Dorothy’s lesbian nightmare I



With her husband at work and the kids at school, Dorothy decided it was high time she did something special for Jimmy now that Christmas was almost upon her. That shop on the outskirts of town advertised specialized photography where a lady could come in and dress up and have high quality pictures taken. A few racy glossies in some sexy lingerie should be all that was needed to fuel his fire and make him send the kids off to grandma and grandpas for the evening for some quality alone-time!

The drive was uneventful and she pulled up to a building that at first glance did not seem to call attention to itself. But it looked like it could easily contain a photographer’s studio and Dorothy smiled inwardly. She was looking forward to having a few professional pictures taken to show Jimmy when he got home from work.

A young woman sitting at a desk was there to greet her. “Can I help you?” she smiled politely.

“Mrs. Brown for some pictures?” Dorothy told her. The receptionist beamed as though extremely pleased to see her.

“Indeed, Mrs. Brown!” she smiled warmly. “This way please. The photographer is expecting you!”

She was led down a hall, fully expecting to be ushered into some studio. To her surprise the woman escorted her to a set of steps. “Our studio is downstairs, love,” she explained. “That way there’s more room to accommodate the many and varied tastes of our clients.”

“Oh, I don’t need much, love,” Dorothy replied as though her wishes had not been made fully clear over the phone. “I just want a few stills of me in something sexy for the husband is all.”

“Of course you do,” the receptionist smiled as she started down the stairs. “Right this way please.” Dorothy shrugged her shoulders and then followed her down.

They reached the bottom where Mrs. Brown was led down another hall. “Right in there, love,” the receptionist explained, pointing to a door. “You can change right in there.”

Dorothy stepped inside what appeared to be a changing room. There was a long rack with a wide variety of outfits for her to consider. She shuffled through them until she found something that looked promising.

She changed into a sexy red bustier with red panties, garter, stockings and heels. ‘Surely this will get his motor running,’ she thought as she admired herself in the mirror. ‘A few sexy poses in this for a few pictures and I’ll be in for a great night of shagging!’

d1There was a second door in the changing room, one labeled STUDIO. She checked the door she had come through and saw it was labeled EXIT. ‘I guess this is the one I use,’ she mused to herself as she opened up the former and stepped through.

Dorothy did see a camera on a tripod. But that was the only thing she saw that even remotely spoke to her of the idea of being in some sort of photo studio. For one thing the woman standing next to it and smiling expectantly at her didn’t look at all like a professional photographer. In fact she looked more like some bloody dominatrix!!

d2“Very nice!” the woman purred, hungrily eyeing her up and down. “I approve of your choice of attire! That should make your husband VERY happy! It certainly gives ME some wicked thoughts!”

“Excuse me?” Dorothy stammered in alarm. This wasn’t at all what she was expecting!!

“Right this way, Mrs. Brown,” the woman motioned pleasantly. Dorothy stared in shock at what she was motioning toward…

It was a wooden structure in the shape of an X, padded for some degree of comfort. But there were cuffs for wrists and ankles! She couldn’t imagine how any woman contained thusly would be able to do much in the way of posing!

d3“Bloody hell, love!” Dorothy stammered, blushing a bright red. “I don’t know what the hell you were thinking when I called! I only wanted some sexy pictures for my husband!”

“Well, you can’t get more sexy than a little bondage, Mrs. Brown,” the woman said with a smile. “It will drive him wild; trust me!”

“I’m not so sure,” she stammered, dubiously eyeing the contraption. Then she looked the photographer up and down. “What are you all dressed up for?” she wanted to know.

“Oh, I think my attire will make your expressions much more realistic when you pose, don’t you think?” the woman chuckled. Then she motioned for her to approach.

“Come on over and try it out, Mrs. Brown. You’re going to love it; trust me!”

“I’m not sure,” Dorothy replied, eyeing it rather skeptically.

She had to admit; she did like the idea of a little bondage. She just wasn’t certain it would suit Jimmy’s tastes, regardless of what this so-called photographer told her. But maybe she could try it out.

She told herself she might as well try taking a couple of pictures for herself. If they didn’t turn out then she wouldn’t have to purchase them. But if they came out rather well she supposed she could always take them home and keep them hidden from her husband. Who knows? Maybe someday she could show them to him if his tastes ever evolved in that direction!

She walked over and hesitantly stepped into place. Almost immediately she felt herself starting to become aroused! Once secured she knew she would be at the mercy of the dominatrix-clad photographer… and she wasn’t sure she liked that idea!

As the woman began working on her restraints Dorothy couldn’t help but wonder just how many times her outfit had been previously worn. Who had worn it before… and had they become just as aroused as she was now becoming?? Was she wearing something that had been soaked from the excitement of the previous occupant?? Bloody hell; how easy was it to clean the damned thing??!!

The dominatrix/photographer knelt down and cuffed her ankles to the wooden structure in a very businesslike manner. It was as though she had done this several times before. Maybe having these photos taken by her in her kinky garb wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Her arms were stretched upward, her wrists cuffed to the upper regions of the structure. The woman was all business – totally professional about it. Dorothy began to relax a little… well, relax as much as one could while being secured to a very nerve-wracking contraption!!

In no time at all Dorothy found herself all but immobilized… and feeling nervous as hell! She also found herself getting rather wet down below and she wriggled and squirmed a little. Bloody hell; was her dampness going to show in the photos?! Dorothy suddenly wasn’t so sure about all of this! But the photographer seemed to know what she was doing.

Oh well. It was probably best to just try to relax and make the best of it. Besides, the pictures might just drive Jimmy wild!! What a night she would have with him once he saw them… that is, IF she let him see them!!

The woman in the black domination garb stepped behind the tripod and began tinkering with the settings to the camera. “All set, love?” she asked, looking up for a moment. “Show us a little anxiety!” Then she began snapping some stills.

Dorothy had no problem whatsoever showing a little fear and trepidation. She also couldn’t help wriggling and squirming a little. If anything it felt like she was getting even wetter down below!

The dominatrix/photographer acted as though she hadn’t noticed. “Oh, I think your husband’s going to enjoy these, Mrs. Brown!” she chuckled enthusiastically, snapping off a few more. “I have no doubt these will spice up your sex life, love.”

“Only if I let him see them,” Dorothy responded wryly. She still wasn’t sure she wanted her Jimmy to take a gander at these!

“Oh really, Mrs. Brown?” the photographer asked, her eyes widening in surprise. “I think you look sexy as hell! Don’t be surprised if he up and ravishes you once he gets a load of these!” Dorothy certainly favored that action as his response upon seeing them… again, if he was ever treated to even a glimpse of them!

Dorothy found she was able to relax a little bit more. She was helpless; there was certainly nothing she could do to free herself from her bondage! Her immobility was both tantalizing and unnerving; it was making her knickers wetter by the minute!!!

The photographer suddenly paused and rose up. Oddly she was gleaming with a strange excitement. Without even seeing to her client’s immediate needs she calmly walked over to a box of gadgets, leaving Dorothy to squirm while wondering what the bloody hell she was up to now!

To her immense surprise she saw the dominatrix/photographer reach down and pull out a red ball-gag. Then she calmly brought it over, smiling as though what was about to happen next was going to be great fun. Dorothy inhaled sharply and she started to tremble.

“Let’s add this for a little fashion accessory; shall we, Mrs. Brown?” she suggested, idly waving it in front of her face. “Besides, some men like it when their wives can’t talk.”

“Oh, I’m not sure,” Dorothy stammered.

“Relax, love; this will be fun!”

“No, I don’t think I want to be gagged, love – MMMMMPPHH!”

The dominatrix-clad photographer ignored her, giggling excitedly as she forced it into Dorothy’s mouth. Then she secured it tightly behind her head. “This should do wonders for our little photo shoot, Mrs. Brown,” she said with a chuckle. “I’m sure your husband will love it! I know I’m sure going to!” Dorothy’s eyes flew open in alarm; now what the bloody hell did she mean by THAT???!!!

The woman calmly walked back behind the camera where she bent over and took a few more stills. Dorothy couldn’t help herself, involuntarily wriggling and grunting in growing nervousness. This felt like it was starting to get out of hand!!

“That’s it, Mrs. Brown; give me more!” the photographer urged. “Struggle a little more; I think he’ll appreciate that! You’re giving me some great facial expressions!” Then she snapped a few more stills.

Dorothy was more than a little aroused. She was also becoming more than a little anxious! For one thing she needed to change outfits; her sexy knickers were wet clear through and it was bound to show in the photographs!!

This kinky bitch was starting to take things just a little too far for her peace of mind! These weren’t at all the kind of pictures she had envisioned when she’d set foot inside this place!! What the hell kind of photography classes had that crazy woman taken: classes from Bondage University???!!!

The photographer rose up from her camera, came around the tripod and then casually walked up to her. This time a gloved hand came out to caress her cheek. “You are one very attractive lady, Mrs. Brown,” she purred. “That bondage cross really suits you!”

Dorothy wriggled and grunted; it was high time to get off the immobilizing structure! This crazy woman was coming on much too strong!! She didn’t want to be impolite about it. But she wanted her to know in no uncertain terms that she certainly didn’t swing that way!

“What’s the matter, Mrs. Brown?” the photographer purred at her. “You appear to be enjoying yourself! Don’t tell me you want down now, do you?” Dorothy nodded anxiously, quivering in horror as the woman ran a hand down her trembling body.

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t do that just yet,” she said with a grin. “We’re not done taking pictures for you.” Then she called out, “Come on in, sweetie!”

The door opened and the receptionist walked in. But the young woman had shed her professional garb and was now sporting an outfit even more revealing than the one she was wearing! She had this big, hungry smile on her face and Dorothy trembled in alarm.

d4“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer said to her, sounding all apologetic. “I suppose I should make proper introductions. That’s my lovely receptionist. I believe you know her over at Crux as LittleSiss?”

Dorothy grunted in alarm, her eyes flying open in shocked horror. Then she turned to look at the photographer who was now smiling rather menacingly at her.

“That’s right, Mrs. Brown. As you may have surmised I go by Darkprincess at that same forum. LittleSiss and I have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time! Can you guess what we’re going to do to you next?” She giggled impishly as LittleSiss’s eyes flashed with lust.

Dorothy felt an erotic jolt and she cried out in shock. A moment later she started struggling and grunting, desperate to tear herself free from the bondage cross. The photographer and her receptionist simply grinned mischievously at her.

“Oh, don’t worry, Dottie,” LittleSiss said with a giggle. “This here’s Jimmy’s lucky day! We’re here to make sure your husband gets some really hot and juicy pictures!! Are we ready to get started, DP?”

“You may proceed, hun” the photographer replied with a giggle, her eyes twinkling mercilessly as she stepped back behind the camera.

The receptionist wasted no time starting in on Dorothy, running her hands all over her quivering form. Dorothy writhed and whimpered, unable to stop or prevent the sensual assault. She had no leanings toward females; she preferred men and cock! So why the hell was she trembling so???!!!

The photographer began snapping off pictures, grinning the whole time. “I think your husband’s going to appreciate these, love!” she declared. “So hot and sexy! What man WOULDN’T love to see his wife in a hot female/female encounter?!”

LittleSiss slid a hand down Dorothy’s body until it found her wet knickers. The poor woman winced and whimpered, shaking her head as though that could make her tormentor stop. “She’s wet, DP,” the receptionist giggled. “She’s responding! I think she likes it!”

“Her husband’s going to like it too once we send these to him!” the photographer chuckled, snapping off a couple more.

Dorothy cried out, her eyes wide in horror. She grunted into the ball-gag in her mouth… “Bloody hell; you  WOULDN’T!!!” LittleSiss just giggled, her fingers pressing into the poor woman’s wet folds through the material.

She pulled down Mrs. Brown’s top, exposing one breast and then the other. Darkprincess eagerly snapped a few more stills, much to Dorothy’s horror. Then the receptionist moved in and slowly took an erect nipple into her mouth, moaning hungrily as she fingered the poor woman’s crotch through the soaked material.

d5Dorothy writhed and groaned; surely this couldn’t be happening to her!! A female hand lovingly caressed her breasts; a female mouth hungrily suckled on her nipples! What’s more, a female hand was rubbing her soaked crotch, driving her into a sexual frenzy!!

She squirmed and wriggled, desperately trying to protest through the ball gag as the receptionist pulled the outfit down to fully expose her chest. Then fingers reached under the waistband to her knickers! Dorothy’s eyes flew open again and she shook her head as fingers probed her wet opening!!

She writhed and whimpered; this couldn’t be happening!!! She breathed heavily through her nose, the ball-gag muffling her grunts and whimpers. Then she felt fingers penetrate her wet slit and she moaned, her torso involuntarily humping the intrusive digits.

“Oh, she’s all worked up, DP!” LittleSiss gasped with delight. “She loves it; she really does!”

“Don’t you think all women are lesbians deep down?” the photographer giggled. “I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist us!” Then she stepped away from the camera and approached.

Dorothy shook her head and groaned… “Oh bloody hell; NO!” Then Darkprincess was on the other side of her, touching her all over with her hands. A moment later her mouth latched onto an available nipple.

Dorothy felt jolts of electric fire as two mouths sucked on her sensitive nips. Hands took turns reaching down to finger and probe her wet slit as her aroused tormentors moaned with lust. Her body trembled violently, her legs buckling as she involuntarily humped against the sensuous assault down below.

“I think she’s ready,” the photographer panted excitedly. The receptionist nodded and then went over to the box of gadgets to retrieve something. When she returned Dorothy was horrified to see a large rubber phallus in her hand!

She let out a muffled shriek of horror, fervently shaking her head from side to side… “NO; DON’T!” Darkprincess grinned lewdly at her as she pulled her wet knickers down. They were wet anyway, virtually useless. Then she rose up and went back to her station behind the camera.

LittleSiss returned to the quivering woman where she began kissing her way down the naked, trembling body. She kissed and licked the inner thighs, causing Dorothy to jolt and inhale sharply with each sensuous contact. Then lips attached to her swollen nub.

Dorothy’s eyes rolled as she cried out. She couldn’t make her body stop humping; oh how she wanted to!!The receptionist moaned with a giggle as she flicked her tongue all over that sensitive nub, mouthing and moaning and licking.

A tongue suddenly parted the folds of her labia and Dorothy cried out again. The photographer dutifully snapped picture after picture as her partner in crime enjoyed lapping up the flowing juices. Dorothy shuddered from the sensual assault, horrified the crazy bitch was taking picture after picture! Surely she wasn’t going to send them to her Jimmy, was she???!!!

d6Two fingers slipped inside her opening and she felt a ‘come hither’ wriggling as a soft, wet tongue licked and slurped and flicked her nub. A moment later she totally lost it, unable to hold back anymore. Dorothy screamed into the ball-gag as her body shuddered, instinctively humping against the face of the receptionist.

“Oh bloody hell; she’s cumming!” the photographer gasped in awe and rapture, eagerly snapping photo after photo. The receptionist giggled and then moaned hungrily as if she wanted every last drop of the trembling housewife’s dripping fluids. Dorothy humped and humped, screaming herself hoarse until she sagged on the bondage cross, panting heavily to get her breath back.

“That was WONDERFUL!” Darkprincess gasped. Then she rushed forward with the words, “My turn!!” LittleSiss rose up and stepped away as the eager photographer took her place.

Dorothy moaned weakly, shaking her head… “Stop; no more!” But the sadistic photographer grabbed the discarded phallus and slowly inched it up inside Dorothy’s wet, swollen opening. The poor woman moaned and shuddered as her eyes rolled.

“Go right ahead; I’ll take pictures!” the receptionist blurted out as she took up position behind the camera. Darkprincess knelt and began using her tongue on the poor woman’s soaked crotch. Dorothy shuddered again, whimpering pitifully while wondering how much more she could take.

The phallus began to slide in and out of her as a sensuous tongue drove her wild. She began humping again, humping and wriggling and writhing and moaning. The cruel receptionist dutifully snapped photo after photo, gasping and panting while exclaiming how hot it all was and how Mrs. Brown’s husband was going to be one lucky sod when he saw THESE!!

Dorothy groaned in despair. If her husband saw these she would be divorced for sure!! Then she began to buck and shudder uncontrollably, mentally trying to will the sadistic bitch to stop her sexual assault and let her go so she could clean up and go home. As far as she was concerned she didn’t want Jimmy to see ANY of these photos!!

Sensitive lips latched onto her swollen nub as the phallus pushed deep inside her. “She may like cock, but this is the best we have to offer right now,” Darkprincess chuckled, pausing from her sexual ministrations. Then she pulled the phallus out so she could plunge her tongue deep inside.

Dorothy stiffened… OH BLOODY HELL!!! Then she shuddered hard, screaming into the gag in her mouth. Her body bucked and humped as she thrashed about on the bondage cross. She got all dizzy and disoriented, losing track of where she was. Then she lost consciousness…

When consciousness returned Dorothy found helping hands freeing her from the bondage cross. “I’m TERRIBLY sorry, Mrs. Brown!” the photographer said apologetically. “That was highly unprofessional of me!”

Dorothy was too weak to argue, too weak to give the reply on her lips… “You’re bloody right that was unprofessional!” At least the whole thing was over and she could go home now.

“Where ARE my manners?” Darkprincess declared in dismay. “I should know better than that!” Then she looked at her receptionist with a glint in her eye.

“Bondage is good but peril is better, right Siss?”

“Right you are, DP,” LittleSiss giggled. “Mr. Brown will enjoy the bondage cross pictures. But he’s bloody well going to LOVE the ones we take of his wife in the noose!” The eager photographer agreed with a smile and a nod of her head.

“Noose??!!” Dorothy gasped in alarm. This was not at all what she had anticipated!!

She watched in astonishment as the receptionist walked over to a wall and activated a switch. The photographer helped steady her as a sudden hum made her look up. To her absolute horror she saw a thick, nylon coil drop down from the ceiling! Bloody hell; where had THAT come from???!!!

“This will be perfect, Mrs. Brown!” the woman reassured her. “Men absolutely LOVE a good hanging, especially if it’s their naked wife in the noose!”

“But I don’t…” Dorothy started to say. Then the noose appeared right in front of her, framing her face. She went numb all over as the photographer helped pull her outfit down off her legs.

“There you go, Mrs. Brown,” she said soothingly. “I humbly apologize for my unprofessionalism. I should have used the noose on you from the very beginning! I think your husband will enjoy seeing you dancing on air.”

She looped the noose around the trembling woman’s neck. Then she began caressing Dorothy’s breasts, purring softly at her while telling her seeing her hang was going to be a treat and that she promised to take some great photos for her Jimmy! Dorothy stammered and then moaned, unable to believe this was happening to her!

d7The receptionist came up behind her, grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. Then she proceeded to bind her wrists together with a length of rope she had retrieved. “That’s excellent, Siss,” her wicked companion purred seductively. “Arms tied behind the back; a little noose bondage is what her Jimmy will no doubt enjoy seeing.”

“B-but my Jimmy isn’t into hanging!!” Dorothy stammered in protest, her body trembling like mad as her nipples began to protrude in fear and arousal.

“Nonsense!” Darkprincess replied. “All men love seeing a naked woman in peril! And your Jimmy is just going to adore these pictures once we get you up into the air.”

“You’re not really going to HANG me, are you??”

“All a part of the service, Mrs. Brown. After all, I did promise you some arousing pictures for your husband.”

“B-but he’s not – ow!”

She yelped as the receptionist cinched the rope down tight around her wrists. LittleSiss mumbled an apologetic, “Sorry about that Mrs. Brown.” Then she came around front as both women started caressing her again.

Dorothy writhed and whimpered as hands tenderly molested her. Lips wrapped around erect nipples again as fingers intrusively found her wet, dripping slit. Her mind screamed, “BLOODY HELL; THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING TO ME!!” But all she could do was wriggle and moan, humping the digits wriggling sensuously inside her womanhood.

“Pictures!” the photographer suddenly blurted out. “Pictures; where are my manners??” She immediately withdrew to take up position behind the camera.

She began snapping some stills as her receptionist sucked on an erect nipple. LittleSiss certainly seemed eager to help her with Mrs. Brown! Dorothy writhed and moaned, her bound hands flopping and fluttering helplessly behind her back.

“Now let’s get some good ones for the husband, Siss,” the photographer informed her receptionist. LittleSiss dutifully parted Dorothy’s legs and then squatted underneath. She supported herself by holding onto one leg as her tongue lashed upward, lapping up the writhing woman’s dripping fluids.

“Excellent!” the photographer proclaimed as she snapped picture after picture. “Now give Mr. Brown something to really get all hot and bothered about!” The receptionist responded by reaching down to part the folds of her pussy as she hungrily licked and slurped.

d8Dorothy writhed and shuddered; what the hell kind of photography studio had she set foot in??!! Then she heard a hum as the noose tightened on her, pulling her onto her toes and threatening to cut off her air!! She winced and shuddered in alarm; between her sudden restriction of air and the way that bloody tongue was hitting her just right she was about to lose it again!!

d9She rasped and gurgled, shuddering like a coiled spring about to explode. Then she heard the photographer bark, “Out of the way, Siss!” Her eyes flew open in horror; surely they weren’t going to hang her, were they???!!! A moment later her worst fears were realized when she was taken up into the air!

For a moment her toes stretched downward, her heels fluttering in vain for solid footing. Then her mind screamed, “I’M HANGING; I’M ACTUALLY HANGING!!!” A moment later her legs flew every which way as she kicked and danced, her neck feeling incredible pain and pressure!

“WOW!” LittleSiss gasped as she collapsed onto the floor and furiously fingered herself, incredibly turned on at the erotic sight.

Darkprincess just kept snapping picture after picture as Dorothy twisted and swayed in the noose. “Mrs. Brown, your Jimmy is going to LOVE these!” she loudly proclaimed. Then she suddenly called out, “Siss, take over!” as she rushed forward.

Her receptionist got up and got behind the camera as Darkprincess fell to her knees and parted Mrs. Brown’s legs. Then she began licking and slurping like crazy. Dorothy’s eyes rolled and she shuddered hard.

Her legs wrapped around the photographer’s head, trying to sit upon her shoulders for support… anything to help ease the tension of the noose around her neck. Darkprincess just licked harder and more enthusiastically, moaning hungrily as she plunged her tongue into the wet, dripping slit. Dorothy’s eyes rolled again…

d10…and then her mouth opened in an orgasmic scream as she began humping for all she was worth. A moment later she began spasming from cumming and from lack of air. She was dimly aware of losing control of her bladder as she shuddered hard. Then she lost all consciousness as something exploded in her skull…

© 2013

(written for Dorothy, Darkprincess and LittleSiss Dec 29 by riwa)

(Pictures found from all over and used for illustration purposes.)

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