I should’ve been home by now! Tammi’s gonna kill me!”

“She might if she finds out about us,” Melissa grinned wickedly, her arms around his neck. “Maybe she’ll kill me too. Do you think she might drown us both? I’d love to drown with your cock inside me!”

She reached down and grabbed it. Then she started stroking him back to life. “How about it, Travis? Should the two of us drown together?”

“Damn, woman! I’ve got to get out of here!”

She sighed and let him go. Travis waded toward the steps in the shallow end of the pool. He climbed out and gathered up his clothes that had ended up all over the backyard patio area.

He came back to her before sliding his underwear on without even drying off. He got down on his knees and gave her another long, lingering kiss as she stood there in the water by the side of the pool. Then he finally rose up and headed for the house.

“I’ll see myself out!” he called out over his shoulder as he struggled to get into his pants.

“Bye, lover!” she called after him. “Maybe you’ll drown me next time!”

She giggled as he waved at her. Then he disappeared into the house through the patio door. Melissa sighed with pleasure as her body continued to tingle.

After a few minutes she heard his car pull out of her driveway. Melissa eased onto her back and floated lazily in the water with a satisfied smile. Now she needed to cool off from her sexual exertions of the past couple of hours.
45 minutes ago she was in her living room. Tammi had anxiously awaited the arrival of her husband. She’d found herself becoming more upset as the minutes ticked by.

She was pretty certain who he was spending his afternoon with. The mental image of the two of them together both saddened and infuriated her. That’s when she’d decided it was time to do something about it.

She’d angrily left a message on the answering machine. Then she’d gotten into her car and driven over to the other side of Las Vegas. She was hoping to be proven wrong, but she strongly suspected she wouldn’t be.

Now she knew, having seen the evidence right before her very eyes…

For the past twenty minutes Tammi had watched them from around the corner of the fence. She’d heard every painful word the two lovebirds had spoken to each other. Then she’d choked back a sob.

Tears had trickled down her cheek as she’d realized the depths of her husband’s betrayal with this bitch in the backyard pool. She knew who the woman was. Now she believed he’d been coming over here for months.

She’d been deceiving herself, hoping it wasn’t true. It wasn’t until this very afternoon that she’d decided to come over. Tammi had wanted to confirm it for herself.

Now that the bastard was gone, a burning rage began to consume her. She opened her purse and pulled out her traitorous husband’s revolver. Then she opened the unlocked gate near the empty trash cans and stepped into the backyard.

Melissa was just stepping out of the pool to go lie down and sunbathe on a lounge chair. That’s when she heard a voice behind her. It was a voice that made her blood run cold, a voice she recognized…

“Where do you think you’re going, you bitch?”

Melissa spun around, confirming the worst. Tammi stood before her in dark pink shorts, sneakers and a dark pink shirt. She thought she saw a built-in bra that showed some nice cleavage to a rather attractive set of breasts. Unfortunately the revolver in the woman’s hand was pointing squarely at her chest.

Melissa tried to become indignant. “What are you doing here?” she snapped.

Instinctively she covered her breasts with her hands. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. Better to sound angry than frightened.

“Point that damn thing somewhere else! And let me get some clothes on; ok?”

“I don’t think so, you fuckin’ whore! I hope you enjoyed fucking my husband today. It’s the last time you’re ever gonna see him!”

Melissa’s face went deathly pale. She gasped as started to tremble. This bitch sounded serious as a heart attack.

“L-Look, Tammi! Let’s t-talk this over; ok?”

The enraged woman simply shook her head. “The only thing we need to talk about is how I’m gonna burn your ass! How about it, bitch? Shall I start by putting a bullet in one of those pretty breasts of yours?”

She raised the weapon menacingly. Melissa gasped, protectively covering her chest with her arms. “Tammi… PLEASE… he means NOTHING to me!”

The frightened woman took a cautious step toward the angry intruder. If she could just get close enough, maybe she could get the gun away from her. The first order of business was disarming her before she pulled the trigger.

“LIAR!” Tammi yelled at her, making her jump. “How come he keeps coming over here if he means nothing to you?”

“It’s not my fault!” Melissa gasped, hesitantly taking another careful step forward. “He’s the one you want to kill, honey… not ME!”

Tammi wavered as uncertainty flashed in her features. That remark was certainly true enough. She was angry with him far more than she was with anyone else. But this bitch was encouraging him based on what she’d witnessed a few minutes ago!

“He wouldn’t be over here if you didn’t want him here! You two sure looked like you enjoyed fucking each other’s brains out!”

“I had to! I have no choice! He said he’d get me fired if I didn’t fuck him every once in a while!”

Melissa lied through her teeth, desperate to get out of the predicament she was in. Somehow she had to sway Tammi to her side of things. That’s when she scrambled to concoct a story she hoped the angry woman might at least consider.

“You’ve got to help me, Tammi! Together we can turn the tables on him!” Then she took another careful step forward.

Tammi felt a niggle of doubt in her mind. She lowered the gun in her hand. Was it possible the bitch was right?

Maybe so. Then again, maybe not. It was possible the bitch was only trying to save her own skin.

Grimly, she brought the gun back up. “Nice try, slut! But I don’t believe you!”

“You’re not gonna shoot me, are you? Isn’t he the one you hate more right now?”

Melissa gasped fearfully, her heart thumping loudly in her chest. Then she hesitantly took another step forward. If only she could get her hands on that gun…

Uncertainty flashed through Tammi’s eyes again. Was she willing to pull the trigger? Could she really do it?

Melissa saw the gun drift downward again. Once more she saw the doubt in the woman’s face. That’s when she lunged forward in a frantic effort to disarm her.

Maybe Tammi wouldn’t shoot her. But she could sure as hell shoot Tammi if she had to. It wouldn’t bother her a bit; she would simply claim self-defense. Then she could keep Travis all to herself.

Tammi cried out as they grappled with each other. The gun flew off into the grass. Then she broke free of the naked woman’s grip.

Tammi brought her hands together into a large fist. She swung them wildly, catching Melissa in the side of the face. It knocked the bitch onto the ground.

The enraged woman was on her in an instant. Tammi pounded her mercilessly. She punched her in the face, chest and stomach as she knelt over her while straddling her with her legs.

Melissa raised her arms to ward off the blows. She cried out in pain as she shook her head from side to side. She pushed the woman off with a mighty effort before staggering to her feet.

Tammi jumped her from behind, forcing her down into a lounge chair. She pulled on her hair, causing Melissa to yelp in pain. But the battered woman managed to throw her off again.

She tumbled her lover’s wife onto the ground. Melissa was starting to get to her feet when she felt a vicious kick in her stomach. It forced the air out of her, collapsing her onto the ground again.

The foot came in again and again, causing her to double over in pain. Melissa waved feebly with her hands to ward off the blows. The bitch was beating the crap out of her!

If only she could somehow get her into the pool. Maybe she could hold her down long enough to take the fight out of her. Maybe she could even drown her ass!

Melissa staggered to her feet and lunged toward her attacker. She wrapped her arms around her, catching her off guard. Tammi cried out in surprise as Melissa blindly drove them forward until their footing fell away beneath them as they tumbled into the deep end of the pool with a splash.

2005; 2020 (written for Melissa Aug 9 ’05; ed. Aug 15 ‘20 by riwa)

Part 5 – Mistress Tammi

(A flashback to before the investigation)

Melissa staggered to her feet and lunged toward her attacker. She wrapped her arms around her, catching her off guard. Tammi cried out in surprise as Melissa blindly drove them forward until their footing fell away beneath them as they tumbled into the deep end of the pool with a splash.

They grappled with each other, rolling around and around under the surface as arms and legs flailed and splashed about. Bubbles burst from their mouths, frothing to the surface. Every time Melissa managed to roll on top, Tammi succeeded in rolling her back over until she was underneath again.

Shit! This was worse than before! Now she needed air!

Melissa let go and clawed for the surface, bursting up and gasping wildly for breath. She hadn’t realized how tired she was. Between the pounding Tammi had inflicted upon her and her body’s attempts to recover from the sexual activities of the afternoon, she was dangerously exhausted.

She cried out in alarm. Then she bubbled in panic once Tammi grabbed her by her hair and shoved her under the surface. “I’m gonna DROWN you, you fuckin’ whore!”

Melissa tried to pull the woman’s hands out of her hair. But that didn’t work. That’s when she waved frantically as bubbles spewed out of her mouth.

Tammi was more than accommodating. “You want to drown?! FINE! I’ll be more than happy to give you what you want, bitch!”

She pulled the woman’s head up to the surface for a painfully short breath. Then she sadistically shoved her back down. “Drown for me, whore!”


Melissa shook her head in panic. She was becoming too weak to fight, too weak to struggle much longer. A moment later her pussy exploded in a small orgasmic eruption from the fearful excitement of the moment.

Melissa lost most of her breath in a froth of bubbles. She waved feebly in an effort to get to the surface. She abruptly went limp, too tired to resist any further.

She waited for the moment she would start sucking pool water into her lungs. Her torrid affair with the angry woman’s husband was about to end once and for all. Only now did she experience any sort of regret at the moment of her impending drowning.

Tammi noticed the sudden lack of movement from her adversary. She pulled the woman’s head up to the surface, allowing her to gasp weakly for breath. Her eyes had almost glazed over.

“You got any last words before I drown your ass, bitch? Now’s the time to beg for your life!”

Melissa clutched at straws, anything that might spare her life. She believed it was useless to beg for mercy. Saying she would see her husband no longer probably wouldn’t do her any good.

Perhaps she could appeal to any semblance of erotic desires that might be lingering just under the surface. Anything to keep herself alive. So she panted, “I’ll… I’ll give you an orgasm!”

“WHAT??!!” That wasn’t the type of begging Tammi had expected. Melissa thought she detected a faint glimmer of hope.

“I’ll give you… the best orgasm… of your life… better than Travis… could ever give you! Let me… eat your pussy…!”

Tammi angrily shoved her back under the water. Melissa bubbled tiredly. She couldn’t hold her breath anymore.

“Why, you fuckin’ WHORE! Of all the NERVE… you FUCK my husband… now you want to eat ME??!! You’ll do ANYTHING to save your ass, won’t you, bitch!!”

Air bubbled up to the surface. Melissa struggled feebly. She was simply unable to put up much resistance.

“I SHOULD JUST DROWN YOUR ASS!” Bubbles were the only response.

Tammi pulled the woman’s head up into her crotch. She was planning on smothering her. Then she was going to drown the slut.

But was that really why she was holding the whore’s face in her crotch? Or was it a subconscious desire to see what Melissa would actually do down there?

With her last bit of energy Melissa clamped her lips onto the fabric and mouthed the material. She lost another burst of air as a spasm shuddered through her. Her lungs were screaming at her.

She figured she only had seconds to live. So why not make the most of them? She mouthed the woman’s crotch through the fabric as though her life depended upon it.

Apparently it was enough. Tammi felt her pussy tingle to life. The more she thought about it, the more it appealed to her.

Why not let her husband’s mistress please HER for a change? Then she could drown her sorry ass. The pleasure of telling Travis what had happened between them would be more than worth it…

“Guess what, honey? I made your little whore lick my pussy underwater. Then I drowned her ass. The bitch fucking deserved it!” Tammi wanted to see the look on his face when she told him his mistress had gotten her off before she’d turned around and drowned the little tart.

There was a sudden burst of bubbles. Tammi heard a muffled cry. Then the woman down below started to thrash about.

Tammi jerked the woman up by a handful of hair. She was just in time. Melissa came up coughing water, gagging and sputtering before gasping wildly for breath.

The angry wife wrapped an arm around the woman’s neck. Tammi dragged her adversary into shallow water. Then she allowed the whore to get her feet underneath her.

“I’ll let you live for now. But you’d better do a damn, good job on my pussy. Sluts like you are only goof for one thing. So let’s find out how badly you want to live.”

Melissa panted heavily, struggling to get her breath back. At least she was still alive. If licking this bitch’s pussy would keep her from being drowned, then she was more than willing. At this point, she’d do ANYTHING to stay alive.

Tammi pulled the half-drowned woman to the side of the pool. She suddenly caught sight of the discarded handcuffs. It occurred to her they might just come in handy.

She turned Melissa around before grabbing the cuffs. She viciously pulled her arms behind her back. Then she snapped a cuff onto one wrist.

“Hey!” Melissa gasped fearfully, squirming to resist. “What’re you DOING?!”

“I don’t trust you!” Tammi snarled. “Unless you want me to drown your ass right here and now, I suggest you stop fighting me!”

Melissa abruptly stopped struggling. She reluctantly allowed the angry woman to cuff her wrists together behind her back. This was not going well at all.

She had a bad feeling about all this. But right now there was nothing she could do about it. Her best hope was to give Travis’ wife a really good orgasm. By softening her up, maybe she could appeal to her woman to woman.

“We could have a good time together,” Melissa panted hopefully. “Wouldn’t that piss Travis off, especially if he lost you to me? Think about it! Travis losing his mistress to his wife and his wife to his mistress. Wouldn’t that be a great way to get back at him?”

“Shut up!” Tammi barked as she reached down and started pulling off her shoes and socks. “I’m not sure I should even be letting you do this to me!”

She tossed one shoe after the other over near a lawn chair. She was thinking about the woman’s mouth on her crotch a few moments ago, and how good it had felt. What would it feel like without any clothes on?

Damn her for feeling a little horny! She should just drown the bitch! What the hell was she thinking??

“Please!” Melissa persisted. “I can please you better than Travis ever could! Just give me a chance to prove it! Let me eat your pussy… URPLE…!”

Tammi grabbed a handful of hair and shoved her under the surface. Melissa burbled wildly as her heart hammered in her chest. Had she gone too far? Had she pushed Tammi over the edge?

She was promptly yanked back up to the surface. Melissa gasped wildly for breath, thinking furiously. Maybe if she played one more card…

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” she gasped in her best submissive demeanor. “I should be punished.”

Melissa hung her head in shame, desperately trying to get her breath back. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. It was possible she’d just pushed the angry woman into drowning her now.

Despite her predicament, she found herself getting aroused. Perhaps this might work. Maybe she could get Tammi to spare her life. Was it possible they could become lovers?

Tammi’s breath caught in her throat as she thought, ‘What the hell…?!’ Then she slammed the woman’s head back down into the water. She watched with sadistic glee as air bubbled to the surface.

“PUNISHED?!” she blurted out in surprise. “You want to be fucking punished?? Oh, I’ll punish you all right, you fuckin’ whore!”

Tammi reached underneath with her hands. She found Melissa’s remarkably hardened nipples. That’s when she grabbed them and cruelly twisted downward while snarling, “How’s THAT for punishment, slut?”

Melissa jerked and burbled as the pain radiated outward. At the same time, her pussy flamed excitedly to life. Was this such a good idea after all?

Tammi angrily pulled her back up. The slut came up gasping and sputtering. “Is that the type of punishment you want?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Melissa responded meekly while lowering her head. This was far better than sucking water before taking up permanent residence at the bottom of her pool.

Tammi stared in shock. Then she abruptly forced Melissa’s head back down under the water. She was ashamed to admit she was starting to get excited. Maybe it was time to finish undressing.

“Keep your head underwater until I pull you back up; understand?”

She let go of the woman’s head. Surprisingly enough, Melissa kept her head submerged. Tammi quickly began to undress.

She pulled her shorts down her legs before tossing them over near her shoes. When she saw the bitch still obeying her, she took her time pulling her panties down her legs, prolonging the woman’s suffering. She saw a burst of bubbles and grinned with satisfaction.

So wanted to drown the bitch. Melissa fucking deserved it! So why the hell was she becoming so aroused??

She finally pulled Melissa’s head back up out of the water. The woman gasped for breath. “Once more, bitch. I’ve got to take my shirt off!”

Tammi shoved the woman back down. Melissa burbled wildly, but didn’t resist. Her captor removed her shirt and bra, taking her sweet time as she exposed hardening nipples to the warm afternoon sun.

She pulled the woman back up. Melissa’s head emerged out of the water, gasping and sputtering. Tammi snarled, “So what should we do now, slut?”

“Please, Mistress!” Melissa begged. “Please… let me eat your pussy! I want to taste you! Please, Mistress!”

Tammi’s heart pounded excitedly in her chest. Originally she wanted to drown this bitch. But now sexual desires were calling out to her. What’s more, her pussy was tingling with excitement.

“Please, Mistress?” Tammi gave it a little more thought. Why not play along for a while? She could always drown her later.

Melissa got a look at Tammi’s breasts. She carefully moved herself within reach. Then she started licking the woman’s erect nipples.

Tammi felt electric surges in her chest. Damn! Now she could feel her anger starting to dissipate.

She had no idea why her husband would cheat on her. Didn’t he think she was good in the sack? She felt her pussy tingle excitedly as the whore licked and sucked. She even heard Melissa moan as though she was excited about it.

“That’s right… LICK ‘EM!” Tammi ordered. A low moan slipped past her lips. This was not how she’s planned her revenge!

She wondered how her bastard of a husband would react if he could see her now. How would he feel if he could see his mistress sucking on her titties? The urge to drown the bitch was “slipping below the surface and bubbling away”.

Melissa moved from one nipple to the other. She rolled them in her mouth with her tongue as she worked to please the woman. She was desperate to get herself out of the situation she’d suddenly found herself in.

She just had to get free and get her strength back. Tammi was going to regret this. Maybe she could arrange an accident for her in her pool. Then the bitch would be out of her hair forever. For now she just had to play her part.

“Ok, slut! Let’s see how well you lick pussy!”

Melissa lowered her head. “Yes, Mistress I’m ready to get out of the pool and…”

“Underwater! Deep end!” And with that, she wrapped an arm around the bound woman’s neck.

Tammi pulled her backward. Then she worked the two of them into deeper water. There was no way she was risking letting this bitch out of the pool!

Melissa gasped fearfully. She’d wanted to manipulate the two of them out of the pool. Instead, she found herself in even greater danger of being drowned, especially with her hands cuffed behind her back.

She felt rising panic as she kicked for the bottom. But there was nothing under her feet. Apparently Tammi was better in the water than she’d been led to believe.

“You will now submerge and lick me underwater or I’ll fucking drown your ass! You got that?”

Before Melissa could respond, Tammi grabbed a handful of hair. She forced her husband’s mistress underwater with an abrupt “URP”. Then she moved her head into position in front of her crotch.

“EAT ME, YOU FUCKIN” WHORE!” Then she mashed the head against her crotch.

Melissa bubbled air out of her nostrils in fear as she lashed out with her tongue. She flicked it against the woman’s clit. She had the uneasy feeling if she didn’t deliver on her promise of an orgasm, she wasn’t getting out of the pool alive.

Tammi gasped in delight as the tongue flicked against her pleasure center. She sighed as an exciting little shiver rippled through her. Damn; Travis had never made her feel this good!

Melissa buried her head in the woman’s snatch. Then she feasted for all she was worth. As far as she was concerned, she was licking for her very life.

Somehow she had to turn the tables on this bitch and get free. Then she’d be able to deal with her when the time came. In the meantime, why not enjoy one’s self?

As her tongue lashed out, she felt the woman start to tremble. Good! If she could make this bitch scream in orgasmic pleasure, it should only be a matter of time before the revolver was in her hands. Then she’d show her lover’s wife what was what.

Tammi held the woman’s head in place, making sure the whore was in just the right spot. She tipped her head back and moaned as little tingles radiated outward in every direction. The bitch was good; she had to grant her that much.

Melissa burbled a burst of air up against the woman’s clit as her chest spasmed. Tammi cried out in delight. Underwater, the cuffed woman redoubled her efforts while thinking, ‘I’ve got to make her cum soon! I’m running out of air!’

Tammi suddenly wrapped her legs tightly around the woman’s head, holding Melissa in place with her thighs as she started to squeeze. Then she started humping the woman’s face. Melissa burbled in growing fear, her air nearly gone as her lungs burned in her chest.

Her pussy tingled excitedly, causing her to grow increasingly anxious. If she had an orgasm of her own she might blow the rest of her breath away before she could make Tammi cum. She licked harder as she sucked on the woman’s clit, using her tongue to probe the opening to the bitch’s cunt.

Tammi stiffened as her pussy tingled wildly. She clamped her thighs even tighter around the woman’s head underwater. Then she shuddered as the tongue worked its magic down below.

Melissa blew a burst of air against the woman’s clit in panic. Instinctively she put up a struggle, trying to wiggle free as her legs kicked feebly. With her hands cuffed behind her back she had no way to work herself out from between the woman’s legs. Her head felt like it was in a vice.

Feeling the bitch struggle down between her legs only added to Tammi’s excitement. A moment later every muscle tensed up as her pussy exploded from a burst of pleasure. She began bucking wildly, humping the poor woman’s face as her scream of ecstasy cut through the afternoon air.

Melissa tried to scream out in breathless agony. But her face was mashed hard against the woman’s pussy. She thrashed about as her body demanded she replenish her air supply, her chest heaving mightily.

Her mind cried out, ‘THE BITCH’S GONNA DROWN ME ANYWAY!’ She was hit with the horrible realization her plans had miserably backfired. She opened her mouth to breathe, but being forced up against the woman’s crotch prevented her from inhaling OR exhaling.

A moment later Melissa was suddenly pulled to the surface. She coughed and sputtered, her legs kicking weakly. “AGAIN!” Tammi demanded.

Melissa was pushed back down, barely getting a decent breath. Her face was mashed against the woman’s pussy once again. She frantically flicked her tongue out, lapping up the juices that were beginning to dribble outward. Her mind cried out, “Please, God! Get me out of this and I swear I’ll never see Travis again!”

Her chest spasmed as her lungs screamed at her. That brief breath at the surface had not nearly been enough. Her tongue frantically probed her adversary’s pussy opening.

Tammi’s thighs tightened around Melissa’s head. Once more she tipped her head back and cried out her pleasure. It made her wonder if she was attracting any unwanted attention with her cries of excitement.

She mercilessly humped the poor woman’s face, bucking wildly as a second orgasm ripped through her. Melissa burbled frantically, her chest heaving. Her pussy tingled wildly from the fearful excitement of the moment.

The thought of being kept underwater was frightening, yet thrilling. Being dangerously close to drowning was terribly arousing. Then the thighs she was wedged between opened up.

Melissa felt herself being yanked up to the surface by her hair. She gasped frantically at the surface. That’s when she gazed into the eyes of a woman possessed.

“Once more, slut!” Tammi gasped excitedly. “If you’re lucky, I’ll even bring you back up!”

Melissa was abruptly shoved back down into the water. Once more she was slammed into place. Oh, shit!

Her tongue frantically lashed out. Melissa prayed she might earn a few extra minutes of life. She hoped it would be just enough to extricate herself from her current dilemma.

She probed the opening to the woman’s pussy with her tongue. Then she sucked on her clit. Melissa felt Tammi stiffen, indicating her efforts were having an effect.

Tammi stiffened and then started shaking violently as a third orgasm rapidly approached. Her thighs clamped tightly around the head of her husband’s mistress as she gasped excitedly. Then she started bucking again, humping the woman’s face for all she was worth. A moment later a scream of pleasure was ripped from her lungs.

Melissa’s chest heaved as she burbled frantically. She had to have air now! She blew a burst of bubbles against the pussy in front of her. Then her lungs gave out.

She reflexively inhaled, pulling water down her windpipe. She began thrashing about as the woman she was tending to cried out from a fourth, unexpected orgasm.

‘I’M GONNA DROWN!’ her mind screamed in horror. A moment later, her own pussy exploded in an orgasmic eruption, causing her body to thrash about. A moment later her nervous system overloaded, and she blacked out…

2005; 2020 (written for Melissa Aug 9 ’05; ed. Sep 11 ‘20 by riwa)

Part 6 – The air Mattress

(A flashback to before the investigation)

Melissa came to, the events of the last few minutes a hazy blur. She shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. She remembered being underwater, licking Tammi’s pussy. Then she remembered sucking pool water.

She thought she’d been pulled back up. But she didn’t have any memory of it. All she knew was that she’d ended up back at the surface, coughing and sputtering.

She vaguely thought she’d been helped out of the pool and into her bed. But that seemed rather strange. She’d lost consciousness after that.

Awareness fully returned. Melissa realized she was NOT in her bed. Instead, she was flat on her back in the pool, floating on her air mattress.

Gasping in alarm, she tried to rise up. But that didn’t go so well. Her arms had been wrapped behind her back all the way around the mattress before being cuffed together at the wrists.

She tried to move her feet. But her legs straddled the mattress and were cuffed together underneath at the ankles. The effect was to open her thighs wide, exposing her pussy to the late afternoon sun.

That’s when it came back to her. Tammi had told her she was going to tie her to the air mattress and torture her. At least her memory was returning.

She remembered being too exhausted to resist, forced to stumble along in the water. She must have been helped up onto the air mattress. But she didn’t remember anything after that. The bitch must have cuffed her while she was unconscious.

Melissa struggled against the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Her current situation had certainly not improved. If anything, it had become far more precarious.

“Are you still with us, bitch?” she heard a voice spit out.

She turned her head and saw Tammi looking at her with an evil smile. Melissa shook her head as she pleaded for mercy. “Please; let me go! We can work together. I’ll help you get even with your husband!”

Tammi was not impressed. “I don’t think so. Instead, I think it’s time for you to die, bitch!”

“DIE??!! But I… I thought you were gonna TORTURE me!!”

“I lied. I hope you can hold your breath, you fuckin’ whore!”

Tammi lowered herself into the water. She pushed up against the underside of the mattress. Then she flipped the bound woman over.

Melissa let out a fearful shriek. She tried to snatch a quick breath. Then she hit the water face first with a splash.

She burbled frantically, desperately trying to squirm out of the cuffs that bound her wrists and ankles. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. Had she just taken her last breath?

Out of curiosity, Tammi set her watch as she smirked at her handiwork. At twenty seconds she took a deep breath and submerged. She wanted to see what the whore would look like the moment she started thrashing about and drowning.

She swam under the mattress where she rolled over onto her back so she could look up at her captive. When she drifted upward she simply grabbed either side of the mattress around Melissa’s chest. It brought her dangerously close to the woman’s breasts.

It didn’t matter how much the water stunt her sinuses. She wanted to watch this! So she stretched her arms out, pushing herself downward enough to give her a good view of the bound woman so she could watch her struggle…

Melissa looked down at her captor in rising panic. She lost a few bubbles when she saw there was no sympathy for her in the face of the woman looking up at her. Despite her growing fear that she was about to drown, or perhaps because of it, she found herself becoming aroused.

It was the type of bondage game she and Travis might have played, cuffed the way she was. What’s more, her pussy was exposed to the direct stimulation of cool pool water. Besides, there was a certain sexiness about the dangerous bitch looking up at her: soft, pale skin, firm breasts… erect nipples revealing a definite element of arousal.

Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. Melissa wondered if this was it. Was the bitch really gonna let her drown?

She squirmed in a desperate attempt to free herself. But it was no use. All she was doing was causing the woman underneath her smile with amusement at her growing discomfort.

A spasm gently rolled through her body. It was the first warning sign of her growing need for air. Melissa felt a familiar tingle in her pussy despite the dangerous nature of her situation…

Tammi looked up at her captive while releasing a little air out of her nose. She watched with interest as bubbles dribbled up against the cuffed woman. Some rolled off Melissa’s chest, while smaller ones stuck to the bitch’s breasts in little beads…

Melissa felt the bubbles tickle and caress her. It was a humiliating stimulation. She count not help flinching involuntarily…

Tammi saw the bound woman’s reaction. For some reason it intrigued her. She allowed herself to drift a little closer, carefully releasing a few more blips of air out of her mouth…

Melissa felt several bubbles dance off her breasts. A few bounced erotically off her nipples. She flinched again, bubbling at the sensations. Her lungs heaved as she fought to hold her breath…

Tammi grinned mischievously before adjusting her position. She took aim and deliberately released a small, steady stream. Bubbles splattered up against the bound woman’s left nipple…

Melissa shivered as bubbles tickled her breast. She squirmed helplessly, another warning spasm rippling through her as her lungs began to burn. The bubbles were like little touches of electricity.

They dribbled up against her, rolling sensuously over her flesh. She shivered again as her body spasmed once more. The bitch was enjoying herself while watching as her lungs became more insistent in their demand for another breath…

Tammi observed with interest as a spasm rolled from Melissa’s stomach to her breasts, causing them to wiggle erotically. She saw another spasm… and then another. Each one appeared more insistent than the last.

The bound woman lost a burst of air as her cheeks bulged. She appeared to be struggling in a desperate attempt to hold her breath. Watching her drown was going to be oh, so satisfying!

Tammi felt a spasm ripple through her own body. There was another one; she, too, was running out of breath. She needed to go up for air, but she was fascinated at the way Melissa’s body was starting to heave and spasm.

She watched the woman grimace in concentration as she fought to hold her breath. Another burst of air blew out of her captive’s mouth. Tammi saw what appeared to be a rather painful convulsion rumble through the tightly secured woman.

She suddenly felt a massive spasm of her own. It caused her to blow a burst of air up into Melissa’s face. Tammi let go of the mattress, got her feet underneath her and stood up, panting heavily.

She saw a massive burst of bubbles come up around the head of the mattress. She flipped it over without even thinking about it, granting the bound woman a much-needed breath of air. Then she checked her watch, remembering she was keeping track of the time.

Damn! She wasn’t sure if she was impressed by the fact Melissa had held her breath for over a minute forty… or that she’d held HERS over a minute twenty. She’d been having way too much fun with the woman and hadn’t been paying that much attention to her breath-holding…

Melissa gasped for breath, grateful to still be alive. She looked over at Tammi, wondering what was coming next. Would this be her only reprieve?

Tammi watched the bound woman suck in huge lungfuls of air. It dawned on her she’d actually allowed the bitch back up! ‘What the HELL am I doing??’ she said to herself. ‘I should have DROWNED the slut!’

“SHIT!” she blurted out. Anger filled Tammi’s face. Melissa saw the enraged expression and gasped fearfully.

Tammi was furious as she grabbed onto the mattress. Then she heaved it right over. “SUCK WATER, BITCH!” she bellowed at the overturned mattress.

That wasn’t all she wanted to do. The bitch had been fucking her husband! So she clambered up onto the mattress, causing it to bob up and down in the water…

Melissa burbled fearfully. She lost a burst of air as she felt the woman climb up onto the mattress. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest as she remembered how angry Tammi had seemed.

‘I’m DEAD!’ she thought mournfully. The thought perversely exhilarated her almost as much as it frightened her.

She felt arms wrap around her from above. Hands fumbled over her breasts. Then she felt fingers on her tits…

‘OW! OW-OW-OW!!’

She burbled painfully as fingers pinched her erect nipples. Then they grabbed on. That’s when the crazy bitch began yanking on them, twisting them mercilessly…


Melissa jerked painfully, causing the mattress to bounce around above her. She burbled frantically as she clawed at the body lying on her shackled hands. The pinching sadistically intensified…


She felt her lungs spasm in her chest. Melissa burbled frantically as she squirmed desperately in an attempt to get free. The jerking of her erect nipples continued…


Tammi grinned sadistically as the body beneath her jerked and hitched. “Take THAT, bitch… and THAT… how do you LIKE it, slut?! THAT’S what you get for fucking my HUSBAND!”

Melissa burbled in pain as her lungs began to burn. A moment later the sensations changed as those sadistic fingers began fondling her breasts and nipples. Pain turned to shameful pleasure until she moaned involuntarily, blowing a burst of air out of her lungs as a convulsion shook her chest…

Tammi saw air bubble to the surface around the head of the mattress. Instinctively she rolled off the mattress into the water. Then she stood up and flipped Melissa back over, allowing the woman to gasp wildly for breath.

That was the second time she’d delayed the bitches deserving demise! What the hell was WRONG with her?? Why was she suddenly experiencing these perversely erotic feelings for this whore?

Was it the pussy licking she’d gotten a few minutes ago, along with those fantastic orgasms she’d received? She was sure she wanted to drown the bitch… or at least torture the fucking slut! But now she was having reservations…

Melissa looked at her anxiously. Her chest rose and fell as she tried to get her breath back. She saw a strange look in the woman’s face.

Tammi didn’t seem as enraged as before. That was certainly not the look of a betrayed housewife. Was there a modicum of mercy in the woman whose husband she’d been fucking?

Tammi tried to clear the conflicting emotions out of her head. Damnit, this woman had fucked her husband! She deserved to drown in her very own pool right here and now!

She composed herself before grabbing onto the mattress. Then she angrily heaved it back over. Melissa let out a frightened squeal before splashing face down into the pool.

“I should drown your ass right now!” Tammi yelled at the mattress. But her voice sounded unconvincing.

Drowning the slut was what she OUGHT to do. Instead she was considering a different option. What she now thought she wanted to do defied all logic or reason…

Melissa eyes widened in horror. Once more she thought this was it. She was sure the bitch was going to drown her now.

Her pussy tingled from a perverse excitement. Something made her think of her quivering snatch being filled with one of the dildos Travis had used on her earlier in the day. After all, he couldn’t stay hard all the time. Sometimes she needed something for those in-between times.

A moment later Tammi came into view underneath her. The woman reached up and grabbed her nipples. Once more the bitch began pinching and twisting them…


DAMN! The pain was working against her, arousing her even more. She burbled and squirmed, helpless to prevent what was happening to her.

The pinching stopped. Tammi drifted up against her. Melissa was shocked when the betrayed woman took a sore nipple into her mouth.


Melissa squirmed again as the woman underneath her went from one nipple to the other, gently licking, sucking and burbling.

‘Touch my pussy, bitch!’ she thought in desperation. ‘If you’re gonna drown me, at least grant me one last orgasm!’

A sharp spasm rippled through her… then another one. Her lungs were crying out for air. But she didn’t want Tammi to stop until the woman played with her pussy long enough to trigger the release she craved!

‘Hurry up, bitch! I can’t hold it much longer! Please! Let me have an orgasm!’

She burbled as her cheeks bulged, her chest heaving and convulsing. A moment later the rest of her air blew out of her body.

Oh, NO! She was gonna inhale any second now! Her pussy was tingling wildly, aching to cum. Yet the bitch was gonna let her drown without letting her…

Melissa watched Tammi move out from underneath her and stand up. She suddenly felt the mattress flip over, flopping her up into the sun. Once more she was allowed to gasp mightily for breath.

Her chest heaved as she sucked huge lungfuls of fresh air into her lungs. Then she gasped and started to tremble. Fingers were caressing her breasts… teasing her nipples.

Tammi had been thinking about Melissa’s earlier comment about the two of them becoming lovers and how it would be a good way to get even with Travis. Despite her misgivings, she found herself becoming intrigued with the idea. Maybe it was because she found herself aroused with desire as she continued fingering the bound woman’s nipples.

“You like that, don’t you, slut?” When Melissa nodded weakly, Tammi impulsively bent over and kissed her. She allowed her tongue to probe the bound woman’s mouth.

Melissa groaned excitedly as fingers continued to roam over her chest. Her nipples were played with again. Then she cried out into the mouth upon hers once they were pinched.

The pinching stopped. There were more caresses. Melissa groaned with pleasure…


More pinching. OW! Damn her!



She felt her tormentor grab onto her tits. She felt them being twisted and mauled. It triggered a combination of pain and pleasure shooting through her.

Melissa moaned helplessly. She gave off another muffled grunt when they were pinched again. The whole time their lips remained locked together. At least it was far better than drowning.

Tammi came up for air, reluctantly stopping their passionate lip-lock. But she continued caressing the poor woman’s breasts.

“You like it when I do that; don’t you, slut?”

Melissa nodded weakly, tears in her eyes.

“DON’T YOU, YOU FUCKING WHORE?” Tammi pinched hard while seemingly demanding an answer.

“OW…! Yes… yes, ma’am!”

Melissa moaned again as hands caressed her mounds. It was erotically humiliating. At least for now her lungs were not in the process of flooding.

“Let’s see if you can hold your breath longer, slut!”

The mattress was suddenly pushed up and over. The startled woman quickly sucked in a lungful of air before she was submerged again. Melissa shivered excitedly, unsure whether or not this would be the fateful moment Tammi took her revenge out on her.

She found herself praying the angry wife would stop erotically torturing her. Pain, bubbles and caresses were arousing her immensely. Now she was almost hoping the bitch would just fuck the shit out of her! Surely she’d left a couple of dildos lying around the pool for her to make good use of.

She felt movement in the water. Tammi swam underneath her, rolling over onto her back again. Once more the two were facing each other.

She saw the wicked grin on the woman’s face. Melissa trembled over what might happen next. Would it be better than drowning? Or would it be worse?

As for Tammi, she could not help herself. Maybe it was an act of revenge against her husband. Or maybe it was the awakening of hidden desires.

She wasn’t sure why. But for some reason she wanted to play with this bitch. She wanted to torture her sexually.

Her own excitement and arousal began to overwhelm her. It overrode any further murderous thoughts. Tammi allowed her body to drift up until she pressed up against Melissa face to face, chest to chest and torso to torso.

Their lips came together again. Tongues searched each other’s mouths. It was amazing the way Melissa was submitting. Perhaps the fear of drowning was motivating her.

Her hands slipped between them. Tammi found the bound woman’s breasts once more. Then she alternately started to pinch and then fondle her nipples.

Melissa shuddered with pleasure, jerked with pain and then shuddered with pleasure again. Her snatch was screaming for attention. She was trembling all over; every nerve ending jangling at her as she passionately returned the kiss initiated by her lover’s wife…

FORMER lover’s wife, she decided. As far as she was concerned, this was the end of Travis. His wife was SO much better. The woman was simply driving her insane with those caresses, pinches and bubbles.

Tammi burbled air out through her nose as she slowly brought a knee up. It came in contact with Melissa’s pussy opening. The bound woman burbled excitedly as she tried to squeeze. But her thighs were spread too far apart.

Melissa trembled wildly as she aggressively tongued the mouth of the woman who was driving her mad. All thoughts of getting hold of the gun and killing her were long gone. Now she simply wanted this woman to become her new lover by taking her… abusing her… fucking her…

Tammi suddenly pulled away. She blew bubbles up into the face of her captive. Then she slowly worked her way down the woman’s suspended body until an erect nipple came into view. That’s when she slowly sucked it into her mouth before running her tongue all around it…

Melissa trembled as the warm mouth came in contact with her nipples. She nearly blew her air away as bubbles slipped past her lips. She felt a warning spasm ripple through her. But for the moment she was not as concerned as before. She would hold her breath for as long as necessary if only this damned woman would stop teasing her and just give her an orgasm!

Tammi felt her lungs start to burn as a spasm shook her. She concentrated on sucking on the nipples in front of her. She detected small convulsions in the body of the woman she was pleasuring.

The two of them would need air soon. But her pussy was throbbing with longing. Perversely, she snaked a hand down between her thighs.

Tammi touched and then rubbed her own clit. It sent pleasurable shivers tingling through her as her legs squeezed together. She thought about her captive and wondered whether or not the bitch was getting frustrated as hell.

It served her right. Maybe she would hold off drowning her. Hell, maybe she’d let the bitch live, especially if they might develop a relationship of their own…

Melissa burbled as the warm body pressed against her. She fought to hold her breath as another spasm rippled through her. She desperately wanted this woman to touch her clit, stick a finger in her pussy… ANYTHING!

She spasmed again as her lungs cried out for air. She tried to squeeze her legs together and couldn’t. She tried to find some way to get her body to orgasm. But the release she wanted felt like it was tantalizingly out of reach.

She squirmed in an attempt to help move things along. A massive convulsion shook her. She became acutely aware her lungs were screaming for air.

She lost a big burst of air. Melissa trembled as panic flowed through her, heightening all of her senses. Her mind cried out, ‘CAN’T… HOLD IT… MUCH LONGER…!’

She started to thrash about as the last of her air spewed out of her mouth. A moment later she felt Tammi move away from her. For a moment she was panicked until she felt the mattress push upward.

She was rolled over up into fresh air. Melissa gasped mightily as she sucked breath after breath into her lungs. She even heard Tammi panting and gasping nearby.

She turned her head and looked at her. Had the anger dissipated? She really wanted to cum!

“2:23!” Tammi announced as she looked at her watch. It was a surprise they had both been under for that amount of time. She’d never held her breath that long before. Melissa just gasped for breath, eyes wide in amazement.

Tammi drew closer. She carefully moved her hand between Melissa’s thighs. Then she started rubbing her pussy.

Melissa moaned softly. Tammi abruptly pulled her hand away. She was still hurt and angry; it felt good to act cruelly toward the bitch!

Melissa glared at her in helpless frustration as she shivered excitedly. The hand returned. Fingers gently strummed her clit as well as the opening to her pussy.

She groaned again, shivering uncontrollably. Her body ached with lustful desire. Travis had never stirred her sensations like this before!

“Is that what you want, bitch?” Tammi grinned wickedly at her. Melissa didn’t care anymore.

“Please!” she gasped in desperation. “I want to cum! I’m so fucking horny! Fuck me… stick something in me… please… give me an orgasm… I’ll do ANYTHING!”

“Even drown?” her tormentor asked with a wicked glint in her eye, remembering the bitch’s comments to her husband.

Melissa was too far gone to think clearly. “Yes – yes – anything! Just let me cum!” She was so damned frustrated at being unable to squeeze her legs together to help bring herself to orgasm.

Tammi grinned at her. Then she paused to consider her own heightened arousal. Truth was: she could use another orgasm of her own right about now.

Tammi made a decision. “Make me cum, bitch, and I’ll think about it.” Then she flipped Melissa over with a splash.

It caught the other woman by surprise. She didn’t get the full breath she needed. Then Tammi worked herself back underneath the mattress.

She pressed her crotch up against the woman’s head. Then she maneuvered herself so her pussy was mashed up against the bound woman’s face. A moment later she felt a tongue lash out to flick against her clit.

Tammi moaned appreciatively as she started to squirm. This was much better. But it made Melissa’s task that much more difficult. She didn’t care as felt excited little tingles ripple through her as the tongue pressed itself into her cunt…

Melissa dutifully tongued the pussy mashed against her face. If she could just bring this damned woman to orgasm. Maybe she would be rewarded with the release her body so desperately craved.

She licked for all she was worth, concentrating on her task. It made it somewhat easier to hold her breath. Then the betrayed wife unexpectedly pulled away, filling her with dread she was going to be drowned anyway…

Tammi pulled herself away from that magical tongue. She waited a few moments to allow the excitement to die down. Then she slowly slid herself back under again, determined to make the task much more difficult…

The crotch returned and was mashed back into her face. Melissa resumed licking as a warning spasm gently shook her. She aggressively tongued the woman’s pussy, wondering if she needed to get her off in order to earn a reward… or a drowning reprieve.

She felt a certain sense of satisfaction as the woman’s body started to squirm against her face. Then the crotch pulled away from her again. DAMNIT! What the HELL was she DOING??

Tammi surfaced and gasped excitedly, prolonging her orgasm. Then she got another breath before sliding back under into position. She saw Melissa give off a burst of bubbles, causing her to grin inwardly as she wondered how much longer her captive could hold her breath…

The crotch returned, mashing itself into Melissa’s face. She was running out of air! It made her tongue the woman’s pussy for all she was worth as her convulsions intensified.

She felt her lungs heave, causing her to struggle to keep from inhaling. She tongued the pussy pressed against her lips in desperation. Then she sucked on the engorged clit as air began spurting out of her mouth… ‘CUM, DAMN YOU! CUM BEFORE I START TO DROWN DOWN HERE!’

Tammi felt air bubble against her clit. A tongue spread her pussy lips wide, causing her to squirm excitedly. She felt the orgasm rush toward her. But she forced herself to delay it as she slipped out from underneath the mattress.

She surfaced briefly, gasping excitedly. A big burst of bubbles erupted around the mattress. Then she flipped it over, allowing Melissa to gasp mightily for breath.

She snarled at her husband’s lover, “Is that the best you can do? If so, then I guess I’m gonna have to drown your sorry ass! You deserve it anyway for fucking my husband!”

“Please!” Melissa cried out, her body trembling from unsatisfied desires. “Let me try again! I want to cum!”

“Then you’d better make me cum first, bitch! If you don’t, I’ll just leave you upside down and let you drown!” Then Tammi grabbed the mattress and cruelly flipped it back over.

2005; 2020 (written for Melissa Aug 19 ’05; ed. Oct 11 ‘20 by riwa)

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