Dolcett banquet for the writer (graphic)



(A story written for Dorothy and her sister Zilpha)


Dorothy and Zilpha were all decked out in their finest as they stepped out of the limousine and got in line along with the other finely dressed guests. This place was supposed to be the swankiest eating establishment in all of London. It wasn’t very well known and it sat on the outskirts of the city. Its reputation was mostly word of mouth; you were lucky to even know someone who’d eaten there!

How her half-sister got special invitations to the place, Dorothy couldn’t begin to fathom. They weren’t just any tickets. The ladies were to end up at a very prominent table!

Zilpha had no clue how someone had figured out where she worked or how they had even managed to leave the tickets behind for her and her sister! All she knew was that this would most likely be the event of the year for the two of them! Since they were being given special seating arrangements, the invitations stipulated they were to come alone and that a limousine would pick them up.

The meal promised to be more than a little special. A writer of some significance was slated to attend as the banquet was to be held in his honor. Neither sister had been told who he was. But they had been assured they would get to meet him during a special ceremony.

An usher in a tuxedo held the door open as the guests filed inside. Two women in dazzling gowns greeted everyone, perfunctorily inspecting the proffered invitations and then welcoming one and all to the banquet. But upon inspecting their invitations in particular, a big smile suddenly blossomed all over the one woman’s face.

“Welcome, ladies!” she said warmly. “I am Jasmine, your hostess! It’s so nice of you to join us!” Then she inspected their invitations once again just to be sure.

“I see you are the two who have been given special seating arrangements. What an honor!” Then she waved at another finely attired woman to come over to her.

“Take over for me, love,” she instructed the newcomer. “I must tend to our honored guests!”

“Are these the ones?” the woman asked with interest. She eyed them both with great enthusiasm… a little too eagerly for Dorothy’s peace of mind. Zilpha thought the woman’s reaction a bit odd but she politely held her tongue.

“Indeed they are!” their hostess beamed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see to them personally!” Her replacement just smiled at them with a look that left Dorothy ill at ease.

They were led inside a very ornately decorated dining room that was rapidly filling with well-dressed patrons. But Dorothy couldn’t get that woman’s strange expression out of her mind. As Jasmine led them along, she leaned over and started whispering nervously to her sister…

“Did you see the way that other woman looked at us, love?”

“Which woman, Dottie?”

“The one that looked us over real good, you silly bitch! Didn’t you see it in her eyes? She was really giving us the eye… like we were pieces of meat or something! Didn’t you notice?”

“How should I know?” Zilpha replied in a whisper. “I wasn’t paying any attention! Maybe she recognized us from somewhere!” Her sister was not reassured.

“I don’t know, love, but for some reason that woman gives me the creeps!”

“You’re imagining things, Dot!  Let’s just enjoy a good meal, ok?”

Dorothy wondered where they were going as they were led over to the far side of the dining hall. Zilpha was a little curious as well. But neither one of them said a word as the hostess led them along.

Jasmine suddenly made a turn which took them directly across the front of the great hall. A large set of curtains hung down, obscuring what lay beyond the many tables and chairs. “What have they got behind there?” Zilpha wanted to know, staring at it curiously. “That’s not the kitchen or anything, is it?”

“Oh, you ladies will find out!” Jasmine said with a dismissive wave. “This way please!”

As Zilpha looked at the curtains, Dorothy’s attention was on all the guests, every one of whom now seemed to be staring right at them. Some of them were pointing; others had started to murmur! It was like they had suddenly become the center of attention!

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy whispered to her sister in growing alarm. “Just look at ‘em! What the hell do they think they’re looking at?! Gawd, love; they all seem to be looking right at us!!”

“That’s because we’re the guests of honor I suppose,” her sister replied uncertainly. But now Zilpha had noticed it as well and was starting to become a little unnerved by it. It was rather creepy how everyone seemed to be looking at them!

Oddly, they passed right by what looked like the main table of honor! There were a couple of small round pedestals sitting upon it. But Jasmine just kept walking, leading them along while quietly telling them, “We’re almost there ladies. Not much farther. Are you as excited about tonight as I am and as everyone else seems to be?”

“I guess so,” Dorothy responded hesitantly. But Zilpha was starting to wonder what was going on and why they’d walked right on by that table back there!

They were taken to an empty room with a bare floor and a drain in the center. It was a rather strange room, all things considered. It didn’t at all fit with the décor of the main dining hall! And there was nothing inside: no table or chairs; certainly no place for them to sit, much less eat!

Jasmine suddenly excused herself, telling them she had to fetch the papers and that another female would be along shortly. Then they were left all alone. Both sisters looked around in confusion, wondering how the hell they were supposed to be seated standing right where they were?

“What’s that up in the ceiling?” Dorothy murmured uncertainly as she pointed upward. There was some sort of track that curved in from a closed, rectangular section cut into the wall. It disappeared through a set of double doors back in the direction of the big curtains.

Before Zilpha could respond, a young woman in long, black hair walked in through a door opposite the set of double doors. Amazingly she was totally naked, erect nipples protruding excitedly from full breasts! The two sisters were stunned at her attire!

“Bloody hell, love!” Dorothy blurted out. “Don’t tell me you’ll be eating like that??!!”

“Of course not!” she chuckled with a wave of her hand. “I’m dressed like this simply for your comfort! You see, I need you both to strip right now. I’m naked so you both won’t feel so conspicuous as you get undressed in front of me.”

“You want us to strip??” Zilpha gasped in astonishment. “I don’t understand!”

“All will be made clear in a very short time,” the woman reassured them. “Now please hurry and undress! We do have a banquet to prepare for and a schedule to follow!”

Dorothy eyed her suspiciously. Then she turned and looked at her sister accusingly. “Just what the hell did you get us into, love?”

“Nothing!” Zilpha protested, equally mortified at the request for them to disrobe. “How the hell should I know??!! I just had these tickets left for me for us to attend this special event! How was I supposed to know we would have to take our clothes off??”

“Please, ladies!” the woman repeated anxiously. “Please undress right away! We don’t want to interrupt the schedule now, do we?”

At that moment Jasmine stepped back inside with a couple of clipboards. Almost immediately she appeared to be dismayed. “What’s going on in here?” she demanded of the woman in charge, motioning at the sisters. “They’re supposed to be undressing!”

She glared at the two nervous guests, obviously annoyed at the delay. Her warm, cheerful demeanor had suddenly evaporated like the morning dew under a hot sun. “Did she ask you two to strip?” Jasmine wanted to know.

“Yes, but it seemed such a strange request…” Zilpha started to reply, obviously confused.

Jasmine cut right in impatiently… ”Then would you two care to explain this delay to me?”

“Uh… we don’t know what’s going on!” Dorothy stammered. Zilpha just nudged her with an elbow.

“Bloody hell, love!” she hissed at her reluctant sister. “We don’t want to start any trouble! Start taking your clothes off already! We don’t want to be the ones responsible for messing up this entire evening, do we?”

“Quite sensible of you!” Jasmine snorted in response to Zilpha’s words, sounding none too pleased with them and their delay. Then she handed each of them a clipboard. On both were sheets of paper with pens attached.

“Signatures, please.”

“Signatures?” Dorothy asked warily. “For what?” The hostess simply eyed her with disdain.

“You’re both new here, aren’t you!” she said contemptuously. “The contracts are so you two don’t go out telling the whole world what kind of meal you’ve had here tonight! Needless to say what’s being put on the menu is rather unique! We don’t need people going out blabbing about it all over town!”

“Maybe I should take a look…” Dorothy started to say as she accepted her clipboard. Zilpha simply snatched hers up and grabbed the pen.

“Bloody hell, love!” she blurted out. “We’ve delayed these people long enough! Just sign the damn thing already before we alienate these people any further! Besides, I want a taste of what’s on tonight’s menu!” When she hastily scribbled her signature, her sister reluctantly did the same.

“Very good, ladies,” the hostess said to them when they returned the clipboards back to her. Then she turned to the young woman.

“Now make sure these two are prepped and readied or the meal will be delayed! And for gawd’s sake; don’t dawdle!”

“Yes, mum.” was the reply. Then the poor girl nervously turned toward Dorothy and Zilpha, looking at them in the hopes they would simply do as they were asked so that she would not get into any further trouble.

“You and your crazy invitations,” Dorothy muttered under her breath as she started to undress. “Leave it to you to get us invited to some sort of kinky banquet!”

“At least we’re not over on the coast getting a good ducking as a result of you answering some crazy advertisement!” Zilpha retorted, pulling her dress up over her head. Dorothy just rolled her eyes.

“Fine – fine! You got me on that one! Just get out of your clothes already!”

Their charge watched them intently, her expression one of anxiety over the delay. Both of them silently slipped out of their garments and handed them over to her. She humbly accepted their dresses and undergarments, folding them carefully in her arms. It wasn’t long until they were totally naked right along with their female escort.

“Thank you, ladies!” she breathed in a sigh of relief when she had all their clothes and heels. “Wait right here! Someone will be with you shortly!” Then she scurried out of the room, leaving the two of them standing there awkwardly, fully naked and totally embarrassed.

“Well THIS is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, love!” Dorothy sighed heavily. Zilpha just eyed her as though she was the one who should talk.

About a minute later another naked woman in dark hair and large breasts who was rather tall and muscular stepped into the room with them. She was carrying a large bag which she immediately set upon the floor. She appeared to be all business, someone not to be trifled with.

“Hello, ladies,” she said perfunctorily. “My name is Lana. Let’s get you both ready, ok? We’ve got a meal to prepare and a schedule to keep!” Then she proceeded to pull out a couple sets of cuffs and straps from her bag. “Hands behind your back, please!”

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy sputtered as she was ungraciously spun around, her arms pulled roughly behind her back.

“Hey now!” Zilpha blurted out in alarm. “That’s not necessary, is it?” But the woman just turned and glared menacingly at her. Zilpha gulped uncomfortably, deciding it was probably best just to keep silent and cooperate.

Dorothy’s wrists were quickly tied behind her back as though the woman had done this countless times before. But that wasn’t the half of it! The straps she attached actually ran around Dorothy’s waist and then cut right through her crotch, roughly pulling her arms downward in the process!

Instinctively she let out a yelp of pain. “OW! Bloody hell, love; not so hard!” The look the woman gave her made her tremble uncomfortably, her cry of protest ignored. Zilpha was next, her arms quickly secured behind her back along with the strange strapping wrapped tightly around her waist and through her crotch. It left her with virtually no available movement in her arms at all!

The two sisters were quickly and efficiently secured, leaving them shuffling around on their bare feet in growing alarm. Something was definitely not right here! Both of them sensed they were now in some sort of trouble for one reason or another. Then the woman loudly called up at the ceiling to no one in particular, “WE’RE READY IN HERE!”

There was a mechanical hum as that section of the wall up near the track suddenly slid downward. The sisters watched in surprise as two mechanisms with separate metal cables dangling down from each one slid mechanically along the track into the room, one right after the other. On the end of each cable hung a large metal hook, an ominous sign that unnerved them even more!

Dorothy gulped nervously as the naked, muscular woman pulled both hooks down. The cables dutifully uncoiled from inside each mechanism hanging from the track. Zilpha gasped incredulously, unable to mentally process what the hell was going on! Each sister stared at the hooks with shocked expressions, their hearts beating fast.

“Onto your backs on the floor!” the woman ordered sharply as she pointed downward…

Her command stunned them both. “What??” Dorothy sputtered in horror. Zilpha felt a jolt of alarm as a disturbingly fearful arousal suddenly swelled inside her.

“I said get down upon your backs, bitches!” Her tone wasn’t the least bit friendly, indicating it would not be wise to resist her.

Both sisters whimpered as they struggled to lower themselves onto the cement floor, their bound arms useless to aid them. Dorothy gasped as her bare flesh came in contact with the cold, hard surface. Zilpha did the same, gasping from the chill of the floor.

Her eyes were suddenly drawn to the drain that lay embedded in the floor right next to her head. She stared at it in amazement, wondering why the hell they needed a drain in the room they were in! Their muscled captor noticed what Zilpha was looking at and she spoke up with a sinister chuckle.

“That’s in case someone in here pisses themselves, ladies,” she explained. “It happens sometimes… especially when I tell them where they’re going.”

“Where?” Dorothy asked her in growing dread as the woman reached into her bag. She was suddenly deathly afraid of the answer.

“Why this is the preparation room!” the woman told her as though her answer needed no further explanation. Her eyes flashed with cruel amusement as she pulled out an additional set of cuffs and straps. Then she apparently decided it might be fun to give them some further enlightenment…

“You two are the main course at our Dolcett banquet! This is where we get our bitches ready to send out to be butchered and roasted!”

She laughed with apparent delight as she cuffed Dorothy’s feet together, acting as though the slaughter that was to come was something she was really looking forward to! “BUTCHERED AND ROASTED???!!!” Zilpha blurted out in horror. “Surely you don’t mean…?!”

“BLOODY HELL!!” her sister gasped in utter shock as the woman finished securing her ankles together. “You’re not really going to ROAST US, are you???!!!”

“Why not?” the woman responded. “I think you two will be good eating! Of course the part I love best is the slaughter… the way you jerk about once your neck is severed and you start to bleed out! Watching the gutting process isn’t bad either!”

As if to emphasize her words she lifted Dorothy’s legs up and snagged her cuffed ankles upon the dangling metal hook. Dorothy let out a shriek of horror as her sister watched in utter disbelief, her heart pounding a mile a minute.

“Surely you don’t plan on butchering and eating us?!” Zilpha sputtered. “This is a joke, right?? You can’t MEAN this??!!”

“We damn well do, love!” the woman cackled at her. “You’re both to be slaughtered, butchered and then put on to cook! We LOVE eating girlmeat around these parts!” Then she went back over to her bag, reached in and pulled out the cuffs and straps for Zilpha.

“But I thought we had special seating arrangements!” Dorothy protested. “I thought we were going to meet this writer!”

“Oh, you’ll be meeting him all right, love!” Lana chortled. “I guarantee it! And don’t worry about your seating arrangements! Those have been reserved as well; you can be assured of that! I promise; your heads WILL be looking out from the pedestals of honor!”

“You silly, stupid bitch!!” Dorothy cried out at her sister as she started to hyperventilate. “What the hell have you gotten us into??!! Those bastards out there are going to kill us and then EAT us!!”

“Why of course we are!” the woman chuckled pleasantly as she worked on Zilpha’s ankles. “After all, you two were picked out special for tonight’s dinner by our very special guest!”

“Picked out special??” Zilpha stammered in disbelief, her head starting to spin. “You mean we were picked out on purpose to be… to be…”

“…to be eaten of course, you bloody fool!” Now the woman laughed openly at them before continuing…

“Jasmine brought the clipboards in and you both signed, right? Why you silly bitches just signed your lives away! We’re preparing you both to be executed right in front of the whole bloody dining room! The highlight of the evening will be to watch the meal being slaughtered and then butchered!”

She laughed as she finished with Zilpha’s ankles. Then she lifted them up and snagged them onto the remaining metal hook. Both sisters were now lying uncomfortably on their arms, their legs upraised by the hooks now latched onto their strapped ankles!

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy gasped in disbelief. A moment later she lost all control as her bladder suddenly gave way from her terror. She pissed herself, moaning from the humiliation of it all.

“Now I think you understand the need for a drain in here, love!” Lana explained to Zilpha. “You sister just confirmed to us why it’s such a good idea to have one in here! Why we just spray the room down with a hose and we’re ready for the next bitch to be slaughtered!”  Zilpha whimpered as she wriggled and squirmed, staring at her sister in shock while desperately trying to control her own bladder!

Both of them lay uncomfortably upon their bound arms, their breasts heaving as they hyperventilated, their nipples protruding in fearful excitement. Each one was fully aware of her own humiliating arousal, especially since their pussies were now dripping so shamefully. Then the bitch who’d bound them and hooked their ankles abruptly called up into the air again…

“WE’RE READY IN HERE! GET ‘EM UP OFF THE FLOOR ALREADY!” With a couple of mechanical hums, Dorothy and Zilpha were unceremoniously lifted up off the floor until they both swayed back and forth, naked and vulnerable as they hung upside down. Their heads were nearly three feet off the ground, leaving them both terribly frightened of what was to come.

“Don’t do this to us!” Dorothy blurted out in desperation.

“That’s right!” Zilpha added. “You don’t want to do this! We’ll taste really bad!” But their captor simply ignored them, muttering to herself as she reached into her bag yet again…

“Gotta keep ‘em from messing up the floor. Ah yes… these ought to work just fine!”

She pulled out a couple of disturbingly large plugs and then waved them dramatically in front of each terrified woman. “These ought to keep you two from shitting on our nice, clean floors. Besides, some women like things up their arse!”

“NO!” Dorothy blurted out as the bitch grabbed her and started to force it in. “DON’T – IT HURTS – AAUUGGHH!”

It was forced in hard into her bum until it seated itself. Then the woman cackled at her as she gave her a push, setting a whimpering Dorothy to swinging back and forth. “Almost ready,” she laughed. “Now I’ve got to get your sister ready to slaughter!” Then she turned her attention to Zilpha…

“You’re next, love. Ever having anything shoved up your arse before? …perhaps a gentleman’s nice, lovely cock?”

“Please!” Zilpha panted “Don’t do this – AAUUGGHH!” Her plug was also shoved in none too gently. Then she was given a push as well, setting her nude body to swaying back and forth alongside her naked sister.

“Aww, what’s the matter, ladies?” their captor asked mockingly. “Did that hurt? Then allow me to stick something else inside you that should make you both feel much better!”

The two sisters heard her rummage around in her bag. “Aha!” came a gasp of triumph. Then Dorothy gasped as something quite familiar was shoved into her pussy.

It went in deep as something tickled and tantalized her nub – also familiar. The strap through her crotch was now adjusted until it seemed to be holding the vibrator in place, perhaps explaining the strap’s presence in the first place. Then it was turned on. Dorothy writhed and whimpered to a familiar vibrating, buzzing sensation, moaning in humiliation over what was being done to her while she dangled upside down!

Zilpha was next, having gotten enough of a look at what had been done to her sister to know what was coming. She gasped in horror and started to protest, only to feel penetration – a humiliatingly welcome penetration! Then hers was turned on as well, causing both sisters to writhe and moan together.

“You should appreciate those orgasms, bitches,” Lana told them with an evil cackle. “That way you’ll both go out with a bang! Besides… I hear it makes you bleed out that much faster! Your heart pumps harder during an orgasm! So relax, ladies! You two should be dead in no time at all!”

‘BLEED OUT??!!’ Zilpha thought, absolutely terrified. Her eyes were wide with fright as the two sisters looked at each other in complete and utter horror. The twisting and buzzing in their pussies was maddening, the plugs in their arses making them clench like crazy.

Once again the two sisters heard their charge call up toward the ceiling… “THEY’RE READY IN HERE! SEND ‘EM ON OUT!” Then their captor leaned down and grabbed Zilpha by a handful of hair, roughly shaking her head.

“Enjoy your deaths, you sexy bitches! I know I’m sure going too!” Then she turned and purposefully strode out of the room, satisfied with a job well done. The two naked sisters were left alone to hang upside down, their bodies gently swaying back and forth as they writhed and whimpered from the buzzing vibes in their cunts, their clits being mercilessly tickled.

Zilpha couldn’t believe it; she simply couldn’t believe it! How in the world could the good people of London willingly slaughter and then devour her and her sister??!! It was absolutely barbaric!! What’s more, the whole damn lot of them were going to watch as she and Dorothy were slaughtered right in front of the entire banquet hall!!

There was a sudden hum as the mechanisms above them lurched forward. The two sisters cried out simultaneously as they were set to swaying back and forth. Then the double doors parted as they were pulled through along the track above them.

Gawd! In just a few minutes they were going to be killed… slaughtered like a couple of wild pigs that had been captured for roasting!!!

They passed through into a darkened, empty chamber where the sounds from the banquet hall got noticeably louder. They could hear the muffled noise of a multitude of conversations. Then the chatter died off, abruptly leaving them in unnerving silence.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” a voice proclaimed, coming loud and clear through some sort of sound system. “Welcome to tonight’s special Dolcett banquet! Tonight we’re here to honor one of our many fine writers. And as a special treat, it is my great pleasure to inform you that he himself has picked out tonight’s menu! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… RIWA MCMANUS!”

The crowd cheered and applauded as both ladies jolted in recognition of the name. “Gawd; not THAT Riwa!” Dorothy gasped aloud in absolute horror. If this guy was the same one then she had actually chatted with him several times over the Internet… and so had her sister!!

“Bloody hell, love!” she blurted out in horror. “It CAN’T be him, can it?! He wouldn’t do this to us, would he??!!” But her shocked sister was already thinking the same thing…

“Gawd, Dottie; it simply CAN’T be him! He didn’t really pick us both out for slaughter, did he?? I simply can’t believe it!!” To be slaughtered in front of someone they both knew and had chatted with was simply too mind-boggling to contemplate!!

“Thank you!” Riwa’s voice echoed over the sound system. “I’m honored and I’m flattered, especially with all the good writers you had to choose from.” Dorothy didn’t recognize the voice, having never heard him speak. But she trembled in alarm just the same. Gawd! What if it really WAS him??!!

“Never fear!” the announcer cut in. “We’ll actually be honoring more of these great writers over the coming months… and having more Dolcett meals in their honor! You’re simply the first!” There was laughter and then applause, causing Dorothy and Zilpha to whimper and groan, their vibrators buzzing them relentlessly.

“Well, I’m not very good at giving speeches,” Riwa’s voice went on. “But then again I’m sure you’re not here to listen to a boring speech! If you are like me then you’re here to enjoy great food and good company! So LET’S EAT!” There was a cheer accompanied by enthusiastic applause, causing both dangling women to jerk around uncomfortably as they gasped and whimpered.

“Let’s meet tonight’s meal, folks!” the announcer’s voice suddenly rang out. A moment later their dangling, naked bodies jerked forward as the mechanisms attached to the track moved them along.

Dorothy and Zilpha gasped and whimpered in terror, both of them scared shitless! To complicate matters, they were both shamefully aroused from their desperate situation, especially with those bloody vibes working their pussies!

The curtains suddenly parted, causing them both to cry out in alarm. The room they were upside down in was suddenly bathed in full illumination to tremendous applause. In an instant they realized that the entire dining room could now see them hanging naked and writhing from their plugs and vibrators!! Dorothy’s face flushed crimson with humiliation; Zilpha wished she could simply crawl into a hole somewhere and die!

Both sisters immediately noticed two large metal wash basins on the floor directly beneath them. In addition, there were a couple of smaller metal buckets sitting off to the side of each basin. A small metal table sat off to one side. Beyond them was the kitchen area, glassed off so that the occupants of the dining room could look inside to observe without being affected by any splatter from the cooking process.

The crowd continued to cheer as the two looked out in horror upon the people who would soon be chowing down on their flesh. Then they caught sight of the announcer and the writer standing together off to one side. Dorothy inhaled sharply, her body quivering from a terrible arousal. Zilpha just gasped in disbelief, the vibrator in her pussy making her writhe and squirm, embarrassing the hell out of her in front of all those watchful eyes…

It was him; it was really him… the Riwa they both knew!! They’d seen that picture he’d sent to each of them of him sitting at his computer desk. It only took a quick look to confirm it was indeed the writer they had both chatted with over the Internet during the last several months! How the hell could he travel overseas just to help slaughter them and then eat their flesh???!!!

“Here they are, Mr. McManus!” the announcer proclaimed dramatically, motioning grandly at them. “And since you so kindly suggested we serve them tonight, I see no reason why you can’t have the privilege of slaughtering them both for us!”

The sisters gasped in horror as the guests cheered and applauded again. But the writer put up his hands as though trying to quiet the crowd.

“I’m flattered, folks; I really am!” he said aloud, his lapel microphone clearly picking up his voice. “But I’ve never slaughtered anyone before in my life! I’ve helped my father butcher deer and beef for food for the winter months. But I never did any of the actual killings! I think that privilege should go to someone more experienced and deserving!”

“Who’s more deserving than you?” a voice called out from somewhere in the banquet hall. “Your Snuff Club stories have been entertaining! I think you should have the honor of slaughtering them both yourself! Besides, that’s something I’d really like to see!”

The audience loudly cheered and applauded the guest’s remarks. Mr. McManus became embarrassed, lowering his head self consciously. The sisters gasped and trembled as they continued to sway softly, dangling from their hooks.  All they could do was writhe and whimper as the vibrators kept doing their humiliating work. Both were thinking the exact same thing… BLOODY HELL! HE WOULDN’T, WOULD HE??

“You really want me to do it?” The writer hesitantly asked the banquet guests. The cheers and applause got even louder. Then he turned to the announcer.

“Then I guess I’m your man! It would be an honor for me to slaughter these two for tonight’s banquet!” The roar of applause was deafening as the two sisters gasped in horror…


“Naturally I’m a little new at this,” Mr. McManus explained sheepishly. “You WILL show me how, won’t you?”

“Oh, don’t worry!” the announcer said cheerfully. “I’ll walk you through the whole process, Mr. McManus! But to be honest it’s rather easy! All you have to do is slit their throats from ear to ear! They will bleed out in seconds!” The banquet guests cheered again, their bloodlust rising to a fever pitch.

Dorothy and Zilpha gasped again, their eyes widening in horror…. SLIT OUR THROATS??!! OHMYGAWD!!! The two sisters cried out in alarm, their naked bodies swaying back and forth as they squirmed in terror from the merciless assault of their butt-plugs and vibrating dildos.

Surely this couldn’t be happening!! Gawd; they were caught in the middle of a bloody NIGHTMARE!!

“I don’t mean to be immodest or to embarrass you, Mr. McManus,” the announcer said to the nervous writer. “But I think you’re going to want to undress for this. After all, there’s going to be a lot of blood. We certainly wouldn’t want to get any on that nice suit you wore tonight. Isn’t that right, folks?” he called out to the banquet guests.

The response was laughter followed by more cheers and applause. Then Riwa leaned over and whispered something into the announcer’s ear. Almost immediately the announcer whispered something back. Zilpha hoped like hell they were whispering about rethinking their decision to slaughter her and her sister… although that seemed highly unlikely.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” the announcer proclaimed. “Our writer here has explained to me that he has shall we say… a little bit of a problem. What do you say we allow our special guests to help him with it?” He motioned grandly at the two dangling women, causing Dorothy and Zilpha to wriggle anxiously, wondering what the hell was coming next.

“He’s embarrassed because he’s become aroused seeing our meals dangling naked before us all! I say they both suck his cock before he cuts their throats! What say you all?” The response was an immediate roar of enthusiasm and applause from the banquet guests.

The poor sisters were both horrified – humiliated beyond belief. It instantly got worse the moment they saw Riwa begin to undress… GAWD! HE WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO DO IT!

Dorothy couldn’t belief it! He was actually going to make her suck his cock… AND THEN HE WAS GOING TO SLIT HER THROAT!!

Zilpha couldn’t believe it either, especially the way the sadistic guests were cheering him on! The bloodthirsty savages acted like they wanted her and Dottie to blow him and then watch him slaughter them both so they could bleed out like a couple of slaughtered pigs!!

The writer was noticeably embarrassed as he removed the last of his garments. When his trousers dropped, his cock sprang free… and it was most definitely erect! He was clearly aroused despite his embarrassment. There was another cheer from the banquet guests, this time including many appreciative hoots and whistles from the females in the audience.

Dorothy and Zilpha couldn’t believe what was happening!! The same though hit them both… GAWD! THE FUCKING BASTARD IS HARD! HE’S GETTING OFF ON THIS!! AND HE’S REALLY GOING TO DO IT!!! They both wriggled and squirmed like crazy, their naked bodies swinging back and forth more and more as they were filled with terror along with a dreadfully shameful arousal!

The writer walked up to Dorothy and then looked back toward the announcer with a questioning look. The announcer simply nodded his head, making a motion with his hand as though indicating the guest of honor should just grab her head and start having fun. Riwa smiled nervously at him, nodding back as though he understood.

Dorothy gasped as he reached out and grabbed her head by a handful of her blonde strands. She let out a whimper as he tipped it back so that her mouth was level with his stiffened manhood mere inches from her lips! She was too numb with shock to do anything other than dutifully open her mouth.

Mr. McManus paused, appearing hesitant again. A voice from the banquet hall yelled, “DO IT, RIWA! LOOK; SHE WANTS IT! SHE OPENED HER MOUTH FOR YOU! FUCK HER FACE, RIWA; SHE’S NOTHING BUT MEAT NOW ANYWAY!” Other voices quickly took up the cry.

The writer gulped, taking a deep breath and then shrugging his shoulders as though deciding… “Well, here goes nothing!” Then he shoved his cock into the dangling woman’s opened mouth. The banquet hall instantly erupted in raucous cheers.

Dorothy coughed and gurgled as she got a mouthful of dick. Normally she enjoyed sucking off a horny man. But not under these conditions! She was scared to death and she did it without thinking, her stomach all churned up. She was actually thankful the plug was in her arse and would prevent any humiliating accidents!

Her sister looked over at what was going on in shock and dismay. She was horrified with the direction the night had taken… horrified at the humiliating way they were both being treated. They’d been trussed up and hung upside down naked, told they were going to die and be served as part of a meal! And now she and her sister were going to be used for his sexual gratification before he slaughtered them both!!!

“Now don’t be afraid of being too hard on her!” the announcer told the guest of honor, sporadic voices from the audience ringing out in agreement. “After all, they’re nothing but meat now! You can be just as hard on them as you want! In fact, I’ll bet our guests would love that, am I right?”

There was another loud cheer and applause to his remarks. Riwa sheepishly looked over his shoulder at the banquet guests watching lustfully from their seats. Then he shrugged his shoulders, got a better grip on Dorothy’s head… and then really started fucking her mouth!!

The dangling woman grunted from the assault, helpless to do anything more than writhe and gurgle. At the same time she could feel it surging within her terrified body, the approach of what would surely be a totally embarrassing climax! The buzzing in her pussy threatened to shove her right over the edge into the abyss of a full-blown, utterly humiliating orgasm!!

All Zilpha could do was watch in utter disbelief! Surely this couldn’t be happening!! It had to be the worst nightmare of her life!! She felt guilty as hell dragging Dottie along with her to her death at this crazy Dolcett banquet! But she felt even worse as she watched him face-fuck her sister, knowing he would be doing her next right in front of the whole bloody banquet hall! Gawd; how humiliating!!

The writer suddenly pulled his cock out of her sister’s mouth. Zilpha was dangling right there within easy reach and he quickly turned toward her. Her eyes widened in horror, especially since she couldn’t seem to stop her lips from dutifully parting for him. Then he roughly grabbed a handful of her hair, brutally pulling her head back and then cruelly thrusting his hard dick right down her throat!

Zilpha moaned and grunted, embarrassed as hell as he used her mouth to get himself off! All those people were out there watching; gawd, it was humiliating! But she just couldn’t help herself and she instinctively started sucking down the last cock she would ever get to have between her lips!

She trembled like mad, her nipples painfully erect. She was scared to death as it welled up inside her. She desperately fought to keep it at bay, trying to hold back the orgasm that wanted to claim her as the vibrator buzzed mercilessly in her throbbing pussy! Cumming in front of all these bloody bastards right now would be humiliating beyond belief!

This was insane; the bastard was actually fucking her mouth! Then he was going to slaughter them both the moment he was done using them!! GAWD; how COULD he???!!!

The writer suddenly pulled out of her mouth, only to turn back to her sister so he could give her another good hard skull-fucking! Dorothy grunted and gurgled as her face was impaled with cock. Her body trembled like crazy from an insane arousal!

Spittle drooled out of her mouth and down her face! It was humiliating as hell, especially since she was afraid she was about to cum any second now. The last thing she wanted to do was orgasm right in front of all those people watching and laughing at her and her sister!!

He abruptly pulled out of her mouth and then went back to Zilpha, switching back and forth between the two sisters. But as the banquet guests cheered him on, he became more aggressive, brutally plunging his cock hard into each mouth to even wilder cheers! The mild-mannered writer Dorothy thought she knew from those Internet conversations was morphing into a sexual sadist! And he would soon be adding the title of “murdering bastard” to his resume!!

Riwa acted like he hadn’t been blown in ages, apparently having decided to take advantage of the situation by making the most of it! He thrust his cock hard down her throat and deliberately held it there, making Dorothy gag on it until she could hardly breathe! Then he pulled out, went over to her sister and cruelly fucked her skull as though he was really getting off on it! Zilpha gagged and gurgled, moaning weakly as though he was trying to plug her airway as well!

The announcer suddenly stepped forward, brandishing a wicked looking dagger that seemed to appear from out of nowhere. When the writer saw it he instinctively pulled his cock free, momentarily distracted by the appearance of the blade. Both sisters looked to see what had stopped the face-fucking they were receiving. They writhed and whimpered anew when they saw the instrument of their death in the announcer’s hand!

“Here you go, Mr. McManus!” the announcer said to him, his voice ringing out over the sound system so the banquet guests could listen in. Then he hefted the dagger toward him.

“This should do the job nicely! It was sharpened earlier this afternoon, so don’t cut yourself by accident! We certainly wouldn’t want that!” There was laughter from the gathered patrons as they eagerly leaned forward to observe, sensing the moment was at hand.

“Go ahead and keep on enjoying yourself, Mr. McManus!” the announcer continued, noticing the writer had pulled out and that his cock was still hard. “Don’t stop fucking their mouths on my account! Keep going while I explain to you how easy it will be to slit their throats, ok?”

Dorothy felt a jolt of pure panic at the announcer’s words, trembling in growing terror as Riwa took her head and then thrust back into her mouth. She was afraid she was now moments away from being slaughtered! She let out a muffled groan of horror as she listened to the announcer start to explain the process…

“When you make the cut, swiftly bring the blade across her throat! The knife is sharp and I assure you it will slice right through her neck like cutting through butter! But don’t cut too deep now! We don’t want you severing the spinal column just yet! We want the heart to keep pumping blood out! Even with her carotid artery and jugular vein severed, it will continue to beat if the spinal cord remains intact!”

“Just slice across her neck from ear to ear!” he continued loudly for the benefit of the listening banquet guests. “I assure you; the blade is sharp enough to cut right through! Cut just below the Adam’s apple; we want that to remain with the skull!”

Dorothy was horrified as she listened to the announcer’s instructions! Her mouth was full of cock as she writhed and grunted in pure terror! The fucking bastard was calmly telling Riwa how he was supposed to slaughter her… SLAUGHTER HER… like she was some fucking PIG or something! Her body wriggled like crazy as her orgasm threatened to crash over her…

“Now you’ll want to slice right through the trachea and esophagus so she won’t be able to breathe anymore! You’ll also want to cut right through the carotid artery and the jugular vein as those bring the blood to and from the brain! With the major artery and veins cut, she will bleed out in no time at all!”

“There will be lots of blood, Mr. McManus; that’s why the basins are in place! No doubt you’re going to get some blood splattered upon you as well; perhaps quite a bit! But don’t worry! We promise to clean you up good and proper and then get you back to your seat in time to enjoy a tasty meal!” There was a cry of enthusiasm at those remarks from the spectators, as though they all were eager to see spilled blood!!

The announcer paused dramatically and then leaned toward the writer as Riwa continued to push his cock in and out of Dorothy’s mouth. “To be honest, I can tell by the way they’re wriggling and squirming that these two bitches are probably just about to orgasm! Actually, that’s a good thing! It will make their hearts beat faster and they will bleed out that much quicker!” Dorothy grunted in horror; her sister gasping incredulously that this bloody bastard could speak about slaughtering them so callously!!

The announcer turned and directed his next comments to the two naked, dangling women… almost smiling sympathetically at them. “Don’t worry, ladies!” he told them kindly. “It will only last 10 or 20 seconds at most. Then you’ll both pass out and die. It won’t take long at all.”

He paused, motioning dramatically at the spectators sitting at their tables. “AND NOW…” he proclaimed dramatically, “THE SLAUGHTER OF TONIGHT’S MEAL!!”

The banquet guests roared their excitement as he made a show of handing the killing instrument over to the writer. “Here’s the dagger, Mr. McManus! You might as well enjoy this! Anytime you’re ready!” Then he paused thoughtfully before leaning toward the writer, smiling as he spoke in a conspiratorial manner…

“If it were me? I’d probably wait until after I shot my load before I sliced open their necks! That way they’ll both get one last taste of cum before they die! They might actually appreciate that!”

The audience laughed and then cheered again. The writer accepted the knife in his right hand while continuing to hold Dorothy’s head with his left. She grunted and gurgled anxiously, her eyes getting big as he continued to thrust into her mouth. But now her focus was upon the blade in his hand! She couldn’t stop staring at the instrument of her impending death!!

Zilpha watched hypnotically, numb with shock. She was petrified… afraid she was about to watch her half-sister die! What’s more, her body was on the verge of a humiliating climax of devastating proportions!

The writer casually switched heads again, slipping out of Dorothy’s mouth and then thrusting into Zilpha’s. Dorothy felt a jolt of horror… GAWD; HE’S GOING TO DO MY SISTER FIRST! Zilpha grunted and gurgled fearfully, cock thrusting into her mouth as her eyes fixed upon the blade in his hand!

She was certain she was dead and she numbly shook her head at him…NO – DON’T! In response he simply pulled out and then went back to her sister. Zilpha didn’t know whether to be momentarily relived or horrified she was about to watch her sister die!

Both of them were frozen in horror as their naked bodies jerked and swayed from his thrusts, grunting each time he fucked their mouths. They were too numb to do anything more than dutifully suck and gag on his cock, their eyes fixed upon the dagger in his hand as he switched from one mouth to the other. Each one was deathly afraid he was going to start the slaughter at any moment!

Riwa was in Dorothy’s mouth when he suddenly grunted, thrusting harder and faster. The hand with the dagger suddenly came up toward her neck and her eyes flew open wide in horror… GAWD, NO! She let out a muffled cry, recognizing that familiar swelling in her mouth that indicated an imminent eruption! GAWD! HE WAS GOING TO CUM AND THEN SLAUGHTER HER!!

The blade gently nicked her throat as he held it there while tipping her head back even more. She let out another muffled cry as her mind started to scream… “GAWD, RIWA; DON’T DO IT!” Next to her Zilpha gasped in alarm, numbly shaking her head, her eyes wide in horror.

Dorothy’s body began to writhe and squirm as utter panic set in. Riwa thrust hard and fast between her lips, leaving her on the verge of a massive climax. Then she tasted that first spurt of cum in her mouth as the knife pressed even harder against her flesh…


At that moment Dorothy knew she was dead. Instantly she orgasmed hard… GAWD; how she orgasmed!! Then she started to scream with that cock in her mouth, a scream that was cut off as the dagger sliced deep into her neck, slashing cleanly across her throat from ear to ear.

Blood instantly spurted out of her neck, spraying her murderer’s legs. She tasted blood mixed with cum in her mouth and she tried to scream again. Then his cock was out of her mouth, a second spurt hitting her in the eye as blood poured down over her face, blinding her. She was barely able to acknowledge her sister’s desperate cry… “DOTTIE, NO!” as her own heart rapidly pumped the life force out of her arteries and veins, her blood noisily spilling down into the wash basin below.

Her body reacted instantly, bucking and jerking as it dangled upside down. Her nipples remained painfully erect as her orgasm continued to wash through her. She instinctively twisted and shuddered while dangling from the hook as though fighting what had been done to her. Blood foamed around the wound, burbling out of her neck.

She tried to gasp… tried to blink… tried to scream! But her vocal chords had been cut! She was aware of nothing but a loud roar in her ears – the violent ending of her existence amidst the hearty cheers of the audience. Her heart just kept beating… faster and faster… as though determined to pump the life’s blood out of her body just as quickly as possible!

Zilpha watched it all in complete and utter shock. It happened in less than a couple of seconds – the slash of the blade, the spray of blood, the gurgling of her dying sister. But as Dottie went into her death spasms, the writer had already turned to her and was now thrusting into her mouth as well, his hand holding the back of her head as he lifted the dagger!

She tasted cum in her mouth… GAWD; HE WAS STILL CUMMING! Then she felt the edge of the blade up against her throat… GAWD, NOOO! In that moment she knew she was about to join her sister… knew that both of them would soon be bleeding to death hanging side by side!! That’s when it hit her, an orgasm so utterly devastating with its intensity!

Zilpha began writhing and twisting like mad. Somewhere she could hear a muffled shriek as she tried to scream with cock in her mouth… “RIWA; GAWD NOOO!” Then her muffled screams were silenced, replaced by a gurgle as sharp pain slashed across her throat!

Her eyes flew open in absolute horror as blood and foam mixed with cum in her mouth. A crimson spray spewed out of the gaping wound in her throat, staining her executioner’s lower body and mixing with the already splashed blood of her slaughtered sister who even now was still jerking around right next to her, caught up in the throes of dying!

Another spurt – there was more cum! And another – even more!! He was still cumming, emptying his balls into her mouth as his cum mingled with her blood!!

Her body jerked spasmodically and she tried to scream again. But all that came out was a sickening gurgle, the sound of blood burbling out of the open wound in her neck! She heard an additional flow of blood pouring into a second basin – HER basin! Then blood flowed out of her mouth and nose, pouring down over her face and blinding her!

The writer pulled his cock out of Zilpha’s mouth and then stepped back. Blood stained his dick, balls and legs, blood from the wounds of the two sisters whose naked bodies now jerked and convulsed before him. His embarrassment at getting blood all over him was countered only by the pride he now felt as he heard the enthusiastic roar of the banquet guests behind him.

Riwa simply stared, shocked at what he’d done while at the same time wondering why he was so aroused! The bodies of the two dying sisters jerked and swung together as blood flowed freely out of their severed necks into the wash basins below. Without even realizing he was doing it he reached down and idly stroked his bloodied cock as he continued to watch them in awe, amazed at how their bodies spasmed and convulsed so erotically!

Nearly twenty seconds after he’d slashed her throat, Dorothy shuddered in her death throes and then went limp. Her body gently swayed back and forth, blood still streaming out of her severed neck. But it was pumping out much slower now from her dying heart. Stray muscles twitched here and there but clearly she was gone.

Zilpha suddenly convulsed hard as though attempting to catch up, her body shuddering next to her sister’s naked corpse. Then her body also relaxed in death. The two women who had just become supper softly swayed back and forth, their heads tipped back at obscene angles from their severed necks. They eyes remained frozen open from the complete and utter horror of experiencing the blade slashing across their necks.

The writer turned to the announcer, the raucous cheers of the bloodthirsty crowd ringing in his ears. But the announcer lifted a hand up, calling for silence.

“Oh, you’re not quite done, Mr. McManus!” he said aloud. “After all, this is your special night! This banquet is in your honor, remember? We want you to fully enjoy the experience! Now that our meat-girls have expired, we need to remove their heads. Now if you would be so kind as to do the honors?” Then he motioned toward the two dangling bodies, indicating Riwa should go right ahead.

The writer hesitated, feeling a bit embarrassed by all the attention. “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” a voice called out from the guests. Others eagerly took up the cry, no doubt wanting to see the severed heads fully displayed.

Riwa turned and smiled sheepishly at the banquet guests before turning back and stepping up to Dorothy’s dangling body. He grabbed a handful of blonde hair, pulling her head back and exposing the lethal gash in her neck. Then he took the dagger and began to saw through flesh and bone, much to the cheers of his fans.

He worked through a joint in the spinal column until Dorothy’s bloody head suddenly separated from her body. He almost lost his grip on her skull, somehow managing to hang on to it without dropping it. Blood dripped off her face and out of her severed neck as she stared back at him with a tired, vacant expression of utter horror upon her face.

Something inside him told him the guests would like him to hold it up to show them. So he turned dramatically and lifted Dorothy’s head up into the air. The response was an immediate roar or approval, the spectators applauding feverishly. Riwa was embarrassed by such an ovation.

He turned to look questioning over at the announcer as though wanting to know what he should do with it now. “On the metal table, Mr. McManus,” the announcer motioned. Riwa stepped over and placed it upon its neck stump so that the head could continue to stare out at the audience.

He quickly stepped back toward the corpse of the deceased sister, Zilpha’s body still swaying ever so slowly. He also grabbed her by a handful of hair, pulling her head back to expose flesh and bone. Then he began sawing away a second time.

It didn’t take long before her head hung from his hand by the handful of hair he grasped, blood dripping from her neck stump. Then he turned and lifted it high for the audience to see. There was another loud cheer before he stepped it over to the table and placed it next to the head of her sister.

The writer turned back to the announcer, offering him the dagger in his outstretched hand as though hoping his part in the evening’s festivities had come to an end. But the announcer shook his head and waved him off. Then he turned to the audience, loudly proclaiming, “Well done! Let’s give him a hand; shall we, folks?” There was more cheering and applause, causing Riwa to lower his head, embarrassed again.

“Now we want you to start the butchering process for us, Mr. McManus,” the announcer explained to the startled writer. “Don’t worry; this will be easy! After all; you picked them out for our meal tonight! The least we can do is allow you to take part in some of the butchering!” Once again there were enthusiastic cheers from the bloodthirsty guests.

The announcer counseled him the whole way, starting by showing him where to insert the dagger, starting up near where the vibrators were still buzzing. Riwa cut into Dorothy’s unmoving body, making an incision straight down toward her breast bone. Then he was instructed to reach in and start pulling out the steaming guts and entrails.

“Kinda warm sticking my hand in here,” the writer observed self consciously as he pulled out some small intestine, causing it to loosely hang down from the dangling corpse.

He must have forgotten his microphone was on as the spectators erupted in laughter. His face flushed crimson, but he dutifully reached back in and grabbed another handful. The announcer told him to go ahead and dispose of it all in the bucket sitting next to the basin of blood.

Riwa pulled out more handfuls, dropping them into the bucket with a loud *plop*. When he came to the major organs, he was instructed to pull them out separately and place them upon the table. “Use the dagger to cut them away if you have to,” the announcer told him helpfully. “Some folks like eating them and we wouldn’t like to disappoint them.”

He soon had the liver and kidneys separated as he continued reaching inside the rapidly hollowing carcass. The lungs came out next. The last thing he pulled out was a heart that no longer beat, leaving the carcass hollow inside as he placed it upon the table.

Next he stepped over to the naked body of Dorothy’s deceased sister Zilpha. He thrust the dagger into her flesh near her pubic bone and made the same incision, splitting her wide open. Then he began removing intestines, operating much quicker this time after having done her sister Dorothy. He dumped them all into the bucket before proceeding with the major organs one by one until the second body was empty of guts and organs.

When he was finished with his task, he stepped back to observe his handiwork, memories of butchering with his father coming to mind. Softly swaying before him were the hollowed out bodies of a couple of female corpses, looking less and less like the attractive ladies they used to be. They truly seemed more like meat now, cut open and gutted with their heads removed. “Let’s give our guest of honor a big hand; shall we, folks?” the announcer declared loudly.

Jasmine suddenly walked in from the same side the two dangling women had been brought in from, her gown swirling. In her hands was a large silver tray.

“Would you be so kind as to take the organs away?” the announcer told her. “Save the usual ones for the cooks of course. And would you please take the heads away and have them cleaned up so they can assume their rightful places at the head table? After all, we did promise them special seating arrangements, did we not?”

There was laughter from the banquet guests at that remark. She nodded formally at him with a smile. Then she delicately retrieved the items from the metal table and carefully placed them on the tray before gliding away with a tray full of organs as well as two severed heads.

The announcer now turned to look at the writer who was stained with blood on his hands and arms as well as the lower part of his still naked body. His cock was semi erect, perhaps from the eroticism of butchering the two women… an eroticism he probably had not anticipated. Well that was easy enough to take care of!

“I see we need to get you cleaned up and back into your clothes, Mr. McManus,” he observed with a wry smile, eliciting more chuckles from the guests. While he was talking, the muscular woman named Lana who’d seen to the preparation of the sisters quietly walked in from the direction of the overhead metal track. The announcer saw her appear and motioned in her direction.

“If you’ll go with Lana, Mr. McManus, I’m sure she’ll see to your every need as we prepare the main meal!”

The banquet guests applauded as she stepped up with a coy smile and took his hand. She led him around the two basins and out of the room. Then the two mechanisms on the track lurched forward, the two carcasses swaying back and forth as they were moved into the kitchen for the final process of butchering.

Professionals quickly went to work in plain sight of the banquet guests who watched with fascination through the glassed partition. The arms and legs were removed from each body and put on to grill, the hands and feet severed for disposal. Dorothy’s chest and torso were impaled with a spit and put on to slowly roast over an open fire. Zilpha’s upper body was placed upon a sizeable platter and then shoved into a large oven.

The guests were served copious amounts of adult beverages as they smelled the two sisters cooking in the kitchen. When the arms and legs were properly cooked, they were cut into smaller pieces and served as hors d’oeuvres. Soup and salad was also brought out.

Mr. McManus was finally brought back to the banquet room about twenty minutes later. He had a rather satisfied smile on his face. Next to him Lana was all dressed up, beaming with contentment as she clung to his arm. She had personally seen to his shower… and to his sexual needs.

Riwa was seated at the main table as the two severed heads were brought out all cleaned off, the horrified expressions at the moment of slaughter still frozen on their faces. Then he was served appetizers and liquid refreshments. The main meal soon began filtering out from the kitchen on platters in stages, depending on who wanted meat that was either baked or barbecued. The writer was given a special treat of sautéed pussy, barbecued ribs and rump roast.

Everyone decided that the slaughter had been particularly erotic and the meal exceptionally prepared. It was agreed that another banquet was in order. Another writer was chosen from the Dolcett community by vote and was given the honor of picking out a couple of lovely ladies to serve as the main course for the next banquet…

© 2012

(written for Dorothy and Zilpha Apr 28 by riwa)

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