Dorothy’s lesbian nightmare III



They took Mrs. Brown out back even though the poor woman was exhausted. There was a wooded area nearby and she saw a strange wooden tripod contraption built over a small pit! There was rope and a pulley system and she began to feel more than a little alarmed as they escorted her over to it!

As they got closer she could make out a nasty aroma in the air. She looked all around, wondering if there was a farm nearby. But when they got closer to the pit she discovered to her horror that the aroma was coming from right there!

She looked down and saw it was a muddy greenish color. The smell was quite atrocious and she wrinkled her nose in disgust. Then to her alarm she felt the receptionist tying her arms behind her back!

“Wait, what are you doing?” she gasped as the photographer began collecting rope from the pulley system at the top of the wooden tripod.

“I am disappointed, Mrs. Brown,” Darkprincess sighed heavily. “We’ve taken some pretty special pictures for you this day. But you still don’t seem to be the least bit interested in licking pussy; is that right?”

“I’m sorry, love; I don’t mean to offend,” Dorothy explained apologetically. “It’s just that I’m not – HEY!” The next thing she knew she was lying flat on her back on the ground as the receptionist tied her feet to the rope from the pulley.

“Hey; don’t do that!! What do you think you’re doing??”

“I think DP has been more than patient with you, Mrs. Brown,” LittleSiss explained, “…and more than generous with her picture-taking. It’s too bad you do not wish to cooperate.”


“Pity,” the photographer sighed. Then she began pulling on the rope to the pulley. Dorothy found herself being lifted up off the ground by her ankles! The next thing she knew she was hanging upside down right above that foul-smelling mud pit!!

d20“Wait – wait – WAIT!” she stammered, her heart pounding in her chest. This was utterly insane!! Surely these two weren’t going to dunk her in a slimy, smelly pit because she wouldn’t lick pussy, would they??!!

“Well, Mrs. Brown?” the photographer asked with a merciless twinkle in her eye. “What’ll it be?”


“Pity.” Then without another word she lowered Mrs. Brown’s naked, trembling body toward the pit waiting below. She didn’t even hesitate; she dropped her right in clear up to her shoulders, burying her head completely!!

Dorothy cried out, forcing big blurps of air to the surface as her naked body wriggled about. She whimpered and grunted until she was lifted up out of the pit, her face completely caked in mud and shit! It had been horrible, especially since she’d gotten so much of it up her nose and down her throat!!

“Well, Mrs. Brown?” Darkprincess asked with a wicked glint in her eye.


“Very well, Mrs. Brown.” Then she was lowered back down.

Dorothy let out another cry as she was submerged head first. This time she was lowered until her breasts were submerged as well!! They were bloody crazy treating their customers the way they were treating her!!

d21She tried to hold her breath, grunting the entire time! Then it simply became too much for her!! She began thrashing about as she screamed in orgasm, her body twisting and gyrating like crazy.

When they pulled her back up they oohed and aahed at the way she had cum so hard. Apparently they had enjoyed watching her orgasm so much that they lowered her back down again!! Once more Dorothy went in head first and was buried in mud and shit past her boobs!!

Almost immediately she set about to wriggling and thrashing about, grunting and whimpering and screaming. But Darkprincess and LittleSiss weren’t the least bit worried about her situation. They were too enthralled at watching her naked body as she squirmed and orgasmed!!

They brought her up only to dunk her several more times. Dorothy’s nervous system overloaded and she orgasmed herself into near unconsciousness. The next thing she knew she was sitting in mud and shit! They had actually released her into the bloody pit and now she was a right mess!!

d22They giggled at her as she sat there all mucky and embarrassed. Then they helped her out of the pit, telling her they were going to clean her up now. Dorothy hoped this would be the last of her humiliations.

Instead of taking her back inside, they took her along a path until they came to the edge of a small pond. To her utter shock Dorothy found them leading her straight over to a ducking stool situated along the edge of the pond! She simply couldn’t believe it!!

“This will clean you right up, love!” the receptionist giggled as they strapped her in none too gently. Then she was swung out over the water. “WAIT – WAIT!” she gasped. But they laughed as they lowered her right down.

She went completely under, coughing and sputtering as the mud and shit and slime began to slide away. They lifted her back up only to duck her again. She went right under in the chilly pond, her nipples painfully erect, until they pulled her right back out.

d23She felt like a drowned rat and was certain they had gotten most of the mud off by now. But they ducked her again and again, laughing at her as they totally submerged her time after time. She let out a shriek and then a wail, coughing and sputtering. Then she orgasmed again, unable to control herself.

They finally swung her back to shore before untying her from the bloody contraption. Dorothy was limp and exhausted, believing herself quite unable to handle anymore. Maybe now they were done with her?

“Well, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer sighed heavily as they escorted her back inside. “I think you’ve convinced us. You definitely seem to prefer cock over pussy. Too bad really. However, we’re a professional studio and we aim to please. Siss, would you get her ready for her final pictures while I make some calls?”

“With pleasure, DP,” the receptionist replied with a smile. “Mrs. Brown, if you’ll come this way?”

Dorothy had a hard time with that “professional” part. However she was relieved her ordeal appeared to be coming to an end. And if that meant posing for a couple more photos then she figured she could probably last that long.  Now if only she could keep her husband Jimmy from seeing some of the wilder pictures the photographer had taken of her!

She wearily followed LittleSiss back into the studio. To her alarm the receptionist did NOT take her back to the changing room! Instead she was taken to another bondage X cross where her arms and legs were secured to the bloody contraption! When she tried to protest, LittleSiss just giggled as she forced a red ball-gag into her mouth! A collar around her neck complete with leash completed the ensemble!

“All comfy now, Mrs. Brown?” the receptionist asked with a purr as she caressed the trembling woman’s naked body. “Your cock will be arriving shortly. But since DP hasn’t returned yet…” She looked around conspiratorially before quietly whispering, “You don’t mind if I help myself, do you?”

Dorothy’s eyes flew open in horror as LittleSiss knelt down between her legs. Then her tongue began to flick out, lapping up the fluids that had already started to drip again. “Mrs. Brown, you taste absolutely heavenly!” the receptionist purred. “Why I could lick you all day!!”

Dorothy whimpered, her body shuddering as the woman’s tongue slowly and tantalizingly licked between the folds of her labia. She began to moan and whimper, helpless to stop such a terribly sensual assault!! She writhed and wriggled, whimpering louder and louder until she could hold back no longer, letting out muffled screams at the climax that pulsated pleasurably throughout her entire being!!

d24“Siss, what are you doing?” the photographer’s voice sharply rang out. The receptionist gulped as she quickly rose to her feet.

“Sorry, DP; I was just getting her ready for…”

“You were enjoying her pussy, you little hussy! I KNOW you were!”

“Uh… sorry, DP!

“I have half a mind to make you stay after work and eat mine if you’re in such a mood for pussy! Anyway, Bruno is here for Mrs. Brown!” LittleSiss smiled coyly as though that form of discipline would be no punishment for her whatsoever!

Dorothy’s eyes flew open in horror. Bruno??!! Who the hell was Bruno???!!! A moment later a naked man with black wrist cuffs and a black ski mask stepped into the room!

“She’s right over there, hun,” the photographer told him, pointing out the bound, alarmed housewife. “Now get to work! And make sure you stand in such a way that I can get some nice pictures for her husband Jimmy!”

His cock was already hard as he walked right up to her! Dorothy shuddered in alarm from a horrific arousal at the sight of his hardened, twitching member! He didn’t even hesitate; he just thrust it right in! It slid in quite easily, thanks to LittleSiss’s preparations with her mouth and tongue!

d25As the camera lights flashed from picture after snapped picture, Dorothy’s first thought was how in the hell she was going to keep her Jimmy from seeing these horrid and all too revealing photos!! All she’d wanted was a couple of racy pictures of her in some sexy lingerie!! Now it seemed as if the crazy photographer and her equally insane receptionist were determined to break up her marriage with all sorts of wicked photographs!!!

As Bruno thrust harder and harder her second thought was the shame she now experienced over how good it felt! She was bound to the X cross and helpless to prevent what was being done to her! And Bruno was quite eager, his hard cock filling her nicely!! The receptionist simply watched with a lustful expression on her face as the photographer kept dutifully snapping off pictures!

In no time at all it swelled within her until she was trembling like mad. Then it exploded inside her like a fireball. As he filled her with his cream she screamed her orgasm, the red ball-gag muffling her cries of pleasure.

“She certainly is a screamer!” the receptionist observed admiringly. “I love it when she cums!” The photographer just grinned knowingly at her.

“We certainly have more cock for you, Mrs. Brown!” Darkprincess said to the bound woman with a smile. “Like I say, we aim to please!” Then she motioned for LittleSiss to go over and free her from the bondage cross.

Bruno pulled out of her pussy and stepped away as the receptionist freed Dorothy from the bondage cross. Thankfully the ball-gag was removed from her mouth as well. But strangely her wrists were then bound behind her back! “Just to help keep you in line, Mrs. Brown,” LittleSiss giggled, forcing her to kneel on the floor!

The door suddenly opened and to her horror a dark-skinned man walked in! He was totally naked, his dick visible and having hardened considerably. “We even have some black cock for you, Mrs. Brown!” Darkprincess purred as he walked right up to her.

Dorothy shuddered in erotic horror, although she felt like she really had to take his cock into her mouth! But did she really think she had no choice in the matter?? Or was it that she actually WANTED to suck on his cock???!!! Maybe it was simply to remind herself that she truly loved men and that the two women had not succeeded in swaying her to their cause! Or maybe she was simply ravenous for some man-meat!!

She sucked and grunted as his cock hit the back of her throat. But what really started to alarm her was the thought that he might actually want to fuck her!! Bloody hell; what would happen if he spurted inside her and she pumped out a black baby nine months later???!!! The thought was just as erotic as it was alarming and her pussy really began to drip!!

d26If anything she felt her situation go from bad to worse as other naked men began to pour into the photographer’s studio! A moment later she was surrounded with hard cocks galore!!! “I AM SO BLOODY DIVORCED!!” her mind cried out as she began sucking one right after the other.

At first she winced at the flash of each picture being taken. But then she decided it was far too late to change things now!! So she settled right in and began sucking cock after cock, reveling in how the men were stroking and pointing their cocks at her!!It made her feel wonderful being the center of all that lustful attention… all those cocks hard and throbbing because of her and her naked body!!

d27It didn’t take long for the men to become dissatisfied at having to wait to be sucked! One of them stretched out on his back on the floor so Mrs. Brown could impale herself on his lovely dick while she sucked cock after cock. But there were so many cocks… and after all, she did have one other hole available, right??

They shifted positions onto a leather couch where she sat on one cock as another guy climbed on and pushed his dick against her anal ring! She had never taken one back there before!! But she had a black cock in her mouth and her cry of pain was muffled as he slowly pushed his way inside! Then she was being triple fucked… and it was glorious!!! She couldn’t help reveling in her new role as studio whore!!

“She’s quite the slut, isn’t she?” LittleSiss observed with a grin.

“She does seem to love cock all right!” Darkprincess agreed. Then she went back to snapping more photos.

d28Dorothy couldn’t believe what was happening to her!! Oh, she was well on her way to being divorced; that much was certain! And what would her kids say upon learning their mother had been whored out at the photography studio?? No time to think about that now; they were changing positions again and she wanted more dick… as much male-meat as she could possibly handle!!!

Mrs. Brown felt cock after cock explode in her arse and pussy until she was leaking copious amounts of man-cream. She had cum on her face and lips and dripping off her tits as well. But what really alarmed her – and what sent her into a state of sexual frenzy – was when the black cocks shot their loads deep inside her!!

What would she do if she popped out a black baby nine months later??!! And how would her Jimmy react?? The thought was so frightening in its implied consequences – and yet so terribly arousing – that she screamed in orgasm, cumming so hard that she thought for sure she was going to pass out!!

The cocks eventually departed and Mrs. Brown’s wrists were untied. Then LittleSiss took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Dorothy sighed heavily, thinking that perhaps now she could finally go home and forget this crazy experience with the photographer and her eager receptionist.

Things took a rather ominous turn when Dorothy was put into a set of heels and nothing else. A collar was put around her throat and her wrists were bound in front with a good length of rope! Bloody hell; was this photo session never going to end???!!!

She was led outside along a concrete path, another disturbing development. That’s when Dorothy began to shudder as her pussy moistened again. Surely it wasn’t going to be a return trip to the shit tank, was it???

d29The cross they came upon lying on the ground greatly alarmed her, especially when Darkprincess and LittleSiss made her lie right on top of it. “Bloody HELL!” Dorothy blurted out, her chest heaving as she started to hyperventilate. “What’s the MEANING of this??!!”

“We decided that a few more outdoor photographs would complete your portfolio, Mrs. Brown,” the photographer explained as they finished tying her to the cross with rope. “And a crucifixion series will be ideal!”

d30“It bloody well won’t!” Dorothy protested. “Get me out of this at once!”

“Oh no, Mrs. Brown!” LittleSiss giggled. “We think you should have the complete package!”

“But I don’t WANT the complete package!” she cried out. “In fact I don’t want ANY pictures at all!! I’ve bloody well changed my mind!!”

“But Mrs. Brown; we worked so hard!” Darkprincess objected. “It wouldn’t be professional of me to allow you to go home empty handed, not after all the hard work we’ve put into this!”

“Look; I’ll gladly pay for your time as well as all the negatives!” Dorothy tried again. Something about this didn’t feel right… didn’t bode well. “Just let me go and I’ll pay you for all your time and effort, ok?”

“Nonsense!” LittleSiss replied. “We’re going to take good care of you, Mrs. Brown; we promise!”

“Now let’s get her up!” the photographer added.

Together they stood Dorothy upright, dropping the cross into a ready-made hole! Mrs. Brown let out a squawk of alarm and she really started to tremble! She felt terribly vulnerable like this!

d31“I need to go fetch my equipment, Siss,” the photographer observed when Dorothy was upright and in place. “Take care of her until I get back, all right?”

“Sure thing, DP!” the receptionist said with a giggle and Darkprincess turned and headed back to the studio. That left Dorothy to shudder erotically as LittleSiss gave her a naughty little smile. “Now let’s have some fun before our time comes to an end; shall we, Mrs. Brown?”

Once more LittleSiss came up to Dorothy and started groping and pawing her naked body. When she felt how wet Dorothy was down below, she began fingering the trembling woman’s slit. Then she leaned in and started licking as Dorothy writhed and moaned helplessly. “Still just as tasty as ever, Mrs. Brown!” she gushed with delight.

The sound of approaching voices made Dorothy look back along the path in alarm. That didn’t sound like the photographer at all! In fact she could hear male and female voices telling each other someone special was supposed to be back here somewhere along the path according to the woman in the studio!!

Dorothy was horrified as a bunch of townspeople rounded the corner and came into view. They saw Dorothy on the cross… saw the receptionist licking her out! But to her complete and utter horror they just gathered around to watch, murmuring appreciatively! “An audience; how nice!” LittleSiss giggled, turning and nodding at them in acknowledgement before going back to lick Dorothy even harder.

Darkprincess returned with even more people in tow! She calmly instructed them to stand anywhere in order to get a good view! Then she instructed her receptionist to set up the camera.

The people just kept coming as the photographer approached Mrs. Brown with some hand held device. “This is for you, love,” she giggled. “It seems the people of Leeds are interested in a good crucifixion today. So we want to show them a woman orgasming on the cross!” Then she grinned as she turned it on, bringing the buzzing tip up against Dorothy’s nub!

d32Dorothy winced… “Oh bloody hell!!” Then she started to whimper. It was humiliating as hell being buzzed like that totally naked in front of the whole bloody town!!!

The photographer never let up; she kept the device on Mrs. Brown’s clit the whole time until Dorothy couldn’t stand it any longer and she screamed her orgasm right there in front of all those spectators!!! It was embarrassing beyond belief, especially the way more and more people began to show up!! Bloody hell, had Darkprincess invited the whole bloody countryside???!!!

The photographer wasn’t satisfied with just one cum; she just kept that buzzing wand in place! The whole town oohed and aahed as Dorothy screamed her way through a second and then a third orgasm!! She was totally mortified and she wished she could crawl into a hole and die!!!

Darkprincess finally stepped away, granting her a merciful respite as she went to the camera and snapped several stills. Then she instructed her receptionist to gather some wood. Dorothy’s eyes flew open in complete and utter horror as the photographer turned and addressed the crowd.

“I’m so glad you all could come out today. You see, Mrs. Brown has consented to allow us to take some very sexy pictures of her. And now we’re just about ready to finish her portfolio by taking the very best ones yet! We’re so glad you could come out today to watch!” Then with a flourish she turned, waved at LittleSiss and loudly proclaimed…

“Light her up, baby!”

d33OH BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!

Dorothy couldn’t believe it; she simply couldn’t believe it!! She was shocked beyond all comprehension when LittleSiss came up with a torch and tossed it onto the pile of wood! She just stood there hyperventilating like crazy, her mind telling her this simply couldn’t be happening!!!

The flames got higher as Darkprincess snapped picture after picture! Dorothy wanted to protest, wanted to say something… but she just couldn’t find her voice!!! It was getting hot and smoky and the whole situation was becoming too crazy for her mind to wrap itself around!!

…and then she caught sight of someone in the crowd she recognized…



d34She was on fire, the flames licking her naked flesh!! The whole town had come out to watch her burn on the cross!! And her husband was right there among them… NOT EVEN LIFTING A FINGER TO SAVE HER!!!!

She suddenly couldn’t breathe and she tried to scream as a devastating orgasm ravaged her. She tried to scream and scream but a hand came through the flames to cover her mouth…. a hand through the flames and………..


Dorothy’s eyes flew open as a hand covered her mouth. She let out muffled grunts as a familiar voice quietly hissed, “Quiet, love, or you’re going to wake the children!” A moment later recognition fully set in and she found herself back in her bedroom, her husband Jimmy sitting there holding her upright while trying to stifle her screams.

She panted weakly for breath as she took stock of herself. Then she winced in dismay when she realized how soaked her side of the bed had become. Jimmy looked at her and smiled wryly.

“Was it that bad of a nightmare that it made you cum, love?” he chuckled.

She shook her head as she panted heavily, parts of the dream still fresh in her mind… especially the part about burning on the cross!! “You have no idea, love!” she gasped weakly.

“What happened?” he asked tenderly. “What were they doing to you, love? For a minute you were really writhing and squirming and crying out there!”

She thought about it for a moment, wondering how much she dare tell him. Perhaps a mixture of lies and truth would suffice. After all, she sure as hell wasn’t about to tell him how these two females on this website she frequented were trying to lure her into becoming a lesbian!!

“We were at the stadium!” she panted, thinking quickly. “Man U kept getting red cards… losing players!! When the game was over we had lost 12 nil and the fans wanted blood!! For some reason they pointed me out in the crowd and said I was to blame!! So they took me out to the center of the field, tied me to a cross and BURNED ME!”

“Oh, love!” Jimmy chuckled sympathetically. “It’s not your fault they’re playing like a bunch of sods. Still…” and he paused thoughtfully before looking at her with a glint in his eye. “I wonder if a good crucifixion in the stadium might actually turn things around.”

“Oh JIMMY; you WOULDN’T!” She shuddered erotically, but he just laughed as he climbed out of bed.

“I’m not sleeping one second longer until you get up and change the sheets, love. And make sure you don’t wake the kids, ok? We’re bloody lucky they didn’t hear you screaming before!”


© 2014

(written for Dorothy, Darkprincess and LittleSiss Feb 4 by riwa)

(Pictures found from all over and used for illustration purposes.)

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