Julia’s crucifixion


It all happened so fast. One moment she was servicing the Roman senator. The next several guards were bursting in to haul her away in shameful nakedness. Julia knew then that her situation had become exceedingly ominous, causing her much distress in her stomach.

The trial took place in a discreet location and happened rather quickly. The Roman senator was of some importance and she knew nothing would happen to him. But harlots were plentiful and to be caught in such a compromising position meant agonizing death. Her fate was sealed before the sun had reached midday!

Julia was given a single, tattered garment to wear as she was taken outside the city under guard to the Hill of Criminals. At first she hoped her death would not bring about much attention. But word quickly spread and soon she was not alone. Citizens began following behind her armed guard with chants of “Crucify the harlot – crucify the harlot!”

One voice rang out the loudest and she instantly recognized who it was. Claudia’s eyes flashed in victorious hatred, chanting loudly to attract attention to the procession. It was then that Julia realized she had been betrayed by the jealousy of another of her kind.

A wooden cross lay upon the ground as she reached the hill. Citizens continued to chant as the guards quickly went to work. In no time at all her garment was removed, exposing her shame as she was laid out upon the wooden structure. Erect nipples and a dripping womanhood only added to her humiliation.

She cried out in horror once she discovered she was receiving the cross of harlots. The guards quickly impaled her upon two carved protrusions, each splintered object in the shape of a man’s hardened member. One was designed to fill her womanhood while the other was to penetrate a place she usually reserved for special, higher-paying clients such as that Roman senator.

The impalement was agonizing and she cried out in pain. Her rival called out mockingly, telling her that it should be no problem for a harlot such as herself to accept such objects. Julia whimpered with growing terror as her holes were completely filled with the monstrously swollen wooden phalluses.

She felt her arms being stretched out along the crossbeam and she winced with fearful anticipation. There was the sound of hammer against metal, a sound that was immediately followed by the agony of spikes piercing her wrists. Julia howled in agony as the guards brought the hammer down again and again until the spikes held her fast to the crossbeam.

She gasped and whimpered as her feet were brought one on top of the other. She felt the spike being pressed against her flesh and she winced again, closing her eyes and gasping for breath. Then she heard the sound of metal upon metal a split-second before her lungs opened up in a horrible scream of anguish as her feet were brutally punctured.

“What’s the matter, harlot?” she heard Claudia sneer at her above the sounds of the guards doing their work. “Surely this will be your finest hour… riding the cross in a manner worthy of a harlot! Such a fitting end for one such as you!” Others mocked her in a similar manner although Julia was in too much pain to do anything more than cry out in agony in response.

In no time at all the guards were finished. Then her cross was lifted from behind. Julia gasped and whimpered in utter humiliation as she was lifted up into the air, displayed naked before the gathered citizens. A moment later it dropped into a hole dug out to receive her and her naked body jerked in renewed pain.

Almost immediately she felt the pressure of the weight of her body upon the cross… felt the suffocating influence as she hung in place. Almost instinctively she tried to push up with her feet despite the incredible pain. At the same time she pulled with her nailed wrists in an effort to lift herself up to receive a good breath of air.

The pain almost became too much to bear and she tried to relax. But the wooden phalluses she was impaled upon brought her no relief at all. On the contrary, they seemed to fill her with a terrible fire as though they had been coated with some fiery substance.

She fought against the pain as she pushed herself upward for another breath, only to relax again in agony. She rose up again, each breath vitally important to her. That’s when she looked down to see Claudia’s mocking grin…

“See how the harlot rides the cross? Look upon her, fair citizens! Watch how a harlot pleasures herself even as death approaches!” Others mocked and berated her, adding insult to misery.

Julia could not help herself; the urge to breathe was instinctive. And so she tried to rise up for each additional breath, feeling the wooden phalluses slide around within her holes. They were coarse objects and she cried out each time she tried to push herself upward for another breath.

Her first orgasm was more pain than pleasure, for that was the way the Romans had designed such a cruel device. It had the effect of taking her breath away, leaving her exhausted while resting impaled upon the phalluses in a futile attempt to catch her breath. But her body was soon forced to rise again to relieve the agonizing effects of suffocation in her chest.

Claudia continued to stand at the forefront, mocking and deriding her along with the others. “I see you have just cum like the harlot you are!” she sneered at her. “So I think it is only fair for me to tell you before you die that it was I who alerted the authorities to your vileness with the Roman senator. Now you shall suffer as you have never suffered before!”

Julia was too out of breath to respond. All of her energies were focused on every single breath she needed. And with each breath came the friction of the coarse phalluses within her.

She endured a second orgasm… and then a third. Each one left her breathless, threatening to suffocate her! Each time she paused for relief, only to be reminded that there was none to be had. It was a cruel way to die… orgasming oneself to death by suffocation.

She shuddered her way through orgasm after painful orgasm, gasping and grunting with each breath she fought for. Each time it became harder and harder to lift herself up by her feet and wrists for each precious breath. Often she went for several agonizing seconds before her will to live forced her to lift herself up yet again. Claudia just mocked her each time she recognized the poor woman suffering through yet another painful orgasm.

In the end Julia died through sheer exhaustion. Her last devastating orgasm left her with no ability to lift herself up anymore. Her face turned red as she struggled for her next breath.

Her swollen tongue protruded as her chest fought for a single life-giving breath of air. She struggled to push herself up on her spiked feet but the pain and sense of exhaustion were just too great. Julia’s lungs heaved in agony but no breath was forthcoming.

“Look upon her!” Claudia crowed. “Observe how a harlot dies!” Julia’s lungs heaved again… and then she hung limp upon the cross, her holes fully and terribly impaled as her brain began shutting down from lack of oxygen.

As she began losing feeling in her arms and legs, the last thing she saw was Claudia looking up at her, a triumphant smile upon her lips. Then she felt her bladder release, completing her humiliation. Julia shuddered one last time before merciful oblivion finally claimed her…

© 2013

(written for Crux Forums Mar 27 by riwa)

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