Dorothy’s lesbian nightmare II



Dorothy was dimly aware of being freed from the noose, the photographer offering her a thousand apologies. “I’m terribly sorry about that, Mrs. Brown,” she remarked. “I had no idea how badly you needed to use the loo until you peed on me. Allow me to offer you my humble apologies. We’ll get you into the bathroom straight away!”

Dorothy mumbled an apology for doing that to her. But she couldn’t help muttering something about crazy photographers as they helped her into the next room. She was exhausted from her many cums and she really did have to go. But what caught her totally off guard was the presence of a small gurney she saw, something of a small, metal trolley sitting next to the toilet.

“Hey, what are you doing??” she stammered in astonishment as they helped her up onto the contraption. She was too tired to resist as they placed her flat upon her back with her head hanging off the end. Then they strapped her down tight, leaving her legs free at the other end… and her pussy shamefully exposed again.

“What the bloody hell is this??” she protested. Being bound like that was making her tremble like crazy again.

“We’re going to help you use the loo, love,” LittleSiss explained with a giggle. “After all, you DID pee on her!”

“You do have this coming to you, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer explained. “But rest assured we’ll make sure to get a photo or two to show your husband Jimmy.”

“Bloody hell; don’t show him a picture of THIS??!!” Dorothy stammered in horror. “And don’t put my head down into the toilet bowl???!!!”

“Oh, not to worry, love,” Darkprincess explained. “We keep the bowl quite antiseptic for situations such as these. Now in you go.”

The receptionist operated some sort of hand crank which lowered the front end of the gurney – and Dorothy’s head! The next thing she knew her head was being lowered right inside the bloody bowl! She could actually read the engravings on the underside of the rim!!

“Wait a minute – wait a minute!” she blurted out. “What the bloody hell are you DOING to me??!!”

“Oh, nothing special,” the photographer said with a wicked little smile. “Just a little something for the way you peed on me is all.” Then she casually reached for the chain.

Dorothy looked up and saw the tank above her. A moment later it dawned on her what was about to happen. Darkprincess pulled on the chain and she heard an ominous flush of rushing water.

It poured down into the bowl, flowing all around her head. But her presence was blocking the drain and the water level rose ominously! A moment later it totally covered her face!!

Dorothy screamed, spewing bubbles in the toilet bowl as her body wriggled and thrashed about. It only took a few seconds for the water to drain away from her face and around her head. But she was wet and bedraggled, astonished and humiliated they had done that to her!

d11She heard giggles and laughter; the bitches were actually amused at her plight!! “Oh let me get a picture or two of this!” the photographer chuckled. “Her husband will die of laughter when he sees these!”

“What are you DOING to me??” she wailed. “I thought you were going to let me use the toilet!”

“You ARE using it, love!” the receptionist chuckled. “You should have seen how your body wriggled around when you got flushed! It was bloody erotic – sexy as hell!”

She became aware of an ominous silence which Dorothy recognized as the tank above her finishing filling up. That meant it was ready to flush her again!! When she looked up she saw LittleSiss standing over her with a big grin on her face, her hand poised on the chain.

“She’s back with the camera, love,” she giggled. “She’s going to take a few stills for you! Now put on a good show for your husband, ok?” Then she tugged on the chain.

“NOOOO!” Then she heard the sound of rushing water again. Cold water quickly began to fill the bowl, rising up around her head and then covering her face once more. Dorothy screamed and wriggled, thrashing about until it drained away and left her breathless and panting.

“Wonderful; simply wonderful!” she heard the photographer’s voice declare. “Those should be excellent pictures once we develop them for your Jimmy, Mrs. Brown. Now let’s give him something else to salivate over!”

Dorothy had no idea what the crazy bitch was talking about… that is, until she felt the receptionist move in between her legs and start to lick. Instantly her eyes flew open and she stiffened at the sensual assault. The woman was talented and in no time at all she was wriggling and whimpering helplessly.

She saw flashes of light as she heard the snap of several pictures. Then a hand came into view and grabbed the chain. “Enjoy, Mrs. Brown,” Darkprincess told her. Then the chain was pulled and she heard the flush of water as lips mouthed her nub.

d12Once more that bloody tongue poked and prodded inside her! Then her face was hit with cold water, the level rising until it completely covered her face! The horror of being tongued and flushed was too much for her and Dorothy screamed in orgasm, her body shuddering hard. The photographer dutifully committed the erotic scene to a series of pictures.

“Delicious; she really came hard with that one!” LittleSiss exclaimed with delight. “Quite tasty!” and she licked her lips.

“Very good, Mrs. Brown!” Darkprincess declared as the water drained away from her face again. “These should turn out rather well! Now let us see if you have learned anything.”

Dorothy had no idea what the crazy bitch meant by that. But she was thankful when her head was cranked up out of the bowl. At least they were done flushing her!

For a moment she fully expected to be removed from the crazy contraption she was strapped upon. But to her complete and utter horror the photographer simply came up to her and straddled her head, all but sitting upon her face with her naked crotch! “Now show us what you’ve learned, Mrs. Brown!” she gasped eagerly.

Was she bloody INSANE??!! Dorothy had no desire to have her mouth mashed against another woman’s pussy!! She grunted and thrashed about as she tried to shake her head. But the bitch easily kept her crotch mashed hard against her face.

d13“Siss?” Darkprincess sighed. “She seems unmotivated. Perhaps you would be so kind as to give her a hand?”

Dorothy grunted in protest, wondering what the hell THAT was all about! A moment later she felt something hard and familiar push into her wet pussy!! Bloody hell; the crazy bitch was going to fuck her with something!!!

d14She cried out into the muff against her face as the strap-on thrust in hard and fast. She could taste the wet arousal of the crazy photographer on her lips; it was humiliating as hell! In fact the bitch was eagerly grinding against her mouth!!

There was no way in hell she was sticking her tongue out; she just couldn’t make herself do it!! But that didn’t seem to bother Darkprincess in the slightest! She heard the photographer moan and groan as the woman humped her face good and hard!

It swelled within her and she fought like hell to keep it at bay! She didn’t want these bloody bitches knowing she was cumming again!! But it was a losing battle, especially the way that receptionist was trying so hard to fuck an orgasm right out of her!

She finally screamed into the muff of the photographer as her orgasm took her violently. Darkprincess let out a cry of joy as she responded with an orgasm of her own. The receptionist just urged them both to cum hard for her as she kept pounding Dorothy’s poor pussy with her strap-on!

The satisfied woman finally climbed off her face, leaving Dorothy panting heavily. Her mouth and lips were wet and sticky from the photographer’s arousal and the taste of it humiliated her. Then her head was cranked back down into the bowl.

“Let’s get your face all cleaned off now; shall we, Mrs. Brown?” Darkprincess giggled. Then she heard the flush of the tank. Dorothy screamed and thrashed about as cold water flowed around her head, filling the bowl and covering her face one final time…

Dorothy was relieved when they finally unstrapped her from the bloody trolley. She was still naked and she fully expected to be allowed to clean herself up. The least they could do was provide her with some sort of robe or something!

At least there would be no more flushing… and no more crazy female sex or anything! It had been embarrassing as hell having a wet crotch mashed against her mouth! The fact that her lips had tingled and she had been sorely tempted to lick a little had made it bloody humiliating!

At any rate it was all over now. What’s more, it was high time she put a stop to all this crazy picture taking! After all, she didn’t want her husband to see anything the crazy photographer had already taken up to this point!!

“Right this way, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer said politely. Why the silly bitch was acting like nothing untoward had even happened!! Dorothy couldn’t believe what kind of photography studio she had apparently stepped inside!!

When they stepped back into the main studio Dorothy noticed that the bondage cross was gone. In its place was some sort of wooden horse. What alarmed her was when the receptionist led her right over to it with the words, “Right this way please.”

“Wait, love; what are you doing now?” Dorothy gasped in alarm. “I think you should know that I’ve changed my mind about the pictures! And I must ask that you destroy all the negatives – HEY!!”

She was shoved down upon the contraption where the receptionist began securing her arms to cuffs attached at the legs. “Bloody hell, love; what are you doing??” she sputtered. “I don’t WANT any more pictures taken, ok??”

“Oh, the pictures are a side issue, Mrs. Brown,” she explained. “You see, Darkprincess told me you didn’t do a very good job with her pussy.”

“That’s because I’m not like that at all!!” Dorothy protested. “No offense; I just prefer sucking cock over eating pussy!”

“Pity,” LittleSiss said with a sigh. “Anyway, you’re here for a little punishment now. But don’t you worry none. We’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures to send to your husband. I’m sure he’ll enjoy seeing how we disciplined you!”

“Disciplined me??!!” Dorothy sputtered in alarm. “I don’t need no bloody discipline, love! What I need is my clothes so I can be sent on my way!”

“Don’t worry, love,” the receptionist reassured her as she secured Dorothy’s legs to the legs of the wooden horse. “You’ll be sent on your way once we’re done with you. Right now Darkprincess would like to express her displeasure with you.”

“Displeasure??!! What displeasure??!! And where is she??!!” Dorothy couldn’t see the photographer anywhere around.

“Oh, she’s on her way, love,” LittleSiss reassured her. And sure enough that’s when Darkprincess made an appearance, complete with a strap-on attached to her naked body… and a cane in her hand! Dorothy saw the cane and went deathly pale, trembling and whimpering and mumbling and squirming.

“Ah, there you are, Mrs. Brown!” the photographer declared with a cruel smile, grasping the cane with delight. “I must say I’m rather disappointed with your efforts in the loo! No matter… I’m sure this will straighten you right up!” Then she grinned as she smacked the palm of her hand with the cane for emphasis.

“Oh bloody hell; you wouldn’t!!” Dorothy gasped in horror. As if to remind Mrs. Brown she most certainly would Darkprincess stepped right up… and took a nice swing with the cane! There was a crisp smack on Dorothy’s bum, causing her to flinch and yelp.

“That’s one, Mrs. Brown. Care to try for two?”

“No thank you!” Dorothy blurted out. “Now get me the bloody – IIEEEE!” She flinched again as the cane hit her a second time.

“I do think I’m going to enjoy this!” the photographer giggled. “How about you, Mrs. Brown?”

“What kind of a bloody studio is this any – IIEEEEE!”

“That’s three, Mrs. Brown. But I can assure you there are more on the way.”

“Wait – wait! All right – all right; you can take any kind of bloody pictures you want! Just don’t send them to my – IIEEEEEE!”

“Four.” The receptionist couldn’t help giggling. Then Dorothy detected the flash of a camera and she groaned inwardly.


“Wait – wait – WAIT!! Can’t we discuss this or som – IIEEEEE!” Her bum stung with the impact and she flinched and whimpered.

d15“That’s five, Mrs. Brown. My but your bum reddens up rather nicely!” Then Dorothy felt a hand lovingly rub her arse.


“That’s six, Mrs. Brown. I see you’re starting to drip a little. We can’t have that now, can we? Siss, would you please take care of that?”

“Certainly, DP!” Dorothy heard the receptionist respond eagerly. It made her wonder what the bloody hell they were going to do to her next! A moment later she felt a face press into her bum, felt a nose tickling her arse as a tongue began slurping up the symptoms of her arousal.

Dorothy writhed and whimpered… OH BLOODY HELL; NOT AGAIN???!!! Her body responded all too willingly; she just couldn’t stop it! Then the face pulled away and…


“Seven.” Then the face returned, lapping up her flowing juices.

Dorothy writhed and sobbed; this was way beyond humiliating!! She couldn’t believe how they were taking advantage of her like this!! What really galled her was how much her body was responding to it…



Lick – slurp – lick…



Lick – lick – slurp. There was a moan as though the receptionist was thoroughly enjoying herself.



Now she was crying, sobbing openly. She felt the face return, felt the tongue probe her shamefully dripping pussy. It made her writhe and wriggle until…


“Eleven. I must admit, Mrs. Brown; you really amaze me! You sound like you’ve done this many times before. In fact I find it terribly exciting to give you such an erotic caning.”


Lick – lick – slurp…



“She’s really dripping, DP!”

“Then you’d better take care of it, eh Siss?”

“Oh yes MA’AM!” Much too eager for Dorothy’s peace of mind…

Lick – slurp – lick…



“Can I make her cum, DP?”

“Yes, you certainly may, Siss!  I suppose it’s only fair.”

Giggling… lick – slurp – lick, lick – slurp, slurp…

Dorothy sobbed and wriggled…



Lick – lick – slurp…

…and Dorothy screamed her orgasm, her body shuddering hard. Her eyes rolled and she became extremely disoriented. She would have fallen onto the floor had she not been strapped down to the bloody thing.


“That’s fifteen. That’s a nice, round number Siss; don’t you think?”

“Yes, I do, DP!” Giggling… lick – lick – slurp – lick…

The tongue mercifully withdrew before she could scream again. But her relief was short lived as a familiar object was pushed into her wet opening.

Dorothy whimpered and groaned as her body started to rock. Then she recognized the flash of the camera! That bloody receptionist was taking pictures again!!!

“You’ve done very well, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer reassured her, setting up a rhythmic thrusting. “Just for that you can cum anytime you feel like it! How does that sound?”

d16Dorothy sobbed from the stinging of her bum. She was humiliated as hell from having been caned and licked. Now the bloody bitch was giving her a good fucking… and she could feel it welling up within her yet again!!

She tried to hold it back; oh, how she tried!! But her efforts were in vain! Her body was overly stimulated and there wasn’t a single thing she could do about it!! A moment later she let go, screaming to high heaven as her body shuddered from a glorious orgasm!

“YESSSSS!” the photographer gasped with delight. “My – my. but that’s a wonderful sight to see! You have no idea how erotic it is to watch another woman cum, Mrs. Brown!” And somewhere behind her she could hear the breathless cries of the receptionist all caught up in the throes of her own orgasm, having been extremely turned on watching Dorothy cum as well…

“We’re just about finished, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer told her as they untied her from the wooden horse. “Just a few more pictures and we’ll be done.”

“I think we’ve taken enough pictures for one day,” Dorothy gasped tiredly. But to her dismay the crazy woman actually blindfolded her!

“No need to thank us, Mrs. Brown; it’s all part of the service. Now if you’ll just come this way?”

“But what’s with the bloody blindfold, love?” Dorothy asked in alarm. She wasn’t certain she liked where this was going.

“You’re familiar with the old saying ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, Mrs. Brown? Well this is something along those lines. I do something nice for you… and you do something nice for me.”

“I don’t know what you’re getting on about, love,” Dorothy gasped impatiently. “And I really do need to be getting home…”

“Not before we finish with your photo shot, love. Now climb up on here, please.”

Where are we? Why do I need this bloody…?”

“Up you go now.”

Dorothy was helped onto what felt like some sort of bed and she was made to straddle something large. What really made her gasp in alarm was when she was made to kneel upon some sort of dildo, causing it to impale her! She inhaled sharply as hands secured her wrists into some straps. Then it felt like little pads were attached to her upper thighs!

d17She wriggled and squirmed; what the bloody hell were they doing to her now?? Then the object she was straddling began to hum, vibrating the dildo inside her! What’s more, there was something vibrating her nub as well, making her gasp and moan as she started to tremble.

“Just a few more sexy pictures for Mr. Brown, love,” the photographer called out to her. “Enjoy yourself, hun!”

“But I don’t want… hunh… don’t show these to… unngghhh… oh bloody hell….. mmmmmmmnngghhh!!!”

She began to writhe and moan as the dildo vibrated deep inside her. But it was the vibrations hitting her clit that were driving her insane! She could feel electrical charges in her upper thighs as well and it had the effect of making her squirm uncontrollably.

“Doesn’t she look lovely wriggling around like that?” she heard the receptionist gasp in awe.

“She most certainly does, Siss!” the photographer agreed. “Feel free to crank her up more. Mr. Brown will simply adore having pictures of his sexy, naked wife as she cums while riding the Sybian!”

“DON’T SHOW…” Dorothy gasped, panting heavily. “OH BLOODY HELL….. DON’T… I CAN’T….” Then she heard the machine’s hum intensify as the vibrations increased. A moment later she tipped her head back and screamed at the heavens as a massive orgasm devastated her.

“Bloody hell; that’s sexy!” LittleSiss gasped as Darkprincess snapped photo after photo. Then she powered down the wicked device.

Dorothy panted like crazy, moaning weakly as she trembled like mad. Then she heard an insane giggle as the machine started to slowly power back up, the vibrations increasing in their intensity!

She whimpered, “Oh bloody hell!” and she started to tremble violently. The vibrations increased cruelly and she started to ride the bloody thing, bouncing up and down upon it as though she could impale herself even deeper! Then she tipped her head back and screamed again.

The photographer dutifully snapped picture after picture before the receptionist powered her back down. Then the whole thing started all over again. They wickedly took Mrs. Brown through two more devastating orgasms before she all but collapsed upon the bed.

“Ok, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer said as she came over and freed her from the wicked contraption. “I’ve done my part. Now it’s time for you to do yours. One hand washes the other, remember?”

Dorothy had no idea what the woman was talking about. She was just grateful to be freed from that wonderfully wicked machine! When the receptionist removed the contraption from the bed she all but collapsed upon it in a heap, wondering if she dared try to take a nap or something! She wasn’t sure she had the strength to get back to her feet!

She felt someone roll her onto her back but she did not resist. Then to her utter shock that crazy photographer knelt right over her face and plopped herself right on her mouth!! “Now it’s my turn, Mrs. Brown,” she said simply. “Show me what you’ve learned so far.”

d18Dorothy’s eyes flew open in horror and she grunted as she tried to shake her head. This wasn’t at all what she had anticipated!! She tried to struggle but Darkprincess refused to climb off.

“No – no – no, Mrs. Brown. I helped you cum several times. Now it’s your turn to help me cum. After all, you can’t expect to go prancing around in here looking all sexy like that and getting me all worked up without doing something about it, can you??”

Dorothy mmphed and grunted and tried to shake her head. Bu the photographer simply mashed herself down harder upon the reluctant woman. “Oh, you’ve got me all turned on with your struggles, Mrs. Brown! Now put that tongue of yours to good use! I promise it will take no time at all before you have me popping off! Go on now; you can do it! Just give it a try!”

“And don’t worry about your Jimmy!” she added with a giggle. “Siss here will make sure to take some great close-ups!” That horrified Dorothy even more and she really began thrashing about.

She could taste the woman’s arousal and it was embarrassing beyond belief! And if her Jimmy ever saw these pictures she figured she would be divorced right on the spot!! But the more she tried to resist the more the woman sitting on her face seemed to enjoy it!!

“Siss?” the photographer finally called out. “She’s wriggling around a little too much over here. Would you please come over and tie her down for me?”

“With pleasure, DP,” the receptionist called out. Dorothy was horrified when LittleSiss came over and secured her wrists and ankles to the four corners of what she was lying upon.

“Now let’s have us a little fun, Mrs. Brown!” the photographer cackled. Then she started bouncing up and down upon the poor woman, gasping “Oh – oh – ooohhh!” Dorothy cried out in shame and embarrassment, getting fluids all over her face and lips and nose!

d19The taste was surprisingly pleasant. But she still tried to lick it off her lips while rubbing her head back and forth on the woman above her in order to rub her face clear. But that just aroused the photographer even more. When she caught the occasional flash of a camera she knew the receptionist was dutifully taking pictures for her Jimmy to see… pictures she did NOT want him gawking at!!

Without her deliberate efforts the crazy photographer climaxed anyway. “OH MRS. BROWN!” she gasped. Then she started riding Dorothy’s face hard as she cried out her orgasm. What really shamed Dorothy was becoming so horrifically aroused at the woman’s pleasure that she could not keep from having an orgasm of her own!!

Finally they both settled down, Dorothy collapsing in shameful exhaustion as Darkprincess climbed off her face. The photographer grabbed her head and seductively kissed her lips, licking her own arousal off Dorothy’s mouth and cheeks. Then her expression changed as though she wasn’t nearly as happy as she had appeared to be at first.

“I see it’s just not your thing; is it, Mrs. Brown,” she sighed, sadly shaking her head. “Stroppy – stroppy – stroppy! I believe we have something out back that should put you right in order.” Then she called for the receptionist to come free her so they could get her ready for a little trip outside…

© 2014

(written for Dorothy, Darkprincess and LittleSiss Jan 17 by riwa)

(Pictures found from all over and used for illustration purposes.)

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