Central Park Shooting


Note: I was originally planning on making this a longer story but I never got back to it. I think it works ok as a short story on its own. So I thought I would post it in case someone might enjoy reading a shooting story (which incidentally happens to be my very first if I recall correctly). And who knows. By posting it now I might get the urge to come back to it and add to the idea I have in my mind.

It was after dark when I left our apartment and went for a walk. Would you believe it? I was so depressed that I actually headed for Central Park! Not exactly the smartest place for a female to go after hours!

My live-in lesbian lover was out again… only I knew she wasn’t working at the bar like she’d told me. I knew she was working at that damn club again… getting fucked and asphyxiated… or both!! It both infuriated me and depressed me!

I’m eight inches taller than her and I love to dominate her! She loves it too of course! But the little slut is insatiable! Apparently she found this club where she could go get fucked while engaging in all the breath-play she could possibly handle! And it was making me miserable!

I wandered into Central Park, enjoying the night air while wondering what to do with myself. It occurred to me I could actually get raped or murdered if I wasn’t careful! But in my current frame of mind I don’t think I cared that much!

I wandered around aimlessly, my emotions bouncing back and forth between depression and rage. I didn’t envy the mugger who might cross my path. In my condition I might have ripped him to shreds!!

I deliberately walked off the beaten path, no doubt hoping to get murdered so as to put me out of my misery. Then I saw the moonlight glint off something underneath the bushes. Had I not been looking in that direction at that very moment I would never have seen it!

I stepped closer before kneeling down and picking it up. To my amazement it was a silver barreled 9mm Beretta! How the hell did THAT get there??!!

I’d actually fired one a few times when an old boyfriend had taken me down to the firing range. But when I started hitting the target better than he did that ended our visits to the gun club pretty quick! He never wanted me to be better than him at anything and our relationship soon ended about a couple months later!

I picked it up and inspected it carefully. It looked like it hadn’t been there very long. In fact it certainly looked like it was ready to fire!

I pulled the clip and saw to my surprise that it had a full magazine! I handled it like I had expertly handled the firearms back at the gun club. At that point my thoughts turned toward a certain little slut and what I suddenly wanted to do to her…

“What have you got there?” a female voice called out curiously from somewhere behind me. I whirled with a start, instinctively chambering a round as I brought the gun up into position.

Two females stood before me hand in hand, their eyes wide in shocked horror. They were out and about in light colored skirts and tank tops… two lovers obviously enjoying a stroll in the warm night air. The blonde was a few inches taller than the dark haired one, instantly reminding me of my traitorous girlfriend and whoever she was spending time with at that very moment! I was infuriated!!

“Gawd, miss; don’t SHOOT us!” the shorter one gasped in alarm, instantly raising her hands. The other one whimpered as she started to back away.

“Where do you think YOU’RE going, bitch?” I growled, aiming the gun right at her chest.

“PLEASE DON’T SHOOT US!” the shorter one gasped again. But in my mind it was as if it was my girlfriend begging me not to hurt her.

“SLUT!” I blurted out as I squeezed the trigger. The gun spit fire and death and she went over backward, a crimson stain appearing in her chest as her arms splayed outward.

When her bitch friend started to scream I squeezed off a second round. She went over backward as well, blood soaking the tank top covering her chest. Both of them weakly writhed and groaned as they lay on the ground.

I stepped over them, holding the gun at the ready to fire off another round into each one in case it was needed. But it wasn’t necessary. Blood bubbled up in both mouths from my putting a bullet in each set of lungs.

Incredibly my depression of the evening was gone! In its place was an amazing sense of empowerment! I watched for a few more seconds as both of them jerked and spasmed! Then there was no more movement at all!

The shorter slut had this shocked look on her face as she stared up at the night sky with lifeless eyes. Her mouth was open wide in anguish as blood bubbled out. Her companion looked up with a similar expression and a similar mouthful of blood! I’d obviously hit vital organs, killing them in a matter of seconds!!

To me it was something to be proud of, those sessions at the firing range having paid off. True, they hadn’t been standing all that far away! But amazingly it had felt so damn good blowing them both away!! But now it was time to go!

“Sluts!” I snarled down at them. “Fucking serves you right!” Then I turned and hastily made my way back out of Central Park.

(written by request Sep 10 ’12 by riwa)

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