Zilpha’s fantasies


When Zilpha invited me to fly out to her and help her act out her greatest fantasies I nearly said no…. until she offered to pay all my expenses. I told her I would never be able to do it for real but she didn’t care. I’d driven her crazy with my gruesomely erotic stories and she wanted to meet me for real… “to thank me in person” is how she actually worded it. I didn’t have the heart to tell her no.

I could tell how excited she was when she picked me up at the airport. When we first laid eyes on each other I didn’t know what to think. Then she grabbed me and planted such a huge kiss on me that folks around us must have thought we were lovers!

She showed me around in her car, playing “tour guide” so to speak. Then she took me to this place out in the woods where it was rumored to be a site for secret sacred rituals. There was a marble slab stained red that supposedly had been used to sacrifice human beings.

“You know why I brought you here, don’t you?” she murmured softly. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a small wrapped package.

“This is for you, my love,” she breathed heavily. Then she kissed me deeply again.

When I opened it up I saw a very ornate dagger. When I looked at her she just smiled slyly. Then she took off her skirt, seductively posed on the cement and then opened her shirt, exposing her knickers. “Slaughter me, Richard!” she breathed, panting heavily. “Slaughter me now, my love!”

I was incredibly hard when I took the dagger and laid her out flat upon the cement before holding it up against her throat. Her eyes widened as her chest rose and fell, her breathing labored. She was begging me with her eyes, her body trembling like crazy. Then I made a slashing motion.

She screamed, her body bucking and jerking in orgasm. There was a faint line of blood along her neck. In my excitement I’d held the blade a little too close. I apologized but she told me she loved it. So I tenderly kissed her neck, licking up that little tendril of blood and sending shivers running up and down her spine.

“Take me!” she whimpered and I climbed on top of her and pulled off her bottoms. Then I stripped out of my pants and briefs and fucked her hard right then and there on that slab of cement. Her cries were loud and long as she climaxed again. We were fortunate no one heard us and came rushing to her aid.

She took me to her home and prepared a luxurious bubble bath for the two of us. We sat and soaked and fondled each other all over. This time she said it was her turn to please me and she went underwater and proceeded to hold her breath as she sucked my cock, erotic bubbles popping up at the surface.

I gave her a scare several times, holding her down as she blew me and then lifting her up for a quick breath before shoving her back down, making her wriggle and squirm as those sexy bubbles came up. Then I erupted into her mouth. She happily swallowed it all before I let her back up, panting heavily as she smiled triumphantly.

From there we dried each other off before it was off to her bed for some serious love-making. We enjoyed each other’s bodies for quite some time, the two of us writhing and moaning. Then I figured it was time to act out her greatest fantasy.

She was lying underneath me as I gently thrust in and out of her when I reached for the dagger lying on the nightstand. Her eyes flew open and her breathing abruptly became heavy and labored. “Time for you to die, love,” I whispered softly. Then I held the blade to her neck.

She swallowed hard, her eyes big as saucers. But I’m certain she tipped her head back for me, exposing even more of her delicious column. Then I made that slashing motion again.

She screamed as her body suddenly bucked and shuddered underneath me from a monstrous orgasm. But this time I managed not to nick her flesh. It took several moments before she collapsed underneath me, a happily shattered wreck of a woman lost in sexual pleasure. That night we both slept soundly and deeply…

The next day it was more “tour guide”. This time she took me to a place that was closed, a museum of some sort where she had private access. She led me down to the dungeon and introduced me to the house of horrors.

There were several torture devices spread out before us. But the one her eyes focused upon was the Iron Maiden. “Do it to me, love!” she gasped, her body trembling like crazy.

I lovingly stripped her out of her clothes and then forced her inside. Then I started to close the door on her. “Keep going!” she breathed excitedly. “I’ll tell you when to stop!” Then she suddenly started screaming in orgasm, causing me to jerk the door back open.

She had a dozen little minor puncture marks in her skin, a couple deep enough to actually draw a little blood. She virtually fell into my arms, her eyes in a glorious daze from her climax. “Gawd!” she gasped. “You should have closed the door on me all the way!”

“I nearly did,” I told her sheepishly, earning me another deep, soulful kiss.

I waited until she’d pretty much recovered from her excitement in the Iron Maiden. Then I tied her arms behind her back before laying her out on the floor. I tied her ankles together and then lifted her up into the air using the block and pulley hanging from the ceiling, obviously representing the way they’d tortured individuals hanging naked upside down.

I lovingly caressed her body all over, setting her to trembling like mad. I fingered her dripping pussy until she popped off from a nice little orgasm. Then I left the room, leaving her dangling there.

When I returned I had a bucket in one hand, the dagger in the other. Her eyes flew open again and her nipples hardened right up. “Gawd; yes!” she breathed excitedly. “Slaughter me, my love! Leave my naked, headless body dangling in here for everyone to find!”

I was hard again and her head was level with my cock. So I thrust it into her mouth. She grunted and gurgled, glorying in sucking my cock one more time just to give me pleasure. Then I brought the dagger up to her throat.

She grunted in horror, her eyes flying open. Then she deliberately tipped her head back as though giving me better access to her throat. I hadn’t made my slashing motion yet before she was writhing in orgasm, grunting loudly with my cock in her mouth. Naturally it was too much for me and she got a mouthful of my seed.

I pulled her down, her eyes flickering with disappointment that I hadn’t actually slaughtered her despite the mammoth orgasm she’d experienced. Then we both got dressed and she took me home. Once again it was back to the bubble bath and another underwater blowjob before a heavy love-making session in bed, followed by another fake slashing of the dagger and an incredible orgasm on her part…

She was called into work our third and last day together. I told her I would be fine left alone as I had plans to make for our final night together. She kissed me deeply before heading off, telling me she couldn’t wait to discover my plans for her.

I left her home and went out, making a few purchases. Then I got back and set a few things up. I was very seriously considering making her greatest fantasy come true.

When she came home I served her a really nice dinner I had worked hard to prepare for her. It swept her off her feet to be sure. Then we walked around her neighborhood as it digested, sharing how much fun our time together had been.

When we got back to her house we did things in reverse, starting out by making love in her bed. I topped it off by fucking her hard as I held the dagger against her throat, telling her this was it. It made her orgasm like crazy, fearing I was about to slaughter her in her very own bed. In fact her orgasms were always hardest with the dagger held to her throat.

She saw what I’d done to the ceiling in her bathroom as we entered for our last bath together. She kept asking what I had done and what it was for. I told her she would find out and she swooned in my arms, moaning softly.

We kissed and fondled each other until I decided it was time. Then I tied her arms behind her back. When it came time to tie her ankles together her head slipped below the surface, causing delicious bubbles to froth upward.

I looped a couple of lengths of rope up through the two eye bolts I’d screwed into the ceiling. Then I lifted her up by her legs. Her head remained just below the surface and her body writhed like crazy as she bubbled in alarm.

I kept lifting her head up, enough to give her a few breaths of air. But then I allowed her to hang with her head under the water. She grunted and bubbled in growing fear, causing my cock to harden considerably.

I finally reached over and pulled the plug, draining the tub. The water level dropped until she could finally gasp for breath. “Bloody hell, love!” she gasped. “What were you trying to do… drown me??”

“No, my love,” I told her tenderly. “I’m just getting everything ready to slaughter you.”

She gasped in alarm, her nipples quickly poking out of her small yet exquisite tits. She jerked around a little as she hung upside down. Everything about this particular moment seemed all too terrifyingly real to her and she began to whimper with fright.

I walked naked into the bedroom and retrieved the dagger. Then I climbed back into the tub and knelt before her. Her head was right there so I availed myself of one more blowjob from her.

She was becoming more and more alarmed but she blew me with everything she had. I was really hard inside her mouth, my mind on what I was seriously contemplating. Then I reached for the dagger.

“These last three days have been a wonder, my love,” I murmured softly to her. “Our time together has been incredible, something I hope to write about when I get back home. But now I think our time is at an end.”

Her eyes widened in alarm and she started wriggling and grunting. That’s when I lifted the dagger to her throat. “You always come hardest when I’m threatening you, my love,” I breathed lovingly at her. “So let us see what happens when I do this.” Then without further ado I slashed the dagger across her neck.

She screamed into my cock in her mouth… and then gurgled as blood spurted out of her wound and coated my knees. Her body bucked and jerked as I sliced through muscle and tissue, severing her carotid artery and her jugular vein. She looked at me in astonishment as her body bucked and shuddered from what must have been one hell of an orgasm.

Blood continued to pour out of her wound and into my lap, soaking me with her crimson flow. I figured I owed her that much to allow myself to be bloodied by my murderous act to her. Her lips moved in a futile attempt to scream as her heart kept pumping her life’s blood into the bathtub with me.

After about 15 or 20 seconds she stopped moving, the flow from her wound decreasing noticeably. I took the dagger and finished severing her head from her neck. Then I held it in front of me, gently kissing her lips as her eyes stared at me in shock.

“I hope you enjoyed it, my love,” I murmured softly. Then I impaled her pussy with the blade of the dagger before impaling her head upon the handle sticking up. Thusly she was able to watch with unseeing eyes as I turned on the water and cleaned the blood out of my lap.

I quickly got dressed and then left her home, making sure the doors were all locked behind me. I caught a cab to the airport and spent the night there. Then I caught my flight back home early the next morning.

Now here I am sitting at my desk as I write about my encounter with her. Even now I can feel my cock harden at the thought of the many times we made love and the many times I made her orgasm with the dagger at her throat. But I have to write this down quickly and then get it posted as soon as possible.

After all, I’m expecting a knock on my door from the authorities any minute now…

© 2012

(written for Zilpha May 16 by riwa)

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